Big Government to Blame for Muslim Student’s Arrest

America stopped suddenly on Wednesday when the news broke that a Texas 9th grader was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school. Immediately, the ridiculous incident led to universal condemnation of Islamophobia, seeing as how the student in question is a Muslim named Ahmed Muhamed. Liberals leapt over top of one another to see which one could rant against racism the loudest.

Let’s be clear. There is no excuse for what happened to Muhamed, and anyone fed up with the idiotic policies eating up our public school system should be outraged. And, to be fair, maybe there is an element of truth to the idea that Muhamed was treated differently because of his religious background. Unfortunately, that’s the only part of this story that actually makes any sense. Anyone who pays even the slightest bit of attention to the news knows that Islamic terrorism is real, lone wolf attacks happen, and America is the number one target. So in that sense, you can understand an overreaction from both the school and the police.

But Muhamed is hardly the first public school student to fall afoul of a system that seems unable to exercise common sense in these situations. Over the years, we’ve heard numerous stories of kids being suspended and arrested for offenses as mild as writing a story about shooting a dinosaur. And in many of these cases, the victim is no more Muslim than Pamela Geller. These cases are a result of zero-tolerance policies enacted after Columbine, and they have done little or nothing to make American students safer.

But the problem here isn’t just that we don’t trust teachers and school administrators to exercise judgment; the problem extends beyond schools and into the streets. In the wake of Ferguson, the Obama administration is pushing police departments toward the same kind of strict, nonsensical policies that have failed in education. Instead of trusting officers to use their judgement, he wants to handcuff them with regulations that will lead to lower minority arrest rates. Not lower minority crime rates, mind you. But as long as fewer black men are behind bars, everything is better somehow.

And, frankly, it even goes beyond the police. This, in a nutshell, exposes the whole problem with big government. Americans are smart. Capable. When set free, we can achieve greatness. But when we are treated like idiots unable to make even the smallest decisions, we eventually become what they want us to be. This demoralizes the nation, kills the innovation that is so important to America, and destroys patriotism.

Muhamed’s arrest is not an example of Islamophobia; it’s a result of relentless liberal meddling.

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