Biden Putting Criminals On The Street

President Biden is going to pardon all prior federal offenses relating to simple marijuana possession. This is another step taken towards decriminalizing the drug.

According to senior officials, all those who were convicted of simple possession of marijuana will be pardoned. The White House also addressed that while both people of color and white people use marijuana, people of color are usually “arrested, prosecuted, and convicted at disproportionate rates.”

Biden in a Tweet on Thursday said that he has previously stated that no one should be in jail simply for possessing or even using marijuana. He also added that by having people in jail for possession many lives have been upended. Further, he noted that in many states the use of marijuana is completely legal.

These pardons will allow those who have marijuana possession convictions to be able to find homes and jobs again more easily. Biden has said that those with federal convictions often struggle with finding employment, housing, or even educational opportunities.

Biden has also been urging governors to follow the suggestions of Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra and Attorney General Merrick Garland to look at the classification that marijuana is given under federal drug laws.

Biden says that marijuana which is currently classified as a “schedule one” substance should be reviewed once again as it does not make sense for it to be classified with heroin and LSD.

Many big cities, like New York, have also taken steps to decriminalize low-level marijuana arrests.

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  1. The inarticulate premise, is that he is desperately looking for votes.

  2. As stupid as he is I figure he thinks that’s part of his job.

  3. Too bad it isn’t the Demonrats in our governments around the country.

  4. A lot of violent offenders will be let out under this arrangement. Prosecutors always look for the easy way to add a conviction to the count. Cop a plea for a lesser offense and the DA will drop other charges.

  5. This is exactly the truth. They may have been caught with a couple pounds of pot but agreed to plea for simple possession instead of possession with intent to distribute to avoid a lengthy sentence and trial.

  6. Or maybe they were caught with a firearm and were a convicted felon. There are many reasons that they will plea to Simple Possession and have the other much more serious crimes dropped to avoid a trial. Many attorneys will agree to a plea deal to avoid serious charges to either cop a plea deal to avoid prison on a more serious charge and the DA’s are more than happy to agree to a plea deal to avoid a trial and free up the trial docket. That’s the way of the world now unfortunately.

  7. To be honest, these are not good people that were caught smoking a joint or having 1/4 an oz. of pot for personal use. If you look at each case that will come out that they were really bad guys that have many other charges and were allowed to plead guilty to a lesser included charge of simply possession to speed up the process of putting them through the court system which is overworked.

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