Black Leaders to Biden: Pick a Black Woman as VP or “You Will Lose”

A group of over 100 black leaders sent an open letter to Joe Biden on Monday, warning him that he’ll lose the election if he doesn’t choose a black woman as his 2020 running mate. Biden, who is said to be considering Kamala Harris, Susan Rice, and even Rep. Karen Bass as potential vice presidents, probably didn’t need additional goading from the group. Nonetheless, knowing that Biden could easily forget that he’s even choosing a running mate, much less which identity politics are involved in the decision, they decided he could use a refresher.

“Failing to select a Black woman in 2020 means you will lose the election,” the signatories warned. “We don’t want to choose between the lesser of two evils and we don’t want to vote the devil we know versus the devil we don’t because we are tired of voting for devils—period.”

The group, which has presumably never seen a presidential campaign play out before, said that it “disgusts us that Black women are not just being vetted in this VP process but unfairly criticized and scrutinized.”

Unfair criticism and scrutiny is the name of the game when it comes to presidential politics. It has nothing at all to do with the fact that these women are black, though it certainly has something to do with the fact that they are all…well, less than qualified to take over for Biden should he fail to finish out his first term. A significant possibility, given his obvious mental decline. Do Americans really want romance-author-turned-failed-gubernatorial-candidate Stacey Abrams sitting in the Oval Office in a year or two? C’mon.

Among the signatories is rapper Sean “Puffy” Combs and radio host Charlamagne Tha God, who gained fame earlier this year after Biden told him that “you ain’t black” if you’re having trouble deciding between him and Donald Trump.

“This has gone from something that SHOULD happen to something that HAS to happen. It disgusts us that Black women are not just being vetted in this VP process but unfairly criticized and scrutinized.”

Well, like we said, Biden is almost certainly going to pick one of the above four women (maybe, on an outside chance, Rep. Val Demings of Florida) by the end of this week, so the letter was probably unnecessary. But it’s certainly instructive to know that Biden is speedrunning his way to outfit his campaign with a black woman – not because she’s the best possible person for the job but because she ticks the right identity politics boxes. Count on him to outfit his Cabinet the exact same way.

Make no mistake, Biden will spend the next four years in an endless series of capitulations to the far left and the Cult of Intersectionality. Voters need to decide if that’s really what they want in a president.

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