Ben Carson Kicks Off 1776 Commission: “Our National Story is Being Rewritten”

It is no mistake that you saw very little mainstream media coverage of Tuesday’s inaugural meeting of President Donald Trump’s 1776 Commission. Even a few choice quotes from Ben Carson, who kicked off the meeting with a thorough denunciation of what leftist educators are trying to do to our kids, would have thoroughly exposed what’s going on in the nation’s public schools. You can preach to liberal readers all day long about wokeness and social justice, but when you give them the unvarnished truth, it can’t help but make a difference.

When Trump first announced the 1776 Commission in September, the media was all over it.

“Trump joins dictators and demagogues in touting ‘patriotic education,’” whined the Washington Post. “Critics argue that Trump’s conspicuous reference to ‘patriotic’ parents is simply another form of dog whistle to a predominantly White pool of voters uncomfortable with the ways the country’s demographics and wider cultural discourse are evolving.”

Right. We’re at the point now where learning American history and loving one’s country is synonymous with racism.

Over at NPR, correspondent Tamara Keith made the implied explicit as she complained about the possibility that Trump’s commission would spoil “a growing effort by educators at all levels, even in elementary schools, to teach children about systemic racism, slavery as a founding sin of the nation, the genocide of Native Americans as part of westward expansion.”

Trump’s commission might put an end to that? From your lips, Tamara. From your lips.

On Tuesday, Carson targeted this very idea, warning the members of the commission that the fate of the youth is at stake.

“Today, as America faces new attempts to redefine the date of our founding, our national story is being rewritten and denigrated with irredeemably flawed descriptions,” he said. “Every sin from our past is highlighted, and every triumph is buried. This historical revisionism amounts to nothing more than a coordinated attack on our history, our heroes, and our very inheritance.”

Is Carson denying that slavery existed? Is he recommending that we lie to children about colonialists and their conflicts with the Native Americans? Surely not. But there is little to be gained through a thoroughly suicidal approach to U.S. history. Teach the next generation that America was a country founded in evil – an evil that persists to this day – and you give them the kind of self-loathing and victimhood status that creates Democrats…if not outright domestic terrorists.

There is surely a better way.

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