Blue State Infighting Ensues Over Migrants

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

Orangetown, New York Supervisor Teresa Kenny in a Monday segment on “Fox & Friends” claimed that Mayor Eric Adams had not consulted with her or other Rockland County officials before choosing to transport migrants to hotels in neighboring suburbs as a way of offsetting the cost of handling the migration crisis in the city.

Adams has currently announced that he would be sending migrants who arrive in New York City from border communities to other counties. Kenny however has accused Adams of this decision telling Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade that this move was almost an “ambush.”

As she pointed out on Friday at 11 o’clock she received a call from Adams informing her of that program that might take place, which could lead to people being transported to a location, which was later determined to be Orangetown. Kenny added that despite trying to get answers from Adams’ team so far, they had not received any further information about the program.

Adams’s proposal was announced on Friday and it seeks to provide housing for more than 300 single male migrants who are looking for asylum. The men would be given temporary housing in hotels in Orange Lake and Orangeburg. With this move, Adams hopes to offset some of the costs of the migration crisis in New York City. This proposal comes only a few days before the expiration of Title 42, a pandemic-era health policy that allowed the administration to expel immigrants from the country without having to follow the normal asylum procedures.