Biden Releases The Criminals

Photo by Grant Durr on Unsplash

On Friday, the White House announced that President Biden would be commuting the sentences of 31 nonviolent drug offenders who are currently in home confinement. The administration is going to also be launching its new rehabilitation plan for jails and prisons.

A White House official revealed that the 31 Americans in question had all demonstrated rehabilitation while also helping their community. The White House is also planning on releasing the names of those who will receive the commuted sentences later on.

In April, the administration is also going to mark Second Chance Month by releasing a plan that would help support those who are exiting the criminal justice system by providing options for health care, employment, education, housing, and other services. The Alternatives, Rehabilitation, and Reentry Strategic Plan will be focused on “reducing unnecessary criminal justice system interactions” which will allow police officers to place their attention on “fighting crime,” while also focusing on “supporting rehabilitation during incarceration” in order to support a more successful reentry.

White House domestic policy adviser Susan Rice, who according to a recent announcement will soon be stepping down from her role, told reporters that there are currently too many barriers to finding employment by those who come out of jail or have a criminal record. She further added that “when a crime occurs” the sentence needed to “reflect the seriousness of the crime” while also providing the space for “rehabilitation and successful reentry.” The new strategy is going to include 100 actions from more than 20 agencies.