Biden Flips On Support For Israel?

Photo by Taylor Brandon on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday, President Biden warned that Israel was beginning to lose the support of the rest of the world in their war against Hamas. The Israel-Hamas war started following the Hamas surprise attacks against Israel which resulted in hundreds of Israelis being taken hostage.

Biden has stated that Israel is continuing to have his full support in front of a group of donors during a Washington, D.C., fundraiser. During his speech, he remarked that it was necessary that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu needed to change and that the Israeli government was making it extremely hard for him to “move.”

Biden argued that there was a tough choice ahead of the Israeli Prime Minister. As he pointed out this was the “most conservative government” in the history of the country. He added that the government was looking for a two-state solution.

On Monday, Biden maintained that he continued to be completely committed to Israel, and argued that they needed to be careful as the public opinion of the whole world could completely shift overnight. As he stated this was not something that they could allow to happen.

The White House has previously supported the military campaign that Israel has led against Hamas and has stressed that there were concerns about the casualties in Gaza and the humanitarian aid needed in the area. Biden has also been a big supporter of a two-state solution.

On Tuesday, Netanyahu argued that while he appreciated Biden’s support the two did not see eye to eye on the best future for the region.

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