Blue State Police Tweak Their Mass Arrest Rules For Democrats

Photo by Matt Popovich on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday, Larry Snelling, Chicago Police Superintendent, described the nation’s second-largest police department as being “ready” to handle the hoards of protestors expected to descend on the Democratic National Convention.

Chicago’s law enforcement agencies have been preparing for over a year for the DNC’s August convention, which is anticipated to draw 50,000 visitors and massive protests to the city.

During a news conference, Snelling declared, “Make no mistake, we are ready.”

Snelling described how Chicago police had undergone fresh de-escalation training while approximately 3,000 officers were undergoing specialized training on how to “respond directly to civil unrest” and rioting.

Snelling also explained the ongoing changes regarding how the police deal with mass arrests, which would include more onsite supervisor reviews and debriefings thereafter to ascertain what did and didn’t work.

The Chicago police superintendent described mass arrests as a “last resort,” but noted the police were cognizant of the number of people coming to Chicago, suggesting vandalism was “inevitable,” and that the police were prepared to deal with the possibility of violence.

Over 50 organizations plan to protest in Chicago, although none are permitted to demonstrate near the United Center, where the DNC convention will be held. The decision to deny permits close to the convention has spurred lawsuits and threats from organizations that they would march to the United Center whether or not they receive permits.

Since protests emerged in the aftermath of George Floyd’s killing in 2020, the department has faced scrutiny over how it handles large-scale protest action.

Last week, Chicago’s Office of the Inspector General suggested that while the department had progressed, there was still work to be done to manage large-scale action — something Snelling dismissed as inaccurate.

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