BLM Activist Bought Dog for $40,000 Using Donation Money

Stealing funds has become so common with the Black Lives Matter movement that BLM can easily mean Big Looters of Money. The latest in this series of endless stealing is the reported use of over $40 thousand by BLM activist Shaun King to buy a dog.

As reported in The Washington Examiner (August 02, 2022), King spent more than $40,000 of donor cash to buy a dog for his family. The dog, a Mastiff named Marz, was bought from a California breeder via King’s political action committee, Grassroots Law PAC, with a series of payments spanning December 2021 to February 2022.

But the money so generously spent on purchasing the show dog didn’t get the dog a family; Marz reportedly had “too much energy to be a family dog” so he was returned to the American Kennel Club competition.

The New York reported (August 02, 2022) that Shaun King tried to justify his purchase of Marz as a guard dog, saying that he needed the dog to protect his family against “white supremacists.” Interestingly, he even blamed the liberal anti-gun laws to defend his big spending on the dog’s purchase. In his words:

Before you talk about how I should defend myself with guns, New York City won’t even allow me to have a gun. New Jersey doesn’t have stand your ground laws and hardly allows you to even own guns.

The paper added that King failed to explain why his progressive political action committee made the purchase for him.

Famous independent journalist Andy Ngo, who has exposed the crimes of Antifa and BLM for years, reported on Wednesday how King vengefully went after The New York Post for its investigations into his lavish spending. Ngo tweeted: “Shaun King is targeting their journalists, asking for photos of their families & info on where they live.”

Ngo wrote that King deleted some of his tweets targeting NYPost journalists but added some new ones.

Shaun King is the latest of the several BLM activists that have been reported for squandering money collected from people in the name of supporting black people’s civil rights. This year in March, BLM activist Monica Cannon Grant was arrested and indicted for squandering $1 million of donation funds on expensive hotel stays, vacations, and meals at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. In September 2020, BLM leader Sir Maejor Page was arrested for using $200,000 in donations on personal expenses.

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  1. Can anyone really be surprised? An organization based on “thuggery” committing crimes? Some surprise, huh?

  2. This world has gone to shit! The people who are supposed to have your back & working to ensure your equality, are doing the same things toward you as the people they are supposed to be protecting you from. FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY!!!!!! All of these people stealing should have to pay restitution(sell off some of the fine things they bought with somebody else’s money). In addition, Go To Jail!

  3. Now why isn’t this front page news on every paper and news channel in the world?

  4. Why didn’t you publish what Steve Bannon did with the millions of dollars he pocketed from the fund to build the border wall along Mexico???? He was found guilty of embezzling millions and was later pardoned by Donald Trump.

  5. Because the media is just as crooked and fraudulent??

  6. All the violators need to be strung up!

  7. I wonder if all the funds that Donald Trump has stolen from
    The people via the big lie will make him guilty as well.

  8. The idiots whom supported this obvious scam are getting precisely what they asked for and they know they have been duped. It’s hilarious to know woke corporations gave these race baiting idiots untold millions for nothing more than a promise not to be called racists. BLM took a page right from Jesse Jackson’s playbook. Flat out extortion just like when Jackson extorted $200,000 from Nascar so that Jackson wouldn’t mobilize his followers over the lack of Black drivers and ownership. No different than AL Sharpton and his ridiculous claims against police from Tawana Brawley when she herself publicly announced that the entire story was coerced by Sharpton. These bottom feeders use race as tool only to further their own personal needs and finances. They never improve the lives of those they use to push their divisive narratives. They care only about themselves and they ignore the very real needs of their supporters. All these people have to offer is hatred and lies. They care nothing for the neighborhoods they incite destruction upon. They care nothing about the jobs lost in predominantly black neighborhoods when they push for riots. While white people that are entirely detached from the reality of minorities in economically depressed areas give twenty bucks to criminals so they can somehow believe they are now morally superior to their neighbors but actually do nothing to improve the lives they are so morally supporting. So while you’re patting yourselves on the back for financing really nasty people who don’t even want to pay taxes on the money they stole from you great job and I truly am happy they took your money. When you lay down with dogs you are likely to get fleas. People need to stop believing everything they hear on television and actually do a little research before throwing your support based on nothing more than virtue signaling. There are real organizations that truly help others. Those organizations are not likely to call you racist and steal your money. They won’t recommend that you burn down a city or shoot at a cop. Right and wrong aren’t that difficult to understand.

    • Well said. I agree with you 100%. There are way too many ignorant people out there and they are destroying our country due to their stupidity and being too lazy to research anything or anyone before supporting them.

  9. I have been wondering if the BLM is a new name for Obamas “community Organizers” he had a web site for while president but is isn’t up any longer. Web site said they wanted “ORGANIZERS” around the world. He started out as an organizer!!

  10. Blm is a domestic terrorist organization that should be dismantled and the leadership prosecuted. All funds need to be seized as illgotten assets. Send them to the libyian slave mkt as merchandise

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