Ben Carson to Democrats: “Political Correctness is Going to Destroy” America

Few “scandals” in Washington are as idiotic as the one the Democrats are using to try and burn Ben Carson, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. The entire intrigue centers around Carson’s comments during a HUD meeting that we don’t need “big, hairy men” taking advantage of the rules at homeless women’s shelters, thus putting those women in additional dangers. This, of course, has been cast as an instance of unforgivable TRANSPHOBIA, which is a sin we’re all supposed to care very much about in 2019.

Carson was in front of Congress this week for a hearing on affordable housing. Conducted by the Democrat-run House Financial Services Committee, the hearing quickly devolved into a meaningless discussion of Carson’s controversial remark. Rep. Jennifer Wexton (D-VA) asked Carson if he would like to apologize to the transgender community for his insensitive comments.

“No,” Carson said simply. “I think this whole concept of political correctness — you can say this, you can’t say that, you can’t repeat what someone said — is total foolishness, and it’s going to destroy our nation, and we need to be more mature than that.”

Not for the first time, Carson explained that he wasn’t even talking about transgender “women.”

“I didn’t describe transgender women that way,” Carson said. “I was relating a story that a women’s group told me about big, hairy men — who are not transgender women by the way — coming into their facility and having to be accepted because of the rules that were in place.”

Wexton was so offended by Carson’s refusal to apologize that she tattled on social media.

“Today I gave @SecretaryCarson the opportunity to apologize for his remarks slurring transgender women as, ‘big, hairy men.’ Regrettably, he declined that opportunity,” she tweeted. “Hateful words translate into discriminatory policy—and Secretary Carson has demonstrated that time and again.”

Yeah, yeah.

You know what’s discriminatory, Rep. Wexton? The fact that we can no longer have women’s-only homeless shelters because a bunch of men have decided that they can put on a dress and some Bath & Body Works lotion and call themselves women. The fact that a tampon company has to remove the female gender symbol from their boxes because “men have vaginas, too.” The fact that a generation of feminists has suddenly decided that it’s so important to push this propaganda that they’ve turned their backs on actual, biological women.

All right, we suppose none of that is “discriminatory,” either, but it sure is stupid.

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