Biden Says the Government Needs More Money Because ‘There’s Going to Be Another Pandemic’

President Joe Biden said Tuesday that the government needed more money to prepare for “the second pandemic,” which he assured reporters would come.

Biden, responding to a question about making vaccines available to young children in the wake of the most recent Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs), said that his administration was working to make sure that there were enough vaccines — but that his administration was also investing money into preparing for the next pandemic.


The reporter asked about the number of doses of the COVID vaccines were available for school-aged children — and how many the government was prepared to provide before the administration asked for more money to manage the costs.

“We’ll get through at least this year,” Biden began, adding, “We do need more money. But we don’t just need more money for vaccines for children, eventually. We need more money to plan for the second pandemic. There’s going to be another pandemic.”

“We have to think ahead,” President Biden continued, going on to take a swipe at former President Donald Trump and suggesting that a lack of preparation on his part had increased the impact of the COVID pandemic. “That’s not something the last outfit did very well, and that’s something that we’ve been doing fairly well. That’s why we need the money.”

Critics immediately suggested that another pandemic — or at least another COVID variant — was all part of a plan to insure that mail-in ballots were the standard for the 2022 midterms and perhaps beyond.

“We know Joe. You guys need those mail in ballots and this is your excuse,” Tim Swain tweeted.

“Promises, promises,” Alexandros Marinos added.

Jeff Carlson tweeted, “The DNC’s ‘Mid-Terms Mail-in-Ballot’ prep work begins …”

“These people can take their pandemic panic porn & stick it where the sun doesn’t shine,” @ITguy1959 tweeted.

Others argued that the federal government had plenty of money to throw around when it came to sending billions of dollars in support for Ukraine and to managing the flow of illegal immigrants at the southern border.

“Joe Biden predicts a second pandemic, he ‘feels it,’ like the plan is bubbling and the WHO will lower the boom on us in fall. We need money. Yet Joe is slinging it about like confetti. $54.4B to stand w Ukraine, and more$ to come, and big $ for the DHS migrant travel agency…” Tosca Austen argued.

Original Article: Joe Biden Says The Government Needs Money Because ‘There’s Going To Be Another Pandemic’ | The Daily Wire

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  1. Of COURSE there is…Right before the midterms, and the “government” will order “lock downs”, and FORCE people to only “vote by mail” so they can AGAIN CHEAT, and RIG the ‘elections” (LIKE BEFORE) to keep their POWER and CONTROL./

    • PHUCK THEM!!!!!!!!
      They’re already ROBBING us now !!!!!!!!I I SAY HANG THEM BY THEIR ENTRAILS !!!!!

    • You’ve said it, Cliff! He is so full of lies and tons of crap! People are getting smart (finally). He can take his mandates, his stupid masks and ALL of his poisons (vax), AND SHOVE THEM DOWN HIS THROAT! CHOKE ON IT!

  2. There’s a better chance of Biden shitting his depends!

  3. You can almost see the hand of puppet master Susan Rice manipulating the head and mouth movements of China Joe. When an individual cannot read from a teleprompter with oversized font you know things are not going well inside the melon of the POTUS, with his mental state declining as quickly as it is, a V-P that is as bad a train wreck as he is, the Dem’s looking at a total azzhat like the California governor to carry the mantle in 2024, things are not good in the Democrap camp. LET”S GO BRANDON!

  4. People are aready gearing up to sit at drop boxes around the clock. They’ll have to try something else next time.

  5. The leftist TRASH will try again !!!!!!!!!! It worked last time !!!!!!!!!!! We will probably get another GENIUS like King O’Biden !!!!!!!!!

  6. Mortimer Schnerd

    Another disease? Oops my bad, not everyone has been injected with the clot shot.

  7. Of coarse there’s going to be another pandemic, it’s happening already! The pandemic of stupidity! At least 80 million people have already had it! I didn’t care much for Trump’s antics, but he knew how to run a country and deal with the world. Biden??????? God help us all!

  8. I really don’t think that the vast majority of the American people will tolerate another lock down. Joe Bitme and his mafia Administration can kiss our azz. I hope that he will die in the very near future.

  9. Easy to predict that which you create. Guess we’re never going to even try to find out giw and where covid originated. That would betray Biden’s back room deals with China. Corruption rules our government and nobody in power seems to care.

  10. Bemused Berserker

    When, not if, the Democrat’s pull another Pandemic out of their hat, it’s time for Armed Rebellion against their Tyranny.

    Enough is enough.

  11. Thats EXACTLY what needs to happen!!!

  12. The US needs to reinstitute public hangings for voter fraud. Caught today, hung tomorrow. Perpetrators will quickly get the message…

  13. frederick fetty jr

    Be very careful Biden and other Democrats. The Supreme Court just ruled that we can carry open and trying to stop us will be a violation of the constitution. Biden and his criminal friends are forcing our hand and they will not like what may happen. Most veterans were willing to die for our country and I. for one, would be willing to go it again.

  14. Bull excreient its just another lock down scam to keep the sheeple down and unaware of the socials/maxisict take over by OUR buffoon and Obamy’s failures.


    Joe, where did your infomation come from about another pandemic??? China or Ukraine? You must have come up with a psychic in Ukraine that gave you that information!! What are they calling this pandemic???? At least give us some details of what is supposedly ahead of us!! I for one will not wear masks! I have had it with all these masks that do absolutely nothing to prevent this crazy mess that was spread by China!

  16. Well isn’t it nice to know they planning on murdering even more of us!

  17. Enough Joe. Enough already. Just thinking about Joe saying that we must “think ahead” gives me the shakes. How about if he could think at all? He obviously forgot to “think ahead” before all of the Executive Orders that got us into this mess. Also, the more he talks, the more clueless he appears. How much more of this can America take? Heck, he’ll likely be gone before our nation will ever recover from his ideas.

  18. Naturally there will be another Pandemic the Democraps can’t win without the ability to CHEAT. They will need that ability in both the Midterms and the 2024 Election.

  19. Do you really think we believe that? If it comes hope all the communist democrat terrorists thugs catch it and put the American people out of their misery. He can take his pandemic and stick it way up his ass.

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