Biden Threatens Voters

President Biden has said that Republicans on the ballot for the midterm elections are a threat to democracy. These statements were made during a campaign event in Maryland Thursday evening.
Speaking about former President Trump and his “Make America Great Again” slogan, Biden has said that Republicans are a threat to democracy as they want to move the country backward.

Biden urged the crowd to vote to help save democracy and “ build a better America”.
“Now you need to vote to save democracy again,” Biden told a large crowd at the DNC rally.
This is the latest of Biden’s campaign events this year and there were thousands of people who had gathered at the rally.

Biden spent parts of his speech talking about the administration’s accomplishments, which included the success of distributing the COVID-19 vaccine as well as the wide job growth in the past few months. He also spoke about the lowering of gas prices and the high inflation rates. The recent legislative victories including the climate and healthcare bill known as the Inflation Reduction Act were also praised by Biden during this event.

Still, he also spoke about the threat the GOP poses as nationwide abortion bans are currently possible across the country. Republicans have also voted against the climate and health law as Biden noted.

Finally, he also said that Social Security was under threat from Republicans, and pointed toward Sen. Rick Scott’s (R-Fla.) plan which would put a stop to all federal legislation within 5 years.

Biden repeatedly also warned about the threat to Democracy, as was evident by Trump’s election fraud allegations and the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

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  1. The President needs to see a doctor. Republicans do not want to
    destroy anything, they want to improve everything. They do not
    want to take your savings to pay off loans that you could not afford
    for yourself and your family.They do not want to burn and loot cities.
    They do not want to allow murderers out of jain to kill again. They
    do not want to take away your first ammendment rights. They do not want to put political prisoners in jail in DC and not give them any of their rights thats due them. All of this is what the Democrats do
    and want to do more. Think about it people!!!!!!

    • Thanks Nita for an accurate and thoughtful post. I am in complete agreement. “Thousands of people were gathered at the rally.”Really? Where are the pictures of this “large” rally? More leftist propaganda.

    • He is sick, he is doing the work for the Devil. The people of this great nation have seen and herd enough. It’s time for another vacation on the tax payers dime

    • I agree. They are desperate to make themselves look good with the elections coming up. Terrified that they will lose control. Never thought I would see what one party was capable of until they showed their hatred for President Trump. Everything they do is for revenge against a President who brought America back where it needed to be. To say that jobs are flourishing, when Biden is the one responsible for businesses to shut down. Gas prices down, when he is the reason prices went so high. Destroying relationships with our allies. Shutting down the building of the border walls and leaving our country at risk for crime to take hold of our cities. Drugs, rape, human trafficking, gangs, diseases. Yup…good Job Democrats.

  2. win one for the gipper

    Nita,….You are SOOOOOOO right!..The Democrats are experts at character assassination as one way to divert the attention away
    from the horrible things they are proposing! But if Republicans don’t stand up and fight ( our elected GOP officials ) then we may
    have a tough time come November. I fearfully don’t see Republicans come to a microphone or podium and speak out with any
    “fire” in their belly ( so to speak ) and fire back at the Democrats when they make outlandish statements.

  3. Biden Doesn’t Know Where He’s At . That Dumb Son Of A Bitch. He Was Put In NOT ELECTED !! Election Fraud Is Real And Americans Better Wake Up. The Whole World Knows He’s A Dumb Ass

  4. The Pony-Faced Dog Soldier (switch intended) doesn’t have a clue what he is saying! But anything going against President Trump is all he cares about!

  5. Joe Biden is the biggest FOOL that’s ever occupied the Oval Office. What a fucking embarrassment to our country. Everything that old fool does puts the country in a hardship. I guess even if you couldn’t afford to go to college you’re going to have to pay for some deadbeat dumbass kids to go party and fuckoff at our expense. That’s the democrats for you.

  6. FJB could not express it better. Nothing but Obam’s puppet placed in office by. fixed election and now they are destroying our nation.

    They all deserve the chair at the same time using solar power

  7. What’s the matter is this just a bunch of liberal fools letting certain post be seen. I Don’t see my Post anymore ???

  8. That’s a BUNCH of BULL BULL BULL China Biden Pinocchio Joe.
    Yes keep your lying up YOU DISGRACEFUL Thug, Rapist, Thief, ETC.
    1st we are a Republic NOT a Democracy.
    You might lower gas prices only because YOU have been dipping into our reserves. You are only trying to look good in the people eyes and you are Failing miserably.
    What about the money you Democrats has stolen from the Seniir citizens and they are have a hard time making ends meet. Yes the Democrats have stolen it 3 times. Johnson being the 1st and Obama twice and you China Biden Pinocchio Joe want to do it too.
    You China Biden Pinocchio Joe you tried to keep us in lock down trying to scare the People of tge country. You and Dr. FRAUD FRANKENSTEIN Fauci.
    Such TRASHY EVIL 😈 People.
    God says NO to the LBGTQ’s and you are allowing this to take place in the schools. Your He/She Levine is DISGUSTING and doesn’t need to be in office period.
    Quit saying that we aren’t in a Recession. We are because you have aloud our economy to go to the ground being slowly destroyed.
    There are so many jobs that need to be filled. So many but because of You China Biden Pinocchio Joe You gave out handouts that people didn’t deserve instead of getting off their damn ass and working. Why couldn’t you help the people that really needed it and why haven’t you Democrats put bother money back into SS that yall stoled
    There is the Border croses.
    You don’t care about them or the American citizens.
    You promise them things than you don’t deliver but to only get a vote which you are going to force.
    What about the Drugs you are allowing in from these Drug Cartels China Biden Pinocchio Joe.
    What about these illegals that flood into our country raping these women and young girls and you choose to do nothing. Oh that’s right China Biden Pinocchio Joe you are a rapist too.
    What about these illegals coming in and killing us and robbing us blind and you choose to do nothing.
    You say that you care about the blacks but you really don’t.
    You are DESTROYING The Right to Life. Those babies in the womb are God’s 1st before becoming the mothers and if these women didn’t want to get pregnant they should have kept their damn legs close and these disgraceful disgusting men that think with their penis getting off like they want are just as stupid as the women.
    Maybe your lives should have been taken but you are here because your mother had sense enough and because of God.
    You Evil 😈 Democrats and you Evil 😈 Rhino Republicans THERE IS NO CLIMATE CHANGE.
    The world is withering away because there is Evil 😈 in this world. People doing the works of Satan instead of what God says.
    There is a Heaven and their is a Hell and if people keep doing as they please thinking only about Me, Myself and I than your Destiny won’t be a happy one.
    Stop doing the works of Satan and start living for God.
    It’s a Choice.
    God made Laws, Rules and Regulations for a reason.

  9. If you don’t like my response than don’t send and 5ake me off your mailing list
    Thank You

  10. Go home Joe, back to your basement into your easy chair. You and your band of thieves have done so much damage, it’s going to take decades to repair. Please sir go home and let the “HOE” run this country into the ground.

  11. Biden has been in office for more than 18-months and he has yet to do one smart thing. Everything he claims as an accomplishment has actually caused our living standards to go down. Just taking a look backward it is easy to see just how far conditions have deteriorated for the average American. Under Trump our country was respected as an ally and a bastion of strength in an very dangerous world. Under Biden we are mocked and ignored. Under Trump our southern border was under control and policies in effect that severely limited the number of illegals entering our country. Under Biden our borders are wide open, deadly drugs are entering almost unchecked, criminals are practically walking into this country unchecked, and billions of taxpayer dollars are being used to support the illegals rather than going to the citizens who are paying those taxes. Under Trump our energy resources made us self supporting. Gas prices were reasonable and people could afford to drive to work and take vacations. Under Biden we are no longer energy independent. He immediately stopped pipeline construction, restricted and/or stopped all drilling, and we are paying the price. Gas prices are far above what we were paying the day Biden was sworn in as president. Under Biden our treasury has been raided to the tune of several trillions of dollars (and that the just early estimates; the final tally will probably be much higher). Inflation is rampant with everything we buy costing much more than it should solely because of Biden’s wasteful spending on so-called ‘Green Energy’. Finally, Under Trump our military was strong, well equipped, and well trained. Under Biden the same can’t be said. He has basically ignored the military and it shows. This is an indictment of the Generals and Admirals running the military, not the common soldier, sailor, or airman. The military powers-that-be are wasting training funds and time on politically correct pronouns and other touchy-feely crap rather than on training that would prepare our armed forces to fight a war, if necessary.

    We, the American people, can change the direction our country is headed by voting in the 2022 mid-term elections for those candidates who support the ideals which has guided our country since it was established.

  12. Hey Joe, lets see if you can figure out what this means: ES&D!

  13. Biden knows what he is doing. When he says the GOP is doing the opposite of what he is doing, he is right. Biden wants a socialist government, the GOP wants to go back to what this country was founded on, “One Nation Under God”. Freedom for all. Remember Ellis Island? The difference was they rolled up their sleeves an went to work. The Demorats want to bring in all the people that can help bring this country to its knees, terrorists, drug dealers, murders and all other scum with open borders. Have you considered who all those people are, and the kind of government they had? What the Demorats want to do is bring all these people in across the border, so they will help set up a government like the one they are fleeing from. All these people will thank the Demorats for bringing them here, but do not realize they will be contributing to build a socialist system for their children and grand-children. I do not trust Demorats, remember Obama? He passed himself off as Christian, until he got in office, than what was he? Let’s remember what our flag stands for. How many young men and women died, or were mutilated fighting for freedom. I do not think you will appreciate what freedom means, until you have lost it.

  14. Joe’s judgement cometh…and that right soon.

  15. Hey Joe the only thing you have going for you is when you tell someone good morning you’ve told them all you know for the day and the way you’re trying to put this country into the Chinese mode not going to happen do you love the Chinese that much and you get paid so much from them each month why don’t you and your family just move there you won’t be missed that you can take to the bank not a Chinese bank!!

  16. Joe Biden and Hunter Biden and Nancy PELOSI ARE A THREAT TO AMERICA. This voter wants a vote to replace Joe Biden in the mid ern lections for failure to do the job he was voted into office to do.

  17. I do agree with NITA comments. The real threat to the American way of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness is the not just the Democratic representatives, the President inabilities, it all those elected that sell out America for their personal gains. They do not respect Americans, just themselves. Find reality a difficult issue to deal with, well just look at each of the signed bills, who sighed them and why! We need to engage each elected person and hold them accountable. We need laws in each state that allocates all their funding, for all sources, and income from all sources including dinners, trips, etc to them and their families or colleagues on staff, and put them in the limelight. They are there for the American voters, not illegals, not criminals, but the safety of the voters. Like Nita stated….THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE; just keep selling your hide to the parties that use you as a DOOR MAT.

  18. Joe Biden And The Democrats Along With His Boss George Soros Are Trying To End Our Republic the USA. We Were NEVER a Democracy that is Some Brainwashing Crap The Media And The Democrats wants the Public to believe. Vote Republican And Restore America.

  19. When the IRS, the FBI, the Justice Department, the President are telling you that if you do not do EXACTLY what they say or they will come after you WHO do you think you would tell a pollster who you would vote for? Of course there is NOT A CHANCE that you would actually vote for those who threaten you. Forget the polls.

  20. Yes, Republicans are a threat… to Biden’s dictatorship.

  21. IMO, Joe Biden’s comments demonstrate his desire to dismantle America by generating anarchy amongst the citizens and justify martial law. Biden is building his own army of enforcers, 87,000 of them. Welcome to 1937 Germany!

  22. The only thing destroying the country is Me. Empty Suit. He’s in for a rude awakening!

  23. These rally speeches that Joe is giving are supposed to be ‘inspiring’ to his liberal idiot base. It’s a set up for a future narrative. Last year the Supreme Court, pretty much, gave tacit approval to democrat election fraud. And that’s what they have planned this November. After another stolen election the media will say ‘Insiders credit Joe Bidens inspiring rally speeches for stopping a Republican takeover of the House of Representatives!”
    Rush Limbaugh taught us that these crooks are always thinking several jumps ahead. Each time they succeed they push a little further next time.
    It’s has gone too far to just ‘vote’ this out. Obama started the weaponization of ALL federal agencies. Biden continues that work and is also reaping the benefits of Obamas corruption.
    These speeches are designed to ‘inspire’ his crazies to hate conservatives enough to support future efforts to remove us completely from society. Just like Adolph did to the Jews in Germany.
    People need to prepare for what’s coming.

  24. Joe and his Party ar the only ral threat to our democracy and our country!!!! The lies the Libs tell to brainwash an get votes…

  25. It’s called PROJECTION.
    Often referred to as “psychological transference”, psychological projection involves an individual transferring negative qualities about themselves (feelings, emotions, actions, traits, etc.) onto a different individual, institution, or object. Projection allows the individual to take their unwanted feelings and put them into an external threat.

    In truth, it’s the Democratic Marxists who are the real threat to Freedom & Liberty.

    • It is also a political tactic cited in Saul Alinsky’s book Rules for Radicals, which for communist democrats is essentially their bible.

  26. What Biden and Pelosi call democracy, we call communism. It’s the democrats who want to put everyone in chains who disagree with them.

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