Biden Threatens Voters

President Biden has urged all Democrats to vote in the upcoming election and not “allow the dark forces that thirst for power” to threaten American democracy. Biden during a National Committee Event in Union Station in Washington, D.C. told people that they should not take elections for granted. He then argued that Republicans could not be trusted and that the country’s democracy was being threatened.

He also said that everyone in the country should be unified in not accepting voter intimidation or political violence. He noted that their differences should not be taken out with violence and riots but rather through voting.

In his remarks he focused on similar messaging, as he had in the past, saying that GOP extremism can threaten American democracy. As Biden said around 300 Republican election deniers are on the ballots this year. He noted that this election was not about himself but rather about saving the country’s democracy.

Biden’s speech comes only one week after the violent attack on Paul Pelosi, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband. The attack took place in the couple’s San Francisco home and left Paul Pelosi in the hospital where he had to undergo surgery for a skull fracture. The reasoning behind the attack has not yet been made clear, however, Democrats have maintained that it is because of the GOP demonizing Pelosi over the years.

Biden said that the violence against political officials who are just doing their job is the result of all the lies being shared. He added that lies create anger and hate and eventually lead to violent events.

However, despite what Biden is saying, most voters don’t appear to be in favor of this messaging during a time when the country is facing historically high inflation rates.

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  1. Isn’t demanding voters ballot one way or the other the sign of a dictator?

  2. This idiot don,t know where he is?

  3. Rot in hell, Joe Biden. You and your demons are the ONLY thing threatening our Constitutional Republic with our democratically elected representatives.

  4. If you don’t vote because democrats are taking apart America one piece at a time with high prices at the gas station, food being sky high, crime getting out of control and illegals crossing our border being unchecked or our children being sexualize at 3 years old in the last two years then you deserve an America with all criminals over running this country and no food or gas to get to work because I would die for this country and defend the constitution that democrats want to destroy. Would you vote for Republicans to right all the wrong? Take your pick heaven or hell?

  5. The only ones causing division, chaos, violence, and destruction in this country is you pervy grandpa, your walking mattress VP who does absolutely zero and the gutter trash democrat administration and liberals. You all could NOT have destroyed a country better.

    All of you should be facing trials like they did in Nuremberg and some facing facing jail time and capital punishment. You would NOT be getting away with any of the garbage you are in our founding fathers time. They would have hung you in public or faced a military firing squad and is so absolutely deserved.

    You democrats have been traiters, corrupt, manipulative, liers, thieves, and put this country and it’s people in danger of our enemies across the globe and illegals.

    The names of Biden, Harris, Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, Warren, Sanders, Soros, Whitmer, Wheeler, and many others MUST be put on trial to stand for their crimes against this country and humanity putting everything at risk.

    • Could not have said it any better. .They just need to look in the mirror to see the real problem. We love ❤️ our great Nation just not what the puppet masters want . Hell bent on destroying America as we knew it. Remember 2016 Democrats deniers burned & rioted in cities all over because they thought Hillary was unbeatable. Fuck that bitch & George Saros too. Why the FUCK is he in our country anyways ?

    • Amen!

    • They all need very it in front of a firing squad for treason

  6. the demonrats are the ones who destroyed democracy. America is a republic & our constitution is the law of the land not tyranny. the democrats do not love america, they want to destroy it. they are evil and have been proving it over and over again. WAKE UP AMERICA…WAKE UP…

  7. Dominic Pasquarosa

    Voting is no longer considered a personal choice. If we don’t vote our way then they will mess in all the ways they can conceive to manipulate voting in a democratic Constitutional Republic. This is their threat to our democracy!


  9. Time to get rid of the Evil empire. Vote for Republican. Democrats are destroying America. Look at Gas prices, Look at food prices, Lokk at what Biden is trying to push Transgender in our schools, Allowing males to compete in female sports, Filling our country with illegals that bring in drugs, murders, i can go on and on but you all know that the Democrats are not for the American People. Time for a change

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