Black Activist Speaks Out Against #BlackLivesMatter

Ever since the unrest in Ferguson last year, skeptics have noted that far fewer black Americans are killed by police than they are by each other. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani got in a bit of hot water for suggesting that intelligent activists would focus on black-on-black crime if they really wanted to prove that “black lives matter.”

Now one black activist is spreading that message himself. Civil rights proponent Fred Davis is sponsoring a billboard in the small town of Orange Mound, Tennessee. The message on the billboard reads: “Black Lives Matter. So Let’s Quit Killing Each Other.” Unsurprisingly, it is being met with muted enthusiasm.

Davis doesn’t care about what liberals think. He has a long and distinguished history of supporting the civil rights movement. He marched with Martin Luther King, Jr., he became the first black chairman of the Memphis City Council, and he believes he has earned the right to speak his mind. He told a local news station that it was time for minorities to “wake up.”

“We’re going to have to say to ourselves that black lives matter and we’re going to have to refrain from killing each other out of our own frustration,” he said.

The liberal media has been cautious about addressing this issue. Especially if your definition of “cautious” includes “ignoring it whenever possible.” It is an epidemic, though, that deserves to be talked about. Blacks make up only 13 percent of the American population, but they are responsible for 50 percent of the murder rate. 90 percent of black homicide victims are killed by other blacks. Meanwhile, instances of white cops killing unarmed black men are so rare as to be negligible. Yet that’s where the focus is. That’s what needs to be addressed if we are to ensure that “black lives matter.”

This phony political movement deserves to be exposed for what it is. Is there a conversation to be had about how cops carry out their duties? Probably. But it can’t be had in the current environment, and it can’t be had while the media is trying their damnedest to make police out to be the bad guys. Perhaps if the black community was not overrun with drugs, theft, and murder, cops wouldn’t be so quick to reach for the gun.

But these are the things we can’t talk about in 2015. It’s victim blaming. It’s racist. It’s politically incorrect. We must accept that the black man is being mistreated, murdered, and wrongly incarcerated by the white establishment, regardless of what the facts actually are. We owe black America a debt, and it’s time to pay up. Leave your logic at the door, please. This hashtag has some miles left in it yet.


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