Black Friday: Guns Flying Off the Shelves

Retailers reported a Black Friday slightly below expectations this year, but those in the business of selling guns had a banner day. According to the FBI, more federal background checks were run last Friday than on any other single day in American history.

“This was an approximate 5% increase over the 175,754 received on Black Friday 2014,” wrote the FBI’s Stephen Fischer. “The previous high for receipts were the 177,170 received on 12/21/2012.”

Nearly every media outlet that ran the story, of course, had to point out the fact that while all of these sales were attracting buyers, a nut in Colorado Springs was laying siege to Planned Parenthood. The obvious connection to be made: More guns mean more mass shootings. And with the awful murders in San Bernardino stealing the press’s attention for the foreseeable future, chances are good that we’re going to end 2015 with another debate about gun control.

Which is fine. It’s to be expected. And even if it isn’t, there’s nothing to be done about it. Both sides have made their arguments clear; anyone who doesn’t know where they stand on this issue by now is never going to know.

What’s not fine: things like this from the New York Times – “The National Rifle Association and other gun rights supporters have promoted the idea of weapons as protection.”

Huh? So…if it weren’t for the NRA, people would not see weapons as protection? How did people view guns before the NRA came into existence? Toys? It’s hard to imagine a time – even in the Stone Age – when people did not buy into “the idea of weapons as protection.” That’s…that’s basically their entire purpose, you idiots.

Now, the NY Times is making the point that people with guns in their homes are less safe than those without them. Which is a highly disputable point. But if you’re going to make that point, at least have the intellectual courage to make it without resorting to these weaselly phrases. And at least acknowledge that it would make no sense if this were not the case. Of course people with guns in their homes are more likely to be shot. People who drive cars are more likely to get into car accidents, too. It doesn’t mean they are more likely to die.

The real problem with the gun control debate in this country is that it’s really a thousand problems rolled into one. Gang crime in Chicago is not the same problem as Islamic terrorism in California. A school shooting in Connecticut is not the same as an epidemic of suicide. Psychos are not political activists are not opportunistic criminals are not kids who have an accident. And until we break these problems apart and address them separately, we’re just going to keep having the same irrelevant arguments.

Without a constitutional convention, guns aren’t going away. Obama’s attempts are both meaningless and irritating at the same time. If we agree that we’re not going to repeal the Second Amendment then let’s stop talking about idiotic measures that aren’t going to stop a single killing. Let’s use our heads, come together, and find out what this country needs to do to get a handle on this violence. Otherwise, these gun sales are going to keep breaking records. Why? Because Americans – foolish, NRA drones that we are – really do believe that weapons are a form of protection. And if these shootings are going to keep happening, we’d like to be prepared.

Imagine that.


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  1. Obama is just an A-hole that thinks he is smarter than everybody else and can not except the idea that he has to adhere to the Constitution as it is written.
    He has been the “Number 1” gun salesman since his “Coronation” as President of the USA, but has caused the price of ammunition to soar and created severe shortages.

  2. With the increase in terrorists attacks Obama will use this to declare martial law which has always been his goal .He will suspend the 2016 elections thereby making himself dictator .He will bring in UN troops to disarm American citizens while the many terrorist training camps on US soil will engage in heightened terrorist activities in an effort to get citizens to accept the government protection under UN troops .
    Obama will then bring in unlimited Islamic refugees to continue the chaos and killing of Americans .
    American troops are mostly overseas and will be unable to assist Americans .
    America is on the brink of destruction .If we do not take serious action to stop this madness now,then the streets of America will be running red with innocent American blood .

    • If that is the plan of the fool in the white house, i think he will be in for a very big surprise. the american people will stand just so much, and then they will come together. just like the japanese admiral in ww2 went japan attacked pearl harbor. he said, i am afraid that we have awaken a sleeping tiger. now if obama actually thinks that he is going to be our dictator and disarm america, good luck with that. never going to happen, he had better take a good look at america and its history. we have had a couple of war stalemates, but that was because the politicians thought that they were smarter than the generals and admirals. with obamas plan, there are no politicians with a say in anything. americans will roll right over this country and reclaim it as our own.

      • I agree with you .America will rise up and defeat any plan such as this .The problem with letting it go that far is that innocent men women and children will be most of the casualties as those are the targets terrorists go after .I do not wish to see my granddaughter in a bloody conflict to survive because of pompous fools and tyrants in DC .But without a doubt we are heading for this very scenario unless we get serious and stop it .The tyrants in DC have taken legal recourse away from us and are leaving us with few options .It is historically proven that no tyranny has ever peacefully surrendered it’s power .Only by gunpoint are tyrants shown their place and I know that is the only option left to us much as I hate it being so ..Our elected officials through their own greed and lust for power have placed us in the same position our founding fathers were in facing King George .So if America is to survive there will be another revolution .

        • i also hate to see it happen, but there is not much of anything else we can do. politicians? they talk and talk, then they form committes, and in the end nothing is done. how they can sit on their butts and watch the country go to hell is beyond me. i have checked from time to time when a politician is making a very important speech. when you look behind him and when the camera pans out, you can see that he is talking to himself. his fellow politicians are off somewhere filling their pockets from lobbyist and what they can steal from the taxpayers. what is left for us to do?

          • name and address collecting time.
            The liberal scum and their politicians need to start paying the price for what they do.When the killer jihadist start harming and killing ours friends and neighbors, and families, we want to know where to go and who to thank appropriately.

      • The Executive order to take our Guns is happening tonight 12/6/2015…Lock and Load “We the People”…!!! These NWO/Commie/Muslim Monsters will hit us in the middle of the night, so prepare for that as well..!!! God help us, PLEASE!

        • Think about this .
          The time is 4 A.M. EST . U.N. troops move to close all major bridges in the U.S.At the same time access to all major cities will be cut off .All communications will be shut down , cell phones computers TV’s and radios .All power grid locations will be taken by U.N. troops as well as all major food distribution centers ..These four actions require minimal troop manpower .By 5 A.M. all highway traffic will be at a standstill . Major cities have between 3 to 5 days of food supplies before the people start starving .Power in major cities gets cut off as the food begins to run out .The people in the cities are going to riot which will give the troops the excuse to start shooting .Known dissident groups across America will be left to rally at which point they will be under chem-trail attack , bacterial chemicals sprayed over head on them which will eliminate most .Those remaining will be offered medical attention if they surrender.Those that surrender will be shot .So far no one has gone after anyone’s guns .The cities will starve out first then the troops will clean up .The dissident groups will have been eliminated .What is left of America will then be systematically swept area by area by armored troops .Areas of stiff resistance will be hit with air strikes .Again no one has gone door to door to take your weapons which is what most people think will happen .
          If you look at what the government has done under the NDDA all of this is possible .That is their plan .They will not go door to door .They plan to starve us out,then use chemicals then airstrikes .
          On the plus side the number of armed Americans is larger that ALL of the armies of ALL the nations combined .A great many of those Armed Americans are military veterans .Others are experienced hunters .And this will be on American soil , we will be fighting for OUR land OUR freedom .
          I always wonder , do the politicians who plan this think their bunkers are going to be deep enough to protect them ? Do they not know THEY will be die trying ?

        • You do not need religion. You just need to IGNORE the negro since as you correctly pointed out has no legal jurisdiction in America.


    • Which Founding Father said that from time to time it will be necessary to water the tree of freedom with the blood of tyrants and patriots?

    • independent thinker

      Something to think on. All the early reports said there were three shooters and there were a number of different witnesses of the event that said that. Just as soon as the authorities shot the two to pieces mention of a third shooter stopped. What happened to the third shooter? Was he perhaps a government agent helping/encouraging the shooting so obama would have another chance to cry for more gun control and perhaps as you say setting the stage for declaring martial law?

      • I concur. Where is the other “supposed” to be shooter. All of a sudden, that person has just disappeared.

      • Very, very possible, I have had the thought for some time that Obama’s stooges (sorry Stooges) have been instigating such actions at Obama’s direction.

      • I caught that as well .There were even three people mentioned when the vehicle was being fired upon .Then it was only two people .And as in all such incidents in the past few years the media had a lot of information very early .In the case of the Boston Bombings and other terrorist attacks there was a federal false flag operation going on at the same time .The individuals leading the U.S. government have been on the New World Order agenda for some time .I have absolutely no faith in the government any longer .They have shown themselves to be the enemy of every patriot in the land…If you look at all of Obama’s history you will see that he has been brought up and groomed as an elitist which fits right in with NWO .The goal is to disarm America and the approach is by creating a chaotic atmosphere where Americans will appeal to the government for protection .At which point martial law will take effect and under the guise of protecting Americans the guns will be rounded up , dissenters shot or put in FEMA re-education camps .NWO wants the entire world on the same level .

    • I hope the a-wipe tries;.

    • I’ve been trying to explain that to everyone who will listen. It’s absolute truth! The skunk in the White House is no “leader” of the American people, and something should have been done to stop him long ago! But, thanks to our gutless, brainless, selfish political pimps in congress, he’s managed to do irreparable damage already!

      • Remember Obama’s words: If the political winds change, I will stand with the muslims…….. remember this? The political winds have changed and Obama is the main reason they have. America had better be ready to defend herself.

        • He’s been muslim from the git-go. They lie like persian rugs!!! I knew it the first time I watched him on tv. He struck me as a slick tongued pied piper. even then. I’m just so disappointed in my fellow Americans that he is getting away with this fraud. I think he’s got a muslim-style “napoleon” complex. But, make no mistake, this commie has been determined to destroy America since it was “taught” to him as a boy.

          (If anyone is curious as to why I don’t capitalize these words, it’s because they are too despicable to be shown such respect.)


        • Well Virginia, I am of the firm opinion (based on various information) that this fraud was going to be pres come hell or high water. He was groomed, puppet instructed and funded by George Soros and his ilk. The man was a total fraud, but the lamestream media and Soros are responsible directly for the LACK OF INFORMATION on this jerk and their refusal to release pertinent information that could have turned the public against him, instead of being enthralled by him. Remember Chris Matthews with the “tingle up his leg?” If I were Chris at this point, I think I’d find a deep dark corner somewhere to hide my red face. But, that’s what we have = a bunch of unprincipled socialist, commie, liberal lunatic lugnuts because millions of conservatives sat on their butts and pouted instead of voting. So there is plenty of “blame” to go around.

          What I don’t understand is why Congress is such a bunch of wusses that they won’t impeach the bastidge and throw him out on his arse before he declares martial law!

          Thanks for the comment. Merry Christmas!

    • America has been under martial law continuously since 1861 when Lincoln declared it. That is why corporation US executives, posing as president, can issue unconstitutional executive orders, and is also why every court in America is a defacto court of military Admiralty court jurisdiction.

    • You have an overactive imagination and a bad case of paranoia. You might want to get some help for that. Believe me, President Obama will be glad to return to private life. By the way, the UN has no standing army. You really have no grasp on reality. I hope you don’t do anything important at work.

      • Glad to see your still wearing your rainbow contacts .Are your pet unicorns still grazing on the pink grass in your backyard ? Obama wants to destroy America .Everything Obama does has supported terrorists and has done NOTHING for America .The U.N. has no standing army but the U.N. troops I referred to are troops of U.N. nations which makes up a U.N. army .Look around the world and see how many nations have U.N. troops in them .They are the ones in Africa driving the white combat vehicles with the big U.N. painted on the sides wearing blue helmets .

        • Yes, I know that the troops that the UN uses are from member nations, including the United States. I know all about UN peacekeeping forces, but not one of those forces invaded the nation where they are stationed. They were invited in because the leaders of those nations did not have a military force that was large enough to push back insurgents. Obama has no such authority to use troops inside our own country, except to help local governments with disaster aid. The only troops used for riot control duties come from the National Guard which is controlled by the Governor of each state, not the President. Your posts show your continuing ignorance of this President, the authorities that he has at his command, the United Nation’s power with regard to sovereign nations and the military forces available to them and how they are allowed to be used and general knowledge of what is going on in the world. I suggest you stop posting these totally irrational and uninformed and ignorant comments which make you look the fool to all readers except those that are as ill-informed as yourself.

          • There are U.N. troops already stationed inside the United States .Obama himself brought some of them in .Obama has stated more than once that he will make use of the U.N. .In 2012 FEMA brought in U.N. troops to work on strategies for handling civil unrest .Obama has no plans to use U.S. troops i the event of martial law .I know what the presidential powers are and I know that Obama has never let the law stand in his way to get what he wants .Obama is guilty of 29 counts of treason so far .Among them releasing Gitmo prisoners .Why does Obama push for more Islamic refugees ?The facts as prove that he is ignoring the security risks to American citizens in an effort to forward his own agenda .Why does Obama want to take guns away from legal law abiding citizens of the United States when he supplied Mexican drug cartels and Islamic terrorists with guns ?Why does Obama want to flood the nation with illegal South America immigrants ?Why has Obama continued to aid and support radical Islam by trying to convince America there is no such thing ?Why does Obama skip the majority of his security meetings ?The actions of a lawbreaking president that supports and aids in the destruction of America should have every citizen screaming for his removal from office .Why is every one so determined to support a president such as Obama ?

            But be that as it may . You have your opinion and outlook on life and the world around you as have I .Only time will prove one of us wrong .This will be my last reply as all we are doing in going around in circles .I am informed of what is going on in the world and quiet frankly it scares the hell out of me .I can’t help but wonder why it does not scare you as well .

          • You may not know it but you have been beguiled into NEEGRO WORSHIP by Hollowood and TV.

            Unfaithful and untruthful portrayal of Negroes. Subtle form of brainwashing has been progressing since the 1950’s.

          • You’re nuts.

          • I Think You Are The Fool.

  3. Walter H WILSON3rd

    We have come to a point in or American existence that requires all Americans to

  4. James Elliott McDaniel

    I’m the proud new owner of a slightly used Charter Arms Undercover Cop 5-shot .38 snub nosed revolver as of today. This is one more in my varied collection of firearms, most of which are not intended to be used for offensive purposes, but instead for personal and family and home protection. Anyone who feels the need to criticize me for exercising my 2d Amendment rights, don’t be offended if I tell you to go sliding down the sharp edge of a large razor blade into a vat of isopropyl alcohol and go swimming.

  5. Without
    a constitutional convention, guns aren’t going away. – See more at:

    • I think the appropriate response is….”From your mouth to Gods ears.”
      Just my opinion but a Con-Con would be the most serious mistake we could possibly make at this point in time.

  6. If the DOJ would see to it that the current control laws were enforced, gun crimes would be reduced immediately. When a criminal finds he is faced with 10 – 15 extra years on his sentence with no hope for parole, crimes with guns would be reduced. Similar laws are already on the books but lazy prosecutors plea-bargain to a lesser charge and don’t use the gun laws in force now.

  7. What about taking 300,000,000 guns of all types from We The People. The UN is going to have to face militias and the gun owners. Also the National Guard will more than likely be on our side plus the military still here. A Civil War in the making even if Obama calls martial law.

    • We are a country of pissed off vets and common everyday Patriotic citizens ready for local militias. Let the good times roll. As my one time Gunny would say “Let’s rock and roll”. US Navy vet

      • I know some local militia members and they will be joining your ranks and fighting along side you sir.

      • reagans,
        This vet is also tired of the way this country is headed. If the government keeps it up, those of us who can will rise up and form a militia.

      • I’m a 68 yr.old widow living alone in rural Alaska……MY guns aren’t going anywhere! I believe in genetic memory….My noble ancestors who were dying for our Freedoms before we even had a standing Army are really pi$$ed too!

        • My parents were from America’s “Greatest Generation” and passed their Patriotism down to my brother and myself. We have passed that gene down to our children and grand children. We are fortunate to live in Texas and have a true, progressive free education system, at present. Being born when my Father was in Burma has instilled absolute faith and Patriotism in my blood. Keep the Faith. Freedom is NOT Free. America, Home of the Free Because of the Brave.



    I have watched not one good benefit given to the American people during the acid reign of this pretender to his throne at the expense of a once great nation. I have come to believe that the once great party of an honest servant of the American people President Truman has morphed into a communist style party. For seven years this nation has been assaulted by lies, betrayal and scandal.

    We have an executive order loss leader who has created more race problems not seen since the 50’s.

    That is why I say America is being divided using communist style tactics. Just look at the deterioration

    of the democrat party. Once a worker’s /blue collar party now the party of big money and bribes paid to

    favorite politicians. In seven years the only treat the little people got was Obama Phone. When it should have been Rosetta stone to help Latino families speak English. One of our problems today is immigrant kids going to school have no one at home that speaks English so their learning sufferIf a communist enemy wanted to destroy the USA one step would be to Balkanize a United States and destroy what we have in common. When the ISIS attack in San Bernadino was announced the media described it as an attack on a Christmas Party. Tonight it is now edited and described as an attack on a holiday party. The democrat party at it’s last convention threw GOD out. Three times the roll was called and three times the largest shout was no God. But they lied on the third vote and said God could stay. The truth you can see on YouTube. So a party that once consisted of religious people has now turned into the devil’s workshop.

    They removed the Ten Commandments and the national conscience of the rules of soul survivor.

    They denied the civil rights of the child in the womb giving the baby no vote and no choice but to die

    painfully. They took Christian tax money and used it to pay butchers to harvest baby parts and sell them for a profit. Do blue eyes cost more than brown ones? Their goal is to legalize all narcotics and reap big tax revenue. Big money in medical marijuana and global warming.

    This enemy of Israel our only ally in the Jihad world bails out Terrorist nations and communist nations.

    Draining our financial reserves and wasting hard earned taxpayer money. Cuba was a year away from revolution for food and Iran was going broke. The State department bailed out two terrorist nations and made us forget that American POW’s were tortured by Cuban interrogators at the Hanoi Hilton as they got the Jane Fonda workout.

    The Democrats are the masters of blame and deflection. Never look at what they are pointing at. Always look for what they don’t want you to see. Every deed this party of death performs is to divide, destroy and eventually control the country forever. The supreme Court is now 5-4 communist.

    When the Clinton towers came down on 911 Hillary screamed What did Bush know and when did he know it. The democrats gave Bin laden life to kill when they were able to kill him first. Then on another 911 in Benghazi Hillary screamed again, WHO CARES HOW THEY DIED?


    Then lied and said there were no weapons of Mass destruction. The communist like media hid the gassing of 5,000 Kurdish men, women and children in Hallapjah, Iraq. Performed by Chemical Ali the Uncle of Sadaam. The father of Udei and Qusei turned his best fighter jets over to Iran his natural enemy. His Fellow Bath Party partner Bashar Al Assad may also have been a storage buddy for WOMD’s. Trump said he never would have gone to Iraq and his reasoning is quite accurate.

    Let us not forget when Bush left Iraq the country was secure. His combat casualties were 4,600 KIA and a seven to one wounded ratio. In Afghanistan he had lost 461 KIA’s with a 7-1 wounded ration.

    All this was a result of the Saudi Al Queda attack on the Clinton towers.

    Then a naive nation having been brainwashed by a communist like press elected the first half African American president believing he could bring the country together for our mutual benefit. In seven years he managed to divide the country, denounce the country and nearly destroy the country. He gave Iraq to Iran. SYRIA TO RUSSIA AND IRAN. Invaded Libya without getting an Act of War. Almost destroyed Egypt and enabled the Moslem brotherhood to take over the government until stopped by General Isisi.

    Behind America’s back he was negotiating with Iran to rearm their nuclear capability and finance terrorism to the tune of 150 Billion dollars. He exchanged Two Taliban province chiefs, one Governor, One Taliban leader of their CIA and a bomb making instructor for one traitor named Bo Birdcall who cost the lives of six troopers who tried to find him. Birdcall was honored by Obama and praised at a white house press meeting.

    Not too mention returning the bust of Winston Churchill as a slap in the face of our British Allies.

    Not to mention making Bebe Netanyahu leave by the back door past the garbage as another slap.

    When the president of 300 million Americans says to the world when it comes down to Islam against it’s enemies I’m with Islam. Then reminds us of the war crimes of the crusades against helpless moslems who were raiding Christian pilgrimages enslaving those whose heads were not cut off just like last week..

    I did not see New Jersey in the crusades. Was Texas there? This man is almost Stalinist in his hatred of the USA. Upon entering office he laced the government with czars and many believe the White house Kremlin is really being run by an unelected Pro Iranian woman named Valerie Jarrett.

    FLASHING BACK TO HIS LOSS OF IRAQ TO IRAN covered up in the communist like media and TV stations. Every American who died under Bush was listed in the media by name, photo, town, unit and even an NBC microphone was shoved into a mom or widows face with this question. How does it feel to know that your son died under George Bush? But when the Mahdi of death took over all Casualties were disguised as NATO troops. The media was complacent with party protocol. Obama lost at least 2400 Americans and the wounded ratio jumped to ten to one. Communists are good at propaganda.

    Then we have the purging of the military also covered up by the communist media. Say a prayer for the Ft Leavenworth Ten whose wives and children will celebrate Christmas in poverty and shame. The loss of all military benefits because their husbands were politically incorrect convicted of fighting back on the battlefield/ They were charged with un- pre meditated murder and sentenced to 15-20 years in prison. As were their families convicted by PC officers with no combat experience.

    Today Ash Carter announced women will now be in every combat role in the military. But he won’t allow women to sign up for the draft. Stand down is now standard operating procedure and any general or admiral who wants to rescue fallen troopers will be relieved of command just like in Benghazi.

    As the great jihad sweeps Europe and helpless citizens with no guns are mowed down by moslems the president says America has too many guns and doesn’t need any guns. Hitler said why do citizens need guns? They have the SS to protect them and arrest them. Those who take your guns away intend to kill you.

    Not only do we need more guns we need more permits to carry. Women need guns more than men.

    Since the murder of 3100 innocent civilians (200 babies died with their pro life mothers) on 911. America has been under siege from Fort Hood to Saint Bernadino murdered by Moslems. The word radical was created by the PC communist media to disarm the already helpless Americans. There is no such word as radical in the Koran. There is the word shehadi. The purest form of moslem. One who sacrifices their lives for Allah and goes to paradise. Their families are respected and protected. They are the saints of Islam.

    Once again America is on the run. We have more enemies inside than outside and they are not all moslems. They are anti Americans with a communist like mindset. Picking at sores, playing race cards and dividing a country by region and neighborhood. Destroying the morality, spirituality and love of country. Telling us everything is better elsewhere and we are nothing. Our founders and documents are obsolete. These people are the full definition described by Cicero as the enemy within the gates. Over 50 years they have woven their treasonous web in business, education, entertainment and every facet of government. Their biggest enemy is GOD, COUNTRY, UNITY AND THE GREAT AMERICAN SPIRIT.

    Now having control of certain agencies like the DOJ, EPA,IRS,BLM. ETC. they can use these agencies to intimidate freedom and silence American opposition to their evil plans. As soon as the press announced the shooting at a Christmas party then changed it today to a holiday party. I sensed it was moslem jihad. When they said the shooters looked middle eastern or Latino I suspected moslems When they announced it was a man amd woman I was more convinced it was moslems.

    Then when the FBI said they would announce who the terrorists were and Obama ordered The DOJ Lynch mob to threaten 300 million Americans with government persecution if they said anything to offend moslems and cause trouble. I realized that it is time to start impeachment proceedings to save the nation. Loretta Lynch must step down because she serves no one but Obama party over country ideology. She replaces a gunrunner who allegedly covered up and killed Mexicans and border guards. Who happened to package the Clinton Marc Rich pardon. Rich was dealing with the Iranians just like Obama.

    There is no choice to save the nation from suffering a major catastrophe but to try and break up that covenant of evil that is destroying us one at a time. Our only choice to replace the party of death is the great outsider. No strings attached TRUMP. An American for America. We need to undo 8 years of treachery and betrayal by one political party with the help of many rinos. Trump can keep his word no third party because he can build a second party. IT HAS TO BE TRUMP IF WE ARE TO SURVIVE.

    Today one lone policeman took a bullet in the face. We are now living in a war zone and no cop during this terror rain should work alone. Demand that the entire police force pair up for the safety of the nation.


  9. It’s good that guns are flying off the shelves! I want every person who has made a purchase to proceed immediately to a firing range and fully familiarize themselves with the weapon(s) purchased, because they are probably going to need them sooner than later.

  10. Proof the President is a failure at everything he touches, and whatever he touches turns to sugar?

  11. That’s AMAZING–IF guns are so dangerous, I can’t understand it–my 12 gauge shotgun, hanging on the wall for home protection for last 15-20 years has NEVER jacked a round into itself, NEVER threatened a neighbor, friend, relative, child, senior citizen or stranger who visited, NEVER cleaned itself and NEVER got out of the rack without a human agent providing the action to do so. Like the gunslinger Alan Ladd said in “SHANE”, “A gun is a tool Marian, no better or no worse than any other tool, an axe, a shovel, or anything. A gun is as good or bad as the MAN using it. Remember that.” NO TRUER WORDS HAVE BEEN SPOKEN!

    • Same phenomenon observed in my life!

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    • My favorite movie “Shane”.

      • Definitely one of best ever made and arguably Alan Ladd’s best movie. I think the Ladd western “Branded” was a close second as his best but interaction with Brandon de Wilde as “Joey” makes this a favorite.

      • I liked that movie since I first saw it. Sad at the ending.

        They are making a new movie about the negro illegally in office called SHAME!

    • Righto. No one is afraid of a unhumaned gun. Its the humans (heavily arm d and massively unstable or sinister) that we fear. Note, that same wacko or evil minded person poorly armed is far less intimidaring. Its the combo of guns and a sick society (or at least a society with lots of sick people) that adds up to kids and innocent adults losing their live unncessarily. Stiff background checks… Very stiff… And then maybe the wackjobs and terrorists will be less well armed.

      • The background check is stiff enough, the real question is Why doesn’t the gov’t punish people who are not allowed to try and buy a gun? Almost 20% of the forms I used to fill out are immediately Denied, because the fbi/nics checkers know that most of those people are ex-felons–Who know they are not allowed to buy a gun. Wouldn’t any normal gov’t want to act on this ‘clue’ that perhaps a former murderer/rapist or druggie is trying to get a gun for their next crime?? Shouldn’t the same gov’t follow the same laws I am required to follow & do their job & arrest these scum? This is just one of the many problems where bad people can actually be dealt with Before they go bonkers and kill everyone–So why doesn’t Our gov’t do their job and enforce the law? –Maybe they think it will be easier to take away Our rights if they sit on their hands and let murderous spree after ‘no-gun-zone’ murderous spree take place– Could that be it? Could it be they just don’t understand how a criminal thinks?? Can they really be that stupid??? Seems they are

        • Absolutely right. We don’t need more gun laws, what we need is enforcement of the ones we have. But, politician believe they are showing the public that they’re doing something needed. With them, along with Owrong, lets talk up the danger and people will be sheep and agree with what they say. And some of them are right. They blame everything on the ‘evil guns’ not on the ‘evil people’. NO gun measure will keep a criminal or inner city thug from obtaining a gun. Just look at Chicago, Detroit, New York, Los Angeles, and all cities where there is an unchecked CRIMINAL element. But, lets blame the NRA and law abiding, sensible, loyal citizens because the police can’t or won’t. There are areas of Chicago where police will not go. Also, many police departments across OUR nation say that they can’t protect you because crime happens ‘so fast’. One police commander in a northern city said ‘it’s not the policeman’s job to protect you, but serve’. And he’s right, the police show up when the crime has already ‘been commited’. One final point, Bloomberg, Osilly, and all gun grabbers think that more laws and money thrown at the problem will solve it. Good luck, Bloomberg! How much money have you spent lying and buying politicians? Is it working? How will you spend the rest of your money? You know all these well meaning groups have collect so much money from the poor saps that believe your BS, is a shame. You could be spending on ‘real’ problems like homelessness and hunger. Just a thought!

        • Interesting point. Make it a felony to try and buy a gun if you are a felon. In other words, you go straight back to jail. I vote for that. Only solves a bit of the larger problem… But it chips away at the dangerous people owning guns.

          • You don’t have to vote, it is an un-enforced law, already on the books & it isn’t just a state felony, it is a federal felony, with jail time

        • ‘Cause they’re NOT after guns of those people–they’re after OUR GUNS, those of the American gun owners who outnumber ALL Federal law enforcement, military, local, state police by 25 to 35 TIMES. YEAH, you add up ALL military including reserves, ALL law enforcement agencies in this country and ALL federal agents who carry guns and WE THE PEOPLE OUTNUMBER THEM by 25 to 35 TIMES, depending on whether you use 100 to 150 MILLION as number of gun owners.

          • I know that shavager, I just wanted some gun-ban folks to realize that the feds already have plenty of laws at their disposal and still do nothing to help, even though they make noises like they want to do something

      • PayTheMan, gun dealers already MUST run checks through Federal background registry, don’t see how they can be any stiffer unless they update technology or force Federal agencies to update information–it’s NOT the background checks that’s failing America–Feds have NEVER been able to stop alcohol during Prohibition, they can’t stop drugs, they can’t stop ILLEGALS crossing borders, can’t stop terrorists from getting in, can’t keep cartel gangs out, do ya’ really think they can stop ILLEGAL guns? NO, they want to END the “gun show loophole”–do ya’ know what that loophole is? ANY citizen can sell a gun to ANY other citizen without Federal government involved in their business–at a GUN show, at Church, at the mall, on the street corner, at home or next door. BUT, there are laws that make it a FELONY crime if ANY citizen sells a weapon knowingly to someone who’s NOT allowed by law–meaning FELONS with criminal conviction, ILLEGAL ALIENS or Court determination of mental instability. They’re NOT really thinking it will stop anything–what they want–FOOT IN THE DOOR with ANY gun control bill–once that door is opened, they won’t be happy until they advance to total control and seizure from Americans.

        • good points all…. but the simple fact is that complex policies can work when well crafted and well enforced and well researched. this is not that complicated compared to so many other elements of our lives. were the stakes (US citizen’s lives) not so high, it wouldn’t matter so much. but with our own lives in the balance, why not find the will, put in the effort and craft some viable policy that is then fully enforced. where there is a will, there certainly is a way. we lack the will.

    • I have a rather large gun collection. I purchased most of them myself, but I have also inherited several from relatives who have passed away. None of my firearms has ever shot another human being, except for one. Back when I was in Jr. High (I’m 56 now), my home (rural neighborhood) was the target of a drive-by shooting. My Dad was hit, but not fatally (he was shot in his leg). After the investigation was over and the pig was arrested, tried, and sent to jail, the sheriff who was involved asked my Dad if he would like to have the gun that he was shot with (a Savage Model 340 bolt-action in .30-30 Winchester). He said, “Sure!” and I have it now. I have other firearms that have taken everything from silver-gray squirrels to Rocky Mountain and Roosevelt elk. Every single one of those “shootings” were done by myself or one of my relatives to put meat on the table (and in the freezer). I once worked with a liberal who hated guns (or maybe more accurately, he was afraid of them because all his leftist news sources said they were bad). I once tried to make the same argument with him, that not a single one of my guns had ever sprouted legs on their own and crawled out of my house to shoot up a school yard. He didn’t understand my sarcasm, but he was just terrified that I would have guns in my house. Pathetic…

      • Kevin–I saw a post on Facebook–with GUN OWNERS lined up in a photo with a headline that says–300 MILLION GUNS in America and 150 MILLION GUN OWNERS–NO, America doesn’t have a GUN OWNER problem! I recently sent a certified letter to Chief Justice John Roberts about Supreme Court ruling allowing gay marriage and castigated him over allowing two Justices to vote in that decision to violate Federal LAW that prohibited them from participating based on bias and prejudice in that issue. I’m gonna send him another about gun ownership-and specifically DEMAND he provide me the sentence, paragraph or statute in the Constitution that allows ANY Court, president or Congress from obstructing the rights of citizens to own them. The Bill of Rights specifically says “right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” and the Fourteenth Amendment specifically says: “NO STATE shall make or enforce ANY LAW which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States;”–which means NO STATE can INFRINGE ON RIGHTS IN THAT FEDERAL CONSTITUTION! It’s about damn time WE let them know we’re tired of their political crap.

    • I agree… I’ve got gun’s all in my house and some stay loaded all the time… and I have 14 grandkids and none has been shot and all like guns and none touches unless there told they can …the difference is that people don’t teach there children about gun anymore and they don’t take them out and show them how to handle one safely anymore… I was rabbit hunting on my own by the time I was 8 or 9 years old but I had been hunting and taught sense I was 2 or 3 all children has a different mentality so all kids does not need to be turned lose with a gun at the same age …and some not at all…gun’s don’t kill people kill people sorry but that’s just the way it is

      • I’m with ya’ bubba, my Daddy taught all three of his sons how to shoot starting with FIRST lesson, NEVER BELIEVE A GUN’S UNLOADED unless you just unloaded it yourself! We started out hunting squirrels and rabbits before he graduated us to deer hunting when I was a teen and could help with two younger brothers. Boy, those were some of life’s BEST memories–all those older guys we had grown up around and hunting with, most of’em are gone now, just the memories remain or a glorious time. And to think, all those years of hunting–NOT ONE of our guns shot somebody, pointed themselves at another person or fired except when intended to be fired.

  12. Until 12/4 /15 I carried a 5 shot revolver called the “Thunder 5”
    It chambered to accept the .45 round or the 410 shotgun round.
    I load it with handloaded single ought rounds.
    On 12/5/15 I started carrying 2 of them.
    Bring your little sand flea fanny on down we;ll have great time.
    If you prefer , you can come to my home
    I have 9 long guns there, one of which is one of the old M1 Garands, the serial number has a star behing it.
    I have 50 $ that says you will never get within 500 yards.
    The last 2 years that I was in the CORPS, I was a marksmakship instructor on the weapons range at Quantico, Va.
    One last thing, no one is taking my weapons.

    • Hey Brother in Arms !!! Kick Arse hand weapon. I only have an old M1 Springfield, a .38 revolver with hand loaders and an Army issue .45 semi auto that my father brought back from Burma. I had the M1 mounted with a hunting scope that eventually bagged several large Colorado and Montana Bucks over the years. The damn thing kicks like a mule. Thanks for your Patriotic Service. US Navy Vet, 1966-1970; Hospitalman, FMF Corpsman “Doc”, Pharmacy Tech: the “Big E” (CVN-65); USS Repose (AH-16); USS Lexington (CVA/S/T-16); Anchors Aweigh, Semper Fi, Ooorah; Freedom is NOT Free; America, Home of the Free Because of the Brave.

  13. In my opinion, obama is an insane muslim communist enemy of America and must be removed and incarcerated in GITMO for life!

  14. Obummer and the radical liberals, progressives, socialist, commies and islamofacist are Americas best and most successful gun and ammo salesmen.

  15. Outlawing all firearms, and collecting and destroying them,- will work about as good as my yellow light bulb on front porch keeps lions away! But of course if any lions show up in neighborhood, I can just put up a “no lions” sign and they will leave! — Maybe I can claim I’m a liberal too! – then we can build a fire in middle of my lawn and sing “Kiimbyah” too!

  16. Guns means you are independent, protected to a good degree, self-reliant and that is ANATHEMA to a lieberal. They do NOT LIKE that at ALL!

    HOW DARE you ever be like that!! They have a SOLUTION! Gun-free zones! Proven to work 100% of the time if you are the one with the gun.

  17. Right on Good Americans …You all be ready with Loaded Guns when called upon or as necessary to … “Defend” Your Family, Neighbor or Country an “Attack” Anyone .. whether they be Muslim’s or Otherwise, who wants to do “Harm” to Good Human Beings, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LETS ROLL………………………………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. SECONDLY …… SCREW, F**K OFF …… “BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  19. My guns have spoken for me when shot at and their very presence has scared off potential home invaders more than once. I staunchly believe in the 2nd Amendment Right and the need to maintain it. The continued assault by democrats and liberals to end our rights is one of the biggest security threats to this Nation.

  20. This is the reason why the New York Times is going out of business; people are sick and tired of being lied to. To be able to arm yourself in an emergency such as a home invasion robbery or an armed burglary is to the benefit of the homeowner. However you must be proficient in the use of your firearm and when you discharging you must be able ticket what you’re aiming at. A firearm is a tool and if you do not practice with it and become proficient with it it will be useless to you. Join the NRA the NRA is about two things your right to keep and bear arms and firearms safety the second amendment is not about hunting is about your right to self protection and that of your family and to prevent the hostile takeover Of This Constitutional Republic. Please disregard any other chippy do that the New York Times is peddling. Ask them why they have armed security.

  21. Most bought by upstanding atable citizens. Some bought by people who are or will soon be unstable. And some of those guns were bought by tomorrow’s terrorists. How Do you all feel about that? How do you think we might reduce the odds of sinister and sick people arming themselves? Let us solve this problem while protecting the spirit of the 2nd.

  22. It takes a well armed non criminal taxpaying US Citizen to immediately engage a criminal islamist mass murderer or any other criminal shooter to minimize dead innocent murder victims just prior to calling/ arrival of the Police…!

    Warning! Avoid “gun free zones” locales of anti personsal firearms, no CC in Public…
    DemocRAT administered gun criminal ridden Places!

  23. As far as unsafe goes, having a gun simply increases Your odds of surviving, because it gives you at least one option that you would not have had. Gun ownership is obviously not for everyone. If You are one of those people, who just don’t know what you might do with a gun, maybe you shouldn’t have one. Let’s say you don’t like guns and maybe you would prefer to be one of the dead folks, at the end of the shootout? No problem, You are free to choose for Yourself, just as I will choose to have my gun.

    On a different point, since the NRA actually only has about 5 million Paying members, I think it is long past due for the other 100 million Leeches who are profiting from the work the NRA does, to begin paying their dues. Go ahead and send it in, doesn’t have to be more than You can afford, the NRA knows you need to eat. A few dollars from us will make all the difference the NRA needs to keep Our guns safe for US in the future.

    Sheriffs say the public’s best chance to survive a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, because as we all know– when seconds count, the police are just minutes away.

  24. Gun control comes from practice…practice…practice!

  25. All you got to do is remember that the New York Times and much of the rest of the media or nothing but tentacles of the Communist Party there to receive and brainwash you , with lies , deceit,misinformation and propaganda !

  26. I’d like to see just how many times prosecutors have “swallowed the gun”. Time after time, after time, gun-related charges are suppressed, or thrown out completely-and it happens MOST where private gun ownership is most persecuted (NY, Conn., Mass.,etc.). I’ll bet that the last 5 years, it’s AT LEAST several thousand times. This is one of the things that the “gun lobby” screams about-to no avail.

  27. The day ‘They’ ban guns in America, I will liquidate all my assets and leave this Country, Period. I refuse to give up my God given right to protect myself and my loved ones.

    I do not give a crap who agrees or disagrees.

  28. ………/

  29. Why is that any surprise. While I am certainly not in any sort of panic mode, it makes sense that we need weapons for self defense. We cannot depend on the government for curbing illegals when nothing is getting done to stop would-be terrorists. We cannot depend on the police for very common sense concerns over availability in emergency circumstances. We are not going to fix the people problems anytime soon. So what other option do we have?

  30. Imagine that. Funny thing, almost none of these guns will eve be fired OFGENSIVELY, tha

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