Barr Accuses Trump Of Extortion and Sabotage

Former Attorney General Bill Barr in a recent interview painted the picture that former President Donald Trump is someone who uses “extortion” and “sabotage” in order to keep his grip on the GOP even now that he has been out of office for over 19 months.

In a podcast episode for Honestly, which is hosted by Bari Weiss’ Barr said that Trump only cares about himself and is generally willing to do anything to advance his personal agenda even if that means hurting the GOP.

Barr was the head of the Department of Justice for two years under the Trump administration. He also noted that “RINOs,” or Republicans in name only, are pushed out of the GOP by Trump in order to increase his grip on the GOP. Instead, Barr has said that there are no RINOs, but rather there are people who, while Republican, seem to disagree with Trump on a personal level.

He also noted that this tactic is only on the ways in which Trump maintains his influence. He has noted that extortion is also commonly used. This is how Barr assumes Trump extends his influence and control of roughly one-third of the party.

It is also important to note that Trump often uses his own terms in order to sabotage the Republican party when their moves don’t benefit his own agenda. He had done so both in the presidential elections and state elections according to Barr. As evidence of this, he brought forth Trump’s stance on candidates where it’s either the candidates he has endorsed or a RINO, corrupt, or otherwise incompetent candidate.

This behavior has no historic backing according to Barr as Trump is the only leader of the past to exhibit it. 

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