Biden Smashes Historic Record

The recent midterm elections have turned into a huge success for President Joe Biden who has managed to keep control of the Senate. This could also be the most victories in midterm elections for a President since John F. Kennedy was in the White House.

So far this year, Democratic Senate candidates have managed to keep 11 seats and even flip one seat in Pennsylvania. This means that in the case of an evenly split chamber they would still be able to retain their control. While the Republicans were able to hold on to 20 seats, they were not able to flip Nevada or Arizona. They also lost Pennsylvania which effectively stopped them from taking control of the Senate.

Georgia’s Senate race is the only race left to be determined, as the state called for a runoff election next month. If Republican Herschel Walker manages to flip the seat and beat Senator Raphael Warnock, the Democrats will still manage to have 50 seats. As Vice President Kamala Harris has a tie-breaking vote, this effectively means they will run the Senate.

If the runoff election does lead to the Democrats retaining the seat, then this would be the first positive net gain in the Senate for the party during a midterm election since 1962.

Even if the seat is flipped, the Democrats would still have their biggest gain since the 1998 election, when Bill Clinton had a net gain of zero Senate seats.

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  1. Far left liberal demonrat commie staff writer, this is one reason me and a lot of people will not subscribe to your patriot news. From a military Veteran. Know all the news before installing foot in mouth.

    • Thank you for your comment.

    • Yo Ronald, take it easy on this reporter/writer – he only gave some facts – I don’t like the facts and definitely you don’t either – more elections will come again, this is not permanent, so maybe next round we’ll take back those Senate seats. (And I’m a conservative vet too, just not during the Korean conflict – thanks for your service). And yes, the demonrats outsmarted us again with their how to steal an election strategy – we have to do better and get out and vote not on just one day, but do like them and make it a month long voting process.

    • Look at reality. The republicans are too stupid or too lazy to use what works. Biden is told to lie so they tell all the low IQ voters including republicans that Biden gave them the big social security raise and the dopes bought it and voted for him eventhough the truth is that Nixon is responsible for the COLA Act. Then he buys the lazy greedy students selling them the I will lforgive your debt bullshit. So those wanting that freebie voted for him. Then the abortion nonsense got the dems a lot of votes on top of Trump being disliked by many many voteres including some republicans. So, where oh where were our great republicans to answer those lies and misdeeds? Nowhere to be found. Time for new leadership all around. On top of all this I found out that when I donated, the republican organizations kept 90% and only gave 10% to the candidate. Trump also pulled that one on those who donated to “his” candidates. Just ask H Walker about that.

      • Sensible u are right on. Sorry, but for maybe DeSantis and a few others the Republican Party is dead. Shithead Lydsey Graham ran his big f ing mouth – were going to make abortion illegal. U piece of shit Rhino just lost 70% of young women voters running ur mouth. No woman wants some old man telling her she’s got to have a baby and ruin her life. Trump is the same way. DeSantis is our only hope otherwise it will be more brutal losses. Remember, the democrats unlike the Republicans have all the donor money and nonsense like this is why they do. Get all of these old Rhinos the hell out and get some young blood in there.

  2. This has more to do with the months long election periods with voting early and mail-in ballots than it does the skill demonstrated by the senile old President who has to have note cards, telling him where to go and what to do. Also, Oz wasn’t exactly conservative. He should be very embarassed that a man who could barely speak and had a horrible showing during their debate beat him. By the time of the debate, Fetterwoman had probably already won. I doubt we will ever hear from people who voted early and then saw what they had voted for. I heard that there were several dead candidates elected not counting Fetterwoman.

    • What ever happened to those 250,000 ballots that were accidentally sent out to non verified voters.
      I think that’s how fetterwomam actually won.
      Pennsylvania is a complete disgrace to human life!
      They got what they deserve and can’t wait to see all the criminals out of prison. Stupid people get stupid results!

  3. The Communist Democrat Party has mastered stealing elections.

  4. Yeah…. a historic record of failure to which this writer subscribes.

  5. yes the GOP won the popular vote int he midterms

  6. We ALL know that vote farming and nefarious conduct lead to this. It’s going to be fixed. This “election” was a multi-billion dollar money harvesting scam and everyone who knows anything knows it. Evil like the democrats are doing always backfires.

  7. FTX and Soros bought this election, what happens in the future is up to the education of voters!

  8. Your facts are wrong, as even a pro-Kennedy source, the chapter dealing with our 35th president in noted presidential historian David C. Whitney’s “The American Presidents”, states that Kennedy’s Democrats lost two Senate seats and 20 congressional ones in the 1962 midterm elections.
    Also, what is this nonsense of the “Red Wave” fizzling? Two hundred nineteen of the two hundred thirty-five candidates Mr. Trump endorsed won their races, four deep-blue congressional seats were flipped in New York, the Republicans have gained control of the House, every Republican governor who has backed restrictions on abortion in his state was re-elected, the number of cities and towns in America democratically (pun intended) creating anti-abortion zones has, as a result of the midterm vote, risen to 61 since the first such haven was established on July 11, 2019, the wonderful GOP star Lauren Boebert has won a recount, there is talk of several other recounts–all highly-justified–and there is even serious talk of the Republicans using their newfound House majority to impeach Biden for his knowledge of his son’s highly-dubious–at best–financial dealings, especially those with China. Why don’t you stick to the facts, PND staff writer?

  9. The longer the vote takes, the more Democrats win, 70-76% of the time. This was based on the last 13 extended counts before this mid-term.

  10. These writers clearly are not fact checking. Why don’t you go apply to MSNBC or one of the other sites where you can feed the BS to the sheep and they’ll believe it.

    I am so sick to death of the media. They used to poke fun at the Enquirer and The Globe for their fake stories and now its mainstream and at least the Enquirer is even more accurate than CNN, MSNBC, or the idiot that wrote this article. They clearly are democrats writing for a conservative site. Who knows, they probably got paid by Soros or the country of China to do this story.

    Get it together PND or go somewhere else!

  11. Dominic Pasquarosa

    It’s not because of Xi Jinping Biden! It’s the devotion to the democrat party ideology!!! This is why ANYONE WILL DO! Fetterman is their perfect example! ANYONE WILL DO!!!

  12. Well, Biden is better–more Intelligent that -T-Rump will ever be in his life. Biden knows the constitution and laws . T-Rump does not–his daddy had to donate big bucks to get him into college and get him to barely pass. I am surprised he-T-rump can find his anal area to wipe . All of you Repube-licans can go suck rotten eggs-because that is what you are stinking , hateful, racist rednecks. This country would be far better off without you here. So stick with your loser T-rump-Putin-Jong Ung-loving communist leader.

    • If China Joe knows all the laws, how come he breaks every one of them. China Joe is the most lawless bassturd in history! He is actually a dictator and you can keep dancing to his lies, not me.
      China Joe has not done anything except to ruin our Country!

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