Biden Calls Himself The What?

On Wednesday President Biden stated that there has never been a President or administration who has done as much as Biden has done. These remarks were widely taken by viewers as Biden declaring himself the greatest president in America’s history.

Biden’s remarks came during the White House Tribal Nations Summit, which featured announcements and new policies that would help Tribal communities prosper.

The summit is held at the Department of the Interior, and it gives tribal leaders a platform to communicate with top U.S. officials so as to ensure the survival of indigenous communities.

Biden spoke on the opening day of the summit to make his somewhat controversial statement.

As President, Biden’s approval rates have been consistently low as inflation spikes have led to an increase in everyday expenses including groceries, gas, and energy bills. According to a recent Pentagon report, it was also found that the evacuation from Afghanistan, which led to the death of 13 Americans and a number of Afghan allies who had collaborated with the United States, has been used in China for propaganda. Following the U.S. withdrawal, the Taliban gained control of the country. Another key issue plaguing Biden’s time in office is the extremely high number of illegal crossings at the U.S.-Mexico border.

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