Biden Slammed For Creepy Comment

Many Conservatives took to social media to speak about the remarks that President Biden made regarding his friendship with a 12-year-old girl when he was 30. During a speech at the National Education Association on Friday, Biden took a moment to move away from discussing climate change to speak to a woman in the crowd whom he had known years ago.

During the event, he paused mid-speech, pointed to a woman in a crowd, and said, “You gotta say hi to me.”

At that moment the crowd laughed and Biden proceeded to say that they knew each other when she was 12 and he was 30 and that “this woman helped me get an awful lot done. Anyway.”

Many in the crowd once again laughed at that, but others found the remarks disturbing. Conservatives took to Twitter to note their confusion over the incident.

Monica Crowley, a conservative podcast host, said that losing one’s filter and blurting the truth out is a sign of dementia and that must have been what happened when Biden noted their ages in his comment.

New York Post writer Miranda Devine also wrote on Twitter asking if any context had been provided for this while Neck Searcy, a conservative actor, asked if Democrats believed this to be normal.

Kyle Becker, another conservative commentator, called the entire incident creepy. This remark was also echoed by Conservative YouTubers the Hodge Twins.

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  1. First you have to explain just what comment he’s made that isn’t creepy.

  2. Biden is creepy even without saying anything. What a loss for the country. Very sad!

  3. All the Principles, Values, Integrity, Morals, Respect, and Accountability that we grew up with and taught our children have been renamed, canceled, forgotten, discredited, and slammed. What happened To One Nation, Under God? We’ve eliminated God from everything under this administration. Untruth has bled into every aspect of every crisis that we are living with in this country. Being corrupt has become the American way.

  4. My God, what has happened to this country??, the USA is gone down hill since the White house pair has been in power,

  5. This man has dementia, and that has been apparent since he took office. Anyone who knows someone with dementia going into alzheimer can spot this. He definitely fits this disease, and it’s getting much worse as the days go by.

  6. It appears there was no context presented to their connection so comments from people with credentials like ‘conservative podcast host’ really have little validity . It doesn’t take much more information to recognize creepy in Trump’s lusting after his daughter on the Howard Stern show.

  7. Maybe Biden had another senior moment when he imagined it was 40 + years ago and thought he recognized this young lady from one of his ‘conquests’ from ‘back in the day’.

  8. Someone needs to go to a sex shop, and get the leather head gear for the asshole. That’ll stop his mouth.

  9. This is getting REALLY OLD! Sick of biden and his lame brain! The schmuck in chief IS A PEDOPHILE! And NOTHING is done! That pile of disgusting crap WILL BURN IN HELL!

  10. Biden had dementia- I’m a musician who performs at Sr. Living and and Nursing Homes. It’s very easy to notice when you see the people in these places. He needs to be in a Nursing Home.
    His wife should be ashamed of herself she knows he isn’t right but her need for the big time has gotten in the way. She isn’t a Doctor that’s just and honorary title.
    This country is going to “hell” under Biden- God Help us.

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