Biden Ruthlessly Attacks Half Of America

President Biden’s new speech was considered divisive as it singled out and criticized “MAGA Republicans.” This is in many ways different from the strategy followed by the Democratic party so far, as they have been meddling with the GOP primaries taking place.

Despite the comments made by Biden, Democratic campaign groups have spent $46 million in support of former President Donald Trump in several primary races. This is an effort to push out more moderate Republicans to shift the odds towards the Democratic candidates.

In his speech, Biden said that MAGA forces don’t want to Make America better, but rather they are looking to make it backward, by removing the rights to privacy, choice, contraception, and the ability to marry whoever you love.

According to Biden, Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans, are extremists and they have no respect for the law, or the constitution, not to mention they refuse to accept the election results.

Only a month ago though, Democrats were celebrating the victories of the Trump-backed candidates. These included Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District, John Gibbs, who defeated Congressman Peter Meijer.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) spent $425,000 in support of Gibbs. Similarly, in July the Democratic Governors’ Association (DGA) spent almost $2 million in support of Maryland Republican gubernatorial nominee Dan Cox, who was going against former state lawmaker Kelly Schulz.

The White House spokesperson Karine Jean Pierre said when asked while she has no opinions nor does she know about the campaigns of other organizations, the President’s messaging was clear.

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  1. Desperation of a demented person!

  2. Because Trader Joe found the stealing of a Presidential election easy…. their agenda could move forward, full force! We know now that the SWAMP is much deeper, wider, and dirtier than most Americans ever suspected. Unbelievable as it seems, this administration is shifting our country from a Constitutional REPUBLIC to a Communist Dictatorship without firing a single shot! They’re doing it with REGULATIONS. We are officially a Regulation Nation and these regulations will control every phase of our lives… and freedom & liberty will soon be a thing of the PAST.

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