Biden’s Reaction To Trump’s 2024 Run

President Biden has not provided too many comments or given much attention to former President Donald Trump’s announcement that he would be running for office again. During the midterm elections, the White House had used Trump in order to yield the unexpected midterm results that saw them winning the Senate and even keeping many of their House seats.

Now, despite knowing that Trump’s announcement will naturally mean that more attacks will come their way, Biden and his administration have not engaged at all with that type of politics. Many argue that this is because they don’t want to provide Trump with any ground that he can stomp on as he tries to gain support for his return to the White House.

This does not mean that the administration will go undefended though. The White House and Democratic National Committee (DNC) have said that they were ready to not only defend the Biden administration record but also make sure that the country is fully aware of Trump’s records.

In a new web page titled “The Biden-Harris Record,” the White House showcases all of the accomplishments of the administration on a number of topics, including climate, infrastructure, healthcare and reproductive rights.

On Biden’s personal Twitter account on Tuesday a video with the caption “Donald Trump failed America” was posted. The video highlighted Trump’s stance on abortion access, how he failed to pass infrastructure bills and more importantly how his messaging and rhetoric talks about the Capitol riot.
The DNC also announced that they would be hiring press staff in key primary states like Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina to increase local coverage of Trump and other candidates.

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  1. I’ll bet Bidens talking Thanksgiving turkey that The Biden-Harris Record overlooked the 9.8% inflation as an accomplishment.

    • ☺and in a few months when Jim Jordan and Comer investigage Biden Jr, the “big guy” will be saying “c’mon man” I didn’t do anything wrong. Isn’t it interesting Trump was impeached for asking Ukraine to investigate why the prosecutor in ukraine was fired for starting to investigate the Bidens and when joe biden asked the saudi prince to please hold off raising oil prices until after the mid term elections and the saudi’s later told us that, it was no big deal – dang , if trump asked the saudi prince that, they would have tried to impeach him again – double standards only for the bidens and the media backs him

  2. When Comey n Jordon announced they were investigating the Biden family n Trump announced he was running Biden said he was going to do anything to prevent trump running so he told Garland to order the special counsel to go afterTrump when he knows he’s in trouble

  3. When TRUMPwas in office this nation was completely energy independent and what did byden do he wiped all that out, byden has this country begging for oil and everything else we have. While TRUMP was in office this country was the most prosperous it has ever been. When TRUMP was in office gas prices were less than $2.00 per gallon now those prices are well over$6.79 per gallon. Food prices are so high that one can hardly buy food under byden, farmers are going out of business thanks to byden and his anti American policies and his pro china policies. The byden has been nothing but one giant disaster for this country.

  4. Since Biden loves China so much why don’t he and his family move there! Leave the USA and we the people can elect a comment strong President to keep us secure, have housing for everyone, only allow Social Security for citizens that worked for twenty or more years in the United States and paid into the social security system! Stop stealing and killing the US citizens with drugs homelessness no energy food is not affordable. Automobiles are no longer affordable for average citizens .

  5. You have got to be kidding me when you claim that Trump has failed America.

    Who left all our military equipment when our military was pulled out of that foreign country? Nonpoductive JOE.
    How much did that cost the American people? We will never know because Joe never botherd to count the
    dollars lost. When somebody has a full belly, it rarely happens that they give a crap about the other guy next to them.

    Biden opened the gates at the Border and flooded America with those poor people with anticipation that he could get
    them somehow registered to vote FOR HIM IN THE NEXT ELECTION OR SELECTION LIKE 2016.
    Untill we get the results of HUNTERS INVESTIGATION finished by whoever is supposed to be looking into it, Americans
    won’t trust the system and that is really a sad day in America!

    How can we Americans trust any foreign governments when we can even trust our OWN government

    Please whoever you are that is in charge of this mess, get ur done already or go home! An honest days work for a honest day of pay.


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