Black Activist “Tired” of Arguing With White America

In Wednesday’s edition of the Washington Post, Zack Linly (a “poet, performer, freelance writer, community organizer and activist”) said that it was time to stop arguing with “disingenuous” white people about police brutality. Linly said he was getting “tired” of listening to whites argue about issues that ultimately did not concern them.

“We’ve spelled it out for white America a hundred different ways that their beloved police forces are full of officers who are simply more volatile, fearful and prone to harassment and abuse of power when dealing with us – and it’s costing us our lives,” Linly wrote. “We’ve laid out all the statistics and all of our millions of personal testimonies.”

If you’re reading this and you have the misfortune of being an evil, rotten white person, you may notice that your mind is starting to produce some judgments, arguments, and defenses. You can let it rest. Linly has already provided a list of the most common white reactions:

Time and time again, we hear the same dismissive and deflective responses from white America:

“There must be more to the story.”

“If you people would just do what you’re told.”

“Cops have a hard job.”

“White people get shot too.”

“He was just another thug. Good riddance!”

“Why do you people make everything about race?”

“What about black on black crime?”

“All lives matter.”

Linly may be sick of reading these responses, but his list is just as “dismissive and deflective” as he is accusing whites of being. In the interest of fairness, we should go a little bit deeper, no? And we should remember that these are “quotes” that he made up himself, or, at the very least, cherry-picked out of the billions of words that whites have written about this issue. So these, surely, should be the least defensible.

But let’s see about that.

“There must be more to the story.”

Hmm. George Zimmerman was violently attacked and beaten by Trayvon Martin; evidence led his jury to make the only decision they could: Acquittal. Ferguson officer Darren Wilson was physically assaulted and in immediate danger of being tackled when he shot Michael Brown; evidence led the grand jury to exonerate him. And you can keep going down the list. Somehow, when all the facts come in, every one of these shootings turns out to be completely different than the original narrative. That is undoubtedly frustrating to anyone who derives their entire identity from BLACK RAGE, but it doesn’t make it any less true.

“If you people would just do what you’re told.”

Since non-racists don’t talk this way, let’s rephrase it as “If these shooting victims would have cooperated with police, they would still be alive.” Which is, in almost every case, the plain truth of the matter. It’s not even an opinion. It’s a fact. Furthermore, it’s the only fact that, if internalized by young black Americans, would actually put an end to these shootings. But hey, that would rob the outrage machine of its fuel, so we can’t have that.

“Cops have a hard job.”

Well, not all cops. Some cops live and work in areas of the country where there is virtually no violent crime at all. Shall we look at the racial demographics of those areas?

“White people get shot too.”

Actually, Linly is right to criticize this one because it’s not that whites get shot “too,” it’s that they are shot much more often than blacks. This was conveniently pointed out by none other than the Washington Post in June:

In 2015, The Washington Post launched a real-time database to track fatal police shootings, and the project continues this year. As of Sunday, 1,502 people have been shot and killed by on-duty police officers since Jan. 1, 2015. Of them, 732 were white, and 381 were black (and 382 were of another or unknown race).

Now, statistically speaking, blacks are shot by police at higher rates than whites, but let’s be real here: it’s not “statistics” that are driving Black Lives Matter protesters to flood the streets with signs and chants. They only fall back on those numbers when, inevitably, it turns out that their latest “victim” was wholly responsible for his own demise.

If black activists are tired of white people “missing the point,” they might take Linly’s advice and simply stop arguing. But instead of cloistering themselves off in various safe spaces as he recommends, they could do themselves a favor and just be silent. Still. Then, and only then, they might realize a few things:

  • Whites aren’t oppressing blacks.
  • Black people and police officers are not mutually exclusive categories.
  • An inflammatory cell phone video does not (EVER) tell the whole story.
  • A fact is not an opinion and an opinion is not a fact.
  • There are (many) blacks who do not buy into their movement.
  • THEY – not whites, not cops, not Fox News, not Donald Trump, and not the vast majority of blacks – are the ones widening the racial divide in this country.

But hey, if it hurts too much to entertain these truths, that’s okay. You don’t have to listen or think.

“I submit that black people should simply disengage with white America in discussions about race altogether,” Linly advises.

That works, too.

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  1. America is in denial so the bloke is right; there is no debate because the liberals and Democrats (communists) will not engage the gun crime issue in Chicago and your other major cities. That is the problem – two monologues being held in air tight soundproof rooms serve as debate in America in 2016.

    • The actual news reported and time allowed for facts and forensics to be gathered would go a long way to sorting out the air head pretenda victims from the real victims..(it does occasionally occur, but so infrequent and there are always extenuating circumstances)..the rush to judgement by what passes for media or a president in the USA is the REAL problem…that clown in the oral office has proven to be the worst choice since 1776..

  2. Give the guy a break, he’s just trying to make a buck in the grievance industry. Otherwise known as
    al sharptons piggy bank.

    • Yes, there is definitely big money there. Look at “Reverends” Sharpton and Jackson, both of whom have likely never had a job but live the high life.

      • When you don’t pay your tax’s it’s easy!

      • Bingo! I call them both the “Irreverends” because they hide behind the title for a pastor! They are both proficient with extortion via blackmail. “Open your wallets & checkbooks or I’ll tell the world about your “Racist” anti-minority big businesses!” Your bottom lines will suffer if you don’t contribute! Jesus said, “Give and it will be given unto you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over will God give unto you!” Big difference boys!

      • Sharpton owes 4.5 million in back taxes, yet he is visiting Obama in the Rainbow Mosque all the time, over 150 times Obama has had this criminal as his guest, or his “personal race czar” as he calls Sharpton. He should be in jail, have all his assets seized and work breaking rocks until he croaks.

  3. Don’t break the law. Move from the inner cities. I do not care where, or what country you or your ancestors came from. BUT — your attitude does speak –Volumes — !

  4. Amen indeedie !

  5. well now zacki pooh pooh since you are tired of White America why not get that worthless azz on over to Black Africa…that should be the nirvana that you and the other mental midgets like kaepersnot and the air heads in the “bowel licking movement” and those other genius members of the “new black pu$$ies”….be sure to send us pictures of your new mansions and especially a photograph of your first multi million dollar contract…

    • One of the talk radio guys recently said (about the black football player who refused to stand for the National Anthem), “Hey, why don’t you go back to Uganda and see how much money you can make there,” or words to that effect. Exactly, or maybe some other Third World slime-pit.

      • Colon Krapperdick is his name!

      • he makes enough that if he were to get together with the other african ball “playing” (emphasis on PLAYING) aholes are upset they could hire a fleet of ships and take their worthless azzez along with hundreds of others on back to the birthplace of their ancestors….they would not be missed in the least…

  6. To tell you the truth Linly, I’m tied of you blacks belly aching about the cops. If you blacks would comply when you are confronted by a cop everything would be okay. But if you commit a crime you will have a warrant out on your sorry ass. That is the reason most of the blacks act like rabbits an run, I would rather face the music then a damn gun any day. So get off of your stool and start thinking with your brains that God gave you.

    • Exactly. One thing that is missing from all of these relentless, tiresome narratives about those “evil white cops”: how many of those “oppressive” police actions were because someone was actually committing a crime??

    • exactly right couldn’t have said it better …and the only reason that you riot is so you can steal and destroy and get away with it

      • Anyone caught rioting should have all their assistance stopped immediately, no welfare, no food stamps, no free phone and absolutely no free medical.

        • I firmly disagree, Linda Shelton. Anyone caught rioting should be shot on sight. There should be strong consequences for breaking the law but these days you can murder someone and be back out on the streets in two years and that is not getting the job done. There has to be strong consequences for breaking the law or there is no law.

          • For someone who is use to getting a free ride, having to go get a job will do some of that, but if they turn to robbery instead of getting a job,they will eventually be forced to face the consequences.

          • That’s why all the whining about “police brutality”. Most of these gang bangers & robbing & looting thugs must think they have a constitutional right to do whatever they please w/o police intervention. Another thing someone suggested they use their brain & do what the cop tells them, instead of even making a move that looks like to a cop you are reaching for a gun, when he has already told you to keep your hands where he can see them. 99% of the time when they get shot by a cop is when they did something stupid & DID NOT do what he told them to do. I doubt there are white cops out there solely to see if they can shoot a black.

          • You are absolutely R I G H T

          • I would agree, if they’re burning & looting, Not if they are peaceably protesting something.

          • Gee you don’t sound fascists at all. Or at least you don’t believe in the Constitution. LOL nitwit

        • How about sent to jail. What happened to do the crime do the time. Also pay for restoring the property destroyed . Don’t leave it to those paying taxes.

          • Oh a county will ask for restitution and forget to write it down as such. The person robbed gets nothing back! Alot of people are getting out of the rental business because their rentals are being torn up. Grifters come in with 1st & last months rent and youll never see another dime of that rent money! The property owner puts up court fees that are taken. The owners of a rental will get a bad tenant out sometimes taking 6 months to legally get it done only to find a total disaster of their rentals! Theres alot of slime that has learned how to bilk the system Since I have been in the rental business I have had $75,000.00 in damages & theft Ill never get back.
            ROBERT FROST***

          • Last time I was at a rental company, I wanted to rent a pallet jack, turned out it was actually cheaper to just buy a new one at Harbor Freight than renting it was–Perhaps that is why your clients like to steal and bust up your rental property

          • First: he was talking about apartments or homes.
            Second: you sound like the total loser now. Gee, you rent something and think it’s over priced….that gives you the right to trash something? People like you are the reason rental rates are so high, NO RESPECT FOR SOMEONE ELSES PROPERTY. If the rent is to high, DON’T RENT IT.

          • The problem is that they want to do the crime and not do the time. They just want to rob, mug and kill with no consequence. The other problem is “all those rich people have money and they ain’t givin it to us”. Spoken by a rioter.

          • Hey dick. I’m white and them rich people ain’t giving me no money either. Maybe I should just go out and steal something.

          • That’s right Dick, I have heard that remark more than one time. Obama & his administration has started this narrative about the rich paying their fair share [ & giving it to them just because he is rich, & some criminal thug is not rich] Wonder how much one of these thugs would think is enough. They are to stupid to learn a trade that is legitimate, so they think they should be free to pimp prostitutes or sell their drugs W/O any interference from the police. That, my friend is why there are more blacks in prison than white, because they are the ones doing the crimes.

        • Sorry Linda You Have No Clue. 85% of People Collecting Welfare and Food Stamps Etc. Are White People from Mostly Red States. Had a Large Part of Those Are Military Families and Veterans. Also there mostly from Republican red states.

    • I will admit that I am white, but I learned a long time ago that cooperation with a cop, or anyone else, works a lot better than confrontation or any form of non-cooperation.

      • Yes! I learned that lesson also a long time ago. Blacks need to join the team & act civil (relatively). I mean 150 years of excuses is getting a little old. Other races settled in after several generations of being on the bottom of society and worked their way up with hard work & education. Like the
        Irish, Italians, Asians, other Europeans and someday the Mexicans will pass the Blacks as the others have and become like the rest of us! Work on family values, stop black woman from having 5 kids with 5 fathers, work with, yes, work with police in capturing drug dealers, gun dealers, ect., go to work. And OBEY THE LAW!!!!!!
        Also, stop listening to these phoney black leaders with their gold jewerly. Who you think pays for the gold, the black people!

    • The Blacks don’t need those brains because Soros tells them what to do. He is their supporter and funds all their events. Now do you see the connection? BLM should be renamed SICK: Soros Idiot Con Kids. He’s the PuppetMaster behind their actions.

      If all Americans knew BLM was his brainchild, BLM would fade away or disappear and blacks would slowly stop complaining. But soros won’t let that happen…too much at stake. See my comment above to understand the gravity of what soros is doing.

    • I suggest that Loonly end it all honorably and tastefully as the Japanese have done for centuries. Study the art of Hari Kiri, then act it out.

      • You go first asshole so I can see what a real loonytoon looks like, you f’g liberals are all the same brainless.

        • Chuckie, see the word. The word is short. The word means you. The word is stupid. Stupid can’t read. Stupid can’t comprehend what he reads. Chuckie is stupid. If you are voting for Trump, include me out. Damned if I want to be associated with numbskulls like you. You are more closely related to Hildy “Wicked Witch of DC”. Now go play with your marbles, but don’t lose any. You haven’t that many to start with.

  7. Blacks can not see they caused their own problems. There are White people out there that live the same as Blacks and have for decades. and decades. Ever seen a White not trying to better themselves and Black can do the same. But now since the 50’s drugs ruin many lives

    • and then LBJ’s great society has destroyed the once proud and almost intact Black Family Structure..

      • “LBJ, LBJ, how many children have you killed today?”

      • $Trillions have been thrown at the Great Societies welfare programs, in the dozens, and its recipients are no more better off today than they were in 1965. The only ones that have made out like bandits are the demowits and their cronies in crime. As old LBJ wanted, keeping them on the democratic plantation was their plan all along, at least for the “next 200 years”.

        • Welfare was setup over 50 years ago to get blacks out of poverty instead they discovered they were getting enough to live on so why go to work i was behind 2 black women in the grocery store paying with food stamps and vouchers then they went out and got into a $45,000 suv pissed me off when i have worked 50 yrs at a good paying aircraft job and i can not afford something like that our tax $$$$ at work

      • Not only this, but he and his “best and brightest” and demowit cronies in crime, lost the Vietnam war by cutting off the funding and going to the ‘peace table’ after the Tet offensive. Shortly after Tet, old General Giap (NVA and VC commies) commented,” after Tet, you had us on our knees, ready to surrender …. “. At least Nixon gave us something when ever he bombed the crap out of Hanoi. Remember old “Hanoi” Jane Fonda and her minions and lovers, including old John Kerry ??? And today most of SE Asia is still under communism. Thanks liberal, progressive, socialist Democrats. Those 59,000 dead brave men and women were your legacy against communism.

        • I never forgave Hanoi Jane. The fact she’s still making money in Hollywood is disgraceful. Just like Geraldo Rivera, who was trying to give away US movements in Iraq before he got the boot. He should have been shot, along with Fonda, had there been any real justice for traitors.

          • I never watch or go to a Jane Fonda movie becauce of what she did to our American prisoners in Vietnam she does not get my money

          • Amen, brother. It’s been YEARS, and I still ain’t fonda jane, the traitorous POS! John Kerry sucking up to her made me even sicker. ppfftt!

        • Yes Sir..what clowns like wally concrete did not report was a very important part of the short time after Tet when the “original VC” were all but obliterated…it was quiet in the countryside for a while as it took Giap and the hore ho some time to shove NVA into black pajamas and send them south. The democrapo clowns have shown over and over what pathetic aholes they are….unfortunately there are many folks voting that are not even old enough to remember how much of a hore that the ho clintoney was before and during the creation of the clintoney debauchery in the oral office..that may be why a lot of voters want the scum sucking pig back there and why the estrogen vote is about to go hysterical with the nonsense of “it is time for a woman president”…some of the same fools were chanting “it is time for a black president” back in 2008….that is working out very well…we have fallen of the global radar, except for the rooshans and chinkees to attempt to sucker our military into firing on them…the economy is in the toilet…unless you are a parasite, and the african pretender is suggestion that he is a capable leader as well as the mental reject “short circuit” that he is supporting..roger that…

  8. … too.

  9. poet, performer, freelance writer, community organizer and activist and I’ll wager collecting welfare, food stamps, subsidized housing and free healthcare. Until the black man finally breaks the chains of government induced slavery, nothing will change. By the way, slavery of old ended 250 years ago in America. So what is ya’lls problem? Want the popo to treat your race differently? Then learn to obey our laws and put an end to your criminality! Sometime instead of just flapping your blue gums, shut up and listen and understand the truth!

    • Actually, its “only” been 150 years since the end of the Civil War (2016-1865 = 151), but I’m sure that was a typo. Your point is well taken though, and I agree 100%. The police treat these rioters, looters, etc., very nicely; they typically even give them their “Miranda rights.” Try rioting and/or looting in my neighborhood, and we’ll just blow their stupid heads off. TRY burning MY house down, and I’ll burn them down! Lock and load – shoot to kill.

    • He could be on the payroll of the DNC and other progressive orgs that are funded by old commie Georgie Soros and his minions and sheeple. There could even be a link to some of the UN and EU socialist groups. Many of the BLMs (Not Bureau of Land Management) actions were started, paid for and managed by commie activist. Aaahh … reminds me of the commie led riots and protest of the 1960s.

    • To them, the truth is “rayciss”.

  10. Laws are there for everyone. If you don’t understand that it’s a problem. Bad people do bad things and this has been going on since time began. All people matter and we should not be have these problems that are being brought up.. Education is a big factor. The blacks have been left out for so long. Its true that their vote is all that mattered for the dems. Well everyone has an opportunity to get things better by working out the issues that have been brought up.This has not happened with either party. Trump is the wild card not beholden to the establishment. He understands the delema at hand The black need to give him the opportunity to ” get er done ” Trump is for all americans. A first in a long time. He is acrion not just talk.’

  11. Well, if my memory serves me right, THIS STARTED OUT A WHITE COUNTRY! Listening, porch monkies, WHITE! Actually, native indians, such as my dearly beloved great grandmother, a full blooded Cherokee! If you dope peddling assholes don’t like it, why don’t you haul ass back to ovomit’s country. YOU SURE AS HELL WON’T BE MISSED!!!!

    • What you said

    • Now your Grandmother should be bitching. You don’t see the Native Americans rioting, protesting, whining about how “oppressed” they are and whites only hold them back…and the Native Ameticans have every reason in this world to be angry. Native Americans can’t go back to their land…quit feeling sorry for yourselves. YOU can leave!

  12. Stop the street protest crowds. Then no problem. All you people write to your congressman like the whites have too. They don’t get what they want most of the time either.So you have to vote better congressmen in next time.

  13. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    I’ve been stopped more times than i got fingers and toes for speeding and have never been treated wrong by any officer. I’ve always did what the officer said and things were just find. SO LISTEN TO WHAT THE OFFICER TELLS YOU AND THEN YOU WANT BE KILLED OR HARMED. DO WHAT YOU’ER TOLD TO DO PERIOD.

  14. Linly can kiss my lily white ass. i am proud to be an “evil,rotten White person.” there i said it and i hope it pisses Linly off 24/7. oh,by the way if you check history out you will find out that the first person to own a Black as a slave in America was a Black back in the the 1600’s. he was an indentured servant who at the end of his service was released and bought a farm and went and bought a slave (a Black) and brought the slave to La. so Blacks really started the slave trade in America. but you will never hear or seen that fact put out in the light of day.

    • The African black elites were the ones that saw a ‘business’ opportunity and created the shipping lanes that enslaved the less fortunate African citizens and transported them to the early colonies. Hell even the early Native American Indians used slave labor. All up through the medieval Europe and Asia, the ruling elites used slave labor for their own selfish reasons. Don’t get me going on the birth of the USSR where the commie elites used slave labor, then China and N Korea. At least the US of A gave their slaves housing and food for their existence. So, GET OVER IT. Get on with what’s really important, like the fight against communism and islamonazism. In America, slavery is ancient history.

  15. If you are that “tired” of the America that WHITES built then you have one of the gifts of our Constitution to leave any time you wish and see the world outside of America, especially Africa. If you belly-ache over there you will not survive. They will think you are spoiled rotten and will turn on you. I have friends from Africa that can not understand anything about your whining and hate here. They are thankful they are here and not there and how pleasant most people are here. The police are here for everyone and if a lot of the blacks would stop selling drugs, raping, breaking and entering, assaulting police officers, doing drugs and joining gangs then maybe you could get a job that pays money on a legal basis and start to look at enjoying life a little more. As long as you continue doing the things that are illegal you will find that you will be in trouble forever and never happy. It sounds like you don’t like punishment when you do things wrong. Sorry, that does with the territory of doing wrong!

  16. Hey black-ass Linly, why don’t you go live in the black-ass country of Africa where I ‘m sure you will be more content not having to argue with our White-asses – you fuk’n rascist asshole!

  17. we should have picked our own cotton then where would you be today

  18. Just wish all these fed up blacks would leave this country before they burn and loot what is left of it.

  19. Frankly, Linley, you think you are tired,well join the crowd. I am also tired of hearing the Black in this country “crying the blues” . I do not believe the Police UNFAIRLY, target the Blacks. I think the Blacks who are victims are those who deserve it. They are doing the crimes for which they are dealt with by the Police , just as any other person,White,Brown, Blue, etc.,etc. The statics show Blacks commit a good part of the crimes in this Country. You should be more interested in helping the Blacks “clean up their act”, instead of bitching and moaning about their unfair treatment.I say if you don’t like it here you know where the door is. AND Here’s you hats what,s your hurry.

  20. Soooo Linly Your a “poet” and activist. This is how you support yourself? This must be a good paying field for you. Now should we count your welfare payments and , SS disability benefits and all the other free s hit you “activists” get? You seem ,not to grasp the fact that 13% of “your” people commit 85% of the crime or is this fact lost on you?

  21. Instead of complaining, beetching and marching, use that money to organize some community programs to put the young on a better path to life. Teach the young to follow the rules in school and everyday life. Help clean up the crime and drugs in your neighborhoods. Try to help yourselves for a change.

    • blacks are doctors, lawyers, teachers, politicians, police officers, firefighters and so on. Teach your kids to stay in school. Instead of worshipping rappers and such , worship true heroes such as Dr .
      Ben Carson

      • Amen Nancy, make good role model choices! Condoleeza Rice, Herman Cain, there are many, and they are all “black enough”.

  22. Stop having children until you have a wife or husband who is responsible. Teach your children respect for the laws of God and Country. Obey the law. Your children should come before your manicure and pedicure and your gold jewelry. Stop your racist complaints

  23. Well Mr Linly, it’s really pretty simple. Learn to conduct yourselves like the rest of us, learn to be a good and decent human being and stop acting like a bunch of uncivilized animals. Realize that you DO NOT deserve to be treated “special” just because you are Black. I have to get up and go to work every morning, you should too. I have to pay my house payments out of my own pocket every month, you should too. I have to pay for my own insurance, you should too. I could go on with this for awhile but I think you get the point. In other words, I earn what I have, none of it is given to me which is just the way I want it. YOU should do the same, Mr Linly.
    Stop depending on the White race for everything and start acting in a civil, law abiding way and your life will change for the better. I will make you this promise, continue on the path you’re on and the White race will wash their hands of you because believe it or not, we are every bit, maybe more sick of you Blacks as you are with Whites.

  24. Better yet why do anything where a cop is needed or required??????????

  25. About 30 years ago a rookie cop was on the street near the courthouse in Dallas, when a homeless man pointed a gun at him. The black crowd on the street kept cheering him on to shoot the officer. After the young officer begged for his life, and the crowd kept egging the gun toter on, he shot the officer to death. Those were just a random crown on the streets that day, and they quickly turned into a soulless mob. I never went to downtown Dallas again. A crowd of poor blacks just hanging around in a city is dangerous. It’s a matter of trust. If there were similar stories about other races, OR CLASSES OF PEOPLE, I would not trust them either.

  26. There is a data base in the back of most police officers minds of the different way that a black perp, or a gang perp of any color will react when an arrest is attempted. They also have a preconception of how black men, young or middle aged will react when pulled over in their automobile. This produces a whole different way of approach day or night. White cops, black cops, Asian cops all have the same mental database. There is in fact added fear, alertness, adrenaline involved automatically when black men are involved in the encounter. Who is at fault? The reactor or those who have written the history of “how blacks react to police”. The answer?

  27. Cases wherein a white cop shoots a black person unjustly are rare. There are a few white cops that may be racist or just too scared in a situation to exercise proper caution before shooting. Mr. Linly, another fact you are overlooking, as is the Washington Post analysis, is that there are even a few cases of a black cop shooting another black person. It is sad when anyone, cop or private citizen, shoots another to death. ALL LIVES MATTER!!!

  28. Of course he would say these things to negate others concerns, rather than quote facts, he’s a paid socialist agitator. The real question is …who’s paying him?

    • my guess is George Soros-indirectly through BLM -which is a known fact he has founded and funded-and hmmm, his skin color isn’t BLACK either-proving once again, money talks and bullshit walks.

  29. Show me a black country that blacks want to live in.

  30. “White America” is a fabrication of racists who call everyone else a racist.

  31. Linly’s statement is a perfect example that old truism: “Figures don’t lie, but liars figure.” You see, he conveniently ignores the statistical fact that about 90% Black murders are committed by other Blacks — not Whites.

    If this ignorant individual were truly interested in the plight of dying Blacks, he’d focus his attention where it belongs: on the Black community. But saving Black lives that “matter” is not his objective — furthering the racial divide in America today is.

    Linly is in good company, however: Barack Obama is doing the same thing.

  32. What I see plainly and clearly is that “they” never appreciate what they have just complain about what “they” don’t have. Unappreciative and ungrateful doesn’t work with me. It’s always the other guys fault blah blah blah. Take ownership of your words and actions individually and remember there are consequences for ones actions and words not the fault of others. We are not puppeteers pulling your strings you get to be held liable all by yourself of your words and actions. With good comes good and with bad comes bad. Basics of living life as a responsible human being.

  33. Great article. Of course many blacks don’t want to hear these facts. They might be responsible for their own problems. Wow what a novel idea. I guess its whites fault that many blacks are born out of wedlock and black youth seldom have a law abiding role model near them. There are an awful lot of blacks that are good citizens . They should stand up to the low lifes like BLM and we would see them silenced.

  34. I am tired of Black America, crying rascism over everything that happens… why don’t they raise their children right, clean up their neighborhoods, and work together to create a better invironment for their children. Cops have every right to feel apprehensive going into these areas and even if they went into the police force feeling neutral I can only imagine it wouldn’t take long for them to begin feeling the other way.. yes their are bad cops…their are also a lot of good cops. If the blacks feel that cops are so bad… keep doing what you have been doing keep killing each other and all the innocents that get in their way.

  35. And another thing the white people need to pull their heads out of their ass and quit apologizing for Everything!!

    • Your, of course, speaking to liberals, Democrats, the Republican establishment and congress peeps…NOT conservatives, pro Trumpers, real patriots and me…

  36. Listen Mr. Linly the black populace has received trillions of dollars in aid of some sort or another from our federal gov. and state governments at the taxpayers expense. You have only yourselves to blame for being enslaved by especially the democratic party. Anyone with an ounce of get up and go would have excelled and pulled themselves up by their boot straps to at least middle class status. So that is why most whites are pissed off.

  37. Black civilians still kill way more blacks than police do – so your argument doesn’t hold much weight. Get blacks to stop killing each other then we can discuss it in a more reasonable way. Also having blacks stop committing so many crimes may also help.

  38. Until African-Americans start owning up to their own self-inflicted failures they will never progress and achieve their capabilities.

    Law abiding and hard working Americans have been CONDITIONED to the bad behavior and disproportional amount of crime committed by blacks.

    We expect and fear the worst only because we get the worst.

  39. The pisser here is most people believe this asshole speaks for all black Americans. Let me hip you up. He dose not! Most black people are just as law abiding as any one else. – Problem is it’s time for them to stand up and put these worthless unemployed agitators in their place.

  40. ““poet, performer, freelance writer, community organizer and activist”

    You left off, whiner, miscreant, Marxist, blamer, racist………………………………

  41. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    I am really “tired” of hearing black people complaining about whites owing them something due to slavery.
    What a load of crap that is. I, as a white person, have never owned slaves, bought a slave, even seen a slave.
    I am in my 60’s now and if there was still slavery, I might have seen evidence of it still being in existence!!
    I am also “tired” of BLM, The new black panthers, and Louis Maggotkhan calling for murdering whites.
    Another thing that really makes me upset is black athletes not standing for the national anthem nor saluting
    our flag. Veterans have fought and died for our great nation. Young up-starts are saying they are so
    “oppressed” in the most free place on earth. How Dare They!!!! He and others are making millions of dollars.
    Why not be a positive role model for our youth? Go volunteer to help people not be “oppressed ” by telling
    young black people to stay in school, learn job skills, and obey the laws of the land. Go converse with
    our wounded warriors in a VA hospital. Ask them about why they were fighting to keep you in a free nation.
    Look them in the eye and explain why you refuse to honor their sacrifice on your behalf. You ingrates!!!
    Jesus told us in this world , we will have trouble. All people suffer, and no one race has a corner on it.
    Jesus was a sinless man who suffered and died willingly. He gave his all for everyone to have eternal life.
    He did not grumble and complain at all. This is where true humility and gratitude starts…………Get a clue!!

  42. Just obey the law, jerk-off

  43. Hey !! All you Recipient Race Thugs! Don’t like gettin’ yer azz beat by the Po-Lice?? Quit doin Crime, an when ya get Caught, Don’t Fight! Dumb Azz !

  44. The BLM movement makes me sick. Every instance of a police officer shooting a black person was justified since the black peraon was armed or failed to obey the officer’s instructions to the point of endangering the life of himself and/or others. Then there are the stats on blacks shooting blacks in big cities, especially Chicago, on a daily basis. Talk about hypocrisy, that is the epitome of it.

    • Police in the US have have fatally shot people 298 more times than forces in the UK, which has consistently had two or fewer shootings a year since 2009 and fewer than seven shootings a year since 1990. According to some estimates, police in the US killed more people in March than police in the UK killed in the last century.

      Walter Scott, south Carolina comes to mind?

      What a sh#t-hole!

  45. What can I say? I’m deplorable.

  46. most blacks keep themselves in the ” jungle “and seem to want to cause as much violence and chaos as they can. you can talk to them till you’re blue in the face, but they will never listen. they don’t want a hand up they want a hand out. there is nothing the whites can do until the black community wakes up. we have spent trillions to help the black community and nothing has changed. they are just like obama, always trying to blame someone else for their crimes,,,taking NO responsibility for themselves. if they are tired of arguing with white america, then stop arguing. whites are sick and tired of dealing with you. if a cop tells you to stop…then stop. but if you turn on him, he has no choice but to defend himself. blacks are not oppressed, they have every opportunity to do what they want, but they choose the wrong path every time.

  47. Well, the whites are tired of listening to the black complain about everything even the entitlements are not enough to make them happy. When the hell are the successful blacks going to speak up and mentor the little black bastards that ARE FILLING THE GHETTOS. Welfare mamas breed welfare babies. You were raised out of the ghettos and Obama made slaves of you and put you back in. stop complaining and get your ass out and do something that will lift the blacks. Demoncrats have not helped you Trump will give you and hand up and not a hand out. Wake up and do something to make it better for you and the rest of the country.

  48. Hey linly, I bet you’re voting for
    Clinton, you should start with her, since she called young black men “super predator’s”.
    And if a black person says what the facts are, they are an Uncle Tom.
    TRUMP / PENCE 2016!!

  49. Because they have no argument except bellyaching for some dumb contrived cause constantly. You can’t make blacks happy because they can never take responsibility for themselves. They mostly rely on others.

  50. Yeah Linly, we’re tired of arguing with blacks. You never have any facts to use in the argument, only emotions and the race card. How long are you going to scream about slavery when it’s been over for 150 years? Do you even know that the democrats are the ones trying to get you back into it. First they make you lazy by giving you free things and then you grow up without any respect for making a living. Your kids see that and follow in the same direction. Break the loop and teach your children the proper way to act in society and learn from schooling to be independent.

  51. A natural born American

    Is this why your women kill more of your babies each year than they allow to live? So they won’t have to deal with black and white and hispanic police officers when they get older? When I was young I had to walk to and from work (6 PM to 2 AM) 6 days a week and I was stopped by the police at least once if not twice a night most nights. They wanted to see 2 forms of ID AND had me state my name, my age, my address, my employer and they wanted to know why I was walking and they wanted answers to the same questions EVERY SINGLE TIME. Night after week after month. I’m white and I just figured that was the way it was. Guys with very very long hair always got stopped and frisked. They were white too. Most of us never got hurt because we always did as we were told. Those of us who ran got chased. If they got caught they got arrested for ‘suspicion of…’ We realized that only those with a death wish acted foolishly when they were stopped by cops.

  52. Linly, if you are so tired of argueing with whites, just shut the hell up. We don’t need to listen to your blatherings about how you are so damned oppressed. Obey the law and you won’t have problems. Point a gun at a police officer, expect to get your butt blown away. Simple huh ??

  53. So? Linly, get a job. Or do something about the blacks killing blacks.

  54. Posture and prance around like a pimp, dress and act like a thug and try to bully people or threaten then, refust
    to obey the police and commit crime, doesn’t matter who you are, what color you are you will wind up getting
    shot. do Drugs or assault others and the results are the same when the police give you and order learn to
    follow their insturctions and not act like a fool. You will live to see another day.

  55. this guy should check the stats….what a moron….

  56. Tired of arguing?…SImple then don’t

  57. OK Mr. Linly, why don’t you hang-out in Chicago for a few weekends and see what your rationale will do to reduce blacks killing blacks? Let’s keep any white cops out of that war-zone while blacks try to persuade other blacks that “Black lives matter.” There have been enough white cop casualties trying to quell black violence! Put that chant “Black lives matter” into positive action, Linly, save a black life today…like a 4 year-old child having a stray bullet kill her. It’s on you, Bro!

  58. I agree there’s nothing to really argue about. BLM and the Black Panthers are wrong and always have been. I say the best thing to do is to isolate them and let them cannibalize themselves.

  59. Suzette Pulvirenti

    Personally….I think everyone is full of crap. I’m 72 – widowed – live alone – fixed income that barely gets me by and sometimes doesn’t. I’m sick and tired of both sides and it’s time we get back to building this country back up again without all the pointing fingers and fighting……is this the way everyone wants this country to go from now on? Leaving our children and grandchildren in this mess is not what I call “the best world”. BLM – BLACK PANTHERS – are they all so selfish that they don’t know white people live on the streets & have no money for shelter or food. QUIT FIGHTING AND WAKE UP AND BUILD THIS COUNTRY NOT TEAR IT DOWN ALL THE TIME…..THAT’S TO EVERYONE!

    • Simply Irredeemable

      They haven’t figured out, yet, that they are being played by their Marxist minders.

      • I’m really sick of the stupidity in this country……makes me wonder if both poor white and black were offered jobs – would they take them or just want to stay in their holes. What about the horribly poor in Tennessee – Kentucky – Arizona – Louisiana……they’re not ALL black – they are black and white. Who in the world gave the blacks the right to claim all the abuse in this country? Sorry……they just make me so angry

  60. FUCK NIGGERS …just ash the Black Man, TjSotomajor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He set’s ALL Niggers straight and puts them Aside from Black’s, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Just start obeying the laws, marrying the mother of your children, living without drugs and get a job like white Americans do. You have access to education, housing, and legal representation. Just do the hard work of being a good citizen.

  62. Your conclusion that Blacks should stop talking to Whites is all wrong. I’e lived through those times in the 60s, in the South and in Viet Nam. Wrong approach. However, in ADDITION to talking with Whites, Black role models like the “Don’t Stand” and Black Power group need to be talking to their Black leaders. Whites alone cannot solve the issues and it can’t be done with completely separate conversations.

    It is a simple matter as there is really only one question to ask these so-called leaders: What have you done and what do you intend to do to to assist us in our efforts? Actually, there are two questions: Why has Democratic leadership continued to destroy our cities and communities for at lest the past 50 years. Disrespecting the flag and other symbols of our great nation only brings attention to themselves and not the problems they wish resolved. i.e hours and hours of time wasted talking about their actions and not the subjects of their disapproval. After all, when was the last time you saw a flag or other inanimate object physically solve a problem. Direct your anger and frustration in the right direction…if you have the courage.

  63. Not all cops are white and not all of the frightening people are black. In some situations, I fear anyone whom I do not know regardless of color. If a law officer felt that same way, I would not equip that person with lethal force until I was very sure that he was also equipped with all of the lesser alternatives.

    The fact is that plenty of officers regardless of color are killing people, also regardless of color, when it could have been avoided. Just as there are salesmen who would lie when the truth sounds better, there must be a few officers who shoot ignoring easier alternatives. The rest really are trying but may not be prepared for what they encounter. That is the fault of their management.

    Trite statements about “following orders” don’t cover the diabetic going into coma, the stroke or head injury patient, the deaf, the non-English speaker, the retarded or the mentally ill. All of those have been shot and killed by officers who were not in mortal danger but did not know a better way to handle the situation. The best way to support them is to demand that they be trained beforehand, not winked-at afterwards.

  64. Respect! Respect! Respect! If someone of authority tells you to do or not do something especially a police officer, you do it! These f_ _ing blacks think they don’t have to show respect! They must be arrogant morons! I’m not a racist but, b.l.m. and some other blacks are starting to give me an attitude!

  65. Yo know what Linly, You have a point about there being some screwed up police in this country and there are many who should be fired or imprisoned but you will not admit that the vast majority of the police in America black, white, or other are not the screwed up ones and it is peopel like you who cause dissention between the good police and the general public. Like Beyonce and her misled self by spewing your venom about all police when it is a few that are the problem. Beyoncw is puttin gher own life in danger by her actions toward the police and her messages she sends their way. Who wants to protect some spoiled untalented singer, Yes I am saying she can not sing, who calls you a violent racist or worse when all you do is put your life on the line every day to protect the whole public? Would you want to be assigned to protect someone who has a prejudice against you for the simple fact that you are black? It is no different the other way around. I was in the Army for 8 years and met jackassses like you who think that every white person has a problem with black folks and automatically distrusts you or worse hates you. Yeah it goes both way Linly. I usually prefer the company of black folks to white folks because I just get along with black people better but I am white. I also happen to have been married to a blcak woman for soon to be 27 years. All of my children are mixed and I am as proud of them as I can be so get a grip, there is a problem but blowing up the situation with propaganda and lies is not the way to handle it, I am so proud of my football team after what they decided to do Sunday instead of a protest the chose to show unity. I have been a Seahawk fan since the day they were announced to be a new team in the NFL. I wrote an email to them asking them not to protest because they would be disrespecting not just the country and the flag but so many black and white people whom have in our countries history believed in the nation and our ability to change and overcome animosity and so called racial distrust along with other issues. I say so called because there is only one race on this earth no matter what anyone wants to think and that is the human race that is why ALL LIVES MATTER not just black lives. I also hate the terms Asian American, or African American because in almost all cases those are misidentifies. If you. your parents or maybe your grandparents are not from somewhere other than America you are an American not an African American or an Asian American. A group of friends I have known and worked with for many years are true African Americans they are naturalized Sudanese and a few from Kenya, and 1 from Ethiopia. I know a few from Lybia, and some from Egypt who are going through the naturalization process. They are African Americans you if you have never been to nor are from Africa, nor your parents or grand parents you are an American period. I know a young man from Iraq who helped us defeat Sadam Hussein and is now naturalized and is proudest of this one thing in his life and that is that he now is an American is at this time attending the citadel and wants nothing less than to serve in our military as a thank you for saving his families lives because they are christians and Sadam was going to kill them for it.
    Things in America will never be perfect and the problems do exist but it is not as widespread as so many activists are trying to say especially certain leaders in the Black Lives Matter movement which in many ways is nothing more than mob style vigilantyism. I am not sayig that many of the followers do not have good reasons and good motives but whom they are following is where that problem lies and they are not pushing for what they say they are after and many of them are sef avowed communists and socialists along with a few who would admit to being worse than that. Their motives are not what the followers are thinking they are and they are the ones whom you should look into and expose . The issue here for me is simple those whom are a problem in each police department shold be removed but those whom are not and just happen to have been part of an unfortunate situation should be dealt with in another way. For an officer who ends up shooting someone due to following proper procedures and being threatened by a suspect or when a suspect is threatening to kill someone else should be dealt with either by department discipline if it is appropriate and others should go through investigations by a second party not related to the department until cleared or found in fault.
    Black lives matter, Asian lives matter, Latino lives matter, native lives matter, white lives matter, and any other type of human life that remains WE ALL MATTER so please stop the bull and get the facts straight along with stop lying and propagandizing because you make your movement unworthy of any respect or help when you do these things and if the leadership is touting other nonrelated goals that no one else involved would fight for if they knew that the leaders were attempting to steal then remove those leaders and do it all honestly and not falsely.


    Blah blah blah blah blah blah just shut your racist negro pie hole, you are like liberals there’s no talking to you about the facts because you don’t want to believe them. If y’all are so afraid of the police and whitey you need to find somewhere else to go,as it’s not going to get better for you. Before long I predict you thugs are going to feel the full weight of “The Man’s” boot on the back of your neck once more ! You think Killary is your friend? You thought Obozo was also and just look what he did for you, unless of course you are also a muslim. They have been the only people he’s helped.

  67. Another confused black activist trying to blame the police instead of looking at the major cause of homicide in the black communities is black on black crime. I’m old enough to have lived long enough, and have been pulled over by the police for traffic violations, but it never resulted in me pulling out a gun or getting shot or attacked. Somewhere there has to be some personal responsibility taken for your actions. Stop blaming the police and stop blaming white America. More black on black homicides in Chicago, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Houston, etc. than white on black or cops killing blacks. And, I believe most blacks do want safe areas. However, as long as dopes like this guy and BLM keep trying to make the police and whitey the problem, nothing will ever get solved.

  68. And how many were committing crimes against other black people, including elderly, and children.
    Yes, white people who are criminals do this as well.
    Cops, whether black, white, or otherwise, have a job to do. Enforce the law and keep public order in accordance with the law. So sorry most of the crime that I see on TV is either black on black, or black on white.

  69. White males are actively being oppressed in the United States where is black people are no longer being actively oppressed though no one can deny that there are some residual effects from them being oppressed.

  70. Linly, you can always feel free to LEAVE! That’s one good thing about American – freedom to leave – so go find a country that treats you the way you deserve… ahem… sorry… desire….

  71. Okay, so lets pull all white police officers from all black communities and see how things go. I’m tired of these racists.

    • I don’t think that would go to well. Black officers are educated, work for a living, and want to go home at the end of their shift. They will not put up with the thugs one second. The black officers and blacks that work for a living are fed up with the rioters and thugs. This is what i’ve been hearing from them. We live in a nice neighborhood that is equal with half black families and half white families. Everybody cares about everybody. And the blacks are sick and tired of BLM, they say it makes them all look bad. No it doesn’t really because we know the difference in the groups. What BLM needs to understand, is that all black people are not with them. Alot are against them and ashamed of them. BLM is not going to find as many backers as they think their gonna find. Alot are already leaving the group. “As anything in history, all things come to an end.”

  72. Until African-Americans start owning up to their own self-inflicted failures they will never progress and achieve their capabilities.

    Law abiding and hard working Americans have been CONDITIONED to the bad behavior and disproportional amount of crime committed by blacks.

    We expect and fear the worst only because we get the worst.

  73. If at anytime Law Enforcement (LE) tells me to get down on the ground, you can bet where I’m going to be in the next Second (A “New York Heartbeat”), Mud hole and all!

  74. Two things you can do Linly………..One: Just shut up. Two: If you don’t like it here, just leave! GO, and don’t let the door slam you in the a$$ !

  75. Yeah and I’m a white tax payer tired of arguing with black welfare mooches.

  76. AH,sorry linly but,I live in ili-a-nosy.Get Rockford and Chicago newspapers and read them everyday for a month and keep track of the people that commit MOST of the crimes,but then I think you already know the answer,so stop your damb whining and accept the facts.

  77. I must agree, Linly. You have had such a difficult and laborious time dealing with the white folks I think the only reasonable and honorable thing you can do is go out somewhere and shoot yourself, then the Lord can deal with your wisdom, and your erroneous thinking.

  78. So stop arguing with white people Linly. Easy solution to your being fed up. Shut up! As for this subject “not concerning “us. You are dumber than a basket of dead fish if you think that. If it concern’s Americans and is about American police officers actions (in our country ) it concerns every American citizen regardless of race.

  79. He is tired? I adopted a child and divorced when she was 8, I paid child support until the child was 19. If 70% of blacks are born out of wedlock does the mother get a DNA test to get the father to pay child support? Maybe your guys hold some responsibility for this issue? If whites are the problem why are there more black on white crimes and the NAACP/DOJ civil rights division could give a shit. Maybe more blacks are in jail for being involved more crimes as per their number. Yes, there is racism, but police are not hunting down young black men on purpose. I am tired of your bullshit too.

  80. Good! We are tired of trying to talk sense into people stuck on stupid.

  81. Come argue with me. No prejudice. Bring your militant friends. Look for trouble or look for understanding. I can give or take both. Over the years I have experienced racist treatment at the hands of black people OFTEN. The result has been loss of business from a NON RACIST anti slavery gentleman. There is substance to some of your argument and much is crap as people that have suffered racism should of all things wish to NEVER be racist themselves lest they treat ill those that are not racist. Too much RACISM in your camp. You have become what you hate.

  82. No matter what the black man gets it will never change the fact that they are black. Some have no trouble dealing with that, the ones that do will fined any excuse to make white society pay. The fact that they were slaves , has nothing to do with the whites living now. True history all nationalities suffered periods of slavery, to some one or thing. To iterate would be to lengthy. Injustice? can and will accrue, to all , be it to blacks ,whites ,tan or yellow.
    Most instances are broth on my one self.

  83. I too am tire of the BS. There are days when I wish that our ancestors hadn’t fallen into the slave trap. Then what would the mobs have to b!tch about? They went back & made Liberia a country, well we see how that has turned out.

  84. Linly does not want to know the truth. To him if you are black you should be allowed to do what ever you want to who ever you want with out penalty.

  85. AND – here is the kicker! Black Lives Matter is funded by, you guessed it, none other than George Soros. So maybe “that” alone is the reason Linly is complaining- because Soros WANTS AMERICA DIVIDED SO HIS OWO CLAN CAN WALK IN AND TAKE OVER! You don’t believe it? BELIEVE IT!

    FYI: Soros has made a great portion of his billions of dollars off the backs of Countries like Greece etc. by convincing their leaders to use his form of economics…and the countries failed, bankrupted, financially died. But not before Soros got his millions of dollars from their coffers.

    America is in his sights for two reasons: (1) soros thinks he can trick our leaders into defaulting while he walks away making millions and (2) America is too strong and has too many guns in too many hands across the nation for OWO to take possession of our Nation. So Soros is playing the “Racial Divide” card to keep America off balance until something radical happens to the govt or people — then in walks One World Order.

    When you hear anyone from BLM complain, brag, or whatever, know that Gorgy Soros is behind those actions.


    BLACKS! You’re Fools to think he cares about you or your causes. You are just a means to an end!

  86. Then shut your piehole about this FAKE problem you lazy good for nothing dimwit

  87. Blacks are responsible for 58% of all violent crimes in this country, so where again should cops be focusing their efforts against criminal activities? Truth will set you free.

  88. Any time you want to take it to the next level, just let us know! We are ready!

  89. Another product of the failed public education system.
    Without white American you’d be living in grass shacks or tepees with tribes running around raping murdering and pillaging one another.
    If you don’t like the police now just wait until the military comes to your hood with Marshall Law.
    Go back to school to actually learn a skill besides the phoney liberal community organizer title.

  90. Try complying with the law of the land. Try acting respectful instead of like some petulant child. Try getting over the poor me, victim mindset and be an adult. I am fed up with the feigned outrage of radical black Americans. You remain silent after every black on black MURDER in Chicago. Silence says it all. Where is your outrage there? NON-existent. Instead you blame OTHERS for your problems. Bottom line: YOU OWN IT.

  91. These azz holes claim that they are in solidarity of the black suffering but where were these hypocritical Muslims jihadist football players, when the black communities in Louisiana were under water??? Silent, hiding safely in their homes not a peep! Black America wake up these Soros paid BLM people would much more likely put a bullet in your American azz!

  92. Hay Zac, who will you call if someone assaults you and whips your butt? Who will you call if you get home and burglary have broken to your house and stolen everything. Who will you call if someone steals your car. Why we all know you will call the black panthers or muslim brotherhood to file a report. haha Get real, without the Police you and your minority brothers would long be in your graves as the average citizen would not put up with your lieing cry baby politics. You better get on your knees and thank God that there are Police as you would probably not exist without them. Just ask the Russians, the Chinese and north Koreans about police problems.

  93. These African-Americans puts Africa first before America, they can go back to Africa any time. OH! that is right their ancestors were sold into slavery by the chiefs of their tribes in Africa, because they were trouble makers! Now just see the ancestors of those that came over from Africa are acting in America. WELL they are free to leave, but there is little or no welfare, food stamps or cheep government funded housing in Africa.

    • But the USA gave African countries over $500 billions to help the poor in the past 40 years, and the ordinary people are worse off than they were………the dictators mostly put in placeby the USA took all the 500bn and live in luxury

  94. re: Zack Linly (a “poet, performer, freelance writer, community organizer and activist”)
    or in plain english, a sitting on his ass rabble rouser and discontent.
    You can tell zack linly for me and a whole lot of other white Americans we are tired of him sitting on his ass bitching that we whites are not GIVING him and other blacks opportunities. Opportunities are all around him only they are not obtained by force or with a gun, they are earned. He should try it it may open his eyes.

  95. Its time for the black community to start policing itself. Getting rid of the gangs and drug dealers, the children with no father for discipline at home and anyother law breaking! The Lord helps those who help themselves doesn’t mean getting free stuff from others tax dollars. It would go a long way to helping your cause and there is work to be done by police too! But not standing for your countries national anthem is not the way. It’s more disrespectful to the entire nation.

  96. The short of it is: “Facts don’t matter. How I feel matters more than fairness.”

    I am done arguing with wisdom challenged people in emotion override.


  98. Actually his arguments do concern me. They somehow blame me, my family past and present . To paint a broad brush over a whole race is by definition racism. To say race has never been an issue would be a lie . It is a black mark on a society but to say there have not been remedied to this is a big lie. Anything Any American wants to achieve in any endeavor is readily available to all. There has been many examples . Millions of black people have attained high political offices, high business position . Tremendous accomplishments in the medical fields along with opportunists in the arts entertainment and sports . To say that Whites do not understand is disengenuous. So I am tired of this woe is me mentality that has been present for over 150 years after slavery ended. He might want to rethink who ended slavery. A white Republucan. Passed civil rights. White republicans. Rascism was part of the democrats. The point is do not dare point your finger at all white people. Perhaps you might lay some blame on the black chieftains who sold their people into slavery in trade. I guess we can sit around for generations and play the blame game. Then again maybe we could pull up our sleeves and get to work. Easy to inventory others but always more productive to inventory ourselves. One suggestion would be to disassociate with the democrats because they are definitely part of the problem and not the solution.

  99. WELL don’t riot and create untold damage,as you generally do…Move to the Antarctic and create your own nation/world !!

  100. “Linly said he was getting “tired” of listening to whites argue about issues that ultimately did not concern them.”

    Excellent, don’t listen then. Do something about your “concern” for your community. First, educated yourself. Believe the FBI statistics or your lying eyes/ears from “race hustlers!”

    1) Each year, more than 7,000 blacks are murdered. That’s a number greater than white and Hispanic murder victims combined. Blacks of all ages are killed at six times the rate of whites and Hispanics combined. According to the FBI, the police kill about 400 people a year; blacks are roughly one-third of that number. In Chicago alone, so far this year, over 2,000 people have been shot, leaving over 320 dead. It’s a similar tale of mayhem in other predominantly black cities. 2) “Blacks were charged with 62 percent of all robberies, 57 percent of all murders, and 45 percent of all assaults in the 75 largest U.S. counties in 2009, while constituting roughly 15 percent of the population in those counties. From 2005 to 2014, 40 percent of cop-killers were black. Given the racially lopsided nature of gun violence, a 26 percent rate of black victimization by the police is not evidence of bias.” 3) “Without self-initiative, there is not much that can be done about the high crime rate in black neighborhoods. Black and white liberals and their allies in the ACLU, as well as many libertarians, will not countenance the kind of tools needed to bring about civility. For example, the Chicago Police Department recently entered an agreement with the ACLU to record contact cards for all street stops. The ACLU claimed that police were disproportionately targeting minorities for questioning and searches. The practical result will be fewer investigative stops by policemen and more crime, and it will be black residents who suffer.” Really want to become informed and increase your limited acumen, round up Heather Mac Donald’s most recent book, “The War on Cops.” Those three statistical comments are from that book.

    One “race hustler” is our very own “Anointed One,” Barack Obama, who has ‘always’ injected race into the discussion: “There are legitimate issues that have been raised, and there’s data and evidence to back up the concerns that are being expressed by these protesters,” Obama said.

    “And if police organizations and departments acknowledge that there’s a problem and there’s an issue, then that, too, is going to contribute to real solutions. And, as I said yesterday, that is what’s going to ultimately help make the job of being a cop a lot safer.” Barack Obama in response to LA shooting

  101. Well Linly, I am tired of putting up with criminal trash like you

  102. Well if the man is tired, he ought to quit arguing and do a little listening.

  103. Cannot believe this man……must be using common core math…….

  104. I was hoping the article was penned by someone who actually had a job

  105. If he’s tired of arguing, perhaps he should shut up.

  106. Yo, Linly, listen up! When blacks, who comprise roughly 13 percent of the population and commit 50 percent of the violent crime in the U.S., that’s an issue that concerns me. And since the war on poverty began in the mid-60s, the largest percentage of those funds went to you black folks, the least went to the Asians. And you constantly whine about the number of black folks serving time for commission of crimes. TV’s Baretta told us a long time ago, “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.” Wise up, Linly! Be grateful for everything, entitled to nothing.

  107. And conveniently missed by Linly the predominant deaths caused by black on black murders…..but those do not ccount..ONLY any person of non-color killing a person of color….

  108. I’m one of those people that live in a Southern city where Blacks=73%, Whites =22%, and the rest are everyone else. The whites who could afford to, have literally moved out and given the city to the blacks. They have run the city into the ground. Now the black population is gradually moving out, crime is skyrocketing in our suburbs, and the whites are moving again…

    With all the black people I call neighbors, I know very few that agree with the the thug-violence that follows BLM around the country. While BLM has a few good tag lines that draw people into their rallies, very few agree with BLM issue positions when they find out what they are. They tend to be much more in agreement with MLK, Jr’s precepts.

    Me, I’m one of the poor white deplorables that couldn’t afford to move. Personally, I’m hoping the legal Latinos will take over the city next. At least they have a work ethic that is directly opposed to government handouts, a strong sense of family and community, and the second lowest crime rate in the area (the lowest being our miniscule Asian population).

  109. Yeah, and we are tired of listening to your sorry arse and the bitching. You need to get a real life and do something about your dilemma. Like get your act together, 1) get a job, 2) actually learn something about America over other third world countries, 3) consider disowning the democratic plantation that has kept you its slave since LBJ and his Great Society welfare programs.
    I came off of a small impoverished family farm out in the middle of the Texas panhandle. My parents were from America’s Greatest Generation. Even though some would call us “hicks”, my brother and I, 1) finished high school while working and saving our money, 2) worked our way through college, 3) earned Bachelor degrees, 4) worked for successful companies and 5) eventually retired with a good 401k plan and good Social Security. In addition I was in the military from 1966 till 1969 and had the GI Bill to rely on. It wasn’t easy, but anything worth doing is not easy.

  110. Charles Barkley has it right. You can blame the rest of the world for your problems, but all of those problems are your own doing. Wake up, get a job, get rid of the tude, learn to speak acceptable English, show up on time, show up every day, cover the tats, leave the gangstas back in the hood and see how much better life becomes.

  111. Nothing is stopping these black activist from going back to Africa, their home country!!! In most cases we will save on welfare and food stampss!

    • They aren’t Africans. That is not their country. Unfortunately they are Americans. The rest of the blacks in the other countries are pure blood Africans and they are upset at the American blacks for giving blacks in the rest of the world a bad name.

  112. Well guess what………..we white people are tired of you taking up all the oxygen……go take your bowel movement someplace else, like maybe back to Africa

  113. I am sick of tried of whining from everyone, not just black America. We are in the fight for our freedom and our country, I can tell you if that Hillary get in our white house our country will be handed over to Islam, have no doubt of that. It’s what Obama wants and she will do his dirty bidding without a second thought.

  114. Everyday when I read about BLM idiots doing and or saying something else stupid and being weebees (we be black, we be picked on) I smile and am proud I am white. Maybe a new movement should be started, called transcolor, so everyone can be whatever color they want to be today regardless of what color you were born as.

  115. Every time I hear about one of these incidents my heart is grieved! I try to put myself in the place of all involved and see how I would fell; but it is only speculation and imagination ! I wasn’t there and don’t know what I would do if I was, other than pray and try not to get in the way ! From what I see of our society, life; anyone’s life is taking less and less value starting with the unborn infants! Why would we care about the creation of a God many say doesn’t exist? But if we do know and love God, then we should love and reverence who and what He has made , no matter what their color or their job !

  116. If you are so tired of arguing with whites, then shut up. Do you really know how sick & tired we are of your chronic whining & sitting on your pity pots and playing the victim? I am tired of paying for you, as was my Father – while you stay on welfare generation after generation with little or no intention of helping yourselves or anyone else. If you did, blacks (12.3% of the country’s population) would not have the highest percentage of abortions…..think about it stupid.

  117. The problem today has nothing to do with rascism . It has everything to do with a small segment of Black America listening to the lame street media and our president himself supporting the false narrative . We are a country of laws and regardless of your race, religion. Gender or biases you must obey the law. If you are illegally armed and merely show your weapon to a police officer you may very well be shot and it very well may be fatal. No one has the right to intentionally with malice be shot down in cold blood as in the case of the 5 Dallas law enforcement officials no matter their race. BLM should be labeled a hate group based on their hate speech and desire to incite blacks to kill white police officers. They are a cancer no different than the white KKK. Where is Obama the media , the justice department and the FBI on this ? They do nothing .There has to come a point where all Americans say enough is enough. It is time with Black leaders to address the black on black crime in this country. There will always be a select few who make it difficult for the majority. Obviously there very well are questionable acts by the police . However when 99.9% are doing their job of keeping law and order in the right manner why is there people both black and white who want to persecute all white police officers . No one in any profession always does the right thing. All of us have responsibility for our own actions. We need to place the blame where it belongs. Not the police. If part of black America wants to place blame on their actions and on the black leaders who help create a divisive America , on the media for giving a false narrative, a president who continually fuels a race divide that does not exist Put blame on black gang members and thugs who are killing other blacks at alarming rates. For every black ( for the most part guilty of a crime) shot by a white police officer. There are thousands of blacks shot by blacks . There is no statistic that will support more citizens being shot by white cops than black cops . Where is the outrage when a black police officer shoots a white person. The media is not about that narrative. So I would say to these few black people to stop living in the past and get on with the rest of your lives. If you need to point fingers look in the mirror. Oh yeah also leave the Democratic Party because they are also part of the problem . The black community has been duped for generations. They are the real Slavs holders . They use your vote against you. A Republican set you free but a republican cannot help you if you continue to vote for those who reject you.

  118. GODBlessRealAmerica#1


  119. Quit killing, robbing , ganging , and welfare fraud, drugs, and all your hood life – yea no cops will be there – but – you cannot. you are a heavy expense and not an asset – you all keep shooting each other – leave the good kids alone – I would just chalk you up as a low information person – AKA stupid

  120. Wow I bet the extreme right wing will go crazy over this good article. There probably run out and put on their appointed white hats and crooked armbands. Ha ha ha

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