Black Friday Heralds Gun-Buying Boom

According to the early estimates, Black Friday shopping was down about 11 percent this year compared to last year, with much of the gap being filled by online retailers. However, there was one sector of the retail market that managed to defy expectations in 2014: gun sales. According to the federal background check system, more than 175,000 checks were performed on Friday. That can be compared to the 2013 average of 58,000 a day. It looks like quite a few Americans treated themselves to a firearm on one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

Manufacturers and retailers in the gun business extended Black Friday offers that included discounts, bundles, and doorbuster deals. Wal-Mart, for instance, offered customers 20 percent off all firearms for the entirety of Black Friday weekend. Sporting goods stores like Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops ran similar deals to entice gun buyers into their establishments.

The Rush to Arms

It’s probably a stretch to connect the gun boom with current events, but there are certainly enough connections to be made. Americans undoubtedly watched the Ferguson rioting with a wary eye last week, wondering what they would do if civil unrest spread to their town. Then there’s the stiff background check law coming to Washington state this week. Proponents of Initiative 594 have already promised to get similar wording onto the ballots of several more states by 2016. With so much uncertainty in the air, it’s not surprising that Americans would choose to buy now.

Good Omen

Of course, some of it is simply Americans practicing their constitutional rights. You don’t have to live in fear to want a gun in the house. The media likes to portray gun enthusiasts as crackpots who think the world is about to descend into anarchy, but that’s seldom the case. Putting aside the obvious pleasures of hunting, collecting, and target shooting, many individuals like to know they have protection if the worst were to happen. It doesn’t mean they are paranoid; bad things happen every day. Once it does, you can’t travel back in time to arm yourself. Sometimes being prepared means anticipating the improbable.

The fact that so many Americans went out to purchase guns this week gives me some hope for the future. Not because I’m desperate to see everyone own a gun, but because (most) gun owners see how ridiculous strict gun control laws really are. Once you own one, take care of it, and realize it’s not the devil incarnate, you no longer understand why Democrats want to take them away.

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  1. I believe Gun owners our sending very polite message to gun grabbers …

  2. People, remember that the Illegal U.N. Small Arms treaty goes into effect on Dec 24th and BO said he is supporting this move…the U.N. Blue Helmets will be at our Doors starting Dec 24th and if so, the 2nd Civil War will begin! That’s why 115 Million American have purchased Rifles/Handguns in the last 6 years! We see the hand writing on the WALL, and it’s Communism..!!! God help us, PLEASE!

    • i should mention that this was signed by appointed liberal scum. Congress did not approve this. So this is another case for impeachment if he supports this administratively.


        Lets empeach him.before theyre is no america left.:(

      • Impeachment will do little or nothing to remove him-he’ll never resign ala Nixon. What’s needed is for the FBI to go into the WH and arrest him and his entire staff for Treason to the State. They all deserve cells at Gitmo, recently vacated, compliments of our America-hating faux POTUS.

        • actually iF i remember right… it’s impeachment proceedings to start round 2 for removal from office and that has to be unanimous.. but i could be wrong .. 😕

    • ArizonaMilitiaDotCom

      I doubt that the Smurfs will show up in their Blue Helmets on Christmas Eve, but The Zero could easily infringe upon our self-defense rights through those so-called “Executive Orders”.

      The most obvious way that he could do this would be by decreeing an end to all importations of ammunition, citing the U.N. Small Arms treaty as the excuse. No more cheap ammo from Europe and elsewhere would mean an immediate increase in ammo prices across the board.

      Better buy all the ammo that you can afford before 24 December, folks.

      In the end, however, most of us did *not* purchase our firearms just so that we could later meekly surrender them to The Zero, the Smurfs, or to anyone else. If the Smurfs *do* show up here in Arizona, you can bet that there will be a scramble to be the first Patriot to litter the desert floor with bullet-riddled Blue Helmets.

      • CONSIDER THIS – – –

        305 MILLION Americans …. over 1/2 own guns – most are retired Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard – Military – also Police, Sheriff, Highway Patrol and Private security.

        You really think that an order from Obama (** Martial Law** ), will be followed for our Military (or the UN) to attack our families, friends, neighbors and relatives ?

        NO WAY! – obama’s so-called “army” will be out-numbered 250 to 1 !!!

        • Arthur L. Trevallee

          Some in our current military might try to eliminate those who resist, but I hope that they are limited in number and that you are right in that most will not. I don’t know what is going on in the military right now, but when I signed up for my 6 years of service in the military, back in 1967, we took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic. I think that pretty much explains where most of us veterans stand on the issue, when it comes to the attempt to eliminate any of our Constitutional rights. The scary thing is that history tends to repeat itself for those who do not pay attention to the lessons learned from history. The sad thing is that many U. S. citizens are oblivious to the horrors of communism and fascism, which haunted much of the last century.

          • Gun stores need to stop with all illegal procedures.No background check it just tells them who is armed.No regestration.Americans can easily show who they are so the store knows who they are selling to.

          • That’s completely fabricated baloney, even a single slipup in paperwork can mean losing their federal firearms license.
            Gun Stores that sell firearms without a NICS instant background check would see the proprietor prosecuted.

            We have had FBI background checks for years and woefully ignorant people haven’t a clue.

            Try to go to ANY gun store and buy a gun without proper ID and a federal NICS check called in. They won’t do it, offer them triple the money, they won’t do it.

            You literally don’t know what you are talking about and everyone who supports your position is in the same ignorant boat regurgitating lies told to them by the Gun Policy equivalents of Jonathan Gruber.

            The homicide rate is the lowest it’s been since 1913 and gun ownership tops 100 million people.

            There are literally more “Assault Weapons” in private hands today than there were gun owners in 1913 but the homicde rate is the same.

            The highest rise in homicide rates in US history started in 1968 with the federal Gun Control Act only slowing down 20 years later when states started to restore their citizen’s constitutional rights by passing Concealed Carry legislation.

    • Have you ever encountered UN Troops? They couldn’t take over the lobby at Dave & Busters much less go to Gun Country USA and take arms from people who can almost assuredly outshoot them.

      • excuse you??? 😕 i’m going on a limb with my guess that didn’t see the movie about the UN in Somalia’s civil war.. i think it was Blackhawk Down??? anyway the UN can very well take over a lobby of something like a Dave&Busters or more… and then there’s the UN Security Council….. and right now America doesn’t have too much respect left in the world… so there’s that too .. even if the UN does do that .. you’ve forgotten Russia, China, North Korea+ and even Iran is trying to go nuclear

        • Have you even been on a UN peacekeeping mission? Without US troops it’s pure comedy.

          Make me a list of successful UN Peacekeeping operations that don’t rely on mostly US ground troops and air support for their combat duties 😉


      I cannot believe americans have become so sstupid.and just let the blacks take our country over.send them all back to Africa.starting with.obama. harry reid hillary. Joe biden. And plosie.and kerry .and most off the ediots.god help us.

      • We need to unite.Hussein has them going right now to be used as a force against us.We need them to work with us not against us.The slaves helped fight for there freedom and these people can join us UNITED and help us win again.

        • not sure where the your other comment came from but yes we do need heal the racial divide.. which was getting better until recently….no thank you to Sharpton, and NYC issues … i might also add.. that it’s about the culture war.. if we want to serve the poor .. we need to start with returning family values, improving failing school systems etc. .. oh and yes before you ask i heard something like that on Hannity from Anita King .. Dr King’s niece… like said i don’t usually agree with people like Laura Ingraham and Bill O’Riley but they’re right on this one …

      • Don’t say, “Send the Blacks back to Africa”. They didn’t come from Africa. They were born here. They are American citizens. We don’t have to like them, but to support and defend their Constitutional rights is to support and defend our own.

        Perhaps anyone who says “Send the Blacks back to Africa” is actually a “troll” or “agent provocateur” — to make the rest of us look like racist bigots by even appearing on the same forum.

        Besides, there is no place in Africa for American Blacks. They would be murdered out of hand as soon as they got away from the airport. See, they don’t belong to any African tribe. They would be considered “fair game” in Africa.

        Some White Americans, some Brown Americans and some Black Americans are so violent they have to be spoken to on the street — or arrested or beaten or cuffed or tased or shot.

        This does not depend on color or ancestry.

        It is an individual decision: “Today I will not make anyone afraid.”

    • Do you absolutely believe gun owners will give up their life or freedom,before our “weapons?” Better get ready for the real thing. Dead bodies viewable. We need regional,sectional strategy and be ready and realistic. It’s coming.I am not supporting anarchy. What think ye? Eh?

    • Yes it goes into effect but not herein the US. because it has not yet been ratified by our senate. Which it first must be.

    • excuse you??? 😕 the handwriting on the wall 😕 what are you talking about … but yes the UN Small Arms Treaty is .. strange…

  3. You’re far too lenient about freedom loving Americans choosing to bear arms. The current regime – this Evil Empire – by allowing all sorts of trash into our country has many wary of their plans. These progressives worked for decades to have the power they now have. They will not go silently into the night. But an armed citizenry, prepared to send these idiots to meet their 72 virgins, might give them pause to think. Thank you, Obama, for the rebirth of American consciousness, you f**king idiot.

  4. I hold a JD in Law and we had a very deep review of the 2nd Amendment in Law school, and what came out of studies is that “ALL” Gun control laws are illegal on there face..PERIOD..!!! That’s why our founding father
    wrote the wording in the 2nd Amendment the way they did…”Shall Not Be Infringed.” The wording clearly defines their intent and the history of the founding Fathers leaves no room for debate, again, “ALL” Gun control Laws are illegal on there FACE…PERIOD..!!!

    • Proud US vet/American

      I agree 100%. But your comment needs to be refreshed or redone. It is getting old. Seen it on several other sites, word for word-you need to add some fresh ideas, thanks!

    • First of all, you don’t get a “JD in Law” That’s like getting an MD in Medicine A JD is a Juris Doctor you don’t get it in something else.

      I’d love to know how you got your “JD in Law” when you don’t know the difference between “there” and “their”
      Had you gone to any school worth the price of admission, you’d know that gun control laws ARE constitutional, as are restrictions on speech. Even though the first amendment protects it. Start your next post with
      “I’m not a lawyer, but I play on on the internet”

      • Hey little one, I graduated in Sept 2004 with a Juris Doctor from Law School…And I explained the JD for those of you that don’t know what a JD is! Also, you don’t get a JD, you hold a JD as in any degree as I stated! It’s obvious you had not attend Law School. I just love it when amateurs attempt to sound intelligent…LOL!

        • Hello USP1: I agree that all of the gun law intended to limit our right to any weapon related issue are un-lawful, and illegal; however, that being said:
          The legislatures passed the laws… [the majority of a democracy, (not a republic) legislator violated his oath of Office (note to Oath Keepers) meaning “Mob-Rule” not the “Rule of Law”]

          The problem with those laws on the books is that we have to take them off the books, either with initiatives, referendums, challenges to constitutionality, Soap Box, Ammo Box, or burial box. I would rather not use that last box; however, that being said:
          This is the Soap Box. We are running out of time.

          Since you hold a JD in Law, when are you going to start challenging each and every unconstitutional gun control law that is passed in your state? And in Arizona? And especially in California and New York? [forget D.C., as it is not a state, and has no state’s rights].

          Once started, your career should flourish, as you should be getting wins if you present the challenge in the proper legal terms, and follow-up with Judicial Complaints, Lawyer Complaints, and Legislative Complaints, since the violation of their solemn oath of office to uphold and support the Constitution and State Constitution is being violated.

          Let me know when you are ready to start your civil duty… We are running out of time.

          • nine at yahoo dot com

          • Judicial Complaints, lawyer complaints and legislative complaints are needed to remove those persons from Office who violate their Oaths of Office, (usually kept on file at the Secretary of State’s Office). Please note “Oath Keepers” you need to support anyone, even a lawyer who challenges gun control laws and help him remove those who violate their Oaths from their Offices. Remember, an empty rifle is a bayonet holder.

            But, “Who Cares About Apathy?”

          • Dear Apache with all due respect we have called we have sighned petition we have tried.The good old fashion way is not working.Our government has been taken over.Our courts have been as well.Its time for us to Unite as Americans and save our country for our children.I personally would like to do it by the power of the purse and see ALL Americans stop funding the traitors but outside money is already in play.

          • you might be right about some of those but an empty being a bayonet holder thingy last i checked they haven’t used bayonets since the end of the Civil War around 1865 ??? 😕

          • that’s the spirit .. but when did a democracy become “Mob Rule???” 😕 .. i’ll give it’s not Rule of Law … if i remember right .. a democracy is a government for the people by the people …:?

        • He is one of Husseins fools and a traitor just remember his so called name

      • No one needs to be a lawyer to understand plain and simple English.

        “Shall Not Be Infringed.”

        Just what part of that do you fail to understand?
        If you can not understand those 4 simple words you certainly can not be trusted to understand anything correctly.

      • Are you a member of the Blue helmeted ” Grammar Police ” ? You don’t seem to be able to understand the English language. SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

        • No, I’m the Stupidity Police… Pull over you’re not smart enough to be operating a computer

          And I have studied Constitutional Law “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”.

          Are you a “well regulated militia” Because if you know anything about statutory construction, you’d know that in that context, “shall not be infringed” pertains to a “well regulated militia” this is what happens when grade school dropouts to to think


            HEY Jimmy – When OUR Constitution was written there was NO National Guard or any sort of “state” Militia. The U.S. Supreme Court said (in part) in U.S. v Miller that the.”Militia” was then “comprised of all males physically capable of acting for the common defense” and that those men were to bring (their own) arms “which were in common use at the time’
            In the Miller case, it was declared that it is the “right of the people” to keep and bear arms – so they can answer a “Paul Revere” like call to take their arms to repeal the British Red Coats – or any other enemy. There is some history that the Japanese did not invade ALASKA in WW II because they believed that all men had guns.and gerullia warfare would cost the Japanese to many lives.
            btw – I agree that even “requiring” registration of guns is an infringement – and thus, registration is Unconstitutional..

          • This Miller know what you are talking about.



          • aboner, since you cite to the Miller case, I will stick to that precedent. Mostly because I know you wouldn’t be able to follow the argument if I go too deep. The Court in Miller held that

            “The Court cannot take judicial notice that a shotgun having a barrel less than 18 inches long has today any reasonable relation to the preservation or efficiency of a well regulated militia, and therefore cannot say that the Second Amendment guarantees to the citizen the right to keep and bear such a weapon.”

            The Court in interpreting a gun control statute used “well regulated militia” as the linchpin of the Amendment. The Court went on to hold that such regulation is Constitutional AND that Second Amendment “DOES NOT GUARANTEE TO THE CITIZEN THE RIGHT TO BEAR AND KEEP SUCH A WEAPON”

            Its a good case to cite. However is rules AGAINST what you claim it does


            Im amazed at how many guote law or regulation when they dont know how many great.lakes theyre .is or.the state that is next to them.but they know guns.a kitchen knife.ball bat.nylon.oh and other things.ama, dumb.americans .sure have really been dumb down. God help us.

          • I’m amazed at how someone can post about the dumbing down of america and not know the difference between “there” and “they’re”


            Really. I actually do know the silly is ? .

          • “when they dont know how many great.lakes theyre .is or.the state that is”

            Sure ya do

          • Nothing like a good 14″ scatter gun to repel the 4 goons crashing thru the door.

          • Proud US vet/American

            If you have truly studied “Constitutional Law”, and you support the Constitution, then you should accept it in its whole and not try to tear it apart piece by piece. The word “Militia” in the 2nd Amendment means, “WE THE PEOPLE”. The private gun owning every day mom and pop who are the voters ARE the “Citizen Militia” of this country. The over 100 million gun owning citizens of this country are the LAST line of defense against a “Tyrannical Government” completely taking total control over this country. It will be these American’s that will ultimately save this country from the clutches of the Communistic ideals of the leftist progressives-NOT the military, national guard, reserve, or DHS! Your insult to the “grade school dropouts” was dead wrong! Most gun owners that I know and have met are military, ex-military, Police, professional businessmen and women, politicians, and public employees.
            As a retired career military man who was a Deputy Sheriff for 11 years after my military career with a college degree I resent that remark and you for even insinuating it! Who do you really think are going to be the people on the front line of the next “American Revolution” when the SHTF? And it is coming my friend! All the signs of revolt are there if you look close enough. Civilian Militia’s springing up every where, working along side the local Sheriff and getting their communities ready. Private secure and protected ammo caches and safe houses for their families, private food and water stores, petroleum reserves being built and guarded, Medical personnel and supplies ready for use and monetary stores put away for future use. The citizen “Militia” is ready and growing for their protection and rebuilding of our endangered government. Call these groups crazy if you will, but I like the term pro-active in our freedom better! Are you ready? Have you chosen your side yet?
            MOLON LABE

          • First off, thank you for your service. I am one of the Professional men who owns guns. I hunt with them, have since I was a boy. But I also agree with background checks, waiting periods etc. I have a JD and an L.L.M. in Constitutional Law and I have studied this issue thoroughly. The second amendment guarantees the right to bear arms. But that does not mean that there can’t be some reasonable limitations put on that right. The First Amendment grants us free speech. That was so important to the Founders that they made it 1st Yet, we outlaw hate speech. We outlaw speech that incites a riot. We bar a lot of commercial speech. These are reasonable limitations on our right to free speech.
            As are some of the limitations being sough on the 2nd amendment.

            But I have to tell you, all the talk about a revolution or Marshall law and the government coming for your guns, is lunatic fringe conspiracy talk. Getting all your info from Sites like this and a steady diet of Fox news can push you to looney ville.

            Thanks again for your service

          • Mr. JD :Law, you shot yourself in the foot; apparently, you don’t know the difference between Martial Law and “Marshall Law” (there’s no such thing!) Dumbazz

          • Yes, my dear Socialist. I could be a member of a Militia, if Needed. I’m a Decorated Veteran, are You ?
            YOU studied Constitutional Law ? Sounds like Obama, although he never attended classes, and “Filled in” for two lectures, then called himself a Constitutional Professor.
            I guess you should try learning to read, rather than trying to interpret. You’re Not Qualified.
            No Free man shall ever be Debarred the use of Arms.
            A Free people ought to be Armed. Ever heard those ?

          • gutterslug, Why is it you hate this country and our constitution? I have read, both the constitution and the supreme court cases interpreting it. Because that’s what the court does. You “could” be a member of the militia, but you’re not. You’re just a moron typing about shit he doesn’t understand

          • When you were trying to Rewrite the Second Amendment, you of course chose to Misinterpret it . The RIGHT of the PEOPLE to keep and Bear arms, That is The PEOPLE’S RIGHT. And a Militia is made up of CIVILIAN VOLUNTEERS, who Provide their own ARMS. How can you miss that ? I Believe in and follow our Constitution, You seem to be the one who is trying to change it’s meaning. It was written as plainly & simply as they could write, so that Morons like you could understand it. And Not try and change it.
            I see that you are at a loss for any intelligent comment, and must resort now to comparing a Falcon with a slug. Good one Commie. And how would You know if I am a member of a Militia ? Oh yeah because Socialists know all, can change meanings of words, much like a King, or Dictator, or Despot, or Obama. I understand the Constitution, & Amendments Perfectly. You see when I went to school we studied them. Long before you special Rights activists, tried changing the English Language, and it’s meanings.
            Again what Branch of the Service were you in, and where did you Serve ? I know you didn’t–Pussy, No Balls, just a Mouth.

          • The right to defend yourself comes from nature. You can play little word games all you like, but the 2nd Amendment merely codifies what already exists; it is an acknowledgement of our right to self defense. If you or anyone tries to come into my house to do me or my loved ones harm, or try to infringe on our rights, I will shoot you dead like the criminal scum you are.

            You need to back off “troll”; there’s way more of us than there will ever be of you

            Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

          • LOL ok nutcase back in your hole

          • Nice comeback genius….sounds like someone shit in your head and forgot to flush


   dont have to be grade school drop out .I learned more thru grade school then a lot off stuff that I read on here.thanks to the good teaching I received. I strived to learn. And Listen to what I was taught.we didnt riot and. Behaved.we didn’t lie.cheat or steal. Our country is being destroyed. Because .theyre is more that dont want to do anything.

      • Jimmy boy let me this old lady educate you.WE WILL NOT BE INFRINDGED.Go back to Hussein and be on the looser side

        • the Side of the US Constitution is the loser side?? Not in my great country. Why do you hate the consitution and this Great Nation so much Granny? Did you have a tough life? Is medicaid not paying for your depends?

          • Never said that asshole.Why dont you shove a cock in your mouth and your ass traitor and shut the fuck up.You dont know who you are talking to do you moron.We will not be INFRINDGED.I would enjoy shoving a 9 mm up your ass for you JIMMY BOY..We will not be infrindged traitor.When I get depends Ill shove them down your throat.full os shit.Do not respond to me again traitor.We will defend period.

          • Do you understand Jimmy Boy.

          • I love when you talk dirty grandma Come on you were around when the Constitution was written, you should know what it says. I guess alzheimer’s got ya. As much as I know you love sticking your gun up people’s asses, sorry I’m not into that. Maybe you should sit in your rocker, put your teeth in your glass and take a moment to read about our Great Constitution. I’m sure even a dog your age can learn a few new tricks

          • You are one stupid motherfucker


            No need to talk nasty show you have no education. A box off rocks. Is smartier.

          • I can’t help but notice Jimmy that you are unable to respond to what I have pointed out. All your blah blah blah about loving the Constitution cannot conceal how much loathing you have for its true spirit and intended purpose: to set down in writing what already exists in nature. I took you for a coward, and it appears that I am right.

            Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

          • I can’t help but notice Jimmy that you are unable to respond to what I have pointed out. I took you for a coward, and it appears that I am right.

            Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS


            Your a idiot most senior worked And paid into social security’s to have a check when they became senior.not a welfare check that a lot off lazy people are doing. And say they deserve. You deserve dont.get a life.and.we dont owe you a living.

          • Watch, I’ll go over this really slow. When speaking of a person, its “You’re an idiot” See that’s a contraction of You are. Not “your a ” go back to 2nd grade you seemed to have missed a lot there

      • did i mention .. the free speech thingy .. you’re sort of right .. there’s a thing about creating a “clear and present danger”.. and as for a critique of mr. USPatriotOne.. it’s true the law school degree is J.D oh and yes everyone’s allowed a typo or two.. did i mention that people can be a bit… confused sometimes.. it even happens to me a few more times than i’d like.. but like they all say people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones… or something like that

  5. There is one section of the economy that has absolutely swelled under Obama and that is the gun industry.
    Gee, I wonder why they have’nt mentioned that in PR statements 🙂

  6. I have a lot of friends who own guns, hunt, target shot, collect, trade, talk about guns, enjoy gun owners company. I don’t have any people around me who don’t like guns, don’t own guns, are anti-gun, and don’t respect the people who do. I enjoy the Freedom and Liberty of the Constitution and all the Freedom it brings to all Americans. These people are constantly trying to control us and our Freedoms because they feel left out or are not comfortable with the Freedoms our Country has endured due to the sacrifice of Founding Fathers and those who have given all to save us from tyranny. So to all the Gun owners who bought a new weapon Merry Christmas.

  7. I believe that American Citizens should be able to walk out of their home and open or concealed carry unrestricted anytime they want , We as citizens would be much safer and we are guaranteed this right by our Constitution . There is also no proviso in the act that anyone has the right to restrict firearms for any citizen , The laws are defeating the vary purpose that the Government told they were going to prevent If a person is arrested for something at the age of 17 or 18 , does that mean the our rights to protect ourselves and our family’s can be permently restricted ? Back it the days before big government a person did something wrong they went to jail and came out and could get a job , buy a firearm , etc.. Now if you do something wrong you go to jail , come out and apply for a job , your records are checked and most times you are denied employment , you can never buy a firearm to hunt or for home protection , The whole situation is way out of hand , if society keeps denying employment to a person , how are they to live and take care of a family ? Welfare you say , I think people that have enough initiative to get a job, work and support themselves should have our support and not looked down on !!

    • If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime

      • I’m just saying you can’t beat a person down forever for something that was done while attending high school , especially something non violent !

        • And you can’t seriously tell me that a man of your age is Still having trouble finding work based solely on a mistake made when you were in high school? And it was non violent?

          • Not me I was a Teamster Locals 249 and 273. I’m pretty well off . But back in the day , they used to hire based on the merits of your education and work experience , now , it’s the criminal background check . Believe it or not there are kids that were in medical School that were caught with pot that can never practice medicine or write a prescription because of a pot arrest , I think things like this are extremely stupid. We have a President that used and even sold pot and cocaine by his own admit ion and he has the nucular button , and they won’t let a kid be a doctor because he used pot possible one time ?? Where is the justice in that , same with firearms if you as a kid do something stupid how can anyone deprive you of your Constitutional rights forever ?

          • They don’t You’re only deprived of a firearm if you are a convicted felon

  8. Proud US vet/American

    I took advantage of the great sales and bought myself a new Panther Arms 5.56 and 500 rounds of ammo. A new red dot scope is on the way with two more 30 round magazines. My wife will probably divorce me, but I can find another woman, but may not be able to find another rifle or deal this good again! LOL
    Stock up America! The 2nd American Revolution is coming, and our #1 enemy is Obama, Holder and the DNC.

    • Thank You.I live in CT.In order to buy ammo we must be registered.Conneticut will need help.Traitors took our state first.

      • Proud US vet/American

        All you have to do is take a weekend trip to a State that borders yours that doesn’t have the strict gun and ammo regulations that your state does and buy your ammo there. It may be an inconvenience, but your 2nd Amendment rights are important enough to defend and support! There are other ways to circumvent the overly strict gun and ammo laws in your state too, but I will not elaborate on them on the open net. Use your imagination and you can get the ammo you need without the government intervention into your 2nd Amendment rights and still be within the federal law guidelines.
        MOLON LABE

  9. Well said William!

  10. I have had firearms since I was 10 years old of various calibers. I haven’t seen or heard of any of them committing a crime. Strange, guess I’m just lucky my guns respect the law.

  11. MrPissonyourgrave .

    A civil war is brewing, the balkanization of AMerica will be bloody

  12. In the 60’s and were arrested if you were young and dumb and had parents that thought everything worked like they were suppose to on tv and your parents told toy to admit you did what they said you did so we could all go home , you became a felon even if they said pay a fine and go on home and don’t do what you didn’t do in the first place again you became a felon , same as the college kid smoking a joint , he is a felon for doing what Obama admitted to doing and selling , I don’t see them arresting him !

  13. Academy Sports at one store sold over 120 guns in 5 hours. That is just one store in a medium size city. I would say that Americans are preparing for something. I don’t know what it is, but it must be big.

    • The anarchy coming with the collapse of the nation brought about by a national crisis, either real or contrived. The time will soon be here where each individual American will have to make the choice between living on his or her knees before a totalitarian government, or die if need be standing as a free man or woman. Expect that decision before 2016.

      • What ever happens, Americans will be ready. They are buying guns and ammo left and right. It is good to be prepared. No one is going to protect you. Not even the police. They will be to busy protecting them selves.

      • I will never, EVER live on my knees before a totalitarian government!!! I am an Oath Keeper and I will die defending that oath!!! I am also the mom of a soldier.



  14. Obama The Pinocchio of the century , has started this race war ,by giving Blacks to
    much free stuff and promoting them into his BLACK House in DC.

  15. Remember this factoid: If the Blue Helmets do show up anywhere they will bring with them the implements of their own demise. Each and every one of them will be the delivery person of fully automatic weapons and ammunition that will add to the patriots ability to resist tyranny. I always advocated that the civilians should be armed with the same firearms as those who would use them against the population so you cannot ask for anything better than delivery of an M-16, grenades, body armor, and other goodies right to your front door. What is sorely needed is coordination and communication of patriots to organize for such an event should it materialize.

  16. The fact that any American would join and follow the directive that they open fire on fellow Americans and use storm trooper tactics to enforce an order to disarm legal citizens, means that they should not be given any quarter: If they are stupid enough to attack their own family and neighbors they will deserve what they get!

  17. Gun manafactures and stores,its time for you to stop following illegal orders and sell any American a gun for protection.We need to stand together so we can defend our country.

  18. I am 83 years old and would not have chance to protect myself and my wife against thugs with no respect for law and order. I am a veteran and know and respect the use of a firearm but my wife refuses to allow any in our home. I worry more about what happens outside of our home where we would be very vulnerable to punks who think they have an agenda against all people and especially whitey . Statements and people carrying signs saying ” kill whitey and destroy the police department” mean you will not be able to talk to them because all they know is violence

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