Ben Carson Wins SRLC Straw Poll

Everyone who has written Dr. Ben Carson off as a fringe candidate might need to rethink their evaluation. Carson scored a shocking upset at this year’s Southern Republican Leadership Conference, winning the majority of the vote in the annual Oklahoma straw poll. While the win doesn’t necessarily portend a surprise victory for the surgeon next year, it would be just as foolish to pretend that it means nothing. And that, unfortunately, is exactly what most political writers are claiming.

Carson, who became the event’s keynote speaker when Ted Cruz withdrew at the last minute, secured the victory with 25 percent of the votes. He was closely followed by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Cruz, both of whom got 20 percent of the vote. From there, it was Chris Christie and Rick Perry at 5 percent each, and the rest of the field – including presumed frontrunners Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio – tied with 4 percent of the vote.

Critics are insisting that Carson came to Oklahoma to win, and his campaign did everything possible to secure that victory. Meanwhile, several of the candidates, including Cruz and Paul, were back in Washington, tied up with the Patriot Act. Bush said early on that he had no interest in participating. If that casts a shadow over Carson’s win, it doesn’t make it the empty victory the media is making it out to be. There is substance here. Carson may be gaffe-prone and a little rough around the edges, but he’s no joke.

Is he the best candidate? That’s for you to decide in the coming months. But that’s the thing. You decide. Don’t let the media do it for you, even when it’s conservative media. Plenty of these sites have connections to the candidates that run deeper than ideology. Some get their marching orders straight from the Republican Party. And the liberal sites have their own reasons for dismissing far-right contenders. If they can orchestrate a victory for Bush, a guy widely disliked among the conservative base, they think they can run over him just as they did Romney and McCain. You saw how frightened they were when wildcard Sarah Palin came out of nowhere. They systematically destroyed her. And conservatives who started out loving Palin generally came to believe everything they heard.

If we want to really change the country, we have to stop letting the biased media tell us who to vote for. We have to stop going to the polls to vote for the candidate who will win. Your vote is not a wager. The only way you can “throw it away” is to vote for someone you don’t actually want to win. The media’s game is to make you think the outcome is preordained. Don’t fall for it. They are only right when voters willingly fulfill their prophecies.

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  1. Peatro Giorgio

    Dr. Benjamin Carson is one of the two best choices, anyone who doesn’t think so just might have their head stuck in the sand. The other choice is of Course Senator Ted Cruz. Why because he doesn’t play pertained even with the re-puke, Rino ,Republican Establishment clowns.

    • Yes, Carson is an overwhelmingly best choice, considering his vast political experience. You wingers amuse me with your hypocritical inconsistency. You condemn Obama as having had no experience except as a community organizer, despite his having been a Constitutional law university lecturer, a state senator, a U.S. senator and an attorney with a prestigious law firm. But you laud Carson as DA MAN, even though he has ZERO political experience.

      Go figure!

      • Well genius who might make that claim as to others . Though you cannot claim I every made such claim. But speaking of a Constitution law lecturer. #1 isn’t saying much. #2 community organizers. Says even less. #3 HAVING ABSTAINED FROM NEARLY EVER SINGLE VOTE WHILE HE SERVED 2 YEARS IN THE SENATE PROVES HE WASN’T AND ISN’T EVEN ABLE TO MAKE A DECISION ON HIS OWN. MERITES. #4 . He work for a prestigious law firm . So many others have as well . Answer this question what court cases was he lead attorney on and what were the decisions in that or those cases. Funny Thing is If you were the slightest bit interests in Dr. Carson Back ground. You then would already have known full well. The man has ten times the Organizational experience. Then Old Liar and chief. #2 The one thing that can be said with no dough in anyone’s mind Dr. Carson is far and away a much more open book 100 % more honest the old blow had could ever be. That is the man reason I choose him. Honesty, Integrity, Honor. Compassion, selfless. Those are character traits well beyond,The liar an chief.

        • steve crawford

          Much as many Whites claim to like Dr.Carson, his chance of becoming another BLACK president is slim to none. I notice how many bigot Whites use Carson to degrade President Obama knowing they would NOT vote for another BLACK Man for ther WHITE House. Sadly, but the fact and truth is that no other Black man or Black women will ever be elected as US President in the next 69 years. The latent racial hypocrisy is too strong in the USA. Too many White Americans only turn off their racial hatred for non-whites only on Sunday for about 1.5 hours on Sundays.

          • Peatro Giorgio

            My Friend I so hope your wrong. Yes there indeed many bigoted, racist white. Just as there are many bigoted racist blacks or brown skinned ,yellow skinned folks. I do believe the majority of the white racist reside in the Democratic party. Though they deny it each and every turn. How else could one explain the reason for the forced dependency . No To me I am not even able begin To COMPREHEND Just where that hate comes from. That being said I believe Dr. Carson shall and will win the Republican Primary then go on to win the general election by huge margins.

          • Not sure it is hate but that they just want a permanent underclass that they can USE. It has been my observation that racism is not always about hate. When I was living in the Army barracks with all those southern boys racism seemed to be something they were proud of or belonging to the click. It can be about ignorance which in most cases goes away as people learn. Probably the most dangerous form of racism is due to paranoia which is what is being generated by the Obama administration.

          • Actually I had similar experiences in both Branches Army and Navy. Some of them boys were white Irish from Brooklyn some from Boston. It all seemed to revolve around Actual hatred. Then there was the San Frisco liberal white trash who seemed to hate equally everyone whom possessed a different point of view on almost any subject matter. Needless to say he happen to have received a salt water wire brush scrub down. Transferred really quick.

          • OUCH! That’s got to hurt!

          • Peatro Giorgio

            Bled an screamed like the little arrogant bitch he was.

          • headonstraight

            Look no further than this forum, steve, to find bigoted, racist Whites; they are here every day, unabashedly displaying their disgusting racism.

        • You forgot to mention that Dr. Carson has to be extremely intelligent. Most likely much smarter than either Obama or Hillary.

          • Hey forgive my forgetfulness, I can’t think of or remember everything! That’s why I have friends like you. To keep me straight. Thanks and yes so very true. Further more Dr. Carson mind has to work in a multiple of dimensions. Un like the singular dimensional thinking that is all Old Liar and chief.

  2. Personally I don’t care what the polls say now! It’s 18 months until election. Enough already! Early next year is more than sufficient time for polls.

    Make ALL primary elections in every state on the same day. No more January primaries just so a state can be first. It’s gotten so out of control it’s ridiculous!

    • By the time that the primary gets to California it is all over.

      • Exactly Warren. My state doesn’t have primaries until mid-May, another state (can’t recall which) not until June. This absolutely needs to be changed. But like everything else regarding politics, once it happens, it’s for eternity.,

    • Peatro Giorgio

      Agreed just as it is during the general election.

  3. Dr. Carson is over 35 years old and he was born in the USA. Unlike Obama and Hillary, he has the one essential quality for president. Which is good character.

    • The 36-year-old guy at McDonald’s with an 6th grade education who slings burgers all day also has good character, but that does not qualify him to be the President.

      • Ha, yeah because a burger flipper made good life choices, lmao!

      • That burger flipper would probably be a better president than Obama is. At least he wouldn’t be on the side of the enemy.

        • Peatro Giorgio

          What a community organizer Qualifies him.? Or a Constitutional law lecturer Qualifies him. ? Or a state legislator Qualifies him. ? Is a Senator who abstained from making votes 99 % of the time qualified?? Horse cap I would take the burger flipper any day over a Narrsisistic, single dimensional, self aggrandizing , incompetent moron any day. At the very least the burger flipper would provide good quality food to school children. His answers and opinions would be more based in reality and sound well thought out well reasoned logic. Unlike the idiot liar and chief. Who now resides in the white house

          • George Soros once said that we don’t need virtue we only need stimulus. I think that most of us except HOS agree that Soros had it ass backwards. I think that six years of Obama has well demonstrated that honor and trustworthiness are essential qualities for a president. I feel that Dr. Carson has those qualities and that Hillary and the Clinton crime family do not.

          • George Soros A treasonous scumbag who betrayed is own nation . Now trying to secretly govern Our Nation ? As well drain every dollar he can scam our nation out of.

          • Peatro; You sound like a white babbling idiot with your elementary level comment. You wouldn’t know the truth if it came from Jesus. Dr. Carson know that he will not win the RNC pick to run against the Democrat. He is now getting state wide recongnition. He’ll be ask to speak on TV shows, schools,etc. And he like you, and many other Blacks & Whites, there will NOT be another Black man in the White Holuse before Christ return. You bigots cannot shake the racist monkey on your back. You’ll are indicted of racism as a drug junkie on crack.

          • Peatro Giorgio

            Stevie, Stevie little small minded Stevie.. Now you know! Calling good people bad names because those names reflect the bitterness an hateful little heart you posses . Isn’t going to change that Truth. Sad truth is Little small minded Stevie. Your hate is a reflection of that self loathing person inside of you.
            Dr. Carson recent win has him now as one of the tied for number 1 slat. Which shall and will surely give him a spot in the debates as well far more national coverage. He is the guy who will win. Progressive trolls won’t be choosing the Rep. Nomienie

      • What an ignorant comment!

      • … At Least he’s not a Kweer, Tupperware salesman from Shitcago, like the porch monkey we have Now !!

        • Let’s also hope he’s not a vile racist cretin such as YOU!

        • I don’t know if Obama is a Kweer or not. I only know that he is a habitual liar and cheater. And if he attended Columbia and/or Harvard at all, he probably only got in because of affirmative action.

  4. Oh Oh Another one ??

  5. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    Head on straight, Please let us know just WHAT “vast political experience” the current resident in the White House has. He attended Harvard? Odd that NOBODY remembers him in their classes!
    By the way, that “36 year old burger flipper” at MacDonalds at least is competent in his job which is far more than Obama can say. Has your idol “paid your mortgage and put gas in your car?”
    Your head is on straight, straight up your ASS

    • Not one of his so called former 400 fellow Alumni remembers him at Columbia University. Many remember the scumbag at HARVARD. After all Libturds never ever forget a fellow turd.

  6. This should tell the RNC how “we the people” are getting sick and tired of their RINO choices!

  7. Billy Bob Johnson

    It’s not much of a victory when a known homophobic right winger receives only 25% of anything. What a joke this guy is.

    • headonstraight

      A straw poll “victory” of 25 percent of the vote in a poll of the SRLC is as close to totally meaningless as it gets.

      • It’s only meaningless to those whom grasp not the understanding of just how advantageous a win is in the political spectrum of Ideas. A win further enhances ,Dr. Carson Public image. Which makes him that much more exceptible, for he is an exceptional candidate, as well Human being .

  8. “Ben Carson Wins SRLC Straw Poll” AND That is all he will win. Ben Carson is the Republican’s house Negro for the 2016 election.

    • Steve You’ve made it quite clear just exactly what type of person you are. Lets set aside for now the obvious Racist nature which you posse , Lets go right to the root of you mental disorders .
      #1 Complete failure in everything you’ve attempted at in life, #2, Drop out,” Right “.#3. Pot head or Meth head. #4 anti social. #5 You were the one always being bullied.. #6.You abused your pets, #7.Molested your siblings. #8. Your mama likes all men any man will do. ? #9. You never knew who your daddy was. #10 Fired by every employer who was willing to give you an opportunity. # 11. “Stuck on stupid”. #12. No future, no friends, Those that may have loved you now despise you. #13.You love the Sheep in the pasture. But the big scary sheep dog keeps you out.#14 Just simply hate yourself. I pity you, the self loathing fool.

  9. I Like Ben Carson and thought for a while he would be a GOOD VP. But then found out how he stands on many threatening issues America has so I’m not too sure about him. Still researching him and others. So far I find TED CRUZ is the MOST Honest, Constitutional and the BEST Debater that can wipe the Floor with Hillary or any other enemy of Our country. I LOVE that ‘way’ and ‘what’ he said to that reporter that kept questioning him about Gay’s That’s so typical of Ted. He so GOOD, he’s the Best with good Common Sense.
    Ted CRUZ 2106. (Donald Trump VP)

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