Bloggers Go to Middle East to Prove How Great it is. They’re Now Imprisoned in Iran.

We really try hard not to revel in the inevitable schadenfreude that descends when bleeding-heart liberals follow their blind emotions into the pits of hell…and wind up getting burned. But it’s so damn hard. No, it’s not funny that Australian bloggers Jolie King and Mark Firkin have apparently been spending the last ten weeks in whatever godforsaken hellhole of despair qualifies as an Iranian prison – it’s undoubtedly an outrage. But at the same time, when you realize that King and Firkin were traveling throughout the Middle East to “break the stigma” that surrounds these oppressive countries, it’s impossible not to enjoy the irony. When liberal optimism meets hard reality, the results are predictable.

Well, for most of us.

From Pluralist:

“Our biggest motivation… is to hopefully inspire anyone wanting to travel, and also try to break the stigma around travelling to countries which get a bad wrap [sic] in the media,” the pair wrote online.

But the frequent updates King and Firkin shared to the Instagram account, The Way Overland, they’d set up just for the trip abruptly stopped in late June.

Australian officials have repeatedly petitioned Tehran for the pair’s release, according to the BBC.

“[We] hope to see Mark and Jolie safely home as soon as possible,” the couple’s families said Thursday in a statement released by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs.

According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, King and Firkin were arrested for reportedly flying a drone without a permit. They’ve been imprisoned ever since.

A source told the BBC that King was told Iran is holding her as part of a potential prisoner exchange with Australia.

King and Firkin are not, of course, the first happy-clappy hippies to realize firsthand that reports of totalitarian Islamic hotbeds are not just bigoted rumors. Earlier this very summer, a Canadian journalist returned to her native Syria to bring back “uplifting stories” of the people still living in that war-torn dictatorship. She was promptly killed by al-Shabab terrorists. Last year, in an incident closely paralleling that of King and Firkin, bicycling couple Jay Austin and Lauren Goeghegan took a whirlwind tour through Tajikistan as part of their effort to prove that “humans are kind.” They were executed by the Islamic State.

No, none of this is funny. It’s actually a sick look at what’s going on in our world. But damn, people: Wake up. Iran? Syria? Tajikistan? These aren’t places for your smiling, everything-is-awesome faces. And unfortunately, you’re probably not going to live long enough to learn from your reality check.

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