Biden Adviser Can’t Explain Why Joe Hasn’t Held a News Conference in 80 Days

Biden campaign adviser Symone Sanders ventured out of the safe, warm waters of the left-wing media circus on Sunday to make an appearance on “Fox News Sunday” with Chris Wallace this weekend. In doing so, she exposed herself to a few questions that she would have easily been able to avoid if she’d stuck to the NBCs and CNNs of the landscape.

Wallace isn’t always our favorite personality on Fox News, but he’s still got more journalistic integrity in his little finger than George Stephanopoulos, Chuck Todd, or the other Sunday morning dunderheads.

“You talk about him being on the campaign trail but I think most people have been struck that he has been — he stayed in his Delaware home mostly and then in large parts since March, he’s held a few socially distanced events,” Wallace said. “And perhaps more important, he has not held a news conference either in person or online for 80 days, almost three months. Why not?”

“Well, Chris, to be clear, Vice President Biden does interviews, takes question from the press regularly,” Sanders replied. “And yes, in March, we were — we have adjusted to this new normal like most people in America. We have been campaigning virtually, but just because we are campaigning virtually does not mean we are not meeting actual voters across the country.”

“But why hasn’t he held a news conference for 80 days?” Wallace asked again.

“Chris, as many of y’all in the national press and the beltway press are well aware, we take pride in prioritizing local media,” Sanders claimed. “And so, the vice president is doing local media interviews. He’s doing national media interviews and he is taking questions from reporters.”

Right. There’s nothing more helpful to a presidential campaign than spending all of your time talking to News Channel 6 in Duck’s Bill, Idaho. Though we suppose, if you’re mostly concerned with what happens when your word salad accidentally attracts the glare of the national spotlight, this strategy makes a certain amount of sense.

“President Trump says that one of the reasons that Biden is holed up in his basement is because he’s not up to campaigning,” Wallace noted. “Does the former vice president contribute to the president being able to make that argument by being out of public view so often?”

“This is just despicable, Chris, honestly. It truly is,” said Sanders. “The fact that folks are parroting this — you know, just unfounded, salacious lie from the president and his campaign that Vice President Biden isn’t up to the challenge. He’s absolutely up to it. Who — he’s absolutely up to it. Vice President Biden would tell you if he were sitting right here that he can’t wait to see Donald Trump on the debate stage and he can’t wait to campaign with him.”

Ah. Would this be a good time to mention that Trump wanted to up the number of debates to four and Biden flatly rejected the idea?

Oh well. Go back to bed, Joe. We’ll wake you up when it’s time to make your concession speech.

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