Biden Accuses Trump Of Blaming America

Photo by Samuel Branch on Unsplash

( – President Biden slammed former President Donald Trump who recently likened himself to Alexei Navalny, the Russian opposition leader who recently died in a Russian prison. 

In a video on Tuesday Biden argued that Trump and other GOP members were not willing to hold Putin accountable for having killed Navalny. He added that Trump had argued that Navalny’s death had only made him realize how bad the United States is. 

Biden has placed the blame for the death on Russian President Vladimir Putin. However, in Trump’s response to Navalny’s death, he failed to mention the Russian President. Instead, he focused on how the Democrats, prosecutors, and judges were all conspiring against him. 

Taking to his social media platform Truth Social, Trump argued that the United States was a declining nation. 

In response to these remarks, President Biden questioned why Trump always blamed the United States. He proceeded to question why Trump had not simply said that Putin was responsible for the death of Navalny. 

Biden argued that it was necessary for them to stand up to Putin and even pushed for the House Republicans to pass legislation in the Senate that would provide further aid to Ukraine. 

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) repeatedly rejected the possibility of such a bill passing through the House floor. The White House has also used the recess of the House as a political weapon arguing that the Republicans were choosing to go on vacation rather than provide funding for Ukraine. 

On Tuesday evening President Biden during a campaign reception in Los Angeles slammed Trump over the way he had responded to Navalny’s death and argued that it was “outrageous” that he had not condemned Putin. 

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