Biden, Cut It Out. You ARE For Defunding The Police

In his State of the Union Address, President Biden stated that he – and Democrats in general – do not favor defunding the police departments.  It was part of his effort to reorient the Democrat’s leftwing policy agenda more to the right – in the direction of the more popular Republican positions.

But saying does not make it so.  Now Biden can claim that he does not favor defunding police, but he cannot honestly claim that defunding is not part of the Democrat agenda among much of the Democrat leadership.  It is a complex issue – and that old devil is in the details.

In the past, Biden has said that he is not in favor or defunding police but IS in favor of reforming police – using the money in different ways.  That essentially means taking money away from traditional police law-enforcement activities – arresting lawbreakers – and using the money for non-enforcement activities, such as social workers and psychologists to talk down potential killers. That is just what we need when being attacked – some guy or gal showing up with a couch instead of a gun. 

So … in a sense, Biden is in favor of taking money away from enforcement – and that by any other name if defunding the basic operation.

Some Democrats are not so subtle.  Take Congresswoman Cori Bush of Missouri … please.   She is anti-police in every way.  She characterizes them as “killers” – with a very broad brush. She is attacking her fellow Democrats who are trying to shed the defunding mantle before the 2022 midterm elections.  

In a congressional hearing, Bush said: “What too many of my colleagues do not want us to talk about what, what they don’t want us talking about, is that as they trip over each other, rushing to spew lies and right-wing talking points about police funding, they are saying nothing about the rise of violence by the police….”  Polls show that Black and Hispanic voters are more favorable to funding the police than Whites.  Well duh!  What communities are suffering most from street crimes?  The folks who want to defund the police are generally White progressives who live in a safe area – often gated communities.  Or really rich folks – like Speaker Pelosi – who has a BIG wall around her home in San Francisco and government-paid security detail.

There are some Black leaders – like Bush – who plays the racist card as if it is the only one in the deck – or maybe they are just not playing with a full deck.  (Sorry, I could not resist that one.)  

It makes no sense when you look at the statistics.  Bush’s Congressional District encompasses St. Louis, which has one of the highest per capita murder rates in America – in some recent years THE highest.  

But police funding – or defunding – is only one area in which Democrats have a problem with law enforcement.  There is the issue of prosecution.

Even after the police have done their jobs Democrat prosecutors and judges are turning the judicial system into a revolving door – putting criminals out on the streets as fast as the police can take them off the streets.  

In fact, there is a new breed of Democrat prosecutors who openly refuse to obey the law – to do their duty.  In some cases, they are simply refusing to enforce the law.  They use prosecutorial discretion to not prosecute arrested criminals – and even worse, declaring certain crimes are no longer to be prosecuted.  Looting a store of less than $5000 worth of merchandise is not to be considered a prosecutorial crime according to some leftwing district attorneys.  If you beat up a person without causing permanent disabling injuries, it is not a crime.

Judges are not imposing appropriate levels of bail – or no bail at all.  In fact, some communities have outlawed bail all together.

Democrats have restricted the enforcement of immigration laws by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  And in some Democrat strongholds, local police and sheriffs are ordered to NOT turn over arrested immigrants to ICE.  

Democrats further retard law enforcement by declaring their communities to be sanctuary cities … or counties … or states.

For years, Democrats have been seen as “soft on crime.”  That has evolved to today where they can credibly be accused of promoting crime.

Biden and the Democrat strategists at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) can try to lay down a fog in front of their law enforcement policies – but they are not fooling the public, especially those most victimized by the crime wave that Democrat policies have produced.

So, there ‘tis.

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