Big Government to Blame for Muslim Student’s Arrest

America stopped suddenly on Wednesday when the news broke that a Texas 9th grader was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school. Immediately, the ridiculous incident led to universal condemnation of Islamophobia, seeing as how the student in question is a Muslim named Ahmed Muhamed. Liberals leapt over top of one another to see which one could rant against racism the loudest.

Let’s be clear. There is no excuse for what happened to Muhamed, and anyone fed up with the idiotic policies eating up our public school system should be outraged. And, to be fair, maybe there is an element of truth to the idea that Muhamed was treated differently because of his religious background. Unfortunately, that’s the only part of this story that actually makes any sense. Anyone who pays even the slightest bit of attention to the news knows that Islamic terrorism is real, lone wolf attacks happen, and America is the number one target. So in that sense, you can understand an overreaction from both the school and the police.

But Muhamed is hardly the first public school student to fall afoul of a system that seems unable to exercise common sense in these situations. Over the years, we’ve heard numerous stories of kids being suspended and arrested for offenses as mild as writing a story about shooting a dinosaur. And in many of these cases, the victim is no more Muslim than Pamela Geller. These cases are a result of zero-tolerance policies enacted after Columbine, and they have done little or nothing to make American students safer.

But the problem here isn’t just that we don’t trust teachers and school administrators to exercise judgment; the problem extends beyond schools and into the streets. In the wake of Ferguson, the Obama administration is pushing police departments toward the same kind of strict, nonsensical policies that have failed in education. Instead of trusting officers to use their judgement, he wants to handcuff them with regulations that will lead to lower minority arrest rates. Not lower minority crime rates, mind you. But as long as fewer black men are behind bars, everything is better somehow.

And, frankly, it even goes beyond the police. This, in a nutshell, exposes the whole problem with big government. Americans are smart. Capable. When set free, we can achieve greatness. But when we are treated like idiots unable to make even the smallest decisions, we eventually become what they want us to be. This demoralizes the nation, kills the innovation that is so important to America, and destroys patriotism.

Muhamed’s arrest is not an example of Islamophobia; it’s a result of relentless liberal meddling.

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  1. MUSLIM JIHADISTS ARE KILLERS. Thanks to the CIC they now walk our streets in record numbers. We The People did not invite them here & do not want them here. If they didn’t want to get arrested, then they should have obeyed the USA LAWS. They think they are the rulers and have thought so since the 1970’s. This is not something that happened overnight. Arrest their sorry rumps and send them back home….thats where they belong with the rest of the jihadists.


      • I guess you would approve of rounding up all of the Muslims that are in the military. That is about 5,000 to 10,000 Muslims fighting for our country.

        • I do not understand how any Muslim could serve in the American military since it goes against their beliefs.

          Of course Muslims also have TAQIYYA
          Muslims take a solemn pledge to uphold Allah’s laws and no other. They are lying to the infidels when they take an oath to protect our country it is called Taqiyya Muslim scholars teach that Muslims should generally be truthful to each other, unless the purpose of lying is to “smooth over differences.”

          There are two forms of lying to non-believers that are permitted under certain circumstances, taqiyya and kitman. These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause Islam – in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them.

          According to the Qur’an, all legal judgments have to accord with what Allah has allegedly revealed in the Qur’an, Sunnah, and Sirah of the Prophet of Islam. Additionally, if a person does not judge by what Allah has divinely revealed in the Qur’an, he or she is a hellbound disbeliever (kafir)

          Oath of Enlistment

          I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.

          • Does the word “infiltration” come to mind? Remember what happened at Ft. Hood, in Killeen, TX awhile back? This “sensitivity” and “tolerance” of Muslims was the cause, and you can look it up about what the result was. What we DON’T need is more of that!!!!!

          • Yes I remember and also remember that Obama and administration called it Work Place Violence instead of a terror attack as it should have been. It took years to get the military to pay the victums for their healthcare. I have never been so disappointed and upset with the federal government as I was that day. I started wishing Obama would be shot or his plane would be blown up. Now I am thinking maybe Congress should have the same fate since they are not following our Constitution.

  2. Let me put this to all of you straight: a Christian white student, same age, comes to school with a rubber knife or some other innocuous object such as a drawing of a gun and he is treated as a criminal and suspended on the spot. The communist Leftist loonies have absolutely no problem with this scenario! Wake up sheeple: REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION or be prepared to grovel on your knees for a sustenance of misery, squalor and servitude to these NWO communist bastards that are passing themselves off as Democrats and Progressives as they live the lives of kings and queens as they are currently doing on yours and my dimes! WAKE THE FUK UP!

    • Excellent point! However, Obama has trained kids to hate Amerika , hence home grown terrorist scum!

      • With all the shit we allow him and congress most people are learning to hate America. I think a lot more of them would be gone in they could figure out some place to go. So America’s first 25% black president looks to be America’s last president. Just as he intended.

        • I fully intend to take out as many as God will allow me to!

          • Me too. In self defense of course.

          • Glad to see so many potential mass murderers. I guess you all approved of what Roof did in Chaleston? The massacre of Sikhs (nonMuslims) in their house of worship?

          • You are a f’n imbecile. Roof is a murderer. I suppose you think our rebels fighting King George were murderers too? I am a patriot and love and have fought for my country.

          • But you have a lot of commentators here calling for the murder of all Muslims in the US, whether they are terrorists or not. Roof was a racist murderer who wanted to take his country back from blacks and other minorities. Sikhs were murdered because they were Sikhs, and the party responsible equated Sikhs with Muslims.

          • Well, Mogan… look at it this way… if you know which rattlesnake that has taken up residence in your back yard will be the one that will eventually bite you, will you let the other 99% or so remain to live there in peace?

          • Good one, kotoc………….but alas, dimlibs have no grasp of logic or common sense. As for the snakes, dimlibs like mogan don’t have what it takes to rid the yard of snakes, they just curl up in the fetal position on a bean bag and whine. Heaven forbid even 1 of those snakes should be hurt or uncomfortable.

          • They say ignorance is bliss

          • The ignorance and bigotry on this site says this Country simply cannot last much longer. There isn’t anyone with brains left to run the country after this generation.

          • Your opinion is rife with lies. There are enemies of America residing here now. Islamists…there are recruiting methods on the internet under you fat blinding nose. Weekly there are people trying to join ISIS from the U.S. You typical liberal fail to see this? Its not bigotry to not like your enemy. I’ll put some muslims and illegals on your property, introduce you to some muslims so they have no problem converting you to islam. This generation and all generations will be fine without you mental disordered liberals.

          • We reply to the leftist, scum. But why? We know Mo-hamad is an idiot yet we spend time pimp slapping his sordid azz.

          • Stay on topic….that was the result of a crazy idiot….has nothing to do with this conversation. BTW protecting one’s God given and Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms is NOT mass murder, it’s called Liberty, Einstein.

          • Roof is not crazy or an idiot, but a homicidal racists. Well if you can justify mass murder in the name of liberty; then Nazi war criminals should not have been convicted because they did the Holocaust for the benefit of western Europe; that was their motivation along with their belief that what they were doing was for Christ. Mass murder is still mass murder.

          • You’re wrong on all counts. Roof is a crazy idiot who should probably should have been institutionalized yrs ago. Crazy is crazy and until people start calling it what it is this will not stop. There will always be nut jobs and they need to be dealt with.

          • He is clinically sane; being a homicidal racist is not being insane. We have a tendency of calling people insane because of their crimes or actions, but that is part of a trend in the history of humanity to demonize our enemies. Calling him crazy is minimizing what he had done. Just brush it off as insanity instead of dealing with a societal problem.

          • You are a COMPLETE IDIOT!!! Anyone who would kill one innocent, yet alone several innocent worshippers is INSANE. Of course the Obama leghumpers would LOVE to see him deemed “sane”. “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

          • Sorry to get facts in the way of your rage, but he is not insane. There have been plenty of sane people who have killed innocent people. Most of them do it as an act of war. When we dropped the bomb on two Japanese cities that were never military targets, we knew were were killing innocent Japanese, but we did it to show the Japanese they better surrender. We do it now with our drones. No one is calling any of those insane and they shouldn’t.
            Now, there is no crisis here. We have a racist who wanted to take back his country from the blacks and wanted to start a race war by killing black worshipers in their church. He had had some second thoughts about it, not a sign of insanity. But, you have proved my point, that is, by claiming he is insane, then we don’t have talk about racists like Roof. You can just brush off the crisis by claiming insanity. Roof wasn’t a racist, just nuts, despite all of the evidence that points to his racism.
            If you noticed, almost no one things about Charleston – they have moved back to the Kardashians, Caitlyn, Trump, actual fake crises, etc. The media and many of us get mesmerized by the next shiny object – just like cats.

          • First of all, PROOF READ , so that the sane can read and understand your rants. We have already said how Roofie is insane. Initially, I thought you were just liberal, but now I KNOW you are just uneducated, and a liberal. As you turds may now know, NO RACE WAR HAS HAPPENED. Let’s see what you “Black Lives Matter” twats will do!

          • There was a race war in the 1960s. The gains which were made have been sorely eroded.

            Another one is coming. The bigotry expressed on this site clearly documents why.

          • I knew that you were stupid, a liberal, and a guilt ridden white, but come on AKC?

          • Wrong again.
            Wrong as usual.

          • You are correct. For the 60’s there was a war against desegregation. You have homicides including bombings of churches, lynchings as well as just simply murdering civil rights workers and leaders.

          • WE are not stupid …aklady, are you an angry black woman? lesbo? fag lover?…Black on Black on Black crime is 50 x’s higher than any other crime. Where is Black Lives Matter on this in Chicago, liar. Bigotry isn’t here, we don’t like the 1/2 black , 1/2 white president. Ben Carson a 100% black man hates obummer’s policies too, call him a bogot too, your a 100% liberal talking point, you have no credibility here, your a Hitlery clone.

          • Now when it comes to homicides a Black person has an 85% chance of being killed by a black. For whites, it is between 80-85% of being killed by a fellow white. Where is the cry about white on white crime? What is it that no one is calling for white pastors and ministers preach on that topic?

          • Good Point.

          • You need a better data source. Your post reflects overwhelming, self-imposed ignorance.

          • The liberals on this site are making it look like their eroding. Racism in the U.S. is a lot better than it ever was. Racism is always brought up as an excuse for blacks failing. In the business world, off the computer, I see successful black people everyday. They are focused on their families, their work, making their neighborhoods beautiful, getting involved in their communities-Skyline Hills, San Diego, Ca. You aklady are a race baiter. Black homeowners here in San Diego hate Obama’s policies. Period.

          • Are you a Psychiatrist? How do you know that he wasn’t insane? Is that your opinion or a known fact?

          • Reports from court psychiatrists. His attorneys are not going with an insanity defense, and there is nothing that indicates insanity. But this is something that people have been doing for a long time – ‘demonizing’ one’s enemies, which includes charges of insanity. If Roof is insane, and not simply a racist who committed multiple homicides, then there is no racial problem; just an insane person.
            There are other instances like that – the killing of members of a Unitarian Universal church because they are liberals and he read all of the books claiming that liberals are unAmerican, haters of their own country and purely evil. Well, the shooter believed all of that and started shooting members of that congregation in 2008 in Knoxville, TN. His defense attorney wanted to try temporary insantity but the shooter pleaded guilty, and was found competent..
            I think you can see a parallel, although to a certain degree. Roof believed that his country had been taken over by African Americans and other minorities, and he decided to start doing something about it. The shooter in Tennessee, Jim Adkisson, claimed he had chosen the UU church because of its liberalism, and decided to kill them because they were ruining the country. Adkisson was not insane and neither is Roof. Misguided yes (although there are some here on the website who might not think so in the case of Adkisson), but being wrong-headed is not insanity.

          • Don’t you know by now, Mo-hamad is an expert psychologist just as AKC is an expert on EVERYTHING. LMAO!!

          • Exactly. Amen.

          • Where is it stated that Nazis were doing the Holocaust for Christ?

          • From their own words, including Hitler’s. Christianity has a long history of persecuting Jews. From the second century to the early 19th century, with the exception of those living in Muslim countries, Jews had no civil or criminal rights; they had no rights to an education, and had live in gated communities, in which they were locked in at night – ghettos – that began in Italy but spread out. It was not until the early 19th century that the Jews in France became French citizens. It was different here in the colonies and then the US where Jews always had their rights, with the exception of an early period in the history of New Amsterdam.

          • A nut attacked Sikhs in Milwaukee a few years back — they wear turbans, there fore were Muslims.

          • Ollie snackbar!

        • You could be right. but I am thinking we may have one more.

        • Another one the enemy has totally and fully in their camp – with complete willingness and cooperation.
          We are at war. He damns the Commander in Chief. A great way to support our fighting men.

          • just like the left did to bush. hypocrisy anyone?

          • I think you are a bit confused.

            The left did not feed the enemy. They spoke against policies — right up until the time Bush made it clear he thought he was a King.

          • “Bush made it clear he thought he was a King?” LOLOLOLOLOL You have the wrong president AK. In fact you have the wrong everything by the looks of most of your comments.

          • Cindy, make your comments but DO NOT do it as a reply to ak………maybe it’ll go away

          • libs project themselves onto others.

          • Another one who thinks it is OK to kill for profit.

            How much money did you make on those wars?

          • kill 4 profit?? you are one sick human being.

          • Iraq — Cost: $1 million a day.

            Afghanistan — Cost: $1 million a day.
            Do you really think the companies who make war materials are nonprofit?

          • So, I’d rather use this tax payer money to fight there than bring it here to the U.S. So this fact leads you to what? So what companies make wartime materials, we have enemies, and we don’t use bats. Get a grip, this is 2015, you talk cheap, cheap doesn’t win wars.

          • Unnecessary wars make the rich, richer and the poor, poorer.

            War is a form of population control.

            It is also a form of poverty control.

            America has not won a war since WW II.

            Apparently, you have not kept up with facts.

          • There it is, your ignorant moment, aklady, i was waiting for it. Saddam ordered,killed 2.4 million of his own population. His 2 sons doing some of it. In fact 2002 he put his own son in jail then released him. The majority of the Iraq people were/tried fleeing Iraq, esp the wealthy, educated, some reached america, with widespread murder by Saddam’s death troops. We soldiers who went to Shock And Awe, saw 1st hand what he was doing to his country. You aklady have no idea what your talking about when it comes to muslims/islamists/isis. I have read your posts up until now. You love the air Obummer breathes, these muslims you tolerate won’t tolerate you when you don’t pay a tax, convert or die. Hope you are a lesbo, they’ll behead you instantly. If you are humiliated by rape, better have 4 or more witnesses. Enough, your a pin head, leftist, socialist, Obummer lovin’, liar-your not an independent, your comments lead to a socialist Demonrat.

          • Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti was Iraq’s problem — not America’s.

            American has enough dire problems right here at home. We do not need to be playing ‘world cop’.

            Our infrastructure is crumbling. Our industry is now in Asia. Our education system is falling apart.

            We are the only modern, industrialized country that allows people to die simply because they cannot afford to buy medical care.

            Oh, but it is so much more important to fund wars costing $1 million a day.

            What is important is reality war is a form of unemployment control. It is a method of preventing civil uprising,

          • Those are some really interesting blinders you are wearing. Same goes for the ear plugs.

            Bush made himself and his buddies very, very rich.

            He did it with the lives of Americans.

            But, LOL, it is all right to kill for profit.

          • bull. the ny slimes did. bush never thought he was a king either.

          • How much money did you make on those wars?

          • Two wars on the credit card? Over 5,000 dead?

            Bush Estate is major investor in petroleum industry – they own oil well, etc.

            Bush Estate is major investor in the military industrial complex..

          • The military loved the strong, forceful CIC, Bush!!

          • Bush made money for the Military Industrial Complex. He made money for the oil industry.

            He made himself rich while he was at it.

            Everyone demands to see Obama’s diplomas — what they should be demanding is disclosure of investment by everyone who is pushing for more war.

          • More leftist rantings by our resident TURD! Wipe up that spittle please!

          • Truth and fact, not welcome here.
            Name calling, standard practice.

          • Iraq never paid us with oil. the Military Industrial Complex is always needed to fight a war, it lead to Bin ladens death. Bush didn’t make himself rich by the war. In fact he could have made more, but congress wouldn’t let the drilling industry drill. The EPA like always, drug their feet in their environmental studies. Get your dumb facts outta here. Where’s your degree aklady?, Obummers hiding his since HS, Columbia, Harvard. Mine? UCLA, MBA, 1986.

          • BS Biology
            Ph.D. International Business
            Ph.D. Epdiemiology

          • 2 Ph.D’s ? What University ? No, I don’t believe you. Your comments here don’t justify it. Maybe in the classroom, academically speaking you sound like you don’t know a thing about the 3 form of economies existing on this planet. Or the policies that are ruining this country, but then again your a liberal, who thinks Obama is doing a great job. Hes a Harvard graduate who’s hell bent on changing this country’s population with muslim refugee terrorists, illegal aliens, sanctuary cities. You and your fake degrees can go to Europe with Obummer, and take all the anchor baby’s mommas, ms-13 gang members along with you. You don’t act like an independent, a liberal best describes you and putinonthecrap.

          • You are so brainwashed it is pitiful.
            Calm down, accept that your politico last the election – not once, but twice.
            I also suggest that you repeat both Civics and Economics classed.
            There is not a single country in this world that a “pure” economy. They are all mixed to one extent or another.

          • 52,104 comments , you have no life. Oh I am a very calm business owner, as a matter of fact I have been letting my oldest read these comments here, like this one. She asks, “Daddy, accept that your politico last the election, doesn’t make sense”. She is right. You are a fraud. And I didn’t vote the last 2 elections, because Romney & McCain were very weak!!! A true debater would have brought up every fault Obama had done! Russia is a pure communist, Europe is pure socialism, Vietnam is pure socialism, North Korea is pure communism, China is pure communism mixed with capitalism, Cuba is pure communist. You are educated, but not as high as you have stated, your missing an intellect that shows your limited to a liberalism mentality. I have been running an international business for over 30 years, so suggesting I’m brainwashed is childish. You on the other hand are not educated with two PH.D’s. Internet education, maybe. 52,104 comments means your a troll. Excuse my language,as my daughter will excuse me too, but your an ass Obama loving, racist, womens lib, throwback. Very calmly you are a sic lying scorned liberal, who is a narcissist. Your kind ruins america. You can never hold a conversation like this in public, ever. Your imagined life is on the internet with cyber bull. Go away liberal 52,104 comments makes you a self proclaimed know it all.

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      • You are correct OSAMA OBAMA. I agree. Obama is a jihadist and OUR ENEMY.

        • And it is so sneaky of him to be killing jihadists.

          • The ones he kills are martyrs – he releases known leaders who are in custody, to get back a traitor, without congressional approval.

          • Good rationalization. He didn’t need congressional approval to bring back a soldier that we didn’t see as a deserter. But I guess Lincoln was a traitor for having prisoner exchanges and stopping the execution of deserters. Again, good rationalization; but not really true. Following your line of thinking, we know from the accounts of Bush’s first cabinet members, that Bush was planning an invasion of Iraq prior to 9/11. Well, since we know that there were intelligence cables indicating an attack by bin Laden, then Bush allowed 9/11 to happen. Not that I believe it, but that is also a good rationalization.

          • We didn’t see as a deserter? Don’t speak for those of us who use our brains to think. Those of us who are NOT lemmings have always known that he was a deserter AND a traitor. Actually, those really in the know are the soldiers he “served ” with, 7 of whom were killed looking for the loser. Did you forget about that , Einstein, or do you just prefer to hide your head in the sand in order to justify your un-American rhetoric? Jump into the 21st century and admit that what is happening NOW is the result of Bathhouse Barry’s adherence to the Alinsky, Soros, Marx, muzzie philosophy he grew up with.

          • Innocent until proven guilty in a court of competent jurisdiction.

            Did you forget that?

          • I’m forgetting you AK.. Get lost.

          • You don’t much like that Constitution when it does not support what you want it to support/

          • No that was not forgotten but some things just knock you in the face true. Like green is green. No matter the shade still green. I guess you would be one of those competent jurors.

          • Jurisdiction refers to which government entity has the right to prosecute the crime.

          • If your in the military, then you go to a military court, it is beyond the scope of civilian courts.

          • That is what jurisdiction is all about.

          • Dont worry, bergdahl will get a fair trial, then will be found guilty of desertion, and misconduct with the enemy, where he will spend the rest of his life in Ft. Leavenworth. All the letters are there, as are his conversations with his platoon mates, he’s a done deal. I bet the moms of the six soldiers that died looking for him, would love to have more than a crisply folded American flag to hold onto.

          • WHEN does the hanging come in????? THAT, I believe, is the punishment for being a traitor!!! When can we put the biggest traitor we have, the one and only piece of gutter trash shit in our white house???? OH, I forgot…. Congress has NO BALLS!!! Pussies each and every one!!!

          • If we back up a hundred years then yes that would have been a possibility, but he can sit in anguish in the Marine
            stockade for the rest of his life, because we surely dont want him back in Idaho.

          • One hundred years ago, there would have been a trial.

            Benedict Arnold was given a trial.

          • ….and there will be a trial now! What or Who the heck are you supporting here?

          • Not who, but what — The U.S, Constitution.

          • You need to learn what your talking about before you speak, Benedict Arnold never had a trial, he turncoated in 1880, after he tried to hand over West Point to British general Andre. When they got found out Andre was caught and killed, and a few years later Benedict Arnold fled to England, and died in obscurity on June 18th 1801. He was never tried, and had he been caught he would have surely been executed. See the punishment for treason back then was death, bergdahl should thank his lucky stars, because after six soldiers died looking for him, he should be executed. And all his letters home, and the ones found by his platoon prove his intentions.

          • My history books say Arnold was court marshaled in December 1779.

          • You can be court martialed in absentia, doesnt mean he was present. He skipped to London with his second wife, to avoid jail, or worse yet execution. But as you said that was then, and this is now. It wont play out well for bergdahl, he has already been tried in the court of public opinion, and that includes his fellow soldiers. And you can bet a million bucks they will all take the stand on behalf of the military

          • First there was no trial.

            Next, it is trial in absentia.

            There was a trial. He was present. He was guilty of two minor offenses. He paid for the goods he allegedly stoke from the government.

            He moved to London.

          • I think were talking about two different things here, I’m talking about benedict
            arnold, not bergdahl. Bergdahl will face a military court martial, but the news is fading so am not sure if it has even begun yet. Arnold got a few reprimands for goods he took, but the biggie was the attempted surrender of west point for a price. A sum he never fully collected. And that traitorous act was precipitated because he was getting passed up for promotions, andhe and his wife had a lavish lifestyle. After he joined the british forces he fought in battles such as Saratoga, and Connecticut etc. He fledto london where he died in relative obscurity in 1801

          • “Proceedings of a general court martial for the trial of Major General Arnold ” by Arnold, Benedict, 1741-1801; United States. Army. Courts-martial. Arnold. 1779; Hoffman, Francis Suydam, 1828-1886

            Published 1865

          • Burgdhal has already been found guilty in the court of public opinion.

            Why people become emotionally involved is something I simply do not comprehend. Emotion clouds judgment.

            I suspect it has everything to do with my choice of career fields. And to think when I began medical school, I fainted at the sight of blood.

          • Im only emotionally involved to a point, because of all the men and women that served with honor in combat, and many died for it. I would be the first to aapologize if hes found not guilty, but thats not gonna happen, because the evidence is overwhelming. Its sad it has to come to this, especially for a fellow Idahoan.

          • U.S. Constitution — 5th Amendment: Innocent until proven guilty in a court of competent jurisdiction.

            Tried in the media. Found guilty in the court of public opinion.

            The court martial board will be presented with the entirety of available evidence.

          • aklady , bla,bla,bla, the disgraced, traitor is guilty and this is just a political show for the liberal lawyers Obummer has in the administration with the media in his hip pocket. Now the details, the incriminating letters he wrote and other guilty info will come out.

          • Talk is cheap on the internet.,I cured cancer, brought peace to the middle east and just today, solved Global fraud, er, warming.

          • You are ridiculous and obnoxious. You are the moral equivalent of a leech. You are a living emptiness, a meaningless void

          • Hey if Obummer can tell a class of cadets, “America’s real enemy is Global Warning”….then by all means mention it here as the Fraud Fighter of it, hahaha.

          • Arnold was court martialed in December 1780. That trial took place in Philadelphia

          • Out of one side of your mouth, you want the Constitution honored.

            Out of the other side of your mouth, you demand that it be ignored, and curse the President who insures Constitutional compliance takes place.

            You cannot have it both ways.

          • And please do tell what Constitutional compliance is the president following, because a military court tribunal goes by the UCMJ, as in court martial. No wonder he has such a piss poor rating
            with the military.

          • You assume a lot – usually erroneously

            Military courts and military law are subject to the U.S. Constitution. The UCMJ does not override the Fifth Amendment.

            In fact the 5th speaks directly to military law.

            I was the child of career military parents. I was the wife of a career military man. I served in the military.

          • So did I 21 years in the Corps. We all know the UCMJ follows the Constitution, but since when does the right to not self incriminate oneself have anything to do with Bo Bergdahl, the evidence against him is already there, and he doesnt have to say a word. To the contrary, he will look even worse if he doesnt speak about all the letters and gear he sent home to his parents, as well as the ones he left at his post. You being a woman never served in a forward unit, so you dont know what its like in a combat situation, I did, so erroneously my hiney.

          • Suggest you read the 5th Amendment. Self-incrimination is only one part of the law.

            The shrapnel in my leg says I was close enough to the “front” to be wounded. Of course, incoming fire hasn’t anything to do with a “forward unit”.

            Just how far “back” was your nearest medical unit?

            You men assume so much — usually based only on your personal experience.

          • Yes I do base it on personal experiences, as did all of my platoon mates. At least you have a leg to have shrapnel in it, whats left of mine is in Iraq. But I did get something out of it, four years of free college on uncle sam, where I studied Constitutional studies, so I know a little something about the Constitution. You are right not all casualties were taken in the forward units, but they saw the heaviest by far.

          • Battlefield medical care is so much better today. That is one of the government’s biggest problems — too many survive modern warfare.
            Six years paid for my medical school. I did four tours in Nam. Well, two in country and two on a hospital ship.
            Law is my hobby. I got hurt on the job. Injury did not have a big enough pay check to interest the lawyers in town.
            Sot it was a do-it-yourself all the way to the State Supreme Court I won. I changed how some law was applied. I made other case law. Now I do it for other people.

          • You are right about the government as it pertains to the care our servicemen and women get. We just have a difference of opinion on bergdahl, but thats ok. We can agree to disagree on that one. But thank you for your service, Vietnam wasnt a nice place, my dad was a messed up individual when he got back, and took years to finally re adust, as Im sure it did you. Have a great one.

          • Talk is cheap on the ol internet!

          • So we have noticed.

          • Mr/Sir/ Wounded Warrior, I was lucky to keep walking. Thanks, as all of my platoon mates would tell you too..Seems you have calmed down aklady.

          • Now you are following the cankled harpy’s lead…. “Clinton
            had said during a March 2008 speech that while visiting Bosnia in 1996
            as first lady, she remembered “landing under sniper fire.” A greeting
            ceremony had to be canceled, she said, as her party “ran with our heads
            down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.”

            Videotape showed Clinton and her daughter Chelsea and their entourage
            instead striding across a tarmac with smiles and greeting a retinue of

          • I cannot believe how incredibly stupid you are. I mean rock-hard stupid. Dehydrated-rock-hard stupid.

          • See, You are now exposed !!!!!!!!!! Your in Denial ! From now on you are Labeled a habitual faker, Liberal liar, Gay, and an imposter. You have no credibility here, ever.

          • Ignorance, bigotry, childishness … I could go on for an hour, but it all boils down to the same thing.

          • 100% of the time when one soldier is shot , one loves explaining the circumstances. You on the lieing other hand is pulling a Clinton narrative, full of sh*t. Too many episodes of M*A*S*H* ???

          • Shot? Suggest you increase your reading comprehension.
            Lying, insults … childish …

          • You wrote Shrapnel, shot.Whatever!! You have never been injured during war. Suggest you stop being the habitual liar. Said you served in the Armed forces, hunh, What was your MOS?. Figures.

          • OOOORAH, well said David.

          • What was your MOS ??? Rank ??? Where were you stationed. Me? Ret. USN, Chief Petty Officer, Kitty Hawk, Enterprise. 3 west Pac Tours. Subic Bay, Olongapo City, Philippines, Japan, Beruit, Lebanon. Desert Storm. Fought MNLF in the PI. Islam/Muslim/al Quaeda/Hezbolla/Hamas since ’83. You can’t fathom the political correctness going on in this trial. You, was the wife isn’t now. Rules of engagement by your muslim pos Obummer has ruined the soldiers fighting wars against islam/isis, no capitals letters because I don’t respect these people of hating others for 1,400 yrs. You are either a liar, faker or just a plain lonely old woman spewing her socialist liberal hatred for America.

          • Physician, Major, U.S. Air Force.

            1) Saigon.
            2) USS Sanctuary (AH-17) –
            Obama is not a Muslim.
            Religious bigotry is wrong.
            Lying is wrong.
            You are aiding the enemy
            Islam is the world’s second largest religion.
            The Middle east is just a drop in the ocean.

          • The Middle East isn’t a drop in the Ocean, It’s a continent. Obama was raised as a mulsim in Indonesia. He changed his name to Barak. Islam isn’t a religion. The Ko’ran is a book of the destruction of infidels. 68 verses tell you how to kill, be-head, slice, maim, a jew and their friends. I have been fighting America’s enemy islam/muslim/al quaeda/hamas/hezbolla…since ‘ 83. You can’t possibly fathom what a muslim thinks unless you are a muslim yourself? If you have never been to the Middle East you wouldn’t comment like this. You have no credibility here. The Ko’ran directs muslims/islamist to make people convert,tax, or die. Anything else coming from your thought,mouth or keyboard is useless. 2nd largest religion, Talking points. I and 27 million other Vets will pick up arms against a 1,400 year old hater of anyone not of their cult pedophile prophet muhammud, who had an 8,9,12,7,16,26,28, and above year old wives. Done with you obummer lover who is a socialist, dictating, community organizer, bowing to a a Saudi ruler, hides his records. Hillery Clinton started the birther movement. Barak hides his records, grades, papers written as a Phd holder. Your a typical follower who can’t call him out as your the same race. Trump or Carson 2016 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • “The Middle East isn’t a drop in the Ocean, It’s a continent.”

            There are seven continents: Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.
            Ignorance is bliss. Most servicemen I have had the honor of knowing made it through highschool. Moreover, they know that a religion cannot kill.
            Hides his records? Where are yours published? Where are Kennedy’s published? Eisenhower’s? Washington’s???
            You are simply another brainwashed bigot.

          • The deserter is guilty, yes there needs to be a trial but we have seen the evidence, we have heard from those directly involved. Guilt is irrefutable, all that is left is going through the motions to make it official, and get on with the punishment.

          • No, we have not “seen the evidence”.

            You have been shown unclassified material made available to the media. It has been presented with bias,

            Heard from those directly involved?

            No, you have heard from those authorized to speak, and what they have been authorized to discuss.

            This is a military matter. There are security issues involved.

          • Yes, security issues ARE involved, which is a pretty damn good reason to NOT be a deserter. When a soldier deserts, there is much concern about that deserter divulging secure information with the enemy.
            Look, we KNOW he deserted, that is irrefutable. The “why” of the desertion should be inconsequential. He deserted, because of this other soldiers died, Bergdahl is responsible for the deaths of those soldiers. Soldiers who remained loyal to their country. Bergdahl is excrement, he needs to be flushed.

          • The U.S. Constitution, 5th Amendment —

            Innocent until proven guilty in a court of competent jurisdiction.

          • With a capital P.

          • Innocent until proven guilty in a court of competent jurisdiction.

            Did you forget that?

            Does the Constitution only apply when you say it does?

          • Yes, however, the Constitution must be honored.

          • Oh it will be honored, after which he will trade his ACU’S for a set of brown top and bottom, then it’s off to the DB, better known as Ft. Leavenworth, where he will get quite accustomed to the Kansas countryside, whether he likes it or not.

          • Then his dad will shave off his bin laden lookin’ beard.

          • I find the Constitution and the law far to be far more important than a confused young man.

            His religious beliefs indicate he should have been classified as a Conscientious Objector. He should never have been assigned to the front lines.

          • True. But conscientious objecters shouldnt be in the military to begin with. General entry discharge before it got to this.

          • You must have had an overdose of Obama’s Kool-Aid today. Otherwise, you wouldn’t actually believe all that B***S*** you just said. I’ll also bet that you believe every word printed up in the National Inquirer.

          • Haha, yes hes an avid reader of the NI. I usually just read through these comments, get a sense of the ignorant, love to twist the historical facts. Berghdal deserted, period !!! I, a Ret., USN. and every military soldier there knows hes tried 5 previous times to desert. But as I read through these comments by hard left, liberal mental disordered, Hitlery, Obummer, Sanders, Socialists, muslim , illegal alien, anchor baby mommas, and sancturary city lovers of the Demonrat Party, your the problem of america today. TRUMP 2016 !

          • Your bigotry speaks loud and clear — un-American, ignorant, foolish, childish …

          • I and Donald Trump, Ben Carson is the silent majority. You are the bigot. I read your comments. You hate spew childish remarks when we don’t like Obummer.No, I am all about, Borders, Language, Culture, quoting Michael Savage. I’m a listener of him, Mark Levine, Sean Hannity, TEA PARTY member, Conservative, Catholic, Ret., USN, MBA, ATTY., Business owner. Don’t like our enemies. Bigot? Hell no. I have an opinion. Foolish? No , my children and wife will tell you I’m a great Dad, husband, and provider and taxpayer. In fact my oldest reads my comments here, shes 2nd yr. student at SDSU. So I’d be more respectful if I were you since shes a grown up woman too.

          • Nursery school name calling.
            So very intelligent.

          • You’re a muzzie Mogan. I’ll bet on it.

          • No takers here.

          • WTF? Let’s START with the first line of all of that nonsense: WHO didn’t think he was a deserter???

          • Actually, much of the background they gave strongly suggested mental illness.


          • Being mentally ill (possibly….they will likely try to spin it that way) does not mean he was not a deserter, Bonehead.

          • The UCMJ uses the “M’Naghten Rule”. Defendant either did not understand what he or she did, or failed to distinguish right from wrong, because of a “disease of mind.”

          • Still a deserter…whether he understood or not. Fact. If you kill someone and successfully use mental illness as a defense…you are still a killer.

          • No, in the case of mental illness, there are two victims.

            The illness is the criminal.

          • And soldiers died trying to find his worthless ass.

          • Yeah….. so????? Aren’t you getting sick of the “mental illness” plea allowing murderers, etc… to get away with their crimes?

          • No, I am not. Someone who is mentally ill is unable to participate in their own defense. In many cases they are committed to mental hospitals. They still live in a cage, just a nicer cage where they are treated with less cruelty,

          • Boom, AKC is one of those ambulance chasing / A.C.L.U. thugs.

          • No he just gave back a handful of known terrorists for one deserter and left 4 Americans to rot in a prison. Yeah Obama is a real hero…

          • Not known, suspected….held for years without the benefit of a trial.

          • But the military will get the final say. And theres a mountain of evidence against him. But he will look good in brown, hanging out at the DB.

          • Will never happen. But if thinking like that floats your boat. Fine.

          • Want to bet on that. You think the prez will pardon him, boy no wonder the military has such a piss poor opinion of obama. That would show the ultimate in meddling, especially from someone who never served as he didnt. You can bet justice will be served.

          • Good thing your behind your computer, stay there. Your a muslim, obummer, liberal, socialist Demonrat lover. Pls stay in your basement, we the silent majority conservatives are trying to vote your as**s out of the political climate along with your global warming crew.

          • Who cares what Bush did at this point? The time to bitch about Bush was when Bush was in office. And you can believe me when I tell you I bitched about Bush quote a lot. You talk about poor rationalization then rationalize the evil Obama is doing by saying (paraphrasing) “well, Bush did it so why not obama?”

          • Reason why I go back to Bush, is if Obama had Bush’s record and with 9/11 the Republicans would have begun actual impeachment. You are paraphrasing a statement that Obama did not make. Let’s see that Obama has done
            unemployment is now lower than what is was under Reagan
            Obamacare did not destroy the insurance industry as some Republicans claimed
            It has not and will not bankrupt the states
            It has not been a job killed
            Obama helped with the bailout of the auto industry which is doing better now
            The stock market has been soaring under him, and we didn’t go into a great depression
            Under Obama that there has been continual growth in employment, where as Republicans claimed that no one would get a job.
            There are fewer people without health insurance
            Gas has not gone to $10 a gallon as Gingrich predicted.
            We are importing less oil
            We have not attacked another country that has not attacked us.
            With the Iran deal Iran will shut down 14,000 centrifuges so that there will only be 5,000 (whereas they had none before the Iraq war). So, if the deal goes through we will not be forced to fight another $3 or 4 trilion war. On that point you might argue that we could cancel this deal and try to get a better one, but most Republicans don’t even want to talk to Iran, so how could there be a better deal.
            By the way – Jade Helm 15 didn’t result in Texans going into concentration camps
            There was no creation of 800 FEMA indoctrination camps.
            We all still have our guns, freedom of religion, freedom from religion, free speech, and all of the other rights.
            So, I would like to know specifically what evil he has done and what your evidence that comes from truly independent sources?

          • “It has not and will not bankrupt the states”
            How about the Fed?

            “Obama helped with the bailout of the auto industry which is doing better now”
            Which was illegal!

            “The stock market has been soaring under him”
            The stock market is following the identical trend it was flowing just before the great depression

            “Under Obama that there has been continual growth in employment, where as Republicans claimed that no one would get a job”
            It only looks as though unemployment has shrunk, it looks that way because Obama has redefined what it is to be unemployed

            “There are fewer people without health insurance”
            And fewer who can afford to pay the massive deductibles that need to be paid, in some cases, this deductible must be paid before insurance will kick in.

            “We are importing less oil”
            We are importing more than we should be, from sources who are NOT our friends.

            “With the Iran deal Iran will shut down 14,000 centrifuges so that there will only be 5,000 (whereas they had none before the Iraq war)”
            You don’t actually believe this do you? I hope you are correct but I doubt it

            “most Republicans don’t even want to talk to Iran, so how could there be a better deal”
            What part of “mortal enemy” don’t you get? We do not need to deal with Iran, what we need to do is tell Iran what they can and can’t do and kill them to death the moment that they get out of line.

            “By the way – Jade Helm 15 didn’t result in Texans going”

            Don’t be ridiculous, of course not, they are just practicing for now

            “We all still have our guns, freedom of religion, freedom from religion, free speech, and all of the other rights”
            We have our guns because we have fought this administration tooth and nail to keep them from taking the guns. Freedom of religion?Don’t even act like you aren’t aware of all the attacks on Christianity and freedom of speech is being challenged with every whiny-assed complaint of political “incorrectness”. You are delusional

          • Presidential pardon authority is granted by the U.S. Constitution.

            Why would he need, or even want Congressional approval?

            Why do lie?

            Yes, your baseless accusation is the equivalent of a lie.

          • Obama didn’t pardon the deserter, that would require first accepting that he was a deserter. Instead Obama bold-face lied about how the twit “served with honor and distinction” If brains were gasoline, you wouldn’t have enough to prime a piss-ants minibike

          • Well, the man did — until that day. Personally, his story strongly suggests mental illness.

          • Actually, you are taking Obama’s statement out of context. That is the same as lying.

            The young man had served with honor and distinction — then something went terribly wrong.

            The question is what went wrong and why?
            Has his trial begun yet?

          • Oh brother….. AK, You are hopeless!

          • Read the 5th Amendment.

            Either you are for or you are against the Constitution.

            Which is it Cindy?

          • Ya just realizing that Cindy?

          • aklady , according to her, is divorced from her military husband, a Vietnam Vet, etc….all the while no facts as to her MOS, rank, stationed ? Injured in her leg from where? Vietnam? Very vague aklady. Shes actually a very lonely lady, articulating lies to prolong conversation here.

          • I can tell you what he did wrong, he deserted his post. The only question is what will be done about it?

          • The 5th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution says he is INNOCENT UNTIL FOUND GUILTY BY A COURT OF COMPETENT JURISDICTION.

            He is accused of leaving his post.

            He has not yet been tried.

            It is not that complicated.

          • You are not a JAG, enough of your TV educated rant.

          • U.S. Constitutions, 5th Amendment

            “No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”

          • So, hes still going to be convicted.

          • I can tell you what he did wrong, he deserted his post. The only question is what will be done about it?

          • At the point he ceased to serve with “Honor and Distinction” he became one who did NOT serve with Honor and distinction. Besides, I don’t recall anyone divulging information about how Bergdahl spent his time in the military before desertion… Well accept for THIS:

            “10:20 a.m.

            Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s former squad leader in Afghanistan says Bergdahl wasn’t adjusting well to their deployment and that he suggested to higher-ups that Bergdahl speak to someone, such as a chaplain”
            This testimony paints a rather clear picture that Bergdahl was NOT serving with honor and distinction, even before he DESERTED.

          • Actually. it points to someone experiencing significant emotional issues.

            Innocent until proven guilty in a court of competent jurisdiction — that is the law.

            I refuse to play your game.

          • LMAO!!!! Good one.

          • Haha you mean Obama can gloss over his mistake with a wave of a pen. That never happens.

          • We Americans leave no one behind.
            Traitor? That is the media assumption.

            This is America. He is innocent until proven guilty in a court of competent jurisdiction.

          • Bathhouse Barry hasn’t the cajones to kill jihadists, heck he hasn’t the cajones to even call them what they are. He doesn’t want to insult his bros. He’s wasted billions to bomb 1 irrelevant truck at a time. He’s gutted the military of all the top brass that doesn’t blow him, prevents the boots on the ground from doing their jobs and using them for his social experiment. He just wants a military in pink camo, bowing to the camel jockeys (as he does)

          • Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

          • Why do you believe it is acceptable to bury your head in the sand?

          • Dylan, and everyone else, please do not “reply” to the trolls…..maybe they’ll go away

          • Ok, read this anyway. Can’t change stupid.

          • Your self-imposed ignorance is really stupid.

          • That interference in your vision; that is the sand your head is buried in.
            The Pope is Christ’s representative on Earth. Somehow, I cannot see Christ objecting to homosexuals

          • You are pos, where everyone on this planet that has read the “BIBLE” knows that homosexuality is a sin, you aklady are a sick porno loving as*, who by the way is the minority thought on your anus loving the penis filthy thought. You are not a race, so take your porno in the anus excuses off the real topic here. Say something substantive or shut up the fag, lgbt, stuff.

          • Only ignorant bigots continue to believe such idiocy.
            Your language says volumes about your Christianity.

          • not everyone is a christian. even non christians oppose perversion. ok??? i pray for everyones soul. i do not hate anybody. i hate what some DO, BIG DIFFERENCE.

          • Christianity, me? 1,000,000,000,000% correct!!! It shows ? YEESSSSSSSS!

          • So is adultery and it made the top ten list, how come homosexuality did not?

          • Homosexuality is a males penis up a males anus, described in the Bible as a sin, you aklady are the most ignorant, liar, ugly, pittiful, hideous, socialist demonrat that has ever commented.

          • Ignorance is bliss.

            Another self-proclaimed Christian that American can be proud of.

            Sad, very sad.

          • Why do we have to accept that you won’t accept facts…MSNBC is aklady.

          • Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • I repeat
            Infantile name calling.
            Abject bigotry.
            Numerous lies.
            Childish sexual preoccupation.

            Last, but not least by any means: Giving aid to the enemy. We are at war. Instead of adult discourse on issues, you attack and demean the President, who is also the Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces.

          • like i said, it is exactly what the left did to pres bush, only 100 times worse. spare me the hypocrisy, ”lady”! btw, bush was called names i would never call obama. stick that in your pipe & smoke it!!

          • Evidence — provide some.

          • The President needs to be demeaned because he is ruining this country. We may never recover from his tenure after he imports thousands of Muslims who are just like him.

          • Garbage higher and deeper.

            Bush destroyed the America economy. By the time he left office, we were dropping 1 million jobs each month.

            Freedom of religion is what our Founders fought and died for. Islam is not the enemy. People who use religion as a justification for killing are the enemy.

            Christians have done exactly that — all through history. They are doing it in the Central African Republic. They are doing it in Wisconsin. They are doing it in Oklahoma.
            Facts and figures say you are a bigot.

          • totally false. clinton’s housing bubble did that. bush tried like hell to stop it, but your parTy said NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

          • Two wars costing $1 million per day each — on barrowed money.

            Then, on top of that, there was the tax reduction for high income earners and corporations.

          • Go to Hel*, wow, your a POS, you lonely ugly aklady. freedom of spewing crap from your mindless mind.
            Good thing your only one,dry up you ugly christian hater.

          • Another “Christian” that America can be proud of !!!!

          • Girl, the first casualty in the American Revolution was a Muslim.

            Muslims arrived here before the founding of the United States, Thousands were brought here in chains and sold like livestock.

            Texas history records one of them names Estevanico.

            Look at Abdul-Rahman Ibrahim ibn Sori – a prince. He is known for his comment on Christianity and its precepts: “His principal objections are that Christians do not follow them.”

          • I don’t care a whit about Muslims hundreds of years ago. I care about what is happening now and it isn’t good for this country.

          • Hate is not good for this country. Muslims are part of this country have been since before we became a Nation.

            The Middle-east contains only a small fraction of the world’s Muslims.

            We are not at war with Islam.

            We are at war with evil doers who are using religion to brainwash illiterate people.

          • Really?
            You are focused on a few countries.
            The Middle-east is simply a very small drop in a very big ocean.

          • And the Muslims in the Middle East are creating HELL all over the world.

          • The Middle eastern terrorists are active – some, not all, are Muslim. Of course, the media brainwashing does not bother to tell you about the others.

          • bla, bla, bla, 1,400 yrs muslims have been waging war, now its time to kill them all, no matter what your trying to mean in you history lessons on muslims, isn’t changing the fact that these pork hating, rapists, beheading the innocent , carpet praying, non existing ever! al-ah. Since ‘ 83 I have either killed, shot by, studied, have known, Muslims/Islam/hezbollah/hamas. So go there in the Middle East, since you lov’em so much.

          • Another, Christian that America can be proud of !!
            Isn’t ignorance and bigotry beautiful to behold?

          • i repeat. you are a hypocrite on that issue.

          • Why do you believe it is acceptable to tells lies?
            I do not engage in such behavior.

          • And how much money did you make on those wars?

          • lib talking points are getting EXTREMELY boring.

          • And just put put a fag in charge of the Army.

          • Are you surprised? Look at the people he invited to meet the Pope…..fags, trannys, guess he couldn’t round up an aborted baby to put on display

          • This is a problem why?
            Because you are a bigot?

            Homosexuality is a normal variation.
            It has been document is 1,500 mammalian species.

          • Homosexuality is a vile sex act in the bedroom. Men acting and mindly wanting to be a female is a mental disorder as a liberal. Its proven to be an immoral display as a human being. You aklady have too much of your gay lovers juice on your brain. Fags are not a race. Gays are a perverted sexual thought and done by the same sex to each other. You can’t convince a RET-USN, ATTY, Business owner here. Don’t compare us with non-existing mammals. You are a liar. And your faggity rants here are useless. 1st ammend. allows me to say anything I want.

          • Science says you are wrong.

            Homosexuality in mammals has been documented — repeatedly in over 1,500 species.

            Bigotry is wrong.
            It is also illegal.

          • Microscopic mammals. Stupid assinine remarks. You are a sick individual, you will see your maker when your spirit is up for judgement.

          • There are no “microscopic” mammals.

            You better get that biology book back out of the closet. Mammals are hairy, warm blooded vertebrates.

          • we are created different. nice try.. oposing sin is not ”bigotry” get a new line already!!!

          • Either your are :created” differently”


            It is a sin.

            It cannot be both. God created all things, or so says thw Bible.

            Scientific evidence reflects there are genetic markers. Research also indicates that the gene is passed by the mother.

          • Where what?

          • Bigotry is not illegal!!!

          • Don’t bet on it.

          • I would not bet on that. Legality depends totally upon how it is expressed.

          • Typical talking points from a lesbo, fag, Name the Mammals??????

          • you’re right. i get so sick of libs constantly try using science to justify sin. where is the g-y gene?? i asked 1 lib, i never got a reply.

          • Science is the study of God’s creations.

            Are you one of those who believe the world is only 5,000 years old?

          • actually i think it’s about 10,000 yrs old.

          • The age of the Earth is 4.54 ± 0.05 billion years (4.54 × 109 years ± 1%).
            Or, roughly 4.5 billion years.

          • I’ve been sitting back with an occasional laugh as I read your post, but you just tipped you hand with:

            “actually i think it’s about 10,000 yrs old’.

          • i didn’t tip anything. i have always believed that. what is your problem?

          • I have no problem, you are entitled to Waller in all the ignorance that you can muster.

          • not ignorance. i feel sorry that you are so full of contempt of things spiritual. i will pray 4 you.

          • Little Girl,
            Anyone who believes the earth is only 10K years old is ripe with ignorance. God gave you a brain, Don’t waste it, Use it!

          • i am 37 years old. i wouldn’t talk trash about you. you should grow up. goodbye sir.

          • I have a son 13 years older than you and if he acted like a spoiled 12 year old, I would talk to him the same exact way!


          • Yep, that pesky Y chromosome…………………libs can’t be bothered with science and facts

          • Stephanie, there does not have to be a g*y gene. The developing baby is subject to hormones in the mother’s body. I have read this more than once in different places (and don’t ask where–I do not remember) that for each male child a woman produces there is a 30% greater chance that he will be g*y.

          • Self-imposed American ignorance, topped with hate.

            Isn’t it beautiful to behold.
            Educate yourself, so you do not keep advertising your ignorance before the world.

          • Hey pervert, name a 1,500 mammalian specie, your an idiot, perverted, sex act, all mental, not a race.

          • Hey, ignorant bigot, get off your lazy behind and educate yourself.

          • Yes, that may be true but does the President have to flaunt the issue?

          • Flaunt the U.S. Constitution? Yes, that is what he is sworn to do.

          • Fanning is currently serving as acting Army undersecretary, and previously worked as Air Force undersecretary and chief of staff to U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter

          • Infantile name calling.
            Abject bigotry.
            Numerous lies.
            Childish sexual preoccupation.
            Last, but not least by any means: Giving aid to the enemy. We are at war. Instead of adult discourse on issues, you attack and demean the President, who is also the Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces.

          • How much money did you make on those wars?

          • Lies. and more lies — piled higher and deeper

          • Good one. Thank you.

          • Not so sneaky bringing them in to our country by the camel loads. Why don’t you, AKC leg humper, and Realchick house and feed them, in your slum neighborhoods. We have enough illegal alien mouths to feed.

          • Another great lie and the only facts are in your mind. Again, why the name calling? Can’t you construct an argument? Not able to write a coherent position? Evidently not since you haven’t been able to do it. And then you put us into slums? Why do you assume that? The only enemy that I see is you. Evidently your are a potential native terrorist. Because you hate the President so much and the Federal Government that makes you so gullible to believe anything that supports your warped view of the world.
            I take it from all of your comments that you don’t have much of an education since you are not able to critically think or read. You evidently cannot provide a cogent argument or rebuttal but just respond like a ten-year old.
            I’m sorry that you probably see everyone else get theirs and not you, and it must be horrifying that someone unlike you could ever become President. That must be very frustrating that after have a history of only white presidents, you now have an African American. I’m sure you wondered how could that it be. I couldn’t be because he is intelligent, etc. No, he must have cheated; how else could a black man win. He cheated. In fact, there was a worldwide conspiracy to make him president from the moment of his birth. Thus you were gullible to believe he was born in Kenya and therefore a Kenyan. This, despite the fact that since his mother was an American then so was he at birth; no matter where he was born. But, that fact goes against your feeling of frustration that you couldn’t get a head but a black man could. so, you also come to the conclusion that all of Obama’s life is a fake, a like. He never went to Columbia or Harvard Law. Or it was all affirmative action and that is how he made the Law Review (even though selection is based on blind applications).
            All of this combined with your blind hatred of your government, which leads you to believe that FEMA has 800 re-education camps; Jade Helm 15 was a plot for creating martial law; that Obama is going to take away your guns (even though he expanded gun rights), that he would bankrupt the states with the ACA or that gas would go up to $10 a gallon and unemployment would rise.
            So, it must be frustrating that none of that has happened. Unemployment is lower than Reagan’s presidency; there are millions now that have healthcare, gas is down a dollar per gallon and could be going lower; the states have not been bankrupted, the auto industry was saved.
            Being so success, you and others like you turn these achievements into attacks upon you and all Americans. You claim that you are losing your rights, but no right has been taken away.
            Enough. Bottom line, it must be hard to see how you are a loser and a black man is not..

          • WOW Mo-HAM dud! Why so vitriolic? All I asked is why don’t you, AKC leg humper, and Realchick house and feed them, in
            your slum neighborhoods. We have enough illegal alien mouths to feed. Legit question ASSHOLE!

          • Vitriol? It’s not vitriol if it is true, and since you didn’t deny any of it, I guess I hit it on the button. As for dealing with refugees, my church has volunteered to take in some, and I am a volunteer as well. As for my home, not slum like yours. I presume you live in the basement of your parents, or a trailer part, or you house is up on concrete blocks.
            Unlike you most, most illegal aliens are hard workers, who hardly ever seek money form the government or go to law enforcement for help. As for mouths to feed, not really with the illegals since they don’t apply for aid, etc. What is the problem is actual corporate welfare and frankly, those who were so stupid that they bought homes and had taken out mortgages that they could never pay for. And people like you who complain about the government but yet turn to government/public schools wants the Federal government to stay away from their Mediare and just plain never made a contribution to society.

          • California officials estimate that $650 million in welfare benefits will
            be distributed to undocumented immigrant parents in Los Angeles County
            in 2013. “When you add the $550 million for public safety and nearly $500 million
            for healthcare, the total cost for illegal immigrants to county
            taxpayers exceeds $1.6 billion dollars a year,” Antonovich said in a statement.
            “These costs do not even include the hundreds of millions of dollars
            spent annually for their education or incarceration of the illegal

            Center for Immigration Studies released a report Wednesday with some
            discouraging statistics for anyone who supports an open-borders policy.
            Using numbers from the Census Bureau, the study found that 51% of
            immigrant households were using some form of welfare. This is far higher
            than the native-born rate, which stands at 30%, and it includes
            Medicaid benefits, food stamps, reduced-price school lunches, and
            housing assistance. For immigrant households with children, that figure
            goes up to a stunning 76%.

        • Obama is a highly educated, successful black man.

          …and he makes more money than you do.

          • That’s because he is stealing it from us. Have you heard his new plan called myRa. If you are a senior you better find out quick. He is taking our savings and replacing with Gov Bonds. Didn’t ask me. Happening in October. Going to put our money and spread it around because not every one has a savings acct. there goes my retirement plans. What happens to the cash. Hummmmmm. Another big vacation for the Obamas

          • That is a great idea.
            It is especially advantageous for those who cannot get a bank account because they have bad credit.
            Granny, they don’t want your money — this is for young people.

          • I see you know nothing about myRa. Wrong answer. If they don’t want my money why are they taking,it.

          • You little lady don’t know as much as you think. That makes for a dangerous person. There is no room to learn because you have all the answers, that makes for short answers because you know you can get caught. You will not listen to any other suggestions because you you know it all. You feel empowered to throw out bits & pieces of what the gov. Tells you without question. You follow like a lamb to the slaughter. I am sorry for you. I’m sure it’s hard to know everything. You are a child a child of God and you are speaking and acting like a child. Repeating as a child does to what you have been told by Obama. I’m sorry for you.

          • Another one the enemy has co-opted.

            TotallyGranny gives the enemy her complete cooperation and assistance.

            She has bought the propaganda and brainwashing with glee.

          • Out of one side of your mouth you talk bad about people on welfare.

            Out of the other side of your mouth, you are talking bad about the government putting a program in place to make sure people save money for emergencies and old age.

            Totally unfair.

          • Where did you get that information? Where did you get the idea they didn’t want my money? And I promise you we are retired, I am a Granny and a Great-Granny. We live very very modestly. How can you say taking what little we have to live on until we die, be given to young people is a good thing. WHO ARE YOU?

          • Unless your a self made millionaire in your younger years you work your entire life and then retire. That money is yours and nobody elses, and forcing retirees to take a miniscule replacement of what they worked hard for their entire lives is paramount to forced taxation, and is tyranny. They have no right to to force socialistic wealth redistribution on anybody. You need to look up MyRa. If someone doesnt have a bank account, thats their problem, not the other way around. Besides its not difficult to get a bank account unless your a deadbeat and owe everyone money. Young people need to come to the realization that everyone elses money is not theirs period.

          • Your not young, Vietnam Vet, you said earlier. Your an angry Black woman who can’t call out a 1/2 black , liberal, socialist, muslim loving Pres who he really is because you as a black person can’t call out another black person, this is a fact !!!! Known by the black on black crime going on in Chicago, where is your stance on obummer’s city, where is Black Lives Matter in Chicago? POS. Why bring this up? your credibility is in question.

          • You need to get your facts strait. You must be a racist. You seem to have a problem saying half black man. I don’t know. It just looks like you have a problem with white people.

          • here we go w/ the ‘ole race card. i think that’s all aklady has

          • She doesn’t even have the race card Stephanie. She’s hopeless. Mentally ill maybe?

          • worse, i have mental illness and i know better! hahaha!

          • Too many words to type. Besides, it is an unnecessary detail.

          • Was that enough words for you

          • Granny black is black — always has been. It can be as little as 1/100th – It is still “colored”.

          • Especially if it gets you something free.

          • Well, I tell you what — no amoun5t of “free stuff” can possibly make up for living with the hate you are spewing.

          • Yep, AK, you’re definitely brain washed and hopeless.

          • half white actually….. LOL

          • I stand corrected!!! Haha its past my bed time.

          • TotallyGranny aklady is a very angry black woman. Perfectly clear. Took a while, buts its evidently clear now.

          • You are totally right about that. She will never understand what I was trying to say to her in other tweets. I believe that a person that has just a little education can be very dangerous. Especially when they think they know more than anyone else. You can’t talk to them because they know everything. I just washed my hands and kicked the dust of my feet and left her behind. She will always think she is better than everyone else. You are right. She is just an angry, hate filled woman, who will spread her hate where ever she goes. Glad I wasn’t the only one to see it.

          • The Dear Leader was GIVEN every degree he has from schools that have no records of him ever attending. And he lives in ‘Money Central’. Every politician who gets elected goes in a thousandaire and comes out a millionaire…all on a couple of hundred thousand a year. It ought to be renamed Washington, GC, for Graft and Corruption.

          • Garbage.
            Why do you lie?
            There were these two books he wrote — before he was elected. They are still selling at a pretty good clip.
            Why don’t you try your hand at writing a book.

          • I’m well qualified to, if I wanted. But, sadly Barack isn’t:



          • America is under attack..

            The propaganda and brainwashing in use is extremely effective.

            Aunt Dot’s post stands to evidence those facts.

            She is being used by the enemy and cooperates with great pleasure.

          • You are a bigot —
            an ignorant foul-mouthed bigot.

          • Wrong. No one has seen his grades. No papers written on his Phd, Masters Degree, Associates Degree. I have an MBA, from UCLA, “Go Bruins”. My grades are public record, Papers written on all my graduating classes are public record to prove against fraud. Obummer has never had a job. Hes 1/2 black. Has used 5 different SSI#’s. His current SSI# is from Con. where hes never resided. He used a different name on his student application. Who paid for his college ? He was not ever awarded a scholarship at Columbia. He at the age of 14 to 18 was mentored by Michael David Franklin, a convicted rapist, convicted pedophile, Communist Card Member. Factual, wikipedia & police records are there. Successful ? Muslim Jerimiah Right follower. G. Sorros is backing obummer, he spent $2.3 million to hide the records of Barak. So you as a black woman?? Have the oath to not call out a fellow black person…this is a fact.!! Barak the muslim loving hussein obummer ‘s true person will be exposed after his term is up. Like every one else, truth comes out in the long run-Dignity of humanity. Even yours. You aklady talk a lot about yourself in so many ways there are loop holes, lies, imaginery truths.

          • “Factual, wikipedia & police records are there.”

            You’re kidding, right?

          • FACT, Frank Marshall Davis, wikidepia, plice records of his arrest(s). You aklady just stay up there in ak, don’t come here kissing as* to Obummer, and when facts expose this fraud, incompetent, muslim, frequenting the gay bars on Wednesdays in Chicago up ’til 2004 , community organizer Obummer.

          • Robert,
            First things First. I’m not a democrat and did not vote for Obama, nor did I support or defend the administration of George W Bush and both tie in the worse president in my life time.

            Wikipedia is not taken seriously as a research resource since people like you and I can add and delete the content and therefore it’s credibility is called into question.

            Perhaps you would do better to ask yourself if everything you read o the internet is actually true? For example, when Sarah Paling made her famous gaff on Paul Revere, Wikipedia had to shut down the edit feature of their site because people were trying to rewrite the history of Paul Revere to match Sarah Palin’s gaff.

            Do you really believe that Obama was not at Harvard or earned a degree there? Everything that you have stated reeks of urban legion.

          • So, since you want to but into my conversation with aklady, YOU bob666 are spinning what I said,I know Obummer went to Harvard, I’m asking what his grades were! His position papers he wrote to get his degrees? As for Frank Marshall Davis, I saw this as a kid growing up!! You are a back up liar, just mentioned wi & goog. because it mentioned facts. As for who in the hell are you, to interrupt me here, your a liberal kiss ass. Frank Marshall Davis has already been exposed in 2009 & 10. You showed your credibility to such a screwed up individual like Wasserman Schulz of the Demonrats. Take your rant of lies to the dumpster like the rest of the lieing liberal Demonrats. See what happens when you put your nose into others business.You reek of foul lies, spin, And you definately reek of obummers ass on your nose.

          • I can back up my claims with legitimate sources Robert,
            Can you?

          • Your legitimately stupid in negating facts that the other 300,000 million other people are wanting to see obummer’s past records. You have no facts but bullsh#t rants. Lets see, Bush fought the Demonrats for 8 years in congress, why the Fag, Barney Frank & Chriss Dodd changed the banking regulations forcing loans to poor people to get mortgages. That led to the Collapse of the financial system at the end of Bush’s term. Facts. So your legitimacy is corrupted/cloudy financially speaking. Domestic Economics, foreign economics with politics is my profession since I’m in the business already, since I deal with textiles and electronics on an import & export business here in San Diego,Ca.

          • Robert,

            you seem to see the world with rose colored glasses , “ou have no facts but bullsh#t rants. Lets see, Bush fought the Demonrats for 8 years in congress, why the Fag, Barney Frank & Chriss Dodd changed the banking regulations forcing loans to poor people to get mortgages”.

            You have produced nothing but opinions.

          • These are facts, proves your mind is in denial…one question…and this will sum it all up for me. Do you know / listen to Michael Savage?

          • You can’t understand my writings, rose colored glasses? I just mentioned a Coup in Iran because of what Carter did, he started a war & Jihad against the U.S. how’s this a rose colored glass, You are a complete dumb as#.

          • In closing here, and with no future commenting on a closed minded liberal like yourself, Obummers grades are a paid, closed to the public record. Fact. Freedom of public information act, can’t even be used to get Obummer’s grades from Harvard, Columbia, or HS. And you are an Obama voter and your a hater of all conservatives. By the way, former Pres Carter was the worst pres ever! Ask the Iranian people how they like Carter, Carter started the jihad,islam hating America by him letting the Ousted,hiding in France, islam jerk back into Iran, overthrowing the “Shaw”. You bo666 are an uninformed idiot.

          • Well Robert,
            You would appear to believe that everything on the internet is true-and you call other people idiots? BTW Carter was #2, as Bush 41 has the title of most incompetent president in the last 100 years.

          • I was in Lebanon, with my Dad who was in the USN, when the movement to overthrow the Shaw was working!! Your an expected ass who has never been & lived in the Middle East? Your crap for facts don’t exist for Arab countries, Carter was the worst- He created Jihad, Iraq’s worst enemy is/was Iran, your a fool. 16 year war was because of Carters action you idiot. bob666 your credibility is shot, You no longer need to comment on anything related to the Middle East, Obummer, economics, or foreign politics, you have never , ever resided out of the U.S.Stay with knitting, yoga, vegetarian foods, left wing, socialist, liberal interests. Let us educated, international travelers, business owners, conservative men & women run this country like the constitution says. You, liberal Demorats had your 40 yrs. DONE! TRUMP 2016!

          • Your list doesn’t matter.Bush never allowed us to be attacked, under Obummer, Ft.Hood, Marathon Bombers, Tennessee x 2, under wear Bomber. You know what? shut up.

        • Al, how much money did you make on those wars?

      • Trained children?
        Just how did he do that?

      • muskat antonopolis

        oo….I would be really amazed if everything that has been labeled “the fault of Obama” were even
        a little bit true….If he, Obama, had brought all of this about..then he truly in my estimation is a
        remarkable person…but seeing how NOTHING was accomplished by our Pres. that required the
        cooperation of our Congress for the last few years…then just how did the Pres. get ALL of this
        accomplished…..he is not omnipresent…cannot be everywhere at once….so just how is it that
        he got everything that is said to be “his fault” done?….oh, I get it…….a Secret Army of thousands
        of muslims, like Santa*s elves, working non-stop around the clock working the Pres*s. devious
        plan to over-throw the USA and make slaves of the Christian anglo….?!? Please put your
        energy into something substantial…something that will benefit this people and QUIT the fear
        mongering….hardly anybody truly believes much of what you say…..most simply read your
        posts, shake their head in pity, chuckle softly and then FORGET what you posted….I do not know
        of anyone who would vote for the current Pres. again if given the chance….I certainly would not..
        but…use your intelligence wisely……vote Smart…..have a good day

      • False information and rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots.


    • I’d say that if you look at it from a national level (not local) about 90% of the democrats and 100% of the progressives are NWO communists. In fact the progressive pigs are self-admitted NWO Communist while obama is a self-proclaimed Marxist he is also NWO right up to his flappy ears. obama is a Gay, Racist, Islamist, Marxist tyrant.

    • and a non-muslim even younger boy eats a “pop tart” wrong(?) and the teacher thinks it looks to be the shape of a gun, so that boy is disciplined, for what? The country (and the world) is really headed in the wrong direction.

      • Have to agree with you on that, but would your examples actually be arrested and interrogated without the presence of parents? But, we have some really student school principals and administrators.

    • And don’t even think about tolerating a 3rd grader biting a pop tart into the shape of a “gun”

    • You are 100% right on!

    • Do you kiss your loved ones with that filthy mouth?

      Love thy neighbor — only if they are white, Christian, are not poor, Republican, selfish, bigoted …

      • Hey miss leftist mentally disordered useful idiot, Devil Advocate lover kiss off! That is the trouble with you insane leftists – you put words to mean more than actions – as in your Muslim-Marxist jihadist’s lying mouth as he destroys the nation! You know where you can stick all of your touchy, feely drivel!

        • You’ve got to pick- Marxist or Jihadist; radical Black Christian or Muslim. The only people who are destroying this nation are whiners like you. People like you claim they are losing their rights, but they haven’t. They want to take their country back – but from whom? Just Democrats, or those who don’t look like you? Or, do you believe on Republicans are Americans? Now, that Obama is heading into the end of his term, which month do you think he is going to send you to a FEMA death camp? Oops, that didn’t occur during Jade Helm 15, so when? When is the ATF coming to your home to grap your guns? Which month? When are you expecting Obama to reject the first amendment and have you arrested because of what you have said on this website?

        • So grown up.
          So Christian.
          Go back to playing with your toy trucks and plastic army men.

          • Heh, heh, cute but you are the one that won’t face reality but you are about to get the shock of your life very soon!

          • OOOO, so angry with any one mentioning Moocher Michele, Bath House Barry,. All up kissing their as*, you act like you have a free obummer cell phone. This 1/2 breeded muslim loving pos of a president is purging the military with transgenders, fags, lesbos. And we don’t have the right to call him and moocher Michele out on it? We will let Donald Trump do it for us !!!! You are an as* kisser Lover of the liberals, illegal aliens, sanctuary city lover & every thing else Obummer’s policy’s are. Donald Trump, Ben Carson (1000% Black Man) is calling out Berghdal, obummer, and all the others like you aklady, now whos got more money than your obummer? For sure Trump does. Besides Ben Carson is of a much higher education than Obummer, separated twins…Obummer separates himself from americans, hes 100% muslim.

  3. Let’s
    be clear. There is no excuse for what happened to Muhamed, – See more

    • YES!!!! RIGHT ON!!!! RIGHT ON!!!!

    • You left out all the pics of the terrorist pigs training kids around that age training with ak47s and suicide vests. They are proud of it and the mothers are so pleased.

    • That jihadist Ft. Hood shooter that Obama won’t call a terrorist. Why is he still alive? I bet he is still getting officers pay.

      • And your sources for that are those who make their money off your paranoia. Pamela Geller is a joke.

        • You are unbelievable stupid. If you have a school project, you do not hide the project in a case; rather you display it on a platform such as as piece of plywood or something similar. It does not take much reasoning to see this was a setup. BTW, only one source is Pamela Geller and facts are facts regardless of the source. Heck, I sometimes quote the NYT, which is a propaganda machine for the Democratic party and leftist.

          • Gellar makes up her own facts, as does your other source. First, this wasn’t a school project. The kid is a geek and wanted to show his teacher that he made a clock all by himself. What he forgot is that most people look at him and see a terrorist. His own teacher, who apparently does not know her students, immediately thought bomb.
            The NYT is not a propaganda machine for the Democratic party. It was the NYT that published false reports that led to the Iraq War, and the originated in the White House with Cheney and Rove. There was recently false reporting that Clinton was under a criminal investigation. In that case, there was sloppy reporting and no checking of sources. But, the Times has a long history of attacking both Clintons. She has received much favorable reporting from the so-called liberal media.
            But back to the kid, for Sudanese Americans, it would appear that they need to teach their children that most Americans will automatically hate them; that their country hates them because they are black and Muslim. It was the same thing when I was a kid that many of my Jewish friends were told by their parents that most Americans hated them because they were Jews. Of course, they didn’t really need that lesson, since they were weekly bullied and beaten by several of their schoolmates because they were Jewish.

          • You are very, very stupid and unable to think for yourself. Again, you do not hide the project in a case.

          • The case was a the clock case, moron. He wasn’t hiding anything. But, you could care less. If the kid is black and a Muslim, that automatically equates to terrorist threat. I guess you also assume that when you see a Catholic priest, you automatically identify him as a child molester? Or if you see an Italian you automatically think Mafia?

          • Below is a picture of the case. How is that a clock case? Why do you keep on trying to prove how stupid you are? You have already proven that.

          • That is what he used for his clock case. Would it be any difference if it was a jewelry box. We are dealing here with a 14 year old geek. If I had been him, I wouldn’t have brought it to class or ever standout in class by answering questions from the teacher. Keep a low profile because of my name and how I look.

          • You are truly pathetic; how do you survive in life?

          • That’s what I like. Name calling instead of an actual discussion. To answer your question – by rational and logical thinking. You should try it some time. LOL

          • You have proven that you are incapable of rational thinking. You have shown that you will ignore facts that disagree with your preconception. You are not capable of understanding simple things. It would be a waste of time trying to explain quantum mechanics to a 6 year old, or pointing out all the flaws in your attempts at an argument or a rational and logical reply.

          • Again, name calling. The only impression I get from you is that you are acting and thinking like a scared ten year old. The kid simply built a clock; the only thing at hand was the attache case to put all of the messy insides in. He was dumb to think that he could show his teacher that he could make a clock without her immediately jumping to the conclusion that it was a bomb. All of which shows that she didn’t know much about her own students; immediately assumed that if you are a Muslim, you must be bringing a bomb. The police arrest the kid and then denying his parents to be present. That, by the way, is illegal. You can’t interrogate a minor without a parent present or a legal guardian.

          • You cannot see how illogical your argument is, can you? He can get parts to build a clock, but could not get a small piece of plywood to display his clock. He would have “messy insides,” which would be more difficult to display at school, instead of have an organized display that is easy to show. Also your arguments have been full of name calling such as accusing the teacher of thinking that if a person is a Muslim he must be bring a bomb.

          • That’s not name calling – the teacher immediately assumed it was a bomb. If she had actually knew the child, she would have known that he wouldn’t bring a bomb. And the kid used what was available to him. Look at the other project he showed to the media. He likes to tinker about. In addition, the kid is smart enough to know that if you are going to bring a bomb to class, make certain that no one could ID it as a bomb. Backpack? Lunch box?

          • So the teacher immediately assumed it was a bomb because he is a muslim and that is not calling her Islamophobic? You cannot even see that you called her Islamophobic? The kid is smart, but dumb enough not to know that if he brought a case, with something ticking inside someone might think it is a bomb? You cannot see how illogical that is? Again, you keep on proving how you are incapable of thinking logically and I guess I am being stupid for continuing this conversation with a person who is incapable of thinking logically.

          • And the Boston bomber terrorists were just heating up their crock pot for a stew………………………

          • A rational and logical thinker would come to the conclusion that this was a suspicious looking “clock”. Had that teacher NOT followed through with suspicion and it WAS a bomb you would probably still be defending this muzzie

          • It only came to be suspicious is when he plugged it in! Really, a bomb that needs to be plugged in. Again, we are dealing with a teacher who didn’t know this kid at all. Not a teacher who has much contact with the students. But, again, if it was a white kid would this have occurred? I don’t think so, and I am not claiming racism here. Stereotyping yes, but that’s no racism. But, we are a nation now that stereotypes all Muslims as terrorists. No new, we did it with Japanese Americans during WWII. Put them in camps. Funny, we never did that with German Americans.
            Still, my real problem is denying parents to be present during the interrogation. That you can’t do when dealing with a minor. Plus, the paranoia that is spreading that the kid was trying to test the school’s security or that he was playing a hoax. None of which is true, and if it was, I would have expected the kid to be still under arrest. It is Texas, for god’s sake..

          • How do you?

          • That’s you response?

          • Seemed appropriate for a measured response at the moment. I wanted to see if it would be rhetorical.

          • I’m beginning to agree, because we have become a nation of scared people. But, I still wonder if he wasn’t a Sudanese American, we would have the same situation. What I didn’t like was how his parents were denied being present during the kid’s interrogation. That is a doobie no no. And, this could have been settled when it was clear that it was just a clock and the kid just wanted to show off to his teacher. But, then again, you get a lot of overreactions from teachers and principals. But there is an overreaction by a lot of commentators claiming that the kid was testing his school for security.

          • Morgan,
            You problem is; you’re trying to have a rational debate with people who lack any desire to be rational. The believe what they choose to believe and what they believe on a rare occasion coincides with fact and reality.

          • I know. It reminds of a professor who was a Jesuit priest. He had to give a lecture at a Franciscan seminary and as he was leaving to give the lecture, talked about casting pearls before swine. LOL

          • If you look hard enough, the bible has some wisdom that applies to just about any situation, but most tend to pick and choose to support their personal agenda.


          • VirginiaConservative

            It is funded by george soros. I suspect it gets paid by the number of words posted.

          • VirginiaConservative

            ” The kid is a geek and wanted to show his teacher that he made a clock all by himself.”
            My aren’t you gullible.
            The kid tore apart an old alarm clock and put the pieces in a box.
            If you take your head out of your butt, you can see that the circuit board is not something a hobbyist would produce.

          • Never claimed that he did. So, I guess that anyone who is not a Christian is a potential terrorist. During the police interrogation the kid admitted that he was playing a hoax and that the police just decided to let him go, or the police were incompetent here. What we have is a dumb situation with some overreacting and especially the latter with people like you.

          • VirginiaConservative

            You Lie!
            A quote from your post
            “The kid is a geek and wanted to show his teacher that he made a clock all by himself.”
            Subject: Re: Comment on Big Government to Blame for Muslim Student’s Arrest

        • His dad is an activist muzzie, ran for pres of Sudan or whatever hell hole they’re from, twice.

          • So what? Have you read his bio? It is a rags to riches story. So, he is a Muslim; that doesn’t automatically equate to terrorist. I believe he is planning on running for presdent of the Sudan again. And, again, why not. He is a successful businessman. He owns a cab company.

          • So what? Have you read Bathhouse Barry’s bio? It’s a fags to hags story. So, he’s a muzzie………….

          • I’ve read it and none of which you say is true. I take it that you get all of your news and information on websites like this one. What was it – World News Daily that claimed that we have FEMA concentration camps and that on a trip to India, it was costing us like $2 billion or more? By the way when it comes to terrorist training camps – everyone knows whether Muslims are being trained to fight: Every US military base because 10,000 Muslim Americans are in the military. LOL

          • Get yourself a copy of the Quran in English and see if you can read through it. Then come back and tell me if they follow it as they are told to that Muslim doesn’t equal terrorist.

        • No; you are; IF you are too Stupid and/or Delusional NOT to plainly see what is going on in and around this former Republic right now.

          • We are still a democratic republic, although billionaires are trying to buy the next president. So, tell me what is going on? When it comes to being a Republic – do you still have freedom of speech without the government arresting you? Do you still have freedom of religion? Do you still have the right bear arms? Free assembly? Free from having your home occupied by the military? With some exceptions, do the police still require a warrant? So, what rights have you lost?
            If you are an American who is a Muslim, does that mean you should lose all of your constitutional rights?
            I am sorry that you are so fearful – but we have become a nation of the scared, not the brave. But, fear is a powerful force. It has long been a dictum in political theory, going back to the 5th century B.C, at least, that if your ruler or political leaders use fear, then they can get their citizens to do anything that they want. Plus, when people are afraid, they want their government to end their fears, not matter what it takes.

          • VirginiaConservative

            :… billionaires, hollywood and the lying media bought the last president…”
            Fixed it for you, no charge.

          • Not billionaires. The problem with you is if you read anything that disagrees with your preconceived beliefs and biases, then it is a lie.

          • George Sorso!

          • One? Only One? The Koch brothers can buy Soros four or five times over. But I don’t find Soros calling for the end of public education. He is not like the Koch brothers who are against dealing with climate change because it would hurt their business. The only politician that I have seen recognizing that he has been bought and paid for is Scott Walker when he thought he was talking to one of the Koch brothers, but was talking to a DJ pretending to be Koch. Walker talked to ‘Koch’ as if he was an employee.
            Plus, you have a number of Tea Party organizations that are just an extension of the Koch brothers.

          • Penny Pritzker, one of 11 members of the famous Chicago family that appear on
            the Forbes list of the 400 richest Americans (combined net worth as of September: $21.6 billion).
            Google chief executive Eric Schmidt .
            Microsoft founder Bill Gates and chief executive Steve Ballmer have each contributed $50,000 to the festivities.
            Famed Hollywood director Steven Spielberg, Dreamworks
            co-founder David Geffen and Star Wars creator George Lucas all threw
            their support behind the president-elect through campaign donations.
            Jeffrey Katzenberg, Financier Ken Griffin, leader of Chicago hedge fund Citadel, and
            famously left-leaning moneyman George Soros also contributed money to
            Obama, as has legendary investor Warren Buffett.

            Obama has promised big business will not have a prominent place at
            the table. But with so many billionaires chipping in, can he not help
            but include them in policy decisions?

            “When the government gets as big and powerful as it is, people with
            influence will maneuver to become a part of the process,” said David
            Boaz, Executive Vice President of the Cato Institute, a Washington D.C.-
            based think tank.

          • VirginiaConservative

            Not billionaires. I see, so it was only multi-millionaires and that makes it ok. What about george soros , warren buffet and bill gates etc …
            When did they stop being billionaires?
            Did soros stop funding the super pacs?
            ” The problem with you is if you read anything that disagrees with your preconceived beliefs and biases, then it is a lie.” Never claimed it was a lie, I simply changed your incorrect statement. Where did 0bama get the money for his campaign?

            Subject: Re: Comment on Big Government to Blame for Muslim Student’s Arrest

          • Buffet, Gates and Soros, are not attempting to buy politicians. They have not set up organizations that will lie to you about renewable energy sources and climate change. Buffett and Gates are planning on eventually giving all of their money away to charities. You don’t have that with the Koch brothers. They have set up research centers at over 300 universities to promote their agenda. They require that they have control over the hiring of faculty for those centers, so that when members of those centers testify before a legislative body, they have the appearance of being independent scientists, but their salaries from the Koch brothers. Check it out, there was a recent scandal about that.
            Obama had the backing of a lot of people on Wall Street, but he was not their stooge – most of them oppose him because he has wanted restrictions on their activities, so that they won’t sell junk bonds which they will then bet against to make a profit. Plus, he had millions of people making small donations. Something that is forgotten now.
            However, I don’t believe he went far enough. I think those who were the heads of the great banks that led us to the collapse of 2008 should have been arrested and convicted of fraud. I think he should have attempted to break up the banks that are supposedly to big to fail. Or, at least attempt to do so because the Republicans want everything the way it was prior to the crash. So, if Republicans have their way, the investment bankers the Wall Street will sell you stock, knowing that it will fail. They will do this so that they can buy and set short and make millions, and you have lost your money.
            Also, just an addition here, I am critical of Obama ignoring Syria’s crossing the line with the use of chemical weapons. We should have done something, however, those opposing Assad were members of ISIS and we would have been giving arms to ISIS. But, something more should have been done. But I also realize that he has wanted us to stay out of another major war.

          • VirginiaConservative

            “Buffet, Gates and Soros, are not attempting to buy politicians.”

            You should take your comedy show on the road.
            You are right on one thing, they have already bought 0bama, pelosi, reed, schumer, etc ……. It as a very profitable purchase too.

            Buffet donates to 0bama, buffet supports 0bama’s stand on the Keystone pipeline, buffet owns a a railroad that transports oil that should flow through a pipe., buffet makes millions, buffet donates to 0bama …….. soros donates to supper pacs that support 0bama , soros funds environmentalists that support 0bama, 0bama declares war on cheap electricity from coal, 0bama’s actions (via the epa) shut down power plants, the stock price of coal mining stock drops, soros buys companies, soros ships coal overseas and makes millions. 0bama shuts down drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, oil rigs leave the gulf for deep water sights off the coast of Brazil owned by soros, 0bama gives $2billion to Brazil to develop offshore oil, soros makes millions ……….. Do you see how that works??

            Shall I explain why zuckerberg support 0bama?
            Subject: Re: Comment on Big Government to Blame for Muslim Student’s Arrest

    • How many attacks exactly and where? You base your position on movies? But, let’s see, what was the great bombing in our history – was it done by a Muslim? Nope, a Christian. Why should we not be suspicious of Christian kids – when you think about all of the white Christian supremacist groups preaching violence and death to blacks and Jews? When it comes to all of our gun massacres the majority of the shooters were white and Christian. We still have the KKK, the Aryan Nations, Aryan Brotherhood, Christian Identity groups.

      • independent thinker

        ” But, let’s see, what was the great bombing in our history – was it done by a Muslim?”
        Uhh YES. Unless you subscribe to the theory that 9/11 was totally an inside job by the US government with no islamic involvement.
        Now I am going to guess you are referring to the OKC bombing in which case I have seen absolutely no proof that McVeigh was or claimed to be a Christian.

        • I would categorize 9/11 as a terrorist bombing, no more than the Japanese Kamikaze of WWII. As for McVeigh, he was Roman Catholic. There were times that he claimed to be an agnostic, or that science was his religion. But in the end, he was Roman Catholic and he took the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick, i.e., Last Rites
          He was never associated with any extremist groups. He was only a registered Republican and an NRA member, Nothing wrong about that.

      • VirginiaConservative

        “How many attacks exactly and where?”
        One is too damned many!
        It also depends on what you call an attack. It is possible to plan and execute an attack and have it fail therefore,,,, the shoe bomber was an attack (he boarded a plane with a bomb and attempted to set it off) the underwear bomber did the same. Then there is nadal hasan who killed 13 soldiers at Fort Hood (Aren’t you the same idiot worried about 5000 muslin soldiers? Fort Hood is a good reason to muster them all out.) Just recently four marines and a sailor were killed in Tennesee and the two jerks that tried to kill Pamela Geller in Texas……

        Shall I continue???

        • We have 5,000 to 10,000 Muslims in the military. So, what you want to do is arrest them, discharge them on the basis of their religion. Now, what do you want to do to these Americans? Put them in concentration camps? What do you want to do with all Muslim Americans – arrest them and put them into concentration camps? Perhaps you want to do that with all Americans who origins are in the Middle East, North Africa, and Indonesia, since they might be secret Muslims. Let’s just strip them of their citizenship.
          That will not happen. We don’t do that to Americans that belong to Christian terrorist groups.

          • VirginiaConservative

            II said MUSTER THEM OUT, not arrest or imprison.
            You are the one that advocates arrest and concentration camps.
            Typical lefty hyperbole, The left always does that. You set up camps and arrest people or put people in mental hospitals because they don’t agree with you then blame it on someone else.
            Nidal hasan is an example of “good” muslim in our military that reverted to type and shot 13 of his fellow soldiers. If you were not so stupid you would see that a good number of those people could be in the militayr for training and access to secrets. A soldier takes an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies. The teachings of islam are in direct contention with our Constitution. For example, The 1st amendment.. Islam does not allow for any religion other than islam. How can a soldier defend something he doesn’t believe in and something that is against everything he is taught??
            Will a muslim take orders from a superiro officer if it happens to be woman? Are you familiar with taqiya?
            Subject: Re: Comment on Big Government to Blame for Muslim Student’s Arrest

      • Shoe bomber, Boston, Ft. Hood, Oklahoma beheading….. want more Mo-hamad? Take your racist, bigoted crap elsewhere.

  4. It is funny how liberals are falling all over themselves to find racism, within the very institutions that they control….

  5. I agree this was a clear case of bureaucratic officials overreacting and not thinking, and the result was clearly unfair to this young man.
    But if the young man had been a white Christian, do you think Obama would have invited him to the White House?


      • What does one of their bombs look like??? Well, from the pictures I have seen, there are NO explosives anywhere around the device.
        Now, that being said, if I were the principal or one of the cops there, this is what I would have done:
        First, after looking the device over, I would have asked Ahmed what it was, then asked him to explain how it worked and then how he made it. In other words, let Ahmed tell us what it is.
        The same would have gone for the cops. In fact, after he explained that he had invented this device, I would have double checked the workings and then complimented him on his ingenuity. I sure as hell would not have placed him in handcuffs. There appears to be more and more kis in schools being handcuffed “just because”. If the student was/is violent or putting up resistance, then ok, handcuff him or her. But to interview a student who is NOT resisting in any manner, sounds like overkill to me and I spent 30 years as a LEO.

        • And if you had done this your way, and in fact it would have be terrorist teenager’s REAL BOMB, you would have been DEAD along with anyone else in the area! If no other students that day had any items similar or looking to be a part of a school project, it would be better to isolate the student and his “clock” before asking your questions. It’s a different world out there today we all have to deal with. As the predominate terrorist race against America and the World at this time, and as more and more Muslims resettle into our Society (along with a few terrorists they will have mixed into the group), just as our seated President wants and I fully expect him to do, the chances of this happening become more and more a real possibility. Like it or not, in the future, the fact of personal bombs will become a part of our everyday lives. As Infidels we must be aware of the Koran’s teachings and do everything we can to prevent it from happening if we are to survive. If this means no more Muslims immigrating into our country for starters, so be it.

          • OK. Good comment. BUT, where is the C-4 or the dynamite sticks, etc.?
            What I am trying to say is I believe this was a knee jerk reaction before stopping and thinking a little bit. Knee jerk reactions seem to be the answer to everything that is even the least bit odd looking or suspicious.
            Just for kicks and giggles Neal, I spent 30 years as a LEO and at one time was the incident commander of a countywide response team that responded to everything from toxic spills to explosions to train derailments and on and on. Guess that was in a different time frame though. Nowadays, we go off half cocked and hope for the best, which by the way seldom happens. It’s usually the worst thing that happens and then we spend time and effort backpedalling and apologizing, and at times we even hit it right…..
            As for the portion of your comment about the muzzies, I couldn’t agree
            with you more !!!

          • If a bomb can be hidden in the heel of a shoe it can be hidden damn near anywhere. IT could be made liquid, soaked into the lining of the briefcase and dried so it would be concealed. They had the underwear bomber didn’t they?
            It is not being perrinoid(sp) it is being caucious

          • Today it’s being cautious, not paranoid. We have been forced into this by anti-American factions that want to destroy the greatest nation on the planet–because its system actually works to make a relatively high standard of living compared with the “banana republic” Marxist type.

          • I agree that more security needs to be done for schools but think it has to be practical. Your statement that the explosive can be shaped into a safe looking form is a concern. also the underwear bomber. are bureaucratic officials now going to strip search kids going into school? Force them to submit to TSA type searches. what is apparent is that the english teacher saw a bunch of wires and printed circuit boards and said “BOMB”. It then escalated to have 4 cops badger him in school and try to trap him into saying something bad, he was not allowed to talk to his parents and then placed in handcuffs. WHAT should have happened is that the science teacher who was shown the device earlier should have given him a property pass for this 1970 era radio shack device. The circuit board could be anything to an untrained eye, it could be a TV control board, a clock, etc. A microcontroller development board used for hobbyists would have looked scary and unidentifiable. I am glad the english teacher did not jump to the stupid conclusion that it was part of a nuclear device.

          • Agree with you on this. If there were a serious thought that it was a bomb where was the bomb squad. Kinda suspect that if anyone examined the printed circuit board they would have seen markings like TANDY CORP, #!235689. And i suspect you know that a large circuit board is not needed for a bomb except in hollywood. Granted an english teacher is typically not too technically savvy but the incident should have stopped at the principals office, asking the science teacher(shown the clock earlier) what it was and then given the student a 1 day suspension for disrupting the english class. Instead now CAIR now has a martyr, the student is now a celebrity and the school and police will probably be sued.

          • independent thinker

            “And if you had done this your way, and in fact it would have be terrorist teenager’s REAL BOMB, you would have been DEAD along with anyone else in the area!”
            That would have happened anyway if it had been a real bomb because there was NO evacuation, NO attempt to isolate the devise, etc.

        • No explosives anywhere? Ya think? Can you see past your nose?

      • Pressure cooker for one.

    • Had he been a white Christian or Jew the liberal establishment would have released all “hell” against him and his family. And NO, Bummer would not have invited him to the White Mosque.

  6. When I woke up this morning and looked in the mirror, I asked myself what is the matter with America; you know what? the answer was staring back at me. That goes with the rest of Americans, we blame it all on everything else. If and when the people return back to God, things may turn around and be a lot better. We need to do so before it is too late, As a headline said, “shit is about to hit the fan”; wake up America.

    • Are you saying your mirror is what is wrong with America. That was a joke, the rest isn’t. I don’t like to admit this most of the time but if God doesn’t intervene very soon There will not be 144,000 survivors as the Bible says.

      • I’m not talking about today or tomorrow; when He is ready He’ll be here. Oh! the 144,000 will also will arrive on time. Have a good day, Mike.

      • God WILL intervene Mike when the true believers wake up and ask Him to. Remember Sodom–there were not even TEN faithful living there.

    • We live on an awesome and beautiful planet. And I have totally ignored the beauty of our earthly home because of the daily stress of watching our country go down so senselessly. This is why I form a circle with both hands and frame a part of a tree or flowers or the sky…. and hyper focus on it at least three seconds. I try to do this at least three times a day. It helps to ground me through all this stress. This helps me get closer to God and not be totally consumed by the stress like I have been for years. I love your mountain view. I wish I could hyper focus on that in reality.

      • This world that we live on, is about to destroy itself and we have only ourselves to blame. What a shame, but there is a better way and a better place to focus on. Are you ready?

    • And recall the historical known world in Noah’s time, the city of Nineveh, Sodom and the “We have no king but Caesar” in in Jerusalem 30 AD. People essentially told God to “Hit the road! …and He did. And note what happened to all of them. We true Americans have reached a point when we have to make a decision. Will it be “Hit the road” or “Protect us?”

      • America has already dug a hole, the next step is for it to jump in and rake the dirt behind it, but the true needs His protection.

  7. All the Jihadists are here because in 2008 Obama said he wanted his own army .He needs to continue his destruction of America and he will get what he wants because Americans no longer care about saving their nation .They are to busy following like mindless sheep the whims of tyrants and traitors and TOO DAMN AFRAID TO SPEAK OUT OR ACT BECAUSE SOMEBODY MIGHT THINK BADLY OF THEM .I love my country more than I love life itself and I am thoroughly disgusted by the lack of care by most Americans .

    • I have been studying our dear leader since he was invited to give the keynote address at the DNC convention at the convention 2 years before his campaign. When I saw them singling out a nothing doing a make believe job in the middle of no mans land.I found his writings and what he let slip out of his history. It was painfully obvious he should have been in prison long before he ever held any office and the accounts of his crimes were in his books. The information he hid and or falsified was quite suspect and highly criminal as well. He is still walking around with some dead guy’s social security card from Connecticut. The democrat machine covered most of that but when he explained he wanted an army of his own at least equal to our military in size and armament there was no question of his intent. For good measure, he publicly displayed “the young people” that were training to be the cadre of his private army to equal the size of the American military. When I ask people if they remember this from his first election campaign I average 1 out of 20 who say they remember that. Keep in mind that he wanted his private force to equal not the American Army but the American military. Roughly 4 times the size of the Army alone. The other issue from the same period was his sick obsession with the death of the American coal industry which he pointed out would cause utility prices to “skyrocket”. Completely ignored the fact that America was burning compliance coal which met or exceeded the emissions standards of the time and for many years to come. He repeated the rundown of job losses that would result from the end of the coal industry and the last time I heard him talk about that was on ABC either the Sunday before the election or possibly the Sunday prior to that. His election as president was exactly the same as his winning the Nobel Peace prize. An empty, hollow, unearned gesture. I have friends in England, Ireland and 3 nations in West Africa and they all have and still do tell me how ironic and funny it is that we were foolish enough to elect this man. Never once from any of those 5 nations was there any mention of any greatness or even average ability to handle the job. He was a community organizer in Chicago. Read his book and you will see he was a failure at that but placed that failure squarely on the people he was supposed to be helping. Read the book. “Dreams From My Father” don’t buy it though, get it from a library so Barry doesn’t make any more money from it. With all the incompetance, the clear betrayals by the white house and both political partys and the decission of Obama to become a tyrant ruling with no governing body and making up the “rules” as he went along I still can’t decide whether the demise of America was a murder or a suicide. Which ever it was our failure to act was a major factor in Her end.

  8. Zero “tolerance” has reached absurd heights especially with anti gun phobia with fingers or food shaped as “guns” and none of those resulted in an invite to the White House for a visit because those excesses were PC since “evil” guns were involved and the “perps” were mostly not PC either! This case seems to be a bit more legit since the offending item was sort of bomb like looking and the kid was not too clear on what he had. Add in a very PC perp who comes from a group who in the larger world is into bombs maybe not that big of an overreaction after all

  9. The junior jihadist wannabe needs to be put away for a long time. Those parents and others who mentored him need to go away too.

  10. Why do these Muslins want to live in a non-Muslim country unless they wish to MAKE it a Muslim country?

    • Because many Muslims were born here. Muslim immigrants started to arrive in the US at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. There has been an increase of Muslim immigrants. I guess you might also be thinking why should Jews or Buddhists live in a non-Jewish and non-Buddhist country. But, then again, the United States is not a Christian country but a secular one.
      The majority of the population is Christian, but there is no Christian Shari’ah yet. And I do mean ‘yet,’ since there has been a drive since the late 1940’s to proclaim the US a Christian country. And that pitch came from big business, fighting the Fair Deal and also defending themselves against those that criticized the corporations for leading us into the Great Depression. That is why businesses decided to hire Christian ministers and pastors to shill for them – claiming that rugged individualism and unfettered capitalism are Christian ideals. It is also why there will billboards in the late 40s proclaiming that good Americans are only Christian Americans.

      • Bla Bla Bla, you should be ashamed of yourself for defending the indefensible. What,you think it makes you look cool? News flash, it makes you look like an ignorant lemming.

        • Defending what? The child’s constitutional rights? But then, you just go to name calling. No actual rebuttal. No rational or logical argument. Typical.

  11. They would have probably done the same thing with a white kid. Any ethnic background kid gets attacked for total nonsense of even lesser importance.

  12. It only takes good people doing nothing for bad guys to win folks. Error on the side of safety as far as I’m concerned and act exactly as they did with my blessings and F… they whine-a-babies’ media and Obama and the supporters of Jihadist.

    • As long as it isn’t me they’re targetting, oh-wait-a-minute, it IS old white Christian NRA males that are being targetted and this “trial balloon- test case” happens to be islamic.

  13. We all know how this ends,we all know God is in charge.

    • And is still on the Throne regardless of Satan’s attempt to take over. But looks like Lucifer has been gaining in Washington with his minion demons who follow a false religion.

  14. Call it Islamophobia if you want. I call it don’t turn our backs on muslims.

    • Just because someone is trained from birth that you are his enemy and his inferior, that Allah has granted him, the unquestionable right to kill you or do whatever harm to you and your family because you are kafir, dogs. This is more than a right, it is an obligation from the Quran infidels living in the presence of Islam must face the three choices. #1 enemies of the Prophet may accept Islam as the one true faith just as it says on Obama’s ring. “There is no God but Allah.” #2 be taken as slaves along with their wives and children. This also involves a special tax, Jizya that is designed to always be a bit more than you can pay accompanied by other conditions to humiliate you as the inferior they consider you to be. Or,#3 be tortured in ways we have become all too familiar with until you are dead. When they run out of kafirs and infidels they kill each other due to disagreements over who has a better understanding of the Quran. This is why they consider themselves the religion of love and brotherhood. I don’t think you will ever hear a Muslim refer to himself as a moderate Muslim. If he did he would be subject to the same torture death mentioned above in item #3. Shia and Sunni kill each other because each believes the other does not interpret the words of the Prophet correctly. Wahabi kills both because they believe the others are too lax with the teaching of the Prophet so the Wahabi must teach them. Now they have added ISIS who kills all the others because only ISIS really knows what the words of the Prophet mean. That is why their tortures are so much more colorful and vivid. So Obama in his wisdom wants to bring another 100,000 of these playful kids to America to join his Mexican Illegals, his South American illegals, and all his other illegals to put them on welfare and swear them in as socialist democrats. This is a perfectly reasonable thing for any American president to do. Wouldn’t you agree? None of this makes them bad guys. Vallery Jarrett’s father paid for Obama to go to school here except for the time he attended as a foreign student. Val’s dad is a big shot in the Muslim Brotherhood and they trained Obama for his mission in this country.

  15. One Muslim arrested and more to go I hope.

  16. the kid didn’t make the clock, it’s a “gutted” old Radio Shack clock. why would a kid add a 9V battery “back-up”? do kids use anything with a 9V battery in 2015?

  17. this was a security test for future action

  18. The student came to school with an electron ic device.
    The science teacher says its ok as a clock.
    The kid tales it to another class and it beeps “accidentally” which I doubt.
    The kid at this point is TOTALLY uncooperative with school officials.
    The kid is totally uncooperative with police.
    The kid NEVER mentions the science teacher’s look see at the item.
    This is a total setupto get publicity and attention for the kid.
    He should be expelled for purposely creating an incident and bein uncooperative and intentionly making it worse. This is a smart kid showing gross immaturity and I would not be surprised if his parents were not involved since this invoved bringing a devive to school, they should be questioned.
    The teacher who got this rolling should be commended, as should the schools administration since the kid was TOTALLY UNCOOPERATIVE. He caused the problem by his actions and nonactions, not them.

  19. probably wrong..extensive blog on “ungly Headghog”, a photo blog, indicate real probability that it was a muslum setup and the PD smelled it… let this thing play out…..sorry…

  20. go to, there are about 10 pages of blogs, and you can watch the data accumulate (and some idiots blog) from the “police/school are idiots” to “we been had, and the PD smelled it”…

  21. If it “looks” like a duck and “sounds” like a duck cops have to assume the worst to protect the innocent with all thats happened…………..Put Ur child in that school and tell me U dont want this done !

  22. This kid took clock components from Radio Shack and put them in the box. He didn’t build the clock. He only assembled the allready clock in a box. Nothing special here. The box looked like it could be a bomb. The cops did nothing wrong for checking it out.

  23. Apparently the photos we were shown of his (bomb) clock were incomplete and it was a very sophisticated timing device closely resembling ones used on IUD’s in the middle east. This is not as innocent as they want you to believe.

  24. What if the “clock” had been a “bomb?” I do think racial profiling is important just because of statistics point to certain individuals/nationalities as being more violent.

  25. Schools have become so paranoid they cannot even see a thing as simple as a clock. But then again, since 9-11, we have become more wary of Islamic tactics. apparently no one examined the device up close to see what it was.

  26. There are 9 year old kids killing Americans in the Middle East so why would radical Islamists be any different here in the USA? The radicals are infiltrating our country and Obama lets them do it! And now he has been invited to the White House by our radical muslim President! This kids family and friends of the family should be investigated to assure us that there are no radicals among them!

  27. There are several people going around in the U.S. teaching what Islam is really like, tragically the majority of people will not listen to them or have them in a meeting to learn about Islam. One of them is Usama Dakdok of the Straight Way of Grace Ministries (, who is seeking individuals who will have meetings with him either at churches, homes or anywhere else. Contact him, if interested. VCY America Radio frequently has programming on their CrossTalk program exposing what Islam is like. You can go to their CrossTalk archives to listen and download past programs.

  28. Get the liberal idiots out of politics, out of schools, out of our lives. None of them deserve to b in the co ntry and they can take the muslims with them.

  29. I remember back before the 2008 elections in the speech Obama gave where he said “America is the greatest country in the world .Join with me and help change it “And I thought why change it if we are so great ?So I went looking for background info on Obama .A Constitutional lawyer who went to Columbia as a foreign student , who went to Harvard where they have no record of him ,a community organizer who never organized anything ,disbarred from law for unethical behavior,whose wife was disbarred for embezzlement ,who as a Congressman never showed up for work ,who went to ‘Christian ‘ church that preached hate and racism ,who was not only raised Muslim but publicly stated he would always stand with the Muslims , who could not provide valid proof of being a natural born citizen and who ran as a black candidate when he is not black .Then once elected he locked up all information on his past and has since failed to produce the transparency he promised ,raised the nation debt over double the total of all 43 presidents before him ,made all US security offices remove Muslim Terrorist Islam from security reports ,gave billions in aid to Islamic nations that we are fighting ,gave Iran nukes,promotes racial disharmony,brings in millions of illegal immigrants and Islamic refugees,hires all Muslim Czars , places Muslims in charge of Homeland Security,the CIA ,DOJ, billions to failed green energy companies that supported his campaign and union bosses,who may not take as many vacations as Bush but vastly more expensive vacations ,who parties at the White House with anti-American celebrities at taxpayers expense ,who skips 75% of his security briefings and finds out about all our terrorist problems by watching the news.who plays golf more than he works ,who uses taxpayers dollars to fly all over for fund raisers,who supports and enables racism and terrorism .And the list goes on and on and on and on and on .
    As a result of what all I discovered about Obama and have seen him do or not do in most cases ,I have many years ago come to the conclusion that anyone who voted for him or supports him is either insane ,brain dead ,a Muslim terrorist or sympathizer ,a corrupt greedy thief or a tyrant .
    Myself , I am an American and I would not trust Obama ever to do anything for America .He is a Muslim terrorist sleeper agent and nothing less .All proven by his actions .Words are cheap and his words are cheaper .But a mans action define him .Obama’s actions have defined him as a Muslim terrorist .

    • The definition of a democrat is: A willingfuly ignorant and uninformed voter. Someone who believes that their self-righteous beliefs, no matter how unfounded or delusional, trump any laws or others with different morals, and have them labeled as racists, bigots, liars,etc. etc.

  30. It’s no secret that the Jihadists that would kill Americans (Jews and Christians… and anyone else that isn’t Muslim) have been training their youth to the ways of destruction. I’ve seen videos of them being trained in terrorist camps online, and it’s not staged or fake, either. Why WOULDN’T the school administrators be concerned about a Muslim child bringing something to school that was suspicious with him/her that wasn’t a school book or handwritten pages for a homework assignment? I don’t think it’s overreacting at all. “Hey, kids… for your next ‘show and tell’ assignment, let’s all bring your daddy’s gun to school and I’ll tell you why your daddy shouldn’t have it.”

  31. There are many issues about this story. Was the father of Ahmed and Ahmed aware of the past US terrorist threats, and the almost daily conservation about it? If not why?. They both cannot be that naive. Second after the clock was determined to not be a bomb, the police should had release Ahmed from the handcuffs and give him an intelligent scolding as to why he shouldn’t have brought that clock to school without permission. Although his intention were innocent, his father, Ahmed and the Muslims community need to take their head out the sand and be more aware of what is going on in the US. I do not think Ahmed should be awarded for his mistake. But he should continue to pursue his scientific interests. This should be a reminder to all students black, white, Christian or Muslims of the possible threats here in the US.

  32. independent thinker

    “Muslims hate pork, beer, dogs, bikinis, Jesus, and freedom of speech,”
    So what the hell are they doing coming here?

    • Trying to give us all SHARIA law, because it works SO WELL in the middle east.

    • They want to CHANGE all of that to their liking. Even if it means killing the people that have been living with these things all their lives. Does it matter to them what OUR culture is when they take up residence here? Do they have tolerance for US?? The answer to both questions is a resounding *NO*!!!

  33. Tat muslim kid removed the case from a 70’s vintage digital clock. 0bama calls it genius. What a stupid nigger.

  34. This post gives ground to the Islamo-crats propaganda that there was phobia involved…the clock couldn’t look more like a briefcase bomb than if this boy’s well-known Islamist father had built it himself.

    • Right… and what LOOKS suspicious should be deemed untrustworthy. Times are different these days than they were when we were in school. Paranoia is rampant, and for good reason. However, if the teachers are required to push Islam to the students and ignore Christians or Jews, why do they seem to have a problem with a Muslim bringing a home made clock to school? Isn’t that anti-thesis to what they’re teaching our kids? Think about it!!

  35. Here’s yet another scenario quite worthy of serious thought: The kid IS a muslim. That means he comes from a Muslim family and most likely a Muslim enclave. We know that lying and deceit are used by Islam as quite legitimate tactics against any chosen “enemy”. It is a centuries old practice with which to successfully infiltrate.

    Now, let’s consider that a clock is a tried and true timing device by which planted explosives can be detonated. No, it doesn’t have to be a cell phone or frequency specific device of any sort to detonate. Might it just be possible that the kid was taught how to make (wire up) a clock? Or, perhaps, someone else made the clock and sent it to school with the kid – the purpose being to achieve that which actually happened. Was the clock spring or electrically driven? Either way it could be wired to contact a battery through any chosen hand by a smart 3rd grader. Regardless, everyone went freako until “cooler” minds prevailed. How better a way to condition a target to accept as harmless, friendly. It is common knowledge that Muslim children / teenagers are commonly used as combatants in the army of Allah.

    Have you read any of the once common ‘Mother Goose’ or other fables? A great many of them tell this very kind of story. Try ‘Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby’. How about ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’? Or, better yet, you’ve surely heard of the Trojan Horse? Ah-ha! Vigilance and the knowledge which comes with it are not at all that difficult to achieve. It does, however, require critical thinking and a personal committment to absolute avoidance of directed propoganda. No fools and idiots allowed here. We have work to do people. Sit up straight and stand up straight. We all know what happens when we bend over – don’t we?

    • You’re absolutely right. And not only that, who’s to say that the so-called “clock” was put together by the little student anyway? Terrorists aren’t exactly known for their integrity, or interest in the progress of education of U.S. students.

  36. linda sounds to me like the muzzies were conducting a test run. Just to see what the reaction would be. and of course that idiot in the white house bought it hook line and sinker. just to be sure that it got a lot of play. The end idea is to make people afraid to say anything about a muzzy!

  37. The article states that it was an over reaction.. They are wrong to say this == if anything had happened and there was an explosion people would have every right to condemn the school for NOT taking a precaution ‘.. Hundreds of children could have been killed or injured., because of this irresponsible act if had been a real bomb. I think the parents of this young boy should face some blame for not telling him to get permission BEFORE he took it to school.. I hate going through the airport security but i always realize it’s for EVERY ones safety. The gun drawing was way out of hand but not the ticking suitcase that was anything but a clock

  38. America is not the #1 target.
    Europe has wearhered far more attacks by far.

  39. Muslim arrested keep him in jail and get some more.

  40. I’d like to know how the secret service agents would have reacted if this so-called “Muslim” student would have walked into the White House with his briefcase in hand, then opened it suddenly so that all could see his genius invention? Imagine this… he would have been flattened instantly by several agents and tossed to the floor, his glasses broken while he was handcuffed, muffled and dragged out to safety. Then while his package remained isolated for the bomb squad to probe, he would have been subjected to the most intense interrogation imaginable! It’s a good thing he didn’t go there. His “clock” looked like a bomb… and that’s that!

  41. UH, THE D-MN THING LOOKED LIKE A BOMB TO ME! i get the gun shaped pop tart being overblown, but this is different. let’s see, a kid named muhammed, & he brings what looks like a bomb. hmmmm. did everybody forget 9/11???!

  42. A kid in a lunchroom bites his sandwich into the shape of a gun and the libtards want a public stoneing. But it’s perfectly cool with a muslime professing his love to ali and death to America brings a potential bomb to school. The muslime aren’t as big of a threat to America as these libtards are.

  43. No. It’s not big government’s fault. It’s that kid’s fault for bringing something to school that could be misconstrued as a bomb. If he’s so damn smart, he knew that could be seen as something to be concerned about. Then he didn’t put it away as asked. And then he was unresponsive when asked questions by the police. So it’s his own damn fault.

  44. Well, he got invited to the White House. I think Obama might want to give him some pointers on extra parts for his ‘clock’.

  45. Just show me this ” clock ” Iv’e seen to many news shows with confiscated weapons , most are blue . Any one in service knows blue is training .

  46. Grade School kid suspended because he made a pistol with his finger and went bang in the school yard. What the hell. We grew up 1945-65, throwing snowball hand grenades to keep our friends heads down so we could rush their fort with broomstick M1 Garands. For you young Soldiers thats World War Two m-16. We met as 12 year olds in the school gym to get the NRA Gun Safety Course given by one of the kids Dad. What the hell do educators today think they accomplish with this stuff.
    The one problem I have is expecting Teachers to exercise judgement. I do not mean this as a put down or cheap shot. It is just the facts I have witnessed during my lifetime. We all start in school at five or six years old. We stay in school through high school. At that point there is a change. Some of us go to college right away, some to major in Education. Some of us hit the work force. Some go to the Military. In my time every young man went for 2 to 4 years, then came home and went back to school or go to work. My point of all that is, at 18 to your early 20’s is when the experiences you have shape your belief system for the first time out away from your family. A lot of what do at that time shapes the kind of man or woman you will be for the rest of your life. Some of our educators get that time to develop and others don’t. Straight out of high school to college and back to the classroom. These folks don’t have a basis to develop common sense and we give them the latitude to use what they don’t have. If it’s not in the procedure manual they don’t know how to act.
    Sorry, don’t mean to tic anyone off it’s just how I see it.

  47. yea! and he needs throne out of school to me that muslim student is just another terrorist in the making …the next time that kid or another muslin kid come in that school they’re apt. to have a bomb and blow up your kids

  48. If that kid would of been white, nothing would of been said, not a word by the left wing fools.

  49. The people who wrote the Constitution had NO idea that some day some people wanting to kill thy neighbor and call it a religion-Islam would find idiots here who would agree with them calling it that.

  50. The federal government has absolutely no business getting involved in the education of students. Education must be returned to the local level where it works plus it will end the waste of tax payer dollars for the agenda which has everything to do with indoctrination and nothing to do with education. If the congress was at all concerned about doing the right thing they would defund the illegal dept of indoctrination (education???) immediately.

  51. It would be interesting to see the kid get his “clock” through TSA at DFW airport …. with out Obummers help. Or any federal or state building, for that matter. He would be hand cuffed before his “clock” would hit the floor.

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