Bill Maher Sounds The Alarm For Democrats

Left-wing commentator and comedian Bill Maher says that his party has lost faith in Joe Biden, and he fears for the Democrats in the midterms and beyond.

The “Real Time” host closed his first show of 2022 by sounding the alarm for Democrats ahead of 2024.

“Democrats must thank President Biden for his great service to America and then move him into a more ceremonial role,” Maher began his monologue Friday night. “Joe Biden has been president now for a year and a day. The day was pretty good, but the year? Not horrible, certainly better than the alternative, but for some reason, America has lost its faith in Joe. Sometimes that just happens.”

Maher cited recent polls showing only “26%” of Americans who say “things in the country are going well” and another showing Biden’s approval at 33%. 

“If he were a movie, he’d be certified rotten,” Maher quipped. “And of course, he’s not. And what’s gone wrong is certainly not all Joe’s fault. But the hard fact is even when Joe does something good; he seems to get no credit. Our economy is actually pretty awesome, considering what we’ve just been through. Wages are up, workers have more leverage, we avoided a recession, stocks just had their best year since 1995, and yet only 38% approve of his handling of the economy. This is what happens when you lack passionate defenders – as opposed to Trump, who everyday s— the bed and 95% of Republicans blame the bed.”

The HBO star warned that despite Biden’s cratering numbers, he “may have even further to fall” since there “is no diehard Biden base,” saying he had a “coalition of the unenthused” during the 2020 election. 

“When he first got into office, I told you that Biden was like non-dairy creamer; nobody’s first choice, but he got the job done. And he did get the job done in 2020 when his nation needed him to beat Trump, and he did!” Maher exclaimed. “But fair or not, to most people now, it looks like Joe Biden’s ‘Get up and go’ got up and went.” 

“There’s no big d— energy coming out of the Democratic Party. And their bench is so thin; they’re even talking about running Hillary again! And I’m sure she’s thinking, ‘Well, who else you got?’ Kamala? Her approval rating is lower than Biden’s! Bernie’s too old, Pete’s too young, and this didn’t work out,” Maher continued, showing a photo of disgraced former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. 

Maher then told his audience there’s “one guy all Democrats can rally behind and would love to see back in the White House,” which was Barack Obama.

“Of course, you’re saying, ‘But Obama can’t be president again. He’s had two terms, and that’s the rule.’ Yeah, the rule… You know politics, often called the ‘art of the possible,’ really is now become the ‘art of whatever you can get away with,’ something only Republicans seem to realize. Like when they just made up that presidents can’t appoint a Supreme Court justice in an election year. Or when they changed their mind and said, “Oh wait, they can when our side is in power,” Maher said. “To them, hypocrisy is not a bug. It’s a feature… That’s the essence of Trumpism. You wanna see my tax returns? Show me where that’s written down. You want me to concede when I lose? That’s just a tradition.” 

He then went on a comedic rant about how this could happen if both Biden and Obama divorced their wives and he and Obama “gay married” each other, making Obama the “First Lady.” 

Funny bit, but let’s see who is laughing come 2024, Bill.

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  1. this is really a “soft soap” on Biden. He is worse than terrible, he is the worst in history. To say is was better thin the alternative suggests some mental illness on BM’s part.

    Afghanistan, Biden better than Trump, give me a break. economy, the same, the border, the same, the military, ditto , on everything, Trump towers over Biden, even on the virus, which won the election for Biden, Trump far more effective that Bidan.

    As far as Biden’s past history, we can forgive “foot in mouth disease, but bad history with Black Americans, lying about his history and having to drop out of elections due to being caught, but lets not forget his and his family criminal history. All got rich on the public connections. His son a druggie, kicked out of the Navy, flings with protitutes, lying under oath, where does it end. Yeah Bill, he has a history of great public service ,

  2. What a bunch of drivel. Republicans and Democrats both pull rule bending when their party is in control. Too bad a country our size can’t produce better candidates for us to choose from.

  3. He may be a ‘star’ to some, but he’s a liar to me. I read at least 5 PROVABLE lies in the first 3 paragraphs of his propaganda. He’s apparently basing his ‘s*** the bed’ CRAP on Trump’s last 9 months, while not saying, or not knowing, what the man accomplished in the OTHER 39 months. But if he’s depending on the so-Left-they’re-falling-over MSM for his ‘news’, it’s only about 30% his fault for not seeking more TRUTHFUL sources of information.


    One strange dude for sure. Maybe his catholic/Jewish background growing up created misfirings of his brain neurons interfering in his daily brain functions!

  5. The only thing sh*tting the bed lately is Joe when his diaper slips.

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