Biden’s Son Is Suing Who Now?

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Hunter Biden’s legal team initiated legal action on Wednesday against Garrett Ziegler, a former aide to the Trump administration, accusing him of distributing personal emails and images from a laptop Ziegler said belonged to the president’s son.

The lawsuit claims that Ziegler, along with 10 unidentified individuals, acquired and shared private content from Biden’s phone, which displayed him in delicate situations.

The lawsuit states, “Garrett Ziegler has been relentlessly pursuing an aggressive and irrational agenda against Hunter Biden and the entire Biden lineage for over two years.” It further mentions that while Ziegler can hold and express his radical views, he shouldn’t resort to unlawful measures to promote his conservative beliefs.

Biden’s legal representatives are urging the court to prohibit Ziegler and his associates from accessing the data and are calling for a jury trial to ascertain further reparations.

Ziegler previously worked closely with Peter Navarro, a Trump economic advisor who recently faced a contempt of Congress charge in a separate matter.

Since his departure from the Trump administration in 2021, the lawsuit alleges that Ziegler has consistently targeted Hunter Biden. The suit details that Ziegler has dedicated significant effort into meddling with and exploiting data from what is alleged to be Biden’s laptop and other data purportedly acquired via unauthorized means from Biden’s devices.

The content from the said laptop and mobile phone has consistently been in the media spotlight, revealing private images and evidence of Hunter Biden’s substance use. Furthermore, his emails have been under the scrutiny of federal agencies and ongoing legislative inquiries.

This legal action follows previous ones related to the laptop saga. Earlier this year, the legal team representing Hunter Biden took legal action against a computer technician who was said to have first extracted the laptop’s data.

Hunter Biden currently navigates potential legal challenges. A previous agreement with a Delaware federal prosecutor, which would have led to him acknowledging minor tax-related offenses to conclude a long-standing probe into his financial dealings, did not materialize. Following this, David Weiss, the Delaware U.S. Attorney, has been appointed a special counsel, with rumors suggesting upcoming charges against Hunter Biden.

Concurrently, the House Oversight and Accountability Committee is examining Hunter Biden over allegations that he misused his father’s position for improper business engagements.

In a related matter, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy endorsed an impeachment probe against President Biden earlier this week.

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