Biden Mocks American Patriots

During his speech in Pennsylvania on Wednesday President Biden criticized supporters of the Second Amendment. As part of his “Safer America” campaign, he is trying to deter crime and empower law enforcement. While his policies are the main point of his speeches on this, Biden did not hesitate to attack Republicans who are opposing the call for extra gun control.

Specifically, he said to those who support the Second Amendment, that the right to self-defense is over a foreign enemy or tyrannical government, but in order to keep America safe, an AR-15 is not enough. Instead, they would need an F-15 or something more powerful than a gun.

Social Media users have however pointed out that these comments are inappropriate especially considering the unorganized withdrawal from Afghanistan which allowed many weapons, including F-15s to be taken by the Taliban Forces.

Senior digital strategist Greg Price was one of the people who pointed this fact out, but he was not the only one.

Reload Founder Stephen Gutowski also noted that it was due to the President’s decisions that F-15s were left to the Taliban and that Afghanistan was surrendered to them.

The Federalist senior legal correspondent Margot Cleveland also took to Twitter to make a comment regarding how a “Safer America” appears to mean “A government threatening its citizens with F-15s.”

Outside of this incident, Biden has maintained his efforts to “ban assault weapons” in an effort of combating the crime rates. He also said during his speech that the amendment is “not absolute.”

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  1. When that time comes I hope that the brave men and women of our great military puts the so called pres. in their sites not the great people of this USA. It is time for this socalled pos to be removed from office also his complete admin. I did not serve in the military in the 60’s because I had broken my back in two places. 4F But I am proud to be an American and will do anything to support our great Republic.

  2. Once again the walking corpse demonstrates his cognitive descent into the Alzheimer’s abyss.
    How much more of this absolute nonsense is this Country’s Citizenship willing to endure?
    As former President Trump stated : They (radicals-morons the ever needy-the puppetmasters-and the mis-informed) are coming for you I just happen to be in the way. God help this country. The tipping point has arrived!!

  3. Be sure to see the replay of ‘Biden’s Inferno’, where you will see how POTUS encourages unity. He should be proud of how he has risen to his campaign promise, and made all of us, including MAGA Republicans, that he did such a wonderful job of bringing them back to some sort of sanity. Wonderful job Mr. President.


  5. Are you offended? I’m not. Then again, I’m not a fascist white supremacist.

  6. To thwart Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, et al, it does not require weapons nor violence. It only requires a non partisan DOJ and military that faithfully upholds their oath to protect the Constitution.

    • ONLY?? ONLY?? They’ve already corrupted ALL Federal departments! Top military brass at the Pentagon all support taking this country down! They will gladly give the order to fire on American citizens. Any soldier that does not comply will be either court martialed or killed by those that do comply in a regretful ‘friendly fire’ incident.
      Biden stated in his speech that we can’t fight the government with an AR-15. All those that voted for and support this American version of Adolph Hitler are complicit and just as guilty as the tyrannical government. ONLY enough of them need to be, shall we say reconciled, to make sure they don’t return to power for a long time. Corrupt local politicians, local media and indoctrinating professors and teachers come to mind.
      God help us! God Bless America!!

    • Lots of luck with that, especially the DOJ! Just about every alphabet agency is arming up for war against the middle class taxpayer, and AR 15s damned sure would be useful against them! Of course, if the Democrats get their way, and do confiscate our AR 15s, and AK 47s, well, how long until the push to get rid of those murderous, long range sniping rifles? Followed by the easy to hide handguns (which are the REAL culprit when it comes to large shooting scenarios. After that, well, those full auto shotguns, and the semi auto pump shotguns, and anything except for an old double barrell that you can fire off the top porch, like Unca Joe told Ms Jill. There’s still some hope that the military would uphold the Constitution, but with the caliber of recuits, and the “Professional Offier Corps” being indoctrinated in Liberal Progressive Socialist programs, maybe not. Also, the military, at least the Air Force, was always a sounding board for social issues, like Affirmative Action promotions and positions, and Race Relations to really cement the camaraderie amongst the troops! I could go on forever, but, why bother? I’m afraid it’s gonna be a shootin’ fight before very long…

  7. the right to self-defense is over a foreign enemy or tyrannical government,and that’s exactly why we need to support the 2nd amendment since a tyranical president is what we have now. And Biden is the reason more people are buying guns than ever before. He is a clear danger to our democracy!

  8. They are the Terrorist Party,, the enemy within, and THEY MUST BE STOPPED!!!
    Remember this when you vote.

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