Boehner Faces Growing Opposition…From Republicans

A little more than a month ago, the country’s conservative voters had reason to celebrate. After six years of unchallenged rule, President Obama was forced to face the music. Republicans had taken the Senate and increased their House majority, giving them full control over Congress. Finally, we could get down to the business of fixing America. We could roll back Obama’s executive action on immigration. We could do something about that school lunch program. We could finally repeal Obamacare.

But it wasn’t long before it became obvious that none of that was going to happen. The GOP that talked such a good game in the midterm campaigns was on the retreat. All of a sudden, it was impractical to hold back funding for Obama’s amnesty. It was unrealistic to think about repealing the Affordable Care Act. Republicans at the highest levels determined that Americans wanted compromise more than they wanted political principle. And the figurehead of this anti-conservative movement has been Speaker of the House John Boehner.

Voters Want Him Gone

A new poll fielded by EMC Research says that 60% of Republican voters would like to see Boehner replaced. In deeper questions, the poll revealed that Boehner has lost the trust of the conservative base: only 13% were able to strongly agree with the statement, “I trust Boehner to fight for the issues that are important to most Republicans.”

Boehner has never enjoyed strong support from conservative voters, but his popularity is at an all-time low. Sean Hannity has called him “cowardly,” and there have been several high-profile calls for his resignation as Speaker. Controversy climaxed with the $1 trillion “CRomnibus” bill passed last month, with many conservatives decrying it as a full surrender to the Obama administration. With Republican leaders scared to pursue a course of action that might lead to a shutdown, they tore up their promises to Americans who want change.


Now it may be time for payback. Conservatives in the House are talking mutiny, laying the foundation for a vote against Boehner on January 6th. Whether that comes to anything or not, it’s clearer than ever that the GOP is suffering from a major political divide. At a time when all hands should be on deck for an assault on Obama’s policies, it is beginning to look like the real fight will be between the Tea Party and the establishment. It’s a fight that goes beyond Boehner; the same rumblings are already coloring 2016 predictions.

With our national debt spiraling into the stratosphere, our borders open for abuse, and our economy struggling under liberal policies, we need true conservatism now more than ever. Unfortunately, Republicans seem to be scared of their own biggest supporters. Names like Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney dominate the 2016 conversation. And while either would make a better choice than Hillary Clinton, they aren’t going to put our country back where it needs to be.

If there is a growing voice calling out once again for a third party, Republicans have only themselves to blame.

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