Biden Prevents More Border Security

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) and the state following a lawsuit from the federal government will remove the shipping containers that have been used to close the gaps along the U.S. border.

In August Ducey had signed an executive order that instructed a state agency to use containers to close the gaps in Arizona’s southern border so as to reduce the number of migrant encounters. The Department of Justice sued Ducey last week over the placement of the containers. They further argued that the shipping containers were illegally placed on federal lands.

The stipulation, which was signed on Wednesday, states that Arizona will need to uninstall the containers already placed along the border by Jan. 4, as well as stop any further installation along the National Forest System Lands. Apart from the containers any other materials, vehicles and equipment will also need to be removed.

Previously the state had refused to stop the installation despite the demands of the Biden administration. As part of the stipulation, the federal government is also expected to move forward with the “barrier construction” in the Morelos Dam area, near Yuma, Arizona.

C.J. Karamargin, Ducey’s communications director, has said that the shipping container program was meant to be a temporary solution until a permanent barrier could be placed.

Karamargin noted that now that the federal government has indicated that a more permanent barrier would be placed, they can step back.

Gov.-elect Katie Hobbs (D), who will take office on Jan. 2, has been vocally opposed to the installation of the shipping containers along the border.

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