Biden Attacks Red State’s Voting Laws

PBS NewsHour host Laura Barrón-López asked Biden about the previous allegations of “voter suppression” laws in Georgia, especially since the state has currently broken previous early voting records.

The impressively high turnout of early voters comes after the Biden administration filed a lawsuit against Georgia saying that it had some racist voting practices. The President had specifically dubbed the system “Jim Crow 2.0”. This has led to Georgia election officials wanting an apology from the administration regarding the comments.

Gabriel Sterling, Chief Operating Officer of the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office asked previously how many turnouts records they would need before the administration apologized for their comments. According to the reports released on Friday, the state continues to have extremely high rates of early voters. Early voting in Georgia began on Monday.

According to the press release around 400,000 voters have already voted in the election. This means that since 2018 there has been a 63% increase in early voters.

The office said that under the current rate they would be breaking all of the early voter turnout records.

Fox News Digital asked the gubernatorial campaign of Stacey Abrams if there would be an apology from Abrams, especially after the high turnout rates of the previous allegations of voter suppression. To this Jaylen Black, Press Secretary and spokeswoman for the campaign noted that there is a difference between high turnout and voter access.

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  1. Hell will freeze over before a democrat even considers any thought about issuing an apology.

  2. I saw a meme that stated “if you voted for Obama or Biden you’re too ignorant to converse with”. That pretty well sums up the Demonrats party that I left in the mid 60s.

  3. The most smug self satisfied ignoramases I have ever seen belongs to the “democratic” party – which indicates they are not in the least bit democratic!

  4. Dummy joe meant voter integrity laws…..

  5. Most people don’t know yet that Joe Biden’s opinions very from day to day depending as to wether or not he is being supplied with Jim Beam or Jack Danials.

  6. Overall voter turnout is large? Has there been a breakout by ethnicity? I’m not disagreeing, just pointing out a question the Left could be asking.

  7. Dumbocraps trying to steal the elections AGAIN

  8. The only way the democracts will be happy with an election is them winning or every illegal immigrant gets to vote along with everyone in jail. Let’s face it the democrats talk such shit and the democrat voters believe it. It’s truly amazing how uneducated they are. The democrats could start saying the earth is flat and the democrat voters would believe it. STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES

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