Biden Sparks Outrage With Gas Prices Comment

Many took to Twitter to criticize Joe Biden after he asserted that in California $7 a gallon gas was “always” the norm.

A reporter reportedly had told President Biden that the inflation had gotten out of control and had used gas as an example of this. To this Biden began his response by saying “that’s always been the case here”. He also continued by saying that the price of gas had been steadily coming down across the county. He also added that their plans to bring down housing prices were also going to make a big change.

People on Twitter rushed to blast Biden for these claims both because of his view that gas prices had always been that high and for his attempt to steer the conversation so that he could discuss housing.
James Gallagher, the Republican minority leader in California called this “Bidenism at its finest.” He also questioned the connection between high gas prices and housing.

Lee Zeldin, a New York Republican gubernatorial candidate, also joined the criticisms saying that when Biden had taken office the price for gas in California was $3.36. This means that gas prices have more than doubled in that period.

California Republican Senate candidate Mark Meuser said that Biden was “out of touch” and had no idea what the effect of his policies had so far been in the country. He also noted that in California the price of gas was usually much lower and that whenever it would hit $5 per gallon it would be considered very high.

This is not the first time that Biden has been criticized for his responses this week. On Saturday while in conversation with a reporter at a Baskin-Robbins in Portland, Oregon, Biden was asked to talk about the effects of inflation on the U.S. dollar’s strength.

To this, he replied by saying that the U.S. economy is strong and that he would be more worried about other countries and worldwide inflation than he would be about the U.S.

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  2. Hey Slo Joe, we dont live in other countries, we live here and your policies are killing the average families and these obscene price increases are happening on your watch because of you.

  3. Squinty Eyes is and always has been a pathological Liar! We have his record on almost 50 years in Politics! The people who voted for the scumbag are either uneducated and ignorant or they hated Trump more than they love the Country? How can we survive this, tell me?

    • By LITERALLY REMOVING this scumbag, his crime family, his administration, from this planet! WE NEED TRUMP BACK, and OBLITERATE the DEMONICrats from the face of the earth! I am SICK of hearing his lies, his and oboomer’s. These two, every time they open their filthy mouths…a lie pops up! BUT NO ONE DOES A DARN THING I’m disgusted about both parties. One is destroying our country, our friendships, the lives of babies, etc….It ALL TRANSLATE in one thing……..HELL! This is where they will spend eternity! God doesn’t mess around!

  4. So glad you all voted for this life long Civil Servant to take the most important job in the World, and he’s just doing such a good job. Pathetic is what I call his performance so as our leader and chief. So out of touch his wife has to be his handler and I wonder how she can be a teacher and his keeper.

  5. We all know that Biden is not the one calling the shots…he is just doing what he is told to do. His “Advisors” are out to ruin this country and I have to say they are doing a fantastic job of it. All the Democrats that are going along with The Program need to be gone. One of my biggest worries is that Obama will get back in the race…he is already pulling too many strings. We couldn’t survive another term with his agendas.

  6. You people better vote next month and get these idiots out of office that are destroyiing our country. This man is a full blown idiot and is so dumm that he thinks his plans is helping our country. You may have disliked Trump but at least he cared about our country. We were self efficient and had all the gas we needed and at a low price. Stores with full shelves. The Dumacrats hated him because he was doimg things for our country and people and this just irritated the Democrats becuase he was doing more for the country than Obama and Biden did.

  7. Just Biden continuing to prove how stupid he is on a daily basis but then again he’s always been that way. I think that what this country needs is for all liberals who support this clown to have to pay extra for their fuel and the rest of us go back to prices BEFORE this clown was put in place. let them pay for his failures.

  8. Absolutely correct Don. Let these scumbag liberals pay for all this nonsense. Let them pay the higher gas prices for voting the idiot in. Let them pay for all the illegal votes they’ll get for coercing illegals to come in illegally. Unfortunate but Democrats will continue to win all the elections from now on because they are smart and cunning. They know to ensure winning elections they need stupid illiterate liberals to vote them in. The schools of higher education graduate millions of scumsucking liberals every semester to ensure their victory.

  9. Before the byden took office the gas prices were around $1.89 per gallon, now the gas prices are up at around $7.00 and more per gallon. With the things that the byden has done to the country is not good, the byden needs to be impeached along with that kamawhamadingdong harris both need to be removed from office. The byden has causedvso much economic collapse that things are only going to get worse as time goes on. Things are going to get much worse in a short time, things ARE GOING to get even rougher than they are now.

  10. Only people that do not work or are illegal vote for this potato head.He is takes from the people that work and gives there stuff to low lifes,scumbags pukes and ship birds.

  11. High gas prices, high food prices, high oil prices to heat your homes, high interest rates along with the chaos and crime in the streets all over the country and things will get a lot worse and that is exactly what the disgusting democrats are banking on. They want to bring the American citizens financially and safety wise to their knees so they have to go to the government for help just to survive and this is how they get what they’ve always wanted SOCIALISM.
    I understand why people had a problem with Trump, his personality and his tweets even turned me off, BUT I tuned him out and didn’t read his tweets and saw our country and it’s citizens living great. You all can say whatever you want about him but he loves this country and wants every American to do well, EVERY AMERICAN and they did.
    Mark my words if by some chance (cheating) the democrats win in November AMERICA IS DOOMED AND WILL NEVER BE THE SAME.

  12. There is but ONE THING that we ALL MUST do, go to the polls and vote straight Republican and/or Conservative in this election and the 2024 election as well. Only then will we be able to repair the damage that has been done but these Democratic socialists. It is going to take a little time to get this done as much of it will linger for years to come until we are able to get ahold of all the damage that they have done. GET OUT AND VOTE! Find someone who will also vote straight Republican or Conservative and take them to the poll as well! Start doing this immediately!

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