Biden’s DOJ Launches New Attack On Trump

Former President Trump is facing new political problems as Senate Democrats are opening investigations into allegations made about the former President putting pressure on the Department of Justice (DOJ) to probe into his political opponent’s actions. Former U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman wrote in his new book that under Trump the DOJ was often pressured into creating criminal cases against political opponents of Trump. An example of this was the case against Secretary of State John Kerry.

Following the FBI’s raid into Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, the Senate’s Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) announced that they would be looking into these allegations.

On Tuesday in an interview with MSNBC, Berman said that “I welcome the investigation.” He also added that the actions taken were outrageous and someone needs to shed light on them.

Berman served as U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York (SDNY) from 2018 until his forced resignation in 2020. In his new book, he alleges that his office pursued charges from a guilty plea given by former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen.

He further spoke about the investigation into former Trump White House official Stephen Bannon, which led to Bannon being charged and then pardoned. Berman also spoke about a criminal case targeting Kerry. This was following Trump’s tweets in which he attacked Kerry for the communications with Iranian officials in regards to the Iran nuclear deal.

With Trump potentially choosing to run for the 2024 election, Democrats have taken this opportunity to bring exposure to the former President’s conduct. They have also been discussing the handling of classified material by Trump.

Durbin noted in regards to Berman’s allegations that these acts would not be in line with the mission of the DOJ.

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  1. When will this unruly Demo.crap stop??. They (demos) have tortured President Trump for 60 months, because he was the BEST president since Ronald Regan.They should look at the demo states with the rioting last year or more.All demo led states.

  2. More utter bullshit. They had the Hillrat dead bang guilty of literally thousnds of national security violations, destroying evidance and other obstruction charges,,,, yet the outcome was “She didn;t mean it so we are not charging her”….But they put a kid in prison and destroyed his life with a DD for taking a picture of his bunk.

    This has got to cease. – The best thing we could do right now is term limits. Or how ’bout if you run for a second term and loose you go in front of a firing squad. Sure would cut down on the number of people available to be lobbyists. “Turning the country into a banana republic? – I say that has already been done by the swamp rats.

  3. Looking into what “Live Shot” Kerry was doing with the Iranians was needed

  4. Investigate what, more lies about Trump. They sure do fear him and they better start fearing the people .

  5. How much more garbage that the Democrats are actually doing themselves can they turn around and say President Trump was doing? We know Obama had the IRS target Trump supporters. Trump supporters were getting attacked in the streets. It’s time for this witch hunt to stop. The Democrats are a bunch of fools; they don’t realize that under Biden the country is suffering financially as well as emotionally with all the uncertainty and failure his fake presidency has brought about. God help us if a war breaks out. The Democrats are just going to turn more and more people against them. I think it’s great. It’s time for the Republicans to stand up and start making noise. Enough of this lame do nothing attitude. And the RINO’s got to go!

  6. THAT sir, is the problem! No one in the dem party is E-V-E-R charged. It’s an IN YOUR FACE attitude fems have developed cuz there are NEVER any repercussions! They used to be waaaay more slimy about their intentions. Now they are emboldened by lack of proscecutions! They are aware no matter how many PATRIOTS THERE ARE, they will have the sheep!

    • This is exactly what is bringing the slime up from the bottom of the swamp. If they think they will not be held accountable for their actions, they will come out more and more and the “woke“ will be able to see what is really happening.

  7. Trump has been a target from his first day in office, it has been several things designed to make him look guilty in the public eye. The Democrats (not all but most) have never been able to prove anything they tried to charge him with but the damage has been done but I do not think it will change many votes.

  8. How about they arrest the treasonist joeobama administration who are doing their best to destroy America.

  9. And yet they don’t go after Biden for multi crimes. Trafficking money, drugs and humans into America and distributing them everywhere. Murder. Biden is guilty of mass murder over the deaths in the Afghanistan withdrawal, for fentanyl deaths, immigrants murdering Us citizens. For a pro quid pro. For multiple lies to his opposition and for not even being Biden because he was executed in July 2019. That in itself is a coup. The left keeps going after Trump because they know he will take them all down for all of their crimes and those are in the thousands, and we all know it.

  10. Love it when Democrats are running scared.

  11. Having worked investigating Homicides, Narcotics, & Gangs as a Detective with the LAPD during the 70’s and 80’s, I’ve learned much more about crimes, criminals, and the Courts than most anyone who will post on this sight.
    I’m first an American. I enlisted in the USMC at the age of 17 in 1966. I’ll make this brief. President Biden has
    removed all doubt that’s he and his UNDESIRABLE
    DISCHARGE FOM THE NAVY SON HUNTER are selling the safety and well-being of our citizens to the highest bidder (AKA – Red China) by selling the
    Strategic Oil Reserves to them by millions of barrels.
    Enough said! Biden and his cast of undesirables are traitors.

  12. it’s interesting they give Kerry as an example. I seem to remember that the FORMER secretary of state was sneaking around behind Pres. Trumps back trying to make some kind on secret nuke deal with Iran while Pres. Trump was cancelling the deal that was in force. He was at the time, I believe, a private citizen with no actual connection the government. This action is criminal and possibly treasonous as was pointed out at the time, however, since he was a liberal ass in good standing he was protected by the elite Dems. After over four years of harassments by those freaks, I can see why Pres. Trump would want to set some records straight!! Every one of those wonderful people should be investigated.

  13. There is no other person in history that has been hounded like President Trump. It is sad when a good President the victim of Democrat election cheating becomes a constant target. If so many committees and Grand Juries and Attorney’s had not already investigated him there would be less reason to question the harassment. But with the throughness of those groups all looking for something, anything to hang on him another investigation is ridiculous and bold faced harassment.

  14. The democrat party needs to be abolished. They function completely from their own agenda. They are an evil government waiting to happen. They are all antithetical to our Democratic Constitutional Republic! Democrats are a party of political nonsense, lies and corruption.

    • Living in illinois my entire life of 80 years and. Being well aware of DIck Durbin as for being one who does what he says and listening to his constituents I give him a rating of 0. Is there need to say more. ANYTHING TO STAY IN OFFICE.

  15. This is the way the niggerAT party can get tour mind off of how bad things are with the drooling fool in the WH. and all his disasters.

  16. Just another sad, pathetic, and insane attempt to “get Bad Orange Man”, by the Party of Satan. When are them wretched infidels gonna stop it with their childish BS and grow the h*** up?

  17. These dopes don’t know what to do with themselves. Now they’re taking lies from some liar’s book to try to get Trump. Read a book, open an investigation. Why don’t they read clinton cash. Oops, wrong color. I hope Trump sues them all….

  18. How about Trump just stop running scared. If he isn’t guilty he has nothing to hide. He brought nothing but swine to our country. His own family has said what he is; terrified that the world is going to see he’s nothing but a bullshit with bankrupt accounts all over the place. Let him take it like a man and pay his taxes and pay his dues like every American citizen does.

  19. Oh good that will bring the necessary attention towards Kerry who has been in bed with Iran all along! They keep shooting themselves in the foot! Kerry is low IQ like the rest of the swamp, so this should be as easy as taking candy away from a baby!

  20. Someone Please tell Biden just to go to sleep. Troublemaker. Just go & take care of his corrupt son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! y


  22. Lying Demonrats strategy is to accuse their opponents of what they regularly do. They have and will do this over and over again until they are put in prison for it. They can never be trusted to tell the truth.

  23. Total BS. This guy was a prosecutor in New York. Didn’t want to investigate Kerry. Just wrote a book and appears on MSNBC to promote it. SSSound familiar? A repeat ofMattis,Barr, Bolton………and the list goes on and on

  24. Donad Trump who by the way was a legitimately elected President deapite not being a politician but a businessman, something the USA could use as running America is the biggest business in the world. That beibg said, Trump didn’t call a road apple (for those of you unfamiliar with the term, a road apple is horse SHIT) Boston Cream Pie or German Chocolate Cake, he trold it like it really is. Wow, what a pleasant surprise, hearing things as they really are and not some fantasy. Although some people got irked at him he was straightforwards and ig f people are so damend thin skinned, they need to get a backbone. Really imagine all the things he wanted to do to make America great and give the working class a break for a change and propbably could have done so but the liberals, progreassives or whatever the hell these idiots call themselves these days stood in his way every inch of the way for four years. Thess buffoons seem to forget they work for the American people, not their own personal agendas. And now look what we’re stuck with at leastfor at least the next 2 years, that is if the American people don’t get off their asses and vote like theiur lives and future depend on it, kind of ’cause it does in the upcoming mid term elections, which by the way will determine 2024’s election. Really how many are tired of the higher and higher food and fuel prices along with everything else. BTW: who in their right mind voted for this SHIT, you shoud be ashamed

  25. I don’t think the midterm outcome is going to be what the Republicans are hoping for. The Democrats have gotten the vote down pat. They will definitely hold onto the Senate and maybe the House. I think this country is finally “SCREWED”!

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