Biden Flips, Starts Attacking America

In a recent speech, President Biden spoke about the state of aviation in America. Notably, he said that American airports are currently lagging. This statement was made during a visit to Logan International Airport in Boston. During the event, Biden promoted overall government infrastructure spending.
He also spoke about how currently no American airport ranks in the top 25 airports in the world. It was during that point that the President became more animated and shouted “What in the hell’s the matter with us?!”

Biden also recalled his visit to LaGuardia airport in New York City during his time as Vice President, where he saw a note about the escalator being out of order and how it will be repaired in two months. He also noted how that sign was in plain sight for visitors to see and connected to people internationally considering the United States a spent economy.

He also noted all of the airport traffic jams which have led to increased frustrations from both pilots and passengers. The idling planes are not only harmful to people’s nerves but also air pollution as he noted.

He added that it was time for them to remember who they were and how “We’re the United States of America.”

However, his infrastructure investment priorities don’t line up with the statements he made in his speech as his bill has only allocated $25 billion toward airport improvements. In contrast, $66 billion will be spent on rail funding.

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