Biden Berates Florida Republicans For Punishing Disney

President Joe Biden criticized Republicans for trying to punish Disney after the company attacked Florida’s parental rights bill signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis.

The president spoke out against the bill during a fundraiser hosted in Seattle by Brad Smith, the president and vice chair of Microsoft.

“There’s nothing conservative about throwing Disney out of its current posture… over saying gay?” he said.The president also referred to the political fight in Florida at an earlier fundraiser at the Portland Yacht Club.“It’s not even conservative in the traditional sense of conservative. It’s mean. It’s ugly,” Biden said, complaining that the “far right” had taken control of the Republican Party.  “Look at what’s happening now in Florida. They’re going after Mickey Mouse … don’t say gay? I mean seriously think about it.”The president was referring to the Republican-led effort to strip Disney’s special tax status on Thursday.

Florida Republicans pushed the law forward after the family entertainment company said they would fight Florida’s new law preventing teachers instructing students in kindergarten through third grade on sexual orientation and gender identity.

The law reached final passage in the Florida state House of representatives with 70 votes in favor, 38 against, and 11 missing votes.

DeSantis plans to sign the bill on Friday.

Biden called for unity, urging Americans to find common ground.

“We are more united… when we focus on what we have in common,” he said, adding, “If we don’t bring it together, what the hell are we gonna do?”

Biden urged wealthy Americans attending the fundraiser to help him keep Democrat majorities in the House and Senate.

“We can’t afford to lose the House, we can’t afford to lose the Senate,” he said, boasting that during his first term he had “gotten a helluva lot done.”

The president appeared frustrated that Americans still blamed him for high inflation.

“People are angry and don’t quite know what to do,” he said.

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  1. JERK! He’s not President, either!!


  3. President Biden, you know better than anyone else how capable you are to carry out your role as President of the United States. Be honest with the American people and let us know how your cognitive abilities are capable of the tough job you have. It is not fair for a ghost president advising you and putting words in your head to “snow” the American people. I pray for your good health, but please do what is best for our country. May God keep you safe

  4. Biden has his head and values on backwards. He is totally out of touch with the mjority of people in this country. To top it off, he cares nothing for us. He demonstrates the social detachment of a sociopath.

  5. Gestapo Biden REALLY needs to shut his mouth.. HE has NO IDEA what he is talking about… He needs to STOP spreading the
    hateful lies… Florida’s bill protects the young kids from the garbage they are pushing about all this Gender garbage.. This garbage will damage the minds of the young kids… It’s the parent’s rights to protect their children… TOO bad the stupid “Woke” idiots don’t care about them..
    I don’t care if people want to be “gay” or “transgenders” That is their business, but they have NO RIGHT to shove their lifestyle down
    other’s throats.. especially the young impressionable kids… ENOUGH IS ENOUGH OF THIS INSANITY!!!!!
    Biden needs to keep his mouth shut and stop spreading his hate and his lies… He is nauseating!!! Satan must really be proud of Biden
    as he rips this country apart.. GOD HELP US ALL !!!! It is sad to see our country being torn down … God bless DeSantis for caring about the residents of Florida and doing what is right to protect them. We need MORE governors like him…

  6. Biden urged wealthy Americans attending the fundraiser to help him keep Democrat majorities in the House and Senate.

    “We can’t afford to lose the House, we can’t afford to lose the Senate,” he said, boasting that during his first term he had “gotten a helluva lot done.”

    WHAT A JOKE!!!! What he has gotten done… put us into an inflation, allowed an invasion into our country of millions of illegal aliens AT OUR EXEPNSE at the southern border, Afhghan failed withdrawal where 13 American soldiers lost their lives, blackmailed Americans to force them to get a vaccine they do not want causing many to lose their jobs, To slow at helping Ukraine fight back the Russians, Taking away our energy indepenence and making us dependent on other countries, Pushing the radical green deal when this country is NOT prepared to go green which will hurt many Americans, Catering to and coddling the illegal aliens and holding them above the Americans, pushing his racist bills that divide the country… Rising crime exploding across the country and he does nothing… He damages every thing he touches… He has done NOTHING good for America or the American people!!! He is a walking disaster, a nightmare, a danger to our country…..

  7. The Biden administration has become our domestic enemy.

  8. SEE Biden you have gotten a hell of a lot done and you have ruined everything that our real President Trump did for this country you are a screw head and a puppet for the left they are using you and you don’t even give a crap. See people hate you just read these comments. They wish you would just die. Now I call that pretty hateful. This is what the American people think of you and your tired administration.

  9. Who cares what the Mummy said? TRUMP WON!!

  10. Meanwhile, Obamabiden is kowtowing to the Russians and the ChiComs, lest they drop the bagman Hunter bomb😆

  11. yes he would . after all he is a pervert that would do the things to kid like the fags there love to do That is why he chose someone that cant tell the dirff between a man and a woman for the court bitme really hates GODs law it seem

  12. What a moron. Biden is spouting the “Don’s Say Gay” narrative that the Left is spewing. He hasn’t even read the bill. Just like Obama, he’s making comments before having all the facts. i.e. (Michael Brown could have been Obama’s son). Biden could at least had one of his aides read it to him. Gzzzzz

  13. Anything to divert attention from the child porn on Humper’s laptop.

    Say it ain’t so, Groper Joe.

  14. I will never step foot in Disney again, not even for grandchildren. This is another group of communist democrat terrorists thugs. When was it Disney’s responsibility to get involved in children’s sexuality? I hope Disney goes under.

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