Biden: “Under 15… Come Here… Come on Honey”

Joe Biden on Monday welcomed the Atlanta Braves to the White House to celebrate the team’s 2021 World Series victory.

The team gave Joe Biden a Braves jersey.

Of course Joe Biden talked about himself and cracked stupid jokes.

“I was telling the guys back in the other side of the building that I married a Philly girl and she’s smarter than I am and she’s a hell of a lot better looking, and like every Philly fan she’s convinced she knows more about everything in sports than anybody else,” Biden said. “And these guys beat the Phillies.”

Biden took a photo with the entire team and invited the young children to stand next to him.

Of course.

“Everybody under 15, come here, come on honey,” creepy Biden said.


Last week Joe Biden raised eyebrows when he pointed to a woman at a DNC event and made a creepy remark.

“You gotta say hi to me. We go back a long way. She was 12, I was 30—but anyway…” said Biden. “This woman helped me get an awful lot done – anyway!”

Why is Joe Biden so obsessed with young children?

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  1. What a CREEP this man is! I’m so embarrassed to call him my president!

  2. Actually, I never called him my president!

    • I have never called him president either,It is very uncomfortable for me to call an imposter,president.

    • He’s just keeping the seat warm for the next guy who has sense enough to run this country!!!
      As it stands he is the most stupidest person ever to sit in that seat. He was handed a good running country and he s@&t on everything he could with the help of the no brainer demoslackrs.
      He can’t even run his own household and the morons expected him to run a country???
      The ones who legally voted for him are dummer than he is!!!!!!!

  3. Parents of children who attend President Pedophile’s gatherings should leave their children at home, or better yet not attend them at all & resist voting for him for any office. How can anyone vote for a predator?

  4. Why isn’t this pedophile in jail?

  5. He’s a closet pedophile.

    • His daughter’s memoirs say otherwise. He’s been out of the closet for years. From assaulting interns to a hair sniffing campaign tour. Yes, he’s not nice.

  6. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SHUDDER~~~

  7. What a FKN Creep. If I caught this Puke any where’s around my kids or Grandkids, I’d cut his nuts off. What a Puke.


  9. He showered with his own DAUGHTER people!
    It’s in her diary that was found under a mattress that she got treatment in.
    The guy is a pervert who has preyed upon girls his whole life. ICK!

  10. the sick bastard is a PEDOPHILE! That’s why he’s obsessed with children! Just realize that? IF TRUMP WAS DOING THAT, THE DEMONICrats would have destroyed him! CASTRATION is A MUST for that vermin! I find comfort in knowing that he’ll burn in hell for eternity!

  11. NO ONE in their right mind would let their children anywhere near that pedophile.

  12. Your ‘Philly Girl” is smarter that you? So is everyone else.

  13. Very true except for heels up Harris. I heard she argues with a box of rocks about how privileged they are.

  14. This is the most corrupt and disgusting thing that has ever occupied the White House. He IS a pervert and has made a habit of touching little girls’ breasts AND big girls’ breasts, so much so that even Democrats won’t allow their wives to stand next to him knowing that he will give their wives breast a nice little squeeze. He is also smelling females’ hair a sniff or two! He gets away with this because he was a senior Senator, Vice-President, and now the President, Still the men now leave their wives at home or make sure that don’t allow them close to him or children either. They should be ashamed to call him their President, I certainly won’t.

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