Biden Says Russia Doing What?

President Biden performed another one of his gaffes after saying on Wednesday that Russian troops of “Fallujah”, was a reference to the city of Kherson in southeastern Ukraine. This gaffe came after Sergey Surovikinon, Russian forces leader, announced that his troops would be retreating from one of the major cities in Ukraine.

Biden said while replying to a reporter’s question that regardless of whether they are retreating from “Fallujah — from the city of Kherson — and [Russian forces] are coming back across the river to the eastern side of the [Dnieper] river.” This question he had been asked related to whether Ukraine and Russia had entered negotiations with Russia.

In November and December 2004, Fallujah was the place where the American forces faced one of the bloodiest conflicts during the invasion of Iraq.

At the time around 12,000 US troops fought, and 82 of them were killed. According to the Pentagon reports around 600 were wounded during the battle. During the battle around 2,000 insurgents were also killed while 1,200 were captured.

President Biden has not disclosed the reason for mistaking the cities. However, regarding the war, he did say that both Ukraine and Russia would need to decide whether they are going to look for a compromise or choose to continue fighting through winter.

This is not the first time that Biden has used the wrong words for what he was trying to say. On Oct. 25 he reportedly called Vice President Kamala Harris a “great president.”

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  1. Leadership of the free world, omg

  2. The dumbest clown of a president combined with the absolute worst Speaker of all time, what a team.

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