Biden’s Media Protectors Can’t Cover Up S***

Once again, Joe Biden and sh*t have made news together, and the liberals are weaving defense nets around Joe.

No, we aren’t talking about the sh*t that comes out every time Biden opens his mouth; and it’s also not a sequel to the rumors of Joe soiling his pants during his Vatican visit last November. This time it’s a birdie that allegedly welcomed Biden to Iowa with a special ‘badge of honor’ dropped right onto his coat from thin air. In non-fancy terms, some midwestern bird sh*t on Biden while he spoke in Menlo, IA, on Tuesday (April 12, 2022). The news and the video instantly became a social media sensation.

Now the people running the show for Biden are very particular about theatrics, which is why his speech was held in what was described as a barn, of sorts. The camera couldn’t help but catch the small mass landing on Biden’s shoulder while he was busy saying his lines before he forgot or couldn’t read anymore. TMZ wrote that the president didn’t seem to notice (is that any surprise?) but some “eagle-eyed viewers” did.

Just as Biden mentioned “made in America” in his speech, a small whitish mass landed on his left shoulder. Instantly, those who noticed declared it bird sh*t.

Now the leftist media and fact-checkers (you know the ones that manufacture facts in their factories) didn’t seem happy with the implications of Biden being pooped on, even if by birds and for no fault of his own. They decided to challenge the bird-poop theory and instead claimed that it was likely corn flying around in the barn.

People Magazine wrote that the stain on Biden’s blazer “does seem to be corn” and goes on to argue the case that because Biden was delivering a speech inside a bioprocessing and manufacturing plant, it was most likely corn.

To convince the public of the corn theory, the leftist channel ABC even ran a Fact or Fiction segment with the video clip of Biden’s coat getting smudged. The host of the show theorized that the stain “looks more like dust than liquid guano,” not realizing that guano is used to refer to bat-shit or seabird poop and this was in Iowa; any small bird could be flying around or sitting up there.

Also, one specific bit of corn in the air (if air was blowing at all during that time) and no others doesn’t make sense. If corn was in the air, it would be dropping all around, and the cameras would catch it.

Now it’s interesting that the left believes that showing it was corn, not bird poop, will make Biden look relatively clean while the bird-poop theory may work in favor of right-wingers, making it seem that even the birds in Iowa can’t stand Biden.

Looking at Biden’s coat up close could easily have verified whether it was one or the other, or something else. But we are not engaging in a fact-checking race here. As Tucker Carlson said in his show about the incident, we are not experts on the subject on this one. 

What fails the Biden defendants here is the fact that the tables are turned on them and they know it. They have to stay on the defense 24/7 now and cover-up for all the slips and falls of a guy who is too obvious to be hidden in the closet and too awkward to be pulled out of a pile of failures that is way taller and deeper than all the corn silos combined in Iowa.

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