Biden Debuts Hypocritical “Abuse of Power” Ad Against Trump

Only a day after he had to fend off hecklers who yelled at him to “stop touching kids” at a campaign event in New Hampshire, former Vice President Joe Biden released an ad of outlandish absurdity. Apparently never having heard the idea of playing to one’s strengths, Biden had the audacity to accuse President Donald Trump of “abuse of power.”

“I really honest-to-God believe our democracy is at risk,” Biden says in the ad. “My dad used to have an expression: ‘Joey, the greatest sin of all is the abuse of power.’ Whether it’s a man raising his hand to a woman or a child. Or whether it’s someone with economic power abusing people who don’t have it or a government that abuses its power.

“It’s the greatest sin that exists,” he continued. “It’s a cardinal sin – the abuse of power. And that’s what you’re seeing now. And if we don’t fight back, if we don’t respond, Republicans and Democrats and Independents alike – democracy is not a guarantee.”

Now, in the ad, Biden doesn’t get into what, precisely, Trump did to abuse his power.

Perhaps he meant that Trump has done too much in the way of ruling by executive order. But then, that wouldn’t make much sense, seeing as how his predecessor (aka, Biden’s boss in the White House) wrote the book on how to avoid Congress and rule by executive fiat. Biden has nothing but praise for Barack Obama, so we can’t see how he could possibly hit Trump on that particular front.

Well, maybe he was talking about Trump’s refusal to cooperate with House Democrats and their partisan impeachment sham. Maybe he’s referencing the members of his administration who refused to respond to congressional subpoenas. But then, that wouldn’t make much sense, either, seeing as how Biden just said this weekend that he wouldn’t show up to the Senate if Republicans demanded that he come testify in Trump’s impeachment trial.

But what he was probably talking about was the Ukraine scandal itself, in which Trump supposedly “abused his power” by asking President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate…Biden himself! How politically convenient for Biden to cast this as an act of malfeasance!

But the real abuse of power happened years earlier when, as Vice President, Joe Biden mandated the first Ukrainian quid pro quo: Fire this prosecutor (who is investigating my son’s company and endangering his cushy, underserved job) or risk losing a billion dollars in U.S. aid. We’re told by the powers that be in the Washington media that there was nothing at all wrong with THIS quid pro quo, but that somehow the exact same scenario is impeachable when Trump does it. Huh?

If we were Joe Biden, we would do anything to avoid comparing the two situations. A few voters, yet to be brainwashed by the liberal press, might see that they weren’t all that different…

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