Biden Clashes With Michelle Obama

President Joe Biden admonished Americans Thursday night in Philadelphia that “You can’t love your country only when you win” — a curious contrast to Michelle Obama’s infamous statement that she was only proud of her country once her husband was winning.

Biden, who delivered a prime time address at Independence Hall demonizing “MAGA Republicans” as a threat to the nation, said:

Democracy cannot survive when one side believes there are only two outcomes to an election: either they win or they were cheated. And that’s where MAGA Republicans are today. [Applause]

They don’t understand what every patriotic American knows: You can’t love your country only when you win. [Applause.] It’s fundamental.

In 2008, when then-Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) began racking up primary wins against Hillary Clinton, future First Lady Michelle Obama said: “For the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country and not just because Barack has done well, but because I think people are hungry for change.”

The implication was that she did not love her country when she, her husband, and her personal political beliefs were not in the ascendancy.

As for being “cheated,” many Democrats claimed that Donald Trump “stole” the 2016 election, including Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, who continued to claim (despite her concession speech) that Russia had delivered the presidency to Trump, and that he was an “illegitimate” president.

Biden’s address, set against a red background, was widely panned for its tone, and for the fact that he used two Marines in the backdrop during what was a partisan political diatribe.

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  1. Yes, it’s incredible how these democrats talk out both sides of their mouths.

    • THEY are disgusting! I hope they all kill each other, and wind up in hell! Careful joe, michael can arm wrestle you with her eyes closed! SICK, SICK PEOPLE, and God HAS HAD ENOUGH with the DEMONICrats!

      • Great message! Love people like you!!!!!!!

      • Aren’t we the true American, I am an American, an Independent, a Vietnam veteran, a Christian, a grandfathet. I also spent 31 years working in the intelligence community, mostly overseas with my family in some not so nice places. I don’t think me or my familiy is disgusting and I am sure we don’t want to kill anyone. Why don’t u put ur bio here and let’s see what u have accomplished in ur life. Oh, by the way, I have voted both democratic and republican. Why don’t read something besides vacuous screeds or “Truths” put out on Trumps “Truths” blog, Only problem with that is that someone recently asked the Donald how to spell truth and he did not know how.
        A reading recommendation for you: The U.S Constitution For Dummies but you should concentrate on the Bill of Rights

      • Well said you hit a home run

      • Annie, I couldn’t agree more! I really believe God allowed Sleepy Joe to win so all this corruption, including the FBI and DOJ, will all be brought to the surface. TRUMP 2024!!!

    • I also recall Obama’s squeeze on National News that “black or brown people didn’t have to act white”
      Clearly destinguishing herself as a Racist and elite who got on the big stage
      I wouldn’t ever have thought Barock would have been mixed up with such a nasty woman

    • The swampsters on both sides of the isle are doing what they accuse the other side of doing that is why we have a constitution that is not being used no matter who is at fault there needs to be a very fast response and if needed removal from office.

  2. Sick of OBIDEN and Obama

    Omgosh just come out Michael….be yourself be comfortable in your own skin even your pee-pee lmfao

  3. Biden never going to be my President. When gas price go up, it Putin. When down it Biden

  4. I won’t be around any Trump haters.

  5. Politicians on both sides are ruining this country. It’s time that they grew up and stop this childless behavior. We the American people have had about enough. Stop before it’s too late and we end up with a revolution that no one will win.

  6. Tearing this Country apart, divide and concur, believe me “they” know what they are doing. Their just plain evil.

  7. “Let’s Go, Brandon!”

  8. US Department of Agriculture records indicate that broccoli has a higher IQ than any other vegetable, including Brandon Biden…

  9. We love our country enough to be outraged when an election is stolen!

  10. He and his people need to stop using the word “DEMOCRACY”. We are NOT a democracy but a REPUBLIC, which allows ALL to have a say and a choice… NOT “when the majority rules”!!! His speeches are divisive and insulting, especially when Republicans are not the ones pushing a Communist agenda.

    • Wow you said it Rebecca!!!!!! The Democrats are pushing nothing but hate, evil and Socialism / Communism. This country went to war to fight against Communism, and lost many, many brave men and women. If the Dems. think they are going to get away with us just sitting back and letting them win, wow are they ever wrong!!!!! We have to VOTE the evil ones out!!!!!!!!

  11. You won’t post my reply. I have NOT posted this comment before!

  12. Bidens and obamas suck……

  13. I find it interesting that you published Annie’s comments but you won’t publish one that says We are not a democracy but a republic, and that his speeches are divisive?

  14. New tille for this president- not POTUS but PILOS….I’ll let you do the math.

  15. Interesting statement for the senile basketcase to make.

    If you are supposed to love your country regardless whether your party won, or not, then;

    Why did Democrats across the country encourage violent protests,
    Destruction of Early American Patriot Statues,
    Going after members of SCOTUS over decisions they don’t like, and to top it off,
    Destroy the livelihoods of the working man by
    Printing so much helicopter money that the 1980 method of calculating Inflation, puts it just short of 20%,
    Shutting down pipelines forcing fuel costs over $5 a galon for gas and further, crippling our supply lines, by
    Condemning the use of “dirty” diesel trucks that CA???
    All that while selling off millions of barrels of oil from from the Strategic Reserve – your son’s idea??

    FYI. Diesel not only powers trucks it also powers most of the large container ships, a vital part of our supply lines. Perhaps CA’s idiot in chief will condemn them next…

    So Joe, where’s the love in tearing your Country to ribbons?

  16. reminds me of the playground in grade school. When one of the little boys didn’t win, he claimed the one who did cheated. And it’s been that same back and forth for a while now, and I expect it will continue now that they’ve said it in the press. And the press will print anything including stuff they make up. So, essentially, we had a Republican that couldn’t keep his mouth shut and filled it up with Look at me look at how great I am, or a Democrat who says anything that is put in front of him on a teleprompter, without a clue about the topic or what day it is. Either way, we’re in a lot of trouble because we have been lied to for at least the last 25 years. and it’s getting a whole lot worse a whole lot faster.

  17. let me clarify that comment for you, Katie. that is a comment from a post turtle. what is a post turtle you ask? that is a turtle on a post, has no idea where he is, how he got there, or how to get down.

  18. The Dems are really being foolish with these proclamations and report of what the Republicans are doing. If you really look at what they claim, you will see that everything they say the Republicans are doing is exactly what THEY are doing! First, they have claims that Trump is frolicking with Russian prostitutes and allowing them to do nasty things to him when we find out that this is what Hunter Biden was doing! The of course Trump was colluding with Russia and the Ukraine when in fact it was Hunter Biden taking money from Russian Oligarchs and Joe Biden who threatened Ukraine with withholding $1 billion in aid unless they fired the prosecutor that was investigating his son. THEN once they did, he had the money sent to them. Biden stopped the Keystone Pipeline that cut off our oil independence and then immediately allowed Russia to have their pipeline into Europe! He pulled out of Afghanistan and blames Trump for its failure when he violated the plan and changed it by allowing them to keep out military equipment and over a billion $ in cash an not do anything about it except to get 13 servicemen and woman killed and then killed some peaceful Afghani’s trying to sound like he alone made them pay. Yeah right. He even gave them Bagram AFB which Trump wanted to keep for us to prevent the Chinese from taking their Lithium that was there. Biden is a total loser and a horribly corrupt one at that.

  19. Moderate all you want, everything I said has been backed up by independent facts many even from his own party

  20. Exactly WHAT did I say that was not correct or inflammatory? I really want to know.

  21. Big Mike would kick the potato’s azz easily.

  22. I agree with those comments made by the true American patriots & Republicans!

  23. Not something new !!!!

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