Barr Accuses Trump Of Extortion and Sabotage

Former Attorney General Bill Barr in a recent interview painted the picture that former President Donald Trump is someone who uses “extortion” and “sabotage” in order to keep his grip on the GOP even now that he has been out of office for over 19 months.

In a podcast episode for Honestly, which is hosted by Bari Weiss’ Barr said that Trump only cares about himself and is generally willing to do anything to advance his personal agenda even if that means hurting the GOP.

Barr was the head of the Department of Justice for two years under the Trump administration. He also noted that “RINOs,” or Republicans in name only, are pushed out of the GOP by Trump in order to increase his grip on the GOP. Instead, Barr has said that there are no RINOs, but rather there are people who, while Republican, seem to disagree with Trump on a personal level.

He also noted that this tactic is only on the ways in which Trump maintains his influence. He has noted that extortion is also commonly used. This is how Barr assumes Trump extends his influence and control of roughly one-third of the party.

It is also important to note that Trump often uses his own terms in order to sabotage the Republican party when their moves don’t benefit his own agenda. He had done so both in the presidential elections and state elections according to Barr. As evidence of this, he brought forth Trump’s stance on candidates where it’s either the candidates he has endorsed or a RINO, corrupt, or otherwise incompetent candidate.

This behavior has no historic backing according to Barr as Trump is the only leader of the past to exhibit it. 

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  1. Bill Barr himself not Trump is the problem. Another phony “so called” Republican. Shameful!

    • Barr is a liar. I read his book. He is either delusional in what he believes or a liar. I’m not talking everything he says, but I do not believe several details he talks about. There is something wrong with a person that purposely lies. I believe that’s what he’s doing here, too.

    • BS. We hated the do-nothing Rino’s like McCain and Romney who were shoved down our throats by the GOP way before Trump was in the picture.

    • Barr sounds really spiteful to bad he don’t get behind president Trump , at least our borders, our country was safer , afghan wouldn’t have went down the way it did , our military wouldn’t be depleted, Ukrainian situation situation wouldn’t have happened Russia was afraid of president Trump you are communist if you think any different

    • Exactly. Just like Christopher Wray, this appointment was a huge mistake. If President Trump is able to get back in the White House again he needs someone to vet his picks ahead of time. He caused himself damage because of this last time. I pray he will do better at vetting these people. Even a couple of the SCOTUS picks have not come across as real conservatives. 🇺🇲🙏🇺🇲🙏🇺🇲🙏🇺🇲

    • So true! What the heck!? He’s part of the swamp and Tino Republicans. Can’t Trump get a break! Frankly I’m so tired of it.

    • BARR is just another R.I.N.O. (a label which has been used for years for DO NOTHING WISHY WASHY GOPS IN CONGRESS) This guy acts as if PRESIDENT TRUMP made it up himself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LEAVE THIS MAN ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Pot/Kettle

  3. Barr – just STFU – You are History.

  4. Barr is part of the deep state. What a dreadful disappointment to real

  5. Barr is a RINO. There are several RINOS IN Congress. He’s either a liar or blind.

  6. Barr is a Fat Slob RINO that just can’t keep his fat face away from the camera. He was a “Do Nothing” AG that stabbed the best POTUS this country has ever seen, in the back in & out of office.

  7. So fed up with these has been idiots. Barr is a liar and a criminal if he knew anything was illegally going on. Our country is so screwed, wake up America and investigate each representatives you plan on voting for.

  8. Barr is a traitor to America, plain and simple. What an asshole loser. Barr and Michael Moore could put a golden coral out of business in 15 minutes. I wonder what Barrs price was?

  9. Barr is a career Washington Hack, period!

  10. No other president in history? What did Obama do for 8 years? Clinton? Barr is insane to suggest this – but will any sane person believe him? I think not! His comments are not only traitorous and divisive but not true. What example does he offer? None – just an unfounded mindless opinion.

  11. I notice this creep neglects to say what Trump’s “agenda” is
    Make American great again? Drain the swamp?

  12. Lots of intelligent people here.

    • If Trump is only for himself why was our country in such a good place while he was in office these people are so jealous of Trump for being a good person and they are only trash or worse we need Trump again to weed out a bunch of these crooked people especially Connell from Ky

    • Shame on Barr. That man has zero integrity or credibility. President Trump has both and is a proven winner time and time again. Barr is desperately trying to pad his pockets and remain in the headlines. So sad and pathetic, really.

  13. bill bar has no balls he goes on the side with the most money the fat boy is a looser

  14. I am a proud Maga Republican. Biden and barr can call me whatever they want . we want to make America great again

  15. Trump is NOT a politician….I’m sure if Barr says trump is the “only one to do this” that he is a liar! Politicians are mostly campaigning with lies and long before Trump!

  16. What Barr and other Rhinos don’t understand is Thst it is not Trump who is pushing them out of the GOP. It is …. WE THE PEOPLE! President Trump brought the crap to light. They hate him for it. What yhst says is they hate us for it!!!!

  17. Barr is a disappointment to many. We had such hopes for him.
    I do wish he would keep his OPINIONS to himself. They are
    like noses, everyone has one and his OPINION is no better that
    mine and he has a way of promoting his and most do not.
    So SHUT UP BARR, you are not a mind reader.

  18. Barr has a lot of opinions and accusations. Not a single fact or example here.


    What is with this hateful approach to Pres. Trump from Bill Barr? His animosity grows with every incident that occurs with Pres Trump.

  20. If there ever was a time for a Barr Exam, it is now. Bill Barr is nuts and needs to be housed in an asylum for the insane…

  21. It appears Barr is just another “compromised”, bought and owned, controlled “puppet” by the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ of the “deep state wealthy elite CABAL”, just like many in CON-gress, the SCOTUS, as well as the “alphabet agencies”.
    Face it my friends, our country is being sold out to the highest bidder, and so far, that appears to be CHINA because our FRAUDULENTLY “installed” mentally-ill, CRIMINAL, so-called POTUS dementia-Joe biden and his constitutionally-ineligible “anchor baby HO”, “heels-up-harris”, are also bought, owned, and controlled by communist china, as well as the “deep state wealthy elite CABAL”

  22. We had such high hopes for you , but you were a low lying snake from the beginning . Instead of being an honest strong AG you were lying and misrepresenting your real motives which was to undermine the best President that ever held the office of president of the United States. He didn’t even take a salary , did you ? You were such a do nothing , afraid of making an honest attempt to help a man who changed our country and made it respected , instead acted like a know it all do nothing deep state criminal. You will go down as one the worst AG’s in our history. You should be proud of your self for helping these liberal radical mainiacs . They have been lying , cheating , stealing and have been committing treasonous acts for over 20 years. You will have your day of reckoning MR Barr , you PHONEY !! You are a total disgrace !!!

    • Seems like everyone on this page Drank The JimJones recipes used by Do TheCon who’s getting all the Gullibles to keep drinking and foolishly sending His Grifter Family $ while Fleece America.
      One day after the Gullibles continue to go to Prison for Treason, and abandoned by their families,giving head in a cell, maybe just maybe they will realize they’ve been CONNED!

  23. Lorraine E Blazich

    barr is a traitor and only interested in promoting himself in every way he possibly can. Whatever barr says should just be dismissed as anger.

  24. Do I give a crap what Bill says or thinks, No!

  25. Bill Barr has been yearning for the mic and camera ever since he left office. He wouldn’t get any airtime if he applauded Trump. His only
    chance for any headlines is to downplay Trump’s accomplishments. He doesn’t find it easy not being in the limelight. Go back to sleep, Barr.

  26. Barr is just a jealous liar and a rhino traitor. He is out of the line light and good riddance!

  27. Obviously most of you drink the same polluted Kool-Aid, but Trump is clearly the traitor and should spend the rest of his life in an orange suit to match his make up. He put our country at risk time and again and continues to put himself and his fragile ego first above all else.

    • I totally agree with you. These people who continue to follow that disgraceful so called president down his rabbit hole is the problem.
      He’s disgusting! No matter what they say or do, right is right and wrong is wrong; not the other way around. Trump and his racists supremacist has set this country in a downward spiral straight to “He$$”.

  28. Never forget it was Barr who intentionally declined to look into Hunter Biden’s lap top and the crimes documented there that the American people had a right to know about, and the extent of the corruption of the Biden crime family. Instead, he handed it over to the corrupt FBI who he knew would sit on it until after the election. HE should be grabbed by patriots, put on trial and held accountable.

  29. Barr is the typical old GOP RINO he along with the rest of those just like him need to back it up and move out of the party….MAGA has taken over Thank God….

  30. Barr was quick to back Trump when the Russian election interference report came out. Like Pence he stood with Trump until both were thrown under the bus. I voted for Trump twice because I believed in his policies. Now it’s time for the old, ego driven bully to step aside and get behind DeSantis.

  31. President Trump’s assessment of Bill Barr on Truth Social was spot on when he said, ” Bill Barr ‘had no guts’ and got ‘no glory.’ He was a weak and pathetic RINO, who was so afraid of being impeached that he became a captive to the Radical Left Democrats.”

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