Bloomberg Can’t Find Anti-Gun Candidates In Need of Help

Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City, has been looking high and low for candidates to endorse and support in the upcoming elections, but he may have run out of viable options. Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety this week announced a round of endorsements that included candidates from 28 states, most of whom are Democrats. According to media reports, though, he’s going to have a hard time finding many races to get involved with.

The reasons for this are many – and Bloomberg’s spokespeople have insisted that the planned $50 million infusion isn’t just intended for political candidates – but one of them is the relative silence on gun control. Though there are exceptions around the country, the vast majority of House and Senate campaigns are focusing on anything but.

Could it be that the Democrats finally realize they’re on the wrong side of this issue? Probably not, but it certainly indicates a shift in strategy. It’s been a couple of years since the last major mass shooting that captured headlines, and liberals can only find purchase for their regulatory overreach when people are scared. Unfortunately for them, their increasingly militant rhetoric over the last decade has scared people: gun owners. And with someone like Obama in office – an enemy of the 2nd Amendment if there ever was one – it was only natural that gun rights advocates on both sides of the political spectrum would grip their firearms tighter than ever.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the Democrats actually are wrong on this issue.

According to countless studies, tougher gun laws don’t do a damn thing to bring down murder rates. This is demonstrated by places like Chicago, where unlicensed, unregulated, illegal guns are used to kill hundreds of people each year. How could that be? Chicago has some of the nastiest anti-gun laws in the country. Is it possible that the vast majority of violent crimes are committed by…wait for it…criminals?

This is the logic that seems to escape people like Michael Bloomberg while being blindingly obvious to the majority of Americans. It’s the same logic that makes “gun-free zones” a joke. Most of the mass shootings of the last fifty years have taken place in areas where guns were theoretically not permitted. Do liberals think Sandy Hook Elementary allowed Bushmasters and Glocks on campus? Somehow, Adam Lanza was still able to commit one of the most gut-wrenching mass shootings in the country’s history.

Liberals, though, use the emotionally-charged atmosphere following these tragic incidents to push gun control measures that would only affect law-abiding citizens. They try to enact legislation that would only affect domestic gun accidents even while putting grieving Sandy Hook families behind them on the stage. They conflate the issues, in other words. Maybe Democrats have finally realized that the American people aren’t that stupid.

Bloomberg will continue to throw money away on commercials and other forms of propaganda, but the only people listening are the ones as anti-freedom as he is.


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  1. A fool and his money……………………

  2. Sadly, there is a growing number of Americans willing to give up freedom for the false security of government control of their lives. When a majority of Americans reach that point the country deserves to fall into tyrannical government.

    • All welfare should not be allowed to vote.

      • WOW…………you are right…………

      • only Tax payers!!

        • Exactly! No tax return, no vote!

        • and what about those of us who worked and paid taxes all our lives, served in the military (23 years) and have reached the point in our lives when we no longer have taxable income? Are you planning on taking away our voting rights as well. You really should think things through before you open your mouth and embarrass yourself like this since it is my generation that elected men like Reagan not yours that elected Obama!

          • Having been (Yourself) a taxpayer of course you would continue to have earned the right to vote. I’m talking about all who do nothing from day one of their lives except take. Embarrass?? you don’t know me to know how I feel about myself. I’m “Proud” not embarrassed.

          • I’m 69 and voted for Regan myself. For a Vet. your assuming a lot instead of sticking to the facts.

      • Better still…. Only Veterans should be allowed to hold public office.

        • Amen to that, but some of the antigun crowd in govt. are, in fact, veterans who have somehow been convinced to follow the liberal road (to the 3rd World?) down the slippery path.

      • If that was the case Obama or Soetero or what ever his name is would’nt get one single vote. Of course then again he could have the black panthers outside the polls with their Berets and baseball bats to welcome voters by the busload from south of the border!

      • Lets not stop there, anyone who makes less than 250,000 should not be allowed to vote!!!

    • IT’S TOO FAR GONE NOW!!!! We need to get ready!

  3. We’ve been invaded why the hell would anyone be willing to give up protection??? I have a feeling it’s going to be open season on politicians and their donors soon….

  4. This is not about safety or protection
    The liberal dem bloodsuckers want to run your life
    They can’t do it as long as trhe citrizenry are armed.
    When you see some a-hole talking about gun laws, ad the name to the lsit of peopel that intend to take over your life.
    At the appropritae time, you will know what to do.

  5. Another flaming liberal nutcase………….wants all of us to do it his way……just shut up Bloombug and donate all your billions to the needy and to the poor and you might get some where….someday….humbug!!!!

  6. Bloomberg throw some my way, and I’ll tell the truth about guns, not like obama tells the truth about health care. To bad the guy in the elevator didn’t “Take the shot”

  7. I can’t believe Bloomburg hasn’t been charged with treason! He’s a Sorry POS, SOB!

    • Yes, he wants to disarm American citizens. Does that mean Bloomburg sides with ISIS to destroy our self defense and open America to attack from the inside?

      • YES HE DOES! He wants a 1world Govenment, the same as Oboma! The part with immigration, they want illegals to stand with them…giving illegals the freedom that they didn’t have in Mexico… gun control, that will help control the people, plus we have Muslims that are threatening us in the U.S. now….. ISIS coming in from our southern borders, plus people like Bloomburg and their money to finance them…..Mr. Grassfox, Bloomburg wouldn’t be shelling out this kind of money, if he didn’t have something to gain from it… and Oboma and his Obomacare, is a joke…Oboma don’t care about anything but to get a strong hold in America for his Muslim Brotherhood!

      • The inside attack is already underway since Nov. 2008. The dictator-in-charge at 1600 Penn.Ave is issuing edicts right & left in full view of spineless Republicans in Congress. Vote all incumbents out, in the next 3 elections, and help save the US from the 3rd World!

  8. Media bias is the only reason the left has gotten as far as it has. The problem with the plan is that they are lying to the public to sway public opinion.
    The people are figuring it out. They are getting mad. They are ignoring guys like Bloomberg.
    I say let the fool spend his money. If he gave me some, I would buy more guns with it.

  9. With the southern border with a revolving door??? This Texan say come AND get ’em!!!

  10. gun control is being able to hit your target…

    i believe in gun control…if there’s a gun around, i want to be in control of it…

    our “Leaders” fear an armed citizenry…think not? just read some of the laws, and proposed laws, submitted every legislative session; why?

    nationwide, there are over 20,000 laws, in the books already, local, county, state and federal, pertaining to the owning, operation, sales, possession of, storage and transporting firearms…i’m certain that any possible scenario involving a firearm is well covered by one, or more, of those existing laws.

    there is, what i consider, reasonable, restraints about who may, and may not, own or possess firearms LEGALLY already…what’s next? if you’ve been late on a car payment you may not own a firearm? or maybe you used more water than you should have last month to wash your car or water your lawn?

    • I think that gun control means using two hands. Our leaders fear an armed citizenry because they are delving into tyranny, precisely what the Founding Fathers stated as the reasoning for an armed populace.
      I certainly believe in background checks for owning a gun, however, if local law enforcement does not report felons or nutcases to the FBI 100%, it is useless.

  11. Millions of Americans will be voting out as many of these traitorous anti-Bill of Rights losers as we can. I can’t wait until November! Vote every single one of them out of office, and support only pro-gun rights/pro-Bill of Rights candidates, period. And when they violate their oaths taken to uphold and abide by our Constitution, they should be arrested and charged, and jailed immediately!

  12. Michael Bloomberg has a classic case of Napoleonic Syndrome suffered by all short men with too much money. He should give it all away and he will be cured.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and you will be sharp.

  13. Of course this lying billionaire forgets to mention he is well protected by armed guards 24 hours a day, and yet wants to leave Americans helpless to criminals. Unbelivable that woman who are raped and murdered every year would support gun control which is their only means of protection.

    • If one wants a clear definition of insanity, one need look no further than the White House occupants and their advisors and supporters in Congress! They should all be detained, and sent to FEMA camps for deprogrammng before they can complete the dismantling of the Founders’ Republic.

  14. before voting people SHOULD check to see who is supporting the various candidates and what they stand for. all candidates must file donation info so you can see who’s backing them. for example here in Kalifornia we have prop 45 on the ballot which concerns health care . the state has a commission for determining costs and benefits. the leftists want to disband it and let one appointee control the entire segment. Kalifornia is held back by government unions who vote enbloc for various candidates. one of the proponents of prop 45 is HL “hank” Lacayo. who was a head of a UAW local in Kalifornia. on the ballot he is named pres. of congress of
    ca. seniors.

  15. Bloomberg needs to keep his ass in New York where he belongs. If New Yorkers want to let Bloomberg take away all their guns that’s ok with me, they voter for the sucker. As far as I am concerned he needs to keep his butt parked in New York and quit meddling everyone elses business. He thinks because he ha a bunch of money that he can mess in other peoples business. Bloomberg go stich your head where the sun don’t shine. Need I Say More about Bloomberg the Rat?

  16. Anti-gun politicians ALL need help – psychological help, that is!

  17. All logic regarding gun issues escapes liberals because they are mentally unable to accept hard facts, a sure sign of self-delusion and mental illness. Given free rein, these fools would have all citizens disarmed, and the US would go the way of Nazi Germany, i.e. slavery under a dictatorship. Vote out all incumbents running for reup next month, except for those opposing new gun control regulations..

  18. Liberals are blind to the facts about guns because they are mentally ill, and unable to accept reality. Left to free rein, these fools would have US citizens totally disarrmed ala Nazi Germany, Russia under Stalin, Cuba, etc., all dictatorships. Vote out all incumbents running for reup in Nov. except for those opposing more gun laws.

  19. Bloomy is a little man with grandiose ideas, but a lot of money. What a mix for America.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative,” and you will be applauded when you
    speak truth at your next dinner party, barbecue or church picnic.

  20. Open season on politicians? How? Can anybody join in on the fun? It is true they need to return to being fearful of their electorate, as right now they all believe they are above the law and answerable to no one. So how best to incite fear in these elitists?

  21. With Obama friends wanting to behead American people now not real good time to give our Guns up .. Wish some one would hang Bloomberg from Oak tree and shut unmerican azzzhole up

  22. Poor Bloomy, he has his money to keep him warm.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and get sharp.

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