Biden Team Hurls New Accusation At MAGA Movement

Photo by Natilyn Photography on Unsplash

( – Ben LaBolt, the communications director of President Biden argued during an MSNBC interview on Friday that the possible government shutdown is entirely the fault of the Republican party’s “MAGA wing.” The statement was made while the House GOP was still attempting to pass a funding bill that would stop the government from shutting down.

LaBolt stated that it was likely that at midnight on Saturday, it was likely that the U.S. government would shut down. He then pointed out that if this occurred it was the fault of MAGA Republicans who would have fabricated another crisis.

LaBolt stated that the House GOP was going back on the bipartisan funding deals that had been previously negotiated which included slight cuts. He added that they were now calling for further funding cuts but that the Democrats were not going to support that. Those partisan bills have had trouble passing through the House thus far as they don’t have the support of the entire GOP.

LaBolt argued that the Republicans were trying to “crash” the U.S. economy and that this was what they had attempted to do during the debt ceiling crisis last year. He added that at the time they had agreed to a bipartisan budget agreement with Biden, the Senate, and the House which included a plan for the government’s funding. Despite this, they were not moving away from this agreement.

On Thursday, the Senate managed to pass a short-term government funding bill, however, the House had not managed to pass such measures previously. Hard-line GOP House members continue to push for more funding cuts which has led to negotiations being at a standstill. Even if such a funding bill manages to get the required support in the House it is unlikely to receive the necessary support from the Democrat-controlled Senate or the signature of President Biden.

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