Beyond Woke: Gay Chicago Neighborhood Isn’t Gay Enough for 2020

After 30 years of serving as a welcoming neighborhood for LGBT residents and visitors, Chicago’s “Boystown” neighborhood is getting a new name. See, a recent “inclusivity survey” has determined that the moniker “Boystown” leaves too many people out – namely women and (more importantly, we’re sure) people who do not identify with any particular gender.

“Boystown, in Lakeview, has been welcoming the LGBTQ community for three decades, but after a survey, some complained the name excluded women and gender non-binary people,” reports WGN News.

The neighborhood will be rebranded as the (undeniably worse) “Northalsted,” which we can only imagine is where a committee landed after trying for hours to think of a name that couldn’t possibly offend anyone on the planet.

Oh, we forgot our favorite part – from the Daily Wire:

The local “business alliance” voted last week to change the name, even though 58% of residents who responded to the “inclusivity survey” said the neighborhood should remain “Boystown” despite the fact that the name represents only one gender. Only 20% of respondents said they were offended by the name because it did not include references to women or to gender non-binary individuals.

That 20% was enough to trigger a change, the business alliance, which puts on Chicago’s official Pride parade and a similar event, Northalsted Market Days (both of which take place in Boystown, though both were canceled this year because of COVID-19), said.

Excuse us while we have a laugh. Bad enough that the neighborhood would rename itself because a majority of people in the community think the name isn’t “inclusive” enough, but they went ahead and did it because only 20% of residents in the area are offended?! If you’ve seen national polls, you should know that once you get into that 20% zone on just about any question, you’re dealing with the true imbeciles of the country. This is the flat-earth, vaccines-are-made-with-alien-DNA portion of the population. That a community would make ANY decision based on that number of dissenters is just hilarious.

In remarks to the local ABC affiliate this summer, the activist behind the change said this of his petition: “It’s time to include all of us. We shouldn’t have people come to the neighborhood expecting only boys; there’s plenty of trans people, there’s plenty of non-binary people.”

Honestly, our interest in the name of Chicago’s gay neighborhood is pretty limited. It’s just funny to see how this trans ideology is eating everything the left believes in, from feminism to gay progress to racial justice. It’s actually quite remarkable.

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