Ben Shapiro: The Left Wants Nothing More Than to Destroy America

In an interview with Fox News’s Mark Levin on Sunday night, conservative author Ben Shapiro said that the left in America wants to destroy every cultural and political institution that has made this nation great. Shapiro, whose new book “How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps” goes into great detail about this plot, said that the ideology that was once confined to college campuses and the darker corners of the internet has now suddenly become mainstream.

“The fact is that what we have seen over the last several weeks is the full flowering of an ideology of Disintegrationism that has been running roughshod through our universities, through our media, through our major cultural institutions for years, and it sort of just broke out into the open over the last several couple of months,” Shapiro said.

“There are really two conflicting visions of America that have been at war for quite a while,” he explained. “One is a vision of America that sees American history as a story of  America’s beautiful and wonderful and eternally true founding ideals and Americans striving to live up to that — failing, stumbling, falling, but eventually succeeding.”

Shapiro said that was not the vision of America shared by the people in the streets over the last month or so.

“This is the strain that is virulently running through our politics right now, a strain that I call ‘Disintegrationism,’” he said. “The idea that really America has never had any ties that bind us and that American history is a story of one group clubbing another group over the head. America’s philosophy is really just sort of a ‘pasteboard mask,’ and really what it is covering up for is hierarchies of brutal power dynamics, and that our culture of rights is really a lie and that those rights ought to be thrown out in favor of an orthodoxy that rules from above and tells you how you ought to think.”

Shapiro said it was worth remembering how Democrats reacted to Trump in the early days of the 2016 campaign.

“The fact that President Trump campaigned on the basic idea of ‘Make America Great Again,’ and the counter from the Left was not that President Trump wasn’t capable of making America great again; their counter was actually ‘America was never great,’” he said. “That was the divide, in essence, and that was happening back in 2016.”

Yes, and unfortunately, that divide is getting wider by the day. We’re still waiting for the breakthrough moment when the backlash reaches critical mass. It simply has to happen. There are still too many sane, normal Americans who have to be watching this bizarre movement in growing horror. We refuse to believe that there is this enormous portion of the population that wants to overthrow capitalism, tear down American statues, and turn this country into a Marxist paradise.

We only hope that they speak out sooner than later.

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