BLM Protester Threatens Driver With Gun During Riot

Far-left protesters surround a car on a street at the Black Lives Matter protest Saturday in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and threatened to shoot the driver.

Of the BLM militants cocked a gun and kicked the car during the BLM demonstration protesting the police-involved death of Patrick Lyoya, a black man with a long criminal history who was shot in the head by a Grand Rapids police officer on April 4 after he refused to comply with the cop’s commands. Lyoya, also convicted of assaulting a pregnant woman, resisted during the early April arrest at a traffic stop and continued to place his hand on the officer’s taser gun.

The black-clad radical activists—including a pink-haired individual and a demonstrator in a gas mask—surrounded the vehicle halted at a lightstop.

“Hey, move that f*cking car!” a BLM protester donning a reflective crossing guard vest yelled at the driver. The sound of a firearm being cocked off-screen can be heard in a video of the altercation posted to social media. It appeared the shouting man was the one brandishing the weapon at his side. “Go!” the armed man yelled.

To which, a bystander stated, “They have a gun cocked. You guys gotta let ’em go. They have a gun loaded.” One of the leftist extremists proceeded to kick the exiting vehicle as it moved through the busy intersection blocked by protesters.

A woman in BLM apparel, a Royal Black Panther Party vest, and a white beret warned through a megaphone while on the crosswalk: “Do not do that!”

Investigative journalist Drew Hernandez, the host of the TPUSA show “Frontlines,” observed that the individual who cocked the pistol wore patches that represent the Royal Black Panther Party, whose slogan is “Serving and protecting the community by any means necessary.” The organization can be found on social media with photos of other comrades with similar patches and leather berets.

Far-left activist Talia “Jane” Ben-Ora and other Antifa comrades on social media were upset that one of the protesters has been trying to de-escalate and calm instigators wanting to turn violent at the BLM protest over the Easter weekend.

“I have no idea who’s behind the megaphones or mic checks but this is pure, classic op behavior,” Ben-Ora wrote about the “peace officer” on Twitter.

At night, the far-left BLM protesters confronted another motorist, unlawfully directed traffic, and demanded the person behind the wheel turn around.

BLM protesters rallied to protest the shooting death of Lyoya, the convicted woman beater. White Panther Party chairman Jacob Hansbury, of Hobart, Indiana, had crossed state lines to join the direct action event Saturday.

Hansbury’s activist organization, an offshoot of the well-known Black Panthers for white allies, has been investigated by federal authorities before for violent extremism, according to The Post Millennial‘s editor-at-large Andy Ngo.

The massive crowd of protesters shut down the street with one of the BLM militants in protest footage filmed carrying a rifle to intimidate the public.

Over in riot-torn Portland, Oregon, Antifa’s forces there set a dumpster fire at the Portland Police Bureau’s north precinct in a “revenge” attack over Lyoya’s fatal shooting. In addition to vandalizing the police station, Antifa caused damage across the northern part of the city to small businesses in the area.

No arrests were immediately made, but the investigation is ongoing.

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  1. BLM doing it again. Can’t trust the ex-wife justice system. Bring back strange fruit.

  2. BLM and Antifa are Domestic terrorists. Plain and simple. When has BLM done anything for the black community? Why are they only upset when police or white folks are involved. Black on black crime is ram-pied in ALL the major cities and BLM is silent. Why aren’t they holding visuals for the children that are being killed by gang violence and drive by shootings? BECAUSE THEY ARE TOO BUSY SHOPPING FOR MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR HOUSES IN ELITE WHITE NEIGHBORHOODS WITH THE DONATION $$! Sickening! They are just looking for a reason to loot and kill. They could care less about the poor young man that was killed. Thugs.

  3. The cops should just use a few pieces of lead to get the point across. Remove a few of the trouble makers and the rest will run and hide also. This needs to end. They will not be missed and the public will be better and safer for it. When will the public stand up and stand their ground and push this trouble makers out?

    Leaders in Washington Ignore Black Racism, Gang Violence | Opinion

    I grew up with blacks and we got along great. Two, are still my besties…and that’s from the 1950’s.

    If you had told me, then, about the way I feel about what blacks are doing today, I would have never belied it.

  5. It’s your country. Protect it!

  6. I said from the very beginning that BLM is nothing but a terrorist organization backed by the communist democrats., but nothing is done. Keep voting for these ass wipe communist democrats into office American people, don’t complain now. 99% of the American people are stupid and you can’t fix stupid.

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