Biden’s White House Forced To Discuss Scandal

Photo by David Everett Strickler on Unsplash

( – The White House is trying to downplay and answer to those critics that want answers for the case of the mishandled documents dating back to the Obama administration. The documents were found in President Biden’s former private office in Washington, D.C., as well as in his Delaware Home.

On Tuesday, White House official Ian Sams for the first time answered questions regarding the classified materials. However, many pointed out that even during this occasion, the administration did not appear particularly willing to disclose a lot of information regarding the classified documents found.

Even Biden’s Democratic allies have called on him to be more open with the information regarding the case of the mishandling of the classified documents.

In the briefing, Sams said that due to the ongoing Department of Justice investigation, the White House was not able to respond to everything, and they were limited in what they could say. He added that throughout his answers he would try to not compromise the federal investigation.

Legal experts however have questioned the White House’s stance and their decision to not disclose that the documents had been found in November. In response, law enforcement said the Justice Department did not tell the White House to remain silent about information regarding the investigation.

NBC News legal contributor Andrew Weissmann pointed out that a Justice Department investigation does not stop them from being able to disclose information publicly. Still, the White House has refused to answer questions regarding the number of documents found, or the reason they did not inform the public of the case sooner.

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