Biden’s White House Attacks DeSantis And Greene

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has defended the comparison made by President Biden about the “MAGA” wing of the Republican Party resembling “semi-fascism.” On Wednesday she even called out Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.) for the latter’s recent statements which expressed support for physically assaulting transgender school officials. DeSantis also made a controversial statement when he suggested physical assault against Dr. [Anthony] Fauci.

DeSantis is currently considered to be one of the top potential contenders for the 2024 Presidential nomination of the Republican party if former President Trump doesn’t run.

During a fundraiser event in Maryland hosted by the Democratic National Committee (DNC), President Biden compared “extreme MAGA philosophy” and the slogans they use to “semi-fascism.”

In her statements on Wednesday, Jean-Pierre also criticized Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) for the video being posted “depicting him attacking the president and members of Congress” and Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-N.C.) because of the allegations of a rigged election system that allows elections to be stolen.
However, Biden has also received backlash for his comparison to fascism with New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu requesting that Biden issue an apology.

Jean-Pierre also maintained that Biden differentiates between the Republicans who follow the Ultra-MAGA ideology and those in the GOP who don’t. For example, Biden himself said Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, a Republican, is not part of that ultra-MAGA ideology. Hogan is set to retire in 2023, he has previously criticized both Trump as well as many of the Trump-endorsed candidates.

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  1. the people of this country better wake up

  2. LMAO…the WH attacks everybody. That’s all they have. They sure can’t brag about the idiots accomplishments.

    • Wrong WH Trump is no longer in office. Thank God

      • Okay….I’m listening, what did Trump do other than try to save America from communism and fascism and work hard for middle America. If Trump is so bad for our country, name your reasons please, WITH backup.

      • John, don’t you mean to thank your god, Satan??
        Your statement proves your ignorance and stupidity. Your party is financed by an admitted Adolph Hitler loving fascist by the name of George Soros. He loves Satan too, just like you.
        You start it, we’ll finish it!

      • One would have to be a complete idiot to support bidens crippling policies forced upon the American people destroying America.

      • And you would rather have that pos so called president who can’t say a sensible statement and has almost destroyed this country. You are part of the problem.

  3. Democrats always accuse others of what they are guilty of. Conservatives do not want a larger controlling
    government. Democrats want to you to be in their control from cradle to the grave. Thats is if you not aborted,
    there will be no more middle class b ecause they take your money and transfer it to the elites.
    They also want you to own nothing, let them be incontrol of all the money, and then you to say you are happy.
    Democrats also want a two tier law and order system, no thats not right. Laws or thee and none for me.
    This is a wonderful for the liberals but not so great for those who have to take the consequences for their actions.

  4. The Democrats also claim that President Trump and all MAGA Republicans are dangerous and a threat to democracy. But, President Trump didn’t send a squad of heavily armed ‘storm troopers’ to raid his predecessors home. No. Old senile Joe did that even though he claims he had no knowledge of the raid beforehand. A federal judge has ordered a special Master be appointed to review the documents retrieved from Trump’s home before the FBI and Justice Department can use any information (read – plant evidence) gained from the confiscated items. It is apparent the Democrats believe they have Trump on the run. Now they are turning their vitriol against Governor DeSantis hoping to derail a potential presidential run in 2024. They know DeSantis in a presidential campaign would chew Biden up and spit him out. The Democrats are also going after all the Republicans who have the guts to stand up and tell the people exactly how the Democrats are destroying our country.

    Two more years of Biden in the White House will be terrible. Two more years of Biden in the White House with a Democratic majority in the House and Senate will be devastating.

  5. I will always respect our president Dem or Rep. But the people in office he depends on better start becoming united and work together. Currently I do not like the way our country and lives are being run by the current administration. Do they really care about the people? Today I think it’s all about them and not the people who mistakenly put them in office. Every election all we hear is change. What really changed? Wake up people.

  6. Never heard of any such threats from DeSantis, Greene, Gosar and Cawthorne. When and where were such alleged threats made? I also note that the writer fails to identify him/herself.

  7. The DemoDopes always yap about “Our Democracy” but they really mean “Their Democracy”. We on the other hand have a Democratic “Constitutional Republic”. They believe when the masses vote and they get elected they are elected to be our Lords and Masters, for us to do their bidding but when the voters of a Constitutional Republic elect representative they reserve power and control over those they elect. That’s the difference. Some may say that’s splitting hairs but the difference is between tyrannical rule and representative government.

  8. DeSantis is every bit as hostile to democracy as Trump is. Trump is an unsophisticated Ron DeSantis and DeSantis is a sophisticated Donald Trump.

    • Says the liberal lemming. Hitler was a fascist white supremacist and your pussboy Biden is preaching the identical hat against conservatives as Hitler did against the Jews. Yower Nazi, you know nothing. You don’t even know what democracy is. You blindly support a socialist dictator. You’re either a paid ignorant liberal troll or just a complete idiot. Get your head out of your ass and get educated.

    • And u sir are a dumb ass idiot. You are part of the democratic problem. That’s why I no longer vote Democrat because of idiots like you. Go get back in your hole.

  9. They better replace the communists in office this November!!! Socialism is communism for slow learners!!!

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